Camp of Blessing Ch. 05

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The loud bell woke Kristanna up from her heavy and relaxed sleep. After having “fed” last night she woke up smiling and happy. Even being aware she was trapped in this place for the next months wasn’t depressing her anymore. She just felt confident, energized and in a better mood than ever before. Everything seemed easy, she could focus and see things more clearly.

Kristanna washed her face, changed clothes and quickly wore her tight pantyhose, accommodating her monster cock and fat ball sack inside of. She put on the long skirt, the shirt, and vest as she got ready for the day in her uniform. Her mission had been accomplished, for now at least. She had gotten Valery and her “army” out of her back for a while.

It was time to carry on with her business. She needed more freedom in the camp, freedom to do the only thing that gave her joy in this isolated place. That involved sister Beth and getting her to “relax”. That morning Kristanna managed to pass by the nun’s room once again and place another dose of her precum in her orange juice before going to class.

Once in a while, Kristanna would catch herself thinking about her nature. The powers she seemed to possess, her exceptional body. Her curves were almost inhuman. Despite having no significant fitness routines she was more toned than some models out there. Yet she had an extreme voluptuous figure. Huge breasts, wide hips, and a fat ass to die for. Her piercing green eyes and the flowing locks of blood-red hair. Not to mention the size of her appendage.

The girls at the Camp of Blessing had somewhat gotten used to seeing her around. But for anyone who had never seen her before she certainly set new standards. Sometimes she would notice other girls watching her, their gazes at the dressing room, filled with envy before she began to undress. Partially dressed or concealed under towels she still stood out.

But Kristanna wasn’t the type to ponder too much over things she couldn’t control. This included what other people thought about her, and what her nature was. She had always lived life one day at a time, dealing with the problems head-on. She filled her day with the most immediate concerns and acted on them in a very pragmatic way. Coming from where she did there was no room for anything else. Swift action was the only way to survive and get ahead. The years with the Smiths taught Kristanna more about regular family life and gave her the safe ground she needed. But they had not made her soft by any means.

Being sent to the camp was a wake-up call. She almost forgot that life wasn’t easy, that the world was unfair and the only way to get what you wanted was to take it. The only good thing about being sent to this place was that Kristanna once again found the strength within herself, relying on no one else. She got progressively better at avoiding the victim mentality and taking ownership of her situation, however unfair it was.

In the classroom, she noticed Valery’s looks towards her trying to get some confirmation of her deeds in the past night, but Kristanna gave her none, “Why make it easy for her?” she thought. As expected, during the class break the girls were taken to perform the “surprise” blood test. Class by class they lined up to the lockers where Dr. Schubert stood exhausted and with big dark circles under his eyes. When it was Kristanna’s turn the doctor stood up. She noticed as he slightly bent forward, he was trying to hide the bulge on his pants, “Naughty doctor” she thought. After drinking so much of her cum on the previous night, this was understandable. She remembered how Aisha was practically sex-crazed the day after she took a big dose of Kristanna’s cum.

Feeling the needle in her arm, the thought hit her, “What if he examines this blood and finds out what I am? Whatever that is!” Kristanna got restless, but it was too late to do anything now. After her blood was taken Kristanna was allowed to walk back to class like all the other girls. On her way there, she saw sister Beth pass by her in a flash. She was almost running as she rushed her way through the corridors. When she examined the sister’s aura using her focus she saw a bright red, like if the nun was on fire. This was the first time she saw a red aura, she must have been extremely aroused. Kristanna smiled wickedly as she watched the nun go inside her room and smash the door shut. She wondered what she was gonna do, but that was maybe for another time. For now, her plan was working. Sister Beth was losing her focus and eventually, the opportunity would present itself.

The rest of the day was tense as everyone waited for the results of the blood test. They were only able to relax in the mid-afternoon when Schubert announced that all girls were clean. Mother Grace personally addressed them all at the chapel before the prayers and congratulated them on the good behavior as well as their commitment to the camp rules, and of course Jesus.

In reality, very few of the girls in Muğla Escort this institution struggled with drugs outside. A lot of them only got exposed to such substances after being brought here and feeling trapped, bored and abandoned. Having access to other girls who knew how to get drugs in such a place. But those more experienced users were put in there at the early stages of drug use. When they got caught by their parents, sometimes having never used them before. It was enough for them to judge such actions as part of their “sinful and rebellious ways”. The fundamentalist nuns and parents of those girls had no clue why they did what they did. They were out of touch with the reality of their daughters, they would probably never know. They were sinners, influenced by Satan himself, in need of redemption and counseling at the camp. That’s all that mattered.

During Mother Grace’s speech, Valery looked at Kristanna with a wicked smile and nodded knowing that she had done her part in the agreement. Kristanna’s mind was already somewhere else. Having moved on from Valery and her thugs she only cared about the next step to seduce, corrupt and control sister Beth. Kristanna wasn’t sure of what she was doing exactly, she was just testing things as she went along.

There was no way to know exactly what the precum would do to the nun. She only knew how her cum altered Aisha’s mind and body, making her clit and breasts bigger, as well as her personality more agreeable and tame as if she was high on something. But she had no idea if only the precum could cause any changes to the nun. She honestly didn’t think that far ahead, she only wanted to make the sister so aroused she became easier to break. Maybe Kristanna could catch her doing something embarrassing and blackmail her to leave her alone or give her benefits. Whatever she could get she would take. Being confined in this place against her will was getting on her nerves. All of these nuns were keeping her captive, and if she had to hurt one or two of them to get what she needed, so be it.

Dinner time came and while eating Kristanna just followed sister Beth with her eyes. The nun was shaken, walking around with a much more nervous pace as well as an expression of uneasiness. Her aura was still burning up even though not as bright as it was earlier today, “I wonder what she did to relief all that stress” Kristanna thought as she kept watching. Sister Beth left the refectory earlier today after having eaten briefly. As the redhead was done with her food she followed the nun to her room.

The memory of that detachable cross on the wall of sister Beth’s room wouldn’t leave Kristanna’s mind, “What is that other room? Why a hole like that?” Not knowing was eating her insides. The door for that room was always locked and no girls slept in there, the curiosity was almost unbearable to her teenage mind. Lost in her thoughts she didn’t even notice Aisha sneaking up behind her and poking her.

“Hey, you! Forgot about me? How was it with the doctor?!”

“Oh hey, Aisha? It was… ok, I guess. The job is done and that is all that matters!”

Aisha’s hands wrapped around Kristanna’s waist pulling her close as she whispered in the girl’s ear, “When are we getting some time alone again? Do you wanna maybe go to our closet?” Kristanna giggled and pulled the girl away a bit trying not to be spotted by one of the patrolling guards.

“I can feel your eagerness, but I don’t want to go back in that closet. I have a better idea and maybe you could help me with it”.

“What is it?” Aisha asked, eager to help her friend, especially if it meant getting some time alone with her once again.

“Well, see that room besides Sister Beth’s room? I want to get inside but I don’t know who has the key, I don’t even think the guards have the key for it, never saw anybody go in or out of it, looks like it is abandoned. But I want to see what is in there.”

“Hmm… I could try to pick the lock”, Aisha responded casually as if it wasn’t a big deal.

“You can do that?” Kristanna was surprised at the resourcefulness of her friend.

“What? Do you think I was a saint before coming in here? I had my share of adventure. I am rusty and I don’t know if I will make it, but I could give it a shot. Look, we’re getting close to the room, just look out for the guards and tell me if any of them is coming close ok?”

Kristanna walked casually closer to the door, they passed by sister Beth’s room and approached the one next to it. Looking around Kristanna gave Aisha a sign with her hand showing all was fine and she could go for it. The Hispanic girl knelt in front of the door and using a couple of hair clips started to try and pick the lock. Her redhead friend patrolled, even using some of her aura vision to see when guards were coming. A new perk she learned just recently was that she could see people’s aura’s even through a wall as long as it wasn’t too far and it was only one wall. Muğla Escort Bayan Aisha cursed herself and mumbled as the seconds passed and she wasn’t able to get it unlocked, Kristanna saw a guard approaching and getting dangerously closer.

“Aisha, guard incoming!”

“I almost have it! Wait a second!”

“We’re gonna get caught! Stand up and start walking!”

“I got it! Come on!” Aisha opened the door and in a hurry without even seeing what was inside. Both girls stormed in and shut the door behind them. Their hearts racing and breathing accelerated by the thrill of what they had just done. Even though they could hear each other breathe and giggle in excitement the girls couldn’t see the smile on each other’s face because the room was completely dark. There was no light source of any kind, all Kristanna could see was Aisha’s aura showing she was horny right beside her. But the light from it didn’t seem to help with seeing around, the aura was only the way Kristanna’s mind interpreted the arousal in people, not an actual light source.

Both girls moved their hands along the walls on each side of the door looking for a light switch, they noticed the walls had some kind of soft clothing covering them. They found a switch but when they flipped it nothing happened, the light bulb must have been dead or missing. They could feel that the air was old in here, it smelled of dust and old moisture.

Aisha stumbled on something with her lower leg letting out a low “ouch”. Feeling in the dark with her hands she noticed it was some kind of lamp on a bed stand and it didn’t take long for her to find the wire connected to it and flip the switch to turn it on. A weak but sufficient yellow light filled the room. What they saw was very different from most rooms in the camp, starting on the walls. They were all covered on sound insulation material, the kind you see in music and recording studios. There was an air conditioning device on the wall where there would be windows, but there were no windows! They were likely covered up by the same sound-insulating material. The only way in or out was the door they had just come from, which was almost hard to find as it blended in with the walls were it not for the handle.

The floor wasn’t made of wood like in the other rooms, it seemed to be a polished stone, reflecting light. The floor work was very well done and the divisions between one stone and the other could barely be seen. There was little furniture in the room but one that stood out was the king-size bed right beside Aisha and her lamp. On the opposite wall from the door right below the air conditioning, there was a big bed. It was covered on some sort of plastic, which in turn was coated in a thin layer of dust almost like everything in this room. On each side of the bed, there were two night-stands but only the one next to Aisha had a lamp on it. The other one was empty. There was a brown carpet below the bed as well.

On the wall that was shared between this room and sister Beth’s, there was a big wardrobe that covered the entire wall up to the ceiling. It seemed to be built in as part of the room, impossible to move. The ceiling was high, about five meters. Even though the dim light didn’t allow them to see much, it seemed a few wires were hanging down from it, there was a small ladder leaning against the wall. Everything looked like it had not been touched in a long time.

“Wow… this room is different. Seems like you manage to get yourself in dusty places all the time, Kristanna”, Aisha said, noticing her voice sound muffled and didn’t echo from the sound insulation. Kristanna promptly replied.

“Yes, it is dusty, but with some cleaning, I think it could look pretty comfy too! Look at that bed size! And it has pretty much no other furniture. It looks like a hotel room or something. Except for this stuff on the walls”.

Kristanna looked at the big wardrobe, it had three doors that seemed separate from each other. The one in the middle would be the one aligned with the cross she had removed from sister Beth’s wall the other day. She went towards it, noticing her shoes making noise against the stone floor. She thought best to remove them, carefully placing them against the wall next to the door. Aisha followed Kristanna, also removing her shoes.

Walking silently with her bare feet, Kristanna opened the middle door of the wardrobe and confirmed it was empty. It was big enough so she could go inside and tall enough so she could stand. It seemed like it could accommodate even more than one person, a very spacious wardrobe.

The center part of the wardrobe was isolated from the two sides by a wooden frame. The redhead looked at the back wall of the wardrobe and found what she had been looking for. This wall wasn’t soundproof, it was a regular wooden wall. By touching it with her fingers she felt the subtle slit in the shape of a circle. This had to be the piece of the wall the cross was Escort Muğla attached to in sister Beth’s room. The redhead smiled wickedly at her discovery, wondering what this was all about. While Kristanna explored, Aisha had her ear on the entrance door. She tried to listen to the outside, but she couldn’t hear a thing, “We are really insulated in here, I bet we could scream and the guards wouldn’t hear a thing”.

Kristanna looked back at her friend and couldn’t help but admire her round and delicious ass as the girl bent forward to put her ear on the door. However, before she made any comments on that, a sound came from the wall behind her. It was faint but definitely there. A heavy breathing sound, whispers? Maybe someone was talking. She couldn’t tell exactly, but something was going on in sister Beth’s room. With a gesture, Kristanna called Aisha to the wardrobe and put her finger in front of her lips telling her to be quiet. Both girls got inside the central part of the wardrobe and listened attentively. The sounds became clearer, someone on the other side of the wall seemed to be moaning.

A few seconds later they heard the voice, “Ahh… forgive me, Lord… I don’t know what is wrong with me!” It sounded like sister Beth, was she praying? Both girls looked at each other with eyes wide opened and kept listening. They heard more moans and then a buzzing sound that kept getting louder over time. What she was going on the other side suddenly became clear. Kristanna and Aisha both stepped out of the wardrobe, hands covering their mouths in surprise and teenage euphoria.

As soon as they were at a safer distance Aisha exclaimed, “Oh my God! Sister Beth is totally masturbating with a vibrator!”

Kristanna smiled, she knew whose fault that was, she nodded in agreement, “Yes, and I think it is your vibrator. She must have confiscated it from Mother Grace’s room after your roommate was caught with it”.

“No shit! Did you plan this? How did you know?!”

“Well, I didn’t really “KNOW” it, I just hoped for it. And let’s say I gave sister Beth a little push. It doesn’t matter now, what matters is that we know she is horny and in need of love”.

Kristanna’s sarcasm was satisfying, to see her plan come to fruition so beautifully. Aisha was still confused about what that meant, what was she planning to do? “Wait a minute! You don’t mean to… do anything with sister Beth, right? I mean, it is too risky Kristanna! She will know your secret! And what if she tells the other nuns!”

“Relax Aisha, I found a way of doing this that is not so risky. Just trust me ok? I got this… but first I need to uhh… get naked”.

Aisha didn’t understand what was happening, but as Kristanna started to take off her clothes she was completely distracted and couldn’t help but admire the body of the redhead goddess in front of her. Even though Kristanna stripped in a hurry, with no intention of being sexy or provoking, the mere sight of her body made it impossible for Aisha to focus on anything else. The way her breasts bounced and swayed as she pulled off the blouse, the perfection of her muscle toned abdomen and ripped back. And of course, the monster trapped inside the pantyhose, slowly being freed as Kristanna strategically rolled her clothes down and removed them completely.

As the redhead finished getting naked Aisha was almost drooling on the floor. Her eyes were fixated on the ball sack, almost hypnotizing her as it hung slightly below the middle of Kristanna’s thigh. On top of it, her still flaccid, but slightly aroused, thick member almost reached her knee. It began to pulsate softly, throbbing from all the rubbing she had to do in order to get undressed. Kristanna smiled noticing how her friend was frozen in awe right in front of her, but she had her goals in mind first. She turned around walking towards the wardrobe again, Aisha was left to admire Kristanna’s huge ass cheeks jiggling around as she walked, firm and toned, yet somehow soft in the right measure. She couldn’t help but touch her pussy was she observed.

Kristanna waited patiently, watching the nun’s aura, just listening to the moaning and buzzing sound on the other side of the room. While she listened to it she stroke her cock slowly, feeling her precum slowly oozing out from the tip as her member surged and reached its full, throbbing splendor.

She was unaware that behind her Aisha touched herself while watching. The Hispanic girl had never been so attracted to any girls before Kristanna. She had experimented, but never took it seriously. But she just couldn’t take her eyes off of this thick redhead. She had something alluring about her, an irresistible magnetism. Something that made Aisha’s head spin. She couldn’t help but caress her own breasts and swollen clit over her clothing while waiting to see what happened.

A few minutes passed and a louder moan came from Sister Beth’s room, the buzzing stopped. From the aura change, it seemed like she reached an orgasm. She spoke again with a crying voice, almost pleading, “Please Jesus, I need a sign! What is wrong with me? Get this… sin out of my body! Make me pure again! Or at least point me the way of righteousness! Any sign! I beg you, Lord! Please!”

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