Camping Bi the Hot Springs Ch. 01

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(This story is the first installment in a series of bisexual encounters between couples. If this type of material offends you, or you are not allowed to view it in the state or country you live in then please close it now. This story is a work of fantasy, although quite real in nature for some of us. If you like it you may share it with others via this web site. Please do not post this story to any site unless author information is posted. I only want to post stories on quality sites like this one.)

It was a warm sunny desert day, as we meandered our way up the trail to the secluded hot springs that Bill and Rhonda had found. From the way, everyone was checking each other out on the trail; I knew this was going to be a day not only of relaxing in the sun but also one of serious play. Bill and I were getting serious hardon’s watching the two beautiful asses swinging in front of us, and from the way Renee and Rhonda were giggling, we knew that something was brewing.

When we got to the more secluded area of the trail, where we would not scare any one with kids, Bill suggested we all strip and hike the rest of the way naked. Renee wasn’t too sure about that, and started mentioning snakes and brush, but with a little Eskort coaxing we got her to go along. There we were in all our glory, four naked beings, walking the trail enjoying the beauty all around us, and upon us. By the look in Renee’s eyes I knew she couldn’t wait to get to where we were going, so I suggested we take a break and relax for a little while, as the Springs were still another 45 minute walk ahead of us.

I took out the sun block, and started to liberally apply the lotion all over Renee’s body, taking special care to rub her ass cheeks in really well, at the same time Rhonda decided to help me and started to rub lotion all over Renee’s breasts taking special care to circle all around the nipples. Everyone was getting excited, Renee was pushing back into my extremely hard cock which was nestled in the crevice of her ass, Rhonda had stopped rubbing the lotion into Renee’s chest and had started to lick her nipples, while Renee’s pussy, and Bill who had been stroking his beautiful cock, was rubbing it against Rhonda’s ass and playing with her pussy with one hand while rubbing her nipple with the other hand and kissing her neck. Everyone was moaning and dripping all over, so I decided to have a little taste of all the sweet flowing nectar.

I got down on my knees between the two girls and started lapping at Renee’s juicy pussy sucking up all the juices and taking time to flick my tongue on her clit. Bill in the mean time had slid into Rhonda and was stroking her hot pussy with his cock, while Renee and I rubbed her clit, and his balls. Renee suddenly froze and trapped my head between her legs as she flooded my tongue with her sweet orgasmic nectar, which I licked and sucked out of her until she had to jerk away from my tongue.

Seeing that she needed a break, I turned my head, and started to lick Rhonda’s clit, while Bill was sliding in and out of her now very wet pussy. Renee decided to have a little fun of her own and started licking up the shaft of my cock, teasing the tip with her tongue, and sliding back down to my balls. She continued that for a few minutes more before engulfing my cock. Now Renee, can suck a cock so well that when your orgasm hits you, it will seem as if everything stops, and that is how it was. I was sucking on Rhonda’s clit, and licking Bills shaft and balls as he was fucking her, and WHAM, everything went black and then cum was flowing out of my cock and into Renee’s throat. I never get tired of that feeling, except when she sucks so hard my balls squeeze up into me, but that is another story. (Grin)

Renee and I looked at each other and grinned and kissed sharing the juices between us, then decided to have some fun with Bill and Rhonda. We separated the two of them, which made them groan, but their groans soon turned to moans as Renee sucked Bills cock into her mouth, and I laid Rhonda down and started licking and sucking her pussy in earnest. I was just about to taste the sweet reward for my effort when I looked over at Renee and she indicated she wanted to switch places with me. Again groans turned to moans as Renee started to lick Rhonda’s clit and pussy, and I sucked Bills cock into my mouth slowly stroking his balls. This did not go on too long before I felt Bills hands on top of my head and his body start to shake as he filled my mouth with his warm sweet cum, and as the last of it trickled down my throat, and I licked the tip with my tongue, we heard Rhonda cry out. Her body jerked and her back arched as Renee licked up all her juices, until she went limp.

Satisfied smiling faces all looked at each other soaking up the fun and pleasure that we had just shared, and to think, the weekend had hardly begun.

(To be continued if you wish…)


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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