Calabasas Moms Ch. 03

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Chapter 3 (of 3) The happiest girl at the party

“Micah, can you find the happiest girl at this party?” Brenda had the most mischievous look on her face.

“Did you get any satisfaction in return or are you horny?”

“The party will end at two or so. I will need a cock in my mouth as soon as possible this afternoon. Do you want that cock to be yours? If you can take Monica home and come back, I can give you some pleasure.”

“I can use some pleasure today, pretty lady. But I really feel like giving and giving today. Do you think you can handle that?”

“Well I know what you are capable of and I surely need what you have. All I have is a couple ideas for you.”

“Only a couple?”

“Babe, you are too big for me to offer you three ideas. But I can assure you my pussy will be wet and my mouth will feel good.”

The party was winding down. Both Brenda and Micah were working hard to clean up and signal to the kids to leave. Brenda was in the kitchen putting the drinks back in the refrigerator, putting the dishes into the dishwasher, wiping everything down with bleach. Micah was picking up all of the trash, bagging it and taking it to the trash cans in the side yard. The whole time, he was trying to pick out the girl that just had her gash sucked. There were eight female students in three groups but they all looked like the typical chit-chatty types. There were two mothers sitting under the umbrella but neither looked like Brenda’s type. They were pudgy.

At about 2:10 pm the largest group of kids either got picked up or left in groups. Monica was there with Sydney and Angie. “Monica, it’s time to go.” That was the third time in ten minutes he tried to urge her to wind up her conversations, pick up her things and make her way into the house. Monica got up and began gathering her things.

They left but as she and Micah were walking out, Brenda slapped Micah’s behind, “Hurry!”

They left but Brenda’s friend Monica, the nosy one, was peering from behind the kitchen island. She waited for the father/daughter pair to drive away. “So, girl, what is Micah going to be hurrying for? He’s coming right back here to fuck you, isn’t he?”


“Again, that is none of your business.” After about thirty seconds of silence between the two mothers and the last couple of kids closing the front door upon exit, “It’s none of your business—that that man has the thickest cock I have ever felt, I am horny out of my mind and I assure you that a have a few orgasms coming my way later.”

Monica wanted to remain and wait for Micah to return but Brenda hustled her out. Brenda ran upstairs to shower, use the bidet, trim her bush and comb her hair, the hair on her head.

She was in the kitchen straightening up when the doorbell rang. She sprung to the door. Standing there was Micah with a little bouquet.

“For me?”

He beckoned her and she slid into his arms. He closed the door and they kissed deeply. Benda had her right Kuşadası Escort hand on Micah’s butt. He was wearing tight tennis shorts. She pulled him in and leaned into him hoping to feel a bulge.

“Is Sydney here?”

“I have freedom this afternoon to scream as loud as I want.”

He reached his right hand into her short. She was not wearing panties. His hand was welcomed by a slit flowing with cool liquid. He stuck his index finger into her pussy and it was hot. She wiggled into him so she could help him reach some spots that most satisfied her. They continued to kiss. “Can we fuck on the floor? The tile is probably not too comfortable,” he asked.

She grabbed his hand and they bounded upstairs. She closed the door and locked it for good measure. She dropped her shorts and yanked off her top. He did the same and they were naked. They jumped like children onto the bed and embraced.

“Would you mind if I ate first? I am starving,” he asked and without waiting for an answer positioned himself between her legs. He bent down to lick and suck her nipples and she started moaning and wiggling. She was enjoying herself but she pushed his head down to her chest, then her belly and then to her groin. He got the picture.

He parted her legs and bent forward to brush his lips gently into her freshly trimmed bush. He teased her and could taste her lubrication juices in her hair. She wanted more, a lot more. She parted her legs even wider and used her hands to guide his lips onto her clit. She screamed, “Angh, fuck ya, babe. Suck me off right…now.”

Micah licked everywhere then settled in on her clit. He pushed his chin into her vagina and could feel her juices flowing down his neck. He locked himself into this position and sucked.

Brenda loved seeing her lovers locked in this position with their noses pressed into her bush. It made the pleasure more intense for her and urged her body toward orgasm. She pulled Micah’s ears to get a little more exquisite pressure. He licked and sucked, sucked and licked.

Brenda had all of the toys. She had the dildos for when she needed to be filled. On those occasions she pounded herself as hard and fast as she could. She almost always came. She had a number of vibrators for when she needed extreme stimulation on her clit. But the one thing that she needed another person for (a man or a woman, it really didn’t matter) was to suck her off. She had her stable of reliable pussy eaters. And she collected them continuously, mostly from the horny mothers or the members of the club. Micah was one of the best and she was close.

“Angh…I am so close.”

Sometimes at this point he would insert a couple of fingers to massage the woman’s g spot but he wanted to prolong Brenda’s pleasure and make her more hungry to have his cock inside her so he kept sucking.

Brenda gave one high pitched squeal, grunted and pushed his face away from her satisfaction.

“You were always one of the best.”

Whether Kuşadası Escort Bayan it was his competitive spirit or jealousy, he had to respond. “One of the best? One of the best? You always come and come hard. True?”

“Don’t get upset, I can usually find someone to suck me off. There are a dozen horny mothers of the kids at Calabasas (High School). What I need now is to suck a cock.”

“I have one right here.”

“I know. It is—and don’t get upset—one of the best. Get up here.”

He crawled up to her belly, her chest and her neck. Her legs were still spread wide. She pulled him up with her left arm and reached down with her right hand to find his cock hard. As she pulled him up the last few inches to kiss her, she guided his cock to her hole. He gladly slid in with a grunt and a sigh. She was tight, but all women were tight for him. Brenda wrapped her legs around his waist and locked her ankles together. As he began his thrusting, Brenda was in another world. The trusts brought forth the following:

Thrust: “I.”

Thrust: “Have.”

Thrust: “Been.”

Thrust: “Needing.”

Thrust: “This.”

Thrust: “For.”

Thrust: “Angh….”

“That is so warm, so nice, so slippery wet. Babe, I could get…used to…this.”

Brenda squeezed with her thighs as much as she could.

For the past few days she had been horny due to her cycle. The anticipation of the party added to it. When Hillary arrived and gave her a lip lock and a squeeze of the ass, she got hot all over because Hillary was one of her go-to mothers who liked to have Brenda sit on her face. Brenda liked that because she could control what part of her pussy and ass hole received strong tongue love. And when all of the hot eighteen and nineteen year olds were bouncing around in their bathing suits she had gotten very wet. When Suzie arrived she plunged her fingers into her pussy. And when Suzie came all over Brenda’s face she was ready to sit on a telephone pole.

“I am so hot, baby,” she moaned. “Fuck me hard and fast.”

Micah picked up the pace. He was sliding and sliding and sliding. Her tunnel was slick and warm. After only a couple of minutes he felt his orgasm coming on. He concentrated on controlling his pelvic floor muscles. It took all of his strength and he started sweating.

His cock was providing the satisfaction that Brenda had needed for a long time. She moaned and groaned with each push, “Ah, ah, ah.” An orgasm was on its way and her voice indicated such. Micah slowed down a bit to change up the sensation. She bit his neck and let out a shriek: “Now,” and she tensed up and released all of her muscles and went over the top and went limp in his arms. She was sweating.

“Are you OK?” he asked, continuing to pump but more slowly than ever. He regained some composure and his controlled breathing kept him from coming.

“I need that so badly. Fuck me doggie.” Micah got off of her, dripping sweat. It was almost Escort Kuşadası 100 degrees outside. Brenda rolled over and assumed the position. Micah’s cock needed a break so he spread her ass admiring this 40-year old in perfect shape, with an ass like a teenager. “What are you waiting for, Micah?”

Micah kissed her right butt cheek, then her left. Brenda liked it and moaned. He slowly, ever so slowly trailed his licks toward Brenda’s butt hole. When he got there, Brenda gratefully sighed, “You are one of the few guys who likes to do that. I have a few girlfriends who are good at that.” With that Micah stuck is tongue as deep into her ass as possible. Brenda tasted a little bitter but he could tell she used the bidet recently. Brenda grunted. He licked her hole. She grunted. That made her feet twitch. Micah used two strong fingers to probe her vaginal opening and pushed down, toward her g spot. Brenda screamed, “Right there, babe. I think I can come again. Don’t stop.” Micah picked up the pace using his tongue and his fingers. After five minutes, Brenda babbled, “I’m…coming.” She released a grunt from deep in her chest.

Micah knew that was his clue. He mounted her finally and slid into her wet channel. She moaned and groaned. Micah was sliding well now and grabbed her waist for leverage. He varied his pace to match Brenda’s moods. When she quieted down, he quickened his pace. When she was close to orgasm, he backed off the speed of his thrusting. When she quieted down some more, he grabbed he by her shoulders to create more leverage that allowed him to pump her harder and deeper.

“Fuck,” he growled, “I am getting close…can’t hold on much longer.”

“Let it go.” Three orgasms was her limit. At 40 years old, she was about ten years past her prime, when she could have four or five orgasms during a hot session.

Micah started pushing even harder, so much that Brenda lost her grip on the bed spread and flopped on her stomach. No matter, Micah was still between her legs. Her ankles and feet were pointing toward the ceiling. Micah pushed her across the bed. He wanted it too. Finally, he stopped pushing and locked his arms under her shoulders and chest and let out a massive grunt. His body gave him five fantastic spasms. With each he could feel the semen pushing from his scrotum through his hard cock and splashing into her warm pussy. With the final two spasms he used his legs to push Brenda off the side of the king sized bed onto the floor, where he landed as well. They panted to catch their breaths for four or five minutes, both sweating like animals.

She rolled over to the bed stand where Micah had propped himself up on. They hugged.

“Would you mind if I took a shower, darling?”

“You are always welcome. I have a bottle of your favorite body wash beneath the sink where you left it last time you were here.”

“Gee, that must be six months ago.”

“Exactly, don’t you remember we were at the club New Year’s party? You were headed outside or to your car with Melanie Franklin to get your dick sucked. And I told you that I would do a lot more than just suck your dick so you left the whore on the patio and we left, making a stop at CVS to pick up some supplies, including your “lucky” body wash.

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