Cabin at the Lake

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All the characters are over 18. There is a hint of male bisexuality but the action is all MFM. I owe a special thanks to LarryInSeattle for his editing assistance. Please be assured that any mistakes that remain are my own. Enjoy.


Something scurried along the wall under the window. I tried to convince myself it was just leaves brushing against the window. There were at least two things wrong with that theory. The first could be dismissed as exaggeration brought on by near panic, namely that the sheer loudness of the sound suggested claws that were at least six inches long, much too noisy to be attributed to a couple of dry leaves cavorting in the breeze off the lake. The second problem with my leaf theory was harder to get around. There were no trees on this side of the cabin.

I reached stealthily for my phone, not sure why I was trying to be stealthy. My heart was pounding so hard in my ears the walls were probably vibrating. I fumbled with the phone, nearly dropping it several times. I could never remember how to turn on the flashlight app without keying in the code. A fact my twin brothers attributed to stereotypic female technologic ineptitude. It was their fault I was stuck in this sagging bed, in a dark room with some woodland monster about to eat my face off. Assholes.

The room was nearly pitch black. The glow from the screen would be bright enough to allow me to at least identify what it was that was about to dispatch me in that utterly indifferent manner of nature in the raw. I flipped the phone open and pointed it at the wall beneath the window. A pair of yellow eyes glowed back at me. Before I could muster the breath to scream, a shadow shifted and two blue eyes glowed. They swiveled, fixing on my phone. As they did, they too turned yellow. When a third pair of eyes – blue again – blinked on, my paralysis broke.

I skipped the scream and bolted from the bed, pulling the door closed behind me. I ran down the hall, skidded to a stop in front of the first door, Terry’s room. I was too spooked for protocol, besides he was my brother. It was only the three of us in this demon-infested hovel. A light glowed softly beneath the door. Good – he was still up, probably reading one of those covert military novels he devoured. I pushed the door open and ducked into Terry’s room, closing the door with my butt in the event the demons had made it out of my room and were at this very moment racing over the ceiling hoping to leap through the door and decapitate me with a swipe of a paw or the snap of a toothsome maw.

My terror melted in surprise. Terry was in bed. So was Gary. Terry was on his hands and knees gaping at me. Gary’s erection bounced just beneath his slack jaw. Gary was peeking around Terry’s leg, one hand on Terry’s leg, the other still wrapped around his brother’s cock.

Terry and I found our voices at the same time.

“What the fuck?” we shouted in passable harmony.

I heard Gary groan as his head dropped back on the bed.

“Ever hear of knocking, Donna? Jesus fucking Christ.” He scrambled out of bed, reaching for his, or maybe Gary’s, boxers lying on the floor.

“What the fuck do you want?” He screamed. Neither of my brothers every screamed at me. I was their baby sister.

“There’s something in my room.” My voice tittered, recovered and then broke. As I began to cry I got pissed. It wasn’t my idea to spend the summer in this shithole. Plus, how the fuck was I supposed to know my brothers were gay for each other?

Gary climbed out of bed and glanced around. He could find nothing to put on. It wasn’t the fact they were naked that bothered me. Our family was not hung up on our bodies. We, mom and pop included, often went skinny-dipping. We didn’t go out of our way to flaunt our bodies but we weren’t ashamed of them either.

Gary was the quieter twin. I would often find myself looking back over the day trying to recall if I had heard him speak. He communicated with smiles, shrugs and soft eyes. He reached for my shoulder. His boner was fading but not yet gone. It was distracting and it stoked my anger.

“Hey, sis relax. Probably the wind.”

“The fucking wind doesn’t have fucking eyes that fucking glow yellow and blue, not even in this hemorrhoid on the ass of the earth fucking dump.”

“Come on,” Terry snapped at our brother. “The sooner we check it out the sooner we can get back to bed.”

Gary’s mouth twitched but I ignored him. Terry stomped out of the room. Gary followed, not stomping. I crouched behind Gary. Three demons but two of them seemed on the small side vs. two brothers. I might have a chance to run for it.

“Okay you big scary monsters here come Donna’s mean old big brothers,” Terry sing-songed as he opened the door to my room.

I heard a hiss and a scramble. Terry yelped. It was a high-pitched yelp and I found it immensely satisfying. He jumped back and slammed the door.

“I fucking told you asshole. There is something in my room,” I hissed as Zeytinburnu Escort I hit him on the back of the shoulder with the heel of my hand.

He spun around and grabbed my wrist before I could whack him again.

“Did you leave your window open?”

“Yeah, it’s like 130 fucking degrees in there.”

“Uh,” he snarled. “Did you happen to notice there were no screens?”

“So? I’m not afraid of a few mosquitoes. I was baking in there.”

“Oh, okay you aren’t afraid of mosquitoes but apparently you’re a teensy weensy bit put off by raccoons?”


“Raccoons.” He replied with a smirk. “A momma and two babies and by the glance I got they are thoroughly enjoying eating your granola bars.” He smirked again. “I think the momma has your panties on her head.”

My own lack of clothing was not something I had paid attention to, up until that moment anyway.

“So I sleep in the buff? So what? At least it isn’t so I can suck my brother’s cock.” I was still pissed that he had screamed at me.

I felt Gary’s arms wrap around me from behind. I also felt his soft cock press against the small of my back. His arms crossed over my chest and his hands wrapped around my upper arms. He began to rock me. Terry had always been my protector. Gary was a protector, too but his primary role was as my comforter.

“Is that why you’re so upset?” he whispered and his breath tickled the side of my neck.

“Why would that upset me?” I snapped sarcastically. “I find out my brothers never bothered to tell me they’re gay and that they are incestuous lovers. No, I’m not upset by that at all. Or the fact that you two stuck me way the hell down the hall. Or that when I was scared you fucking screamed at me.”

The final sentence was screamed at Terry. Gary’s grip tightened and he shushed me.

Terry managed to look halfway contrite. “Yeah, I screamed but I think an independent jury would concede I had justification.”

Terry grinned at that and stepped toward us. He hugged me from the front, his arms reaching around Gary and me. They had hugged me like this before but we were much younger – and clothed.

I tried to squirm out of their grip but just as when we were younger, the effort was purely a matter of good form. It felt good to be swaddled between my two brothers who I knew would do anything for me.

“We aren’t gay,” Terry whispered.

“Uh huh, you both went to med school on top of law school without telling anyone and were just checking each other for ticks. I see. What a dumb fucking blonde I am.” I could feel Gary stifling a giggle against my shoulder and I elbow him. “I am going to med school boneheads and I am pretty sure smoking pole makes you gay.”

Terry pulled away, laughing. “Smoking pole? Seriously? What? Are you a closet Penthouse reader?”

I gave him my best don’t-make-me-kill-you glare. He laughed harder.

“Seriously, other guys do nothing for us. This will sound even more stupid than ‘smoking pole’ but it is more like masturbating than having sex with someone else.”

“Give me a huge, gigantic, fucking break.”

“No sis,” Gary spoke from behind me. I realized he had been kissing along the top of my shoulder. “It’s true. Terry and I are almost like one person who somehow got split in two. I know what he’s going to say before he says it. He knows what I’m feeling. It used to drive mom and dad crazy. They tried to separate us but we cried so much they always put us in the same crib. Later, before we could walk we’d both climb out and sleep cuddled on the floor.”

That part I know is true. Mom repeated that story often enough. It was getting hard to ignore the feel of Gary’s lips on my shoulder and back of my neck.

“Later,” Terry took up where Gary stopped. “We would start out in our own beds, then jump into one bed or the other as soon as mom and dad said ‘good night’ and click off the light. We learned to wake up and move back to our own beds before mom came in to get us up for school. I swear we had our first wet dream not only on the same night but at the same time.” He stopped suddenly, a look in his eye and he turned back toward his, Gary’s, their, whoever the fuck’s room.

“Come on,” he called over his shoulder.

Gary let go of me and a wave of disappointment washed over me. I noticed his penis had started to get hard.

I followed him not even trying to pretend I wasn’t watching the way his butt cheeks moved against each other as he walked.

When we entered the room, Terry motioned Gary to join him.

“Close your eyes,” he instructed.

“Why?” Even at twenty-two I could not shed my instinctive distrust of my older brothers.

“Just do it, ” Terry snapped. When Gary nodded I closed my eyes.

“Our bodies changed at the same time, at the same rate and in the same way.” I heard them moving around. “I bet you can’t tell us apart. Open your eyes.”

The stood side by side, each holding one part of a sheet that Zeytinburnu Escort Bayan hide their faces.

“Oh come on. I never paid any attention to your dicks.” That wasn’t totally true. What girl doesn’t wonder about what a boy looks like and if that girl has brothers, how does she deal with her curiosity? By peeking of course. I didn’t think that was weird.

“Fine but do you see any differences?”

I was disconcerted to realize I wasn’t sure who had spoken. Where their voices really that much alike?

“Don’t be bashful. Come look.”

I stepped closer and a floorboard creaked loudly enough to make me jump. It was easier to start with their chests. The hair was the same dark color. The thickness was the same. It spread across both sets of well-defined pecs in the same pattern. It sprouts around two identical sets of dark brown areolas. Each areola had a matching small mole orbiting it. The hair coalesced and ran down two identical bellies, widening a bit around two perfectly shaped belly buttons and then raced in a thin line to meet a coarser, curly clump of hair.

My eyes fixed on their dicks. As if aware of my stare, both began to lengthen, both pulsed in time. How could that be? Their heart rates are the same? Surely that is impossible?

My wonder is lost when I realize I’m getting wet. My nipples are hard and the room is as hot as mine. They are not hardening from a chill but a very special kind of heat.

I shake my head. What the fuck am I doing? I’m staring at my brothers’ wangs and getting turned on. How fucking sick is that?

I stifle a sob and turn to go.

Someone’s arms wrap around me from behind.

“Sshh, little sis, it’s okay. Don’t run away. It would kill us if we repulsed you.”

“I’m not repulsed. I was getting excited looking at you. I don’t even have the bullshit excuse of ‘we are as one’ twin crap you’re trying to pull.”

I let myself be led over to Terry’s ridiculous bed. Who puts a California king in an, as yet barely renovated, old cabin? My brother that’s who. He was also the one that added the Texas touch, a headboard made of entwined branches.

Terry hopped in and scoots to the middle. He held his hand out and I took it. Gary did not let go of my other hand until Terry’s fingers wrapped around mine. I crawled into the bed on my knees, as Terry wiggled further toward the far edge. I felt the mattress shift as Gary followed me.

I lay on my back. My eyes trace patterns in the knotty planks that covered the ceiling. My hands were clasped between my breasts. My posture reminded me more than a little of a laid out Victorian corpse, newly dead, of childbirth or some silly bug that now could be cured with a few dollars’ worth of antibiotics. I shivered.

Two warm bodies nestled against my sides. One twisted away and with a click, the lamp on the bedside table went out. The darkness was nearly complete. The moon had yet to rise and the normally brilliant stars lurked behind clouds that teased the parched earth but refused to rain.

The bodies snuggled closer. Their warmth radiated from the hard cocks that were pressed against both my legs. As if my body had become a mirror, identical kisses began on my upper arm and moved across my collarbone and up the side of my neck. Identical noses caressed my hair away from my ears, clearing space for identical tongues to nuzzle behind my ears. It all happened simultaneously, every kiss, caress and touch identical.

I told myself this was sick, sick and wrong on so many levels. But their kisses soothed me as no other lover’s had. Their bodies warmed me as no other’s had. I knew they loved me more than any of the men I had dated.

I unclasped my hands and reached down, closing my hands around my brothers’ cocks. Identical moans soothed my fears. Two mouths found my breasts. My chest arched and heaved as hot wet tongues and lips pulled and teased my nipples.

Two hands tugged at my hair. Two hands met at my waist and waltzed their way to my crotch. The fingers of one began to play across my clitoris. The fingers of the other softly probed until my pussy lips parted and allowed them entry.

My left ear heard, “Your pussy is so wet sis, so wet and so hot.”

My right ear heard, “Your clit is hard as a rock, a rock that twitches beneath my fingers.”

A few minutes later, in stereo, “I want to feel.” The hands were gliding over one another.

“Oh my, you are wet. Lil sis has a hot soppy pussy.”

“And a quivering clit.” The fingers on my clit were wet with my own pussy juice.

I enjoyed the feeling of mouths nipping at my nipples and fingers in my pussy and on my clit. Desire flowed from their mouths and fingers filling every crevice of my body and mind.

“Feed me my cunt. I want to taste myself.” My voice was soft and seemed to fade into the dark as both hands left my crotch. Two fingers, one from the right and one from the left, began to trace the outline of my lips. I could Escort Zeytinburnu smell my pussy on their fingers. I wanted to take one of the hands into my mouth but I waited. Soon both fingers slipped past my lips. My tongue wrapped around one and then the other. Two new fingers made their way along my lips to meet in the middle and presented themselves to my eager mouth. Two more. Two more. Then the thumbs. The thumbs had not been in my pussy but I wanted them anyway.

“Kiss me.”

The laws of physics would not allow two heads to occupy the same space above my mouth at the same time. I loved the lips that touched mine but missed the illusion that my body was a mirror, a focal point. My sorrow was assuaged when the other mouth kissed its way down my chest and found my breast once more.

The kisser’s fingers rolled and pulled at my nipple and I moaned into his mouth. The breast teaser’s fingers returned to my pussy, sawing in and out. The fingers left my cunt and began to spread my juices over my nipple. The fingers found their way between our faces. As the kisser and I began to lick and fight over the pussy slicked fingers a tongue began to lap at my breast.

The fingers left our mouths and found my clit. I felt my orgasm gathering deep inside. I gasped and panted as it cascaded out of my belly to screamed through my body. My body bucked as my orgasm faded and my body began to relax. Both nipples were being pinched and rolled and pulled. It hurt and I drew in a breath to gasp in pain. Before I could, the pain crackled like lightning through my body and exploded from my clit. I saw the flash as a second wave of convulsions shook my body.

Fingers thrummed over my clit, dragging my orgasm out for what seemed an eternity. My body bucked so violently my muscles ached. I couldn’t catch my breath enough to gasp for them to stop. They were killing me, la petite mort was transforming into le grand mort.

The fingers left my clit and the mouths left my nipples. Simultaneous kisses graced my shoulders and soft hands gently stroked my belly. My body relaxed into the bed, still shuddering. Legs draped atop mine and soft murmurs surrounded me.

I rolled onto my side, one arm slipped under the head of the brother I faced, the other reached behind me to rest on the hip of the brother behind me. My breathing slowed. It dawned on me that I was not satisfied. I had, for the first time ever, either multiple orgasms or one long nearly unendurable one. Yet I craved more. I wanted to be filled. I wanted their cocks in my mouth, in my pussy, and in my ass. I was hollow and longed to be filled, to be complete.

The realization awoke a fierce desperate desire unlike any I had felt before. It was not desire I realized. Desire was what I had felt moments earlier. This was lust, the unrefined ore of animal craving, the sexual equivalent of a shark’s feeding frenzy.

“Let me up. Turn the light on.”

They misunderstood.

“Sshh, baby sis don’t freak out. Take it easy.”

I darted my head forward, my mouth hitting the side of his nose before sliding down to find his mouth, Gary I thought but not really caring. I sucked his tongue into my mouth, bit his lip then pulled back.

“Just let me up.”

Their bodies moved away. I could barely make out their shapes but their caution and concern surrounded me. The closet in my room had a light, a bare bulb with a string. I wanted to see them but didn’t want to be blinded. I climbed out of the bed and crossed to the closet door. I flung it open, my mind on fire. I batted my hand in front of my face and clutched at the string that grazed my wrist. I tugged. The light was blinding and I squeezed my eyes shut as I backed out of the closet.

My brothers, my identical twin brothers, eyed me from the bed. I strode toward the bed, my hands clutching at my breasts, trying to signal to them that I wanted more, much more.

I grabbed a pillow and dropped it on the floor by the bed.

“Stand up. Both of you.” I demanded as I knelt on the pillow. Terry obeyed first and I swallowed his cock first. His groan acted as a draught of fresh air and the embers of lust in my belly went from red to white hot.

I heard the bed creak and blindly groped for Gary’s cock with one hand. My other found Terry’s. God he was so fucking hard. I nearly fell on my back and begged him to shove it deep into my cunt, to beg him to fuck me.

Instead I attacked his cock with my mouth and hand. I gagged but didn’t stop until his pubes tickled the inside of my nose. I wrapped my hand around him and pulled as if somehow his pubic bone and my teeth would no longer serve as unbreachable barriers. I wanted to swallow him whole, cock first. Perhaps then I would be complete.

“Easy sis,” he moaned above me as his hands caressed the sides of my head.

I let him slide out of my mouth. I darted my mouth over just the crown of his dick, letting my puckered lips snag briefly on the ridge of his cockhead. I did this a dozen times and then deep throated him again. This time I did not gag.

I pulled away, slowly, slid my mouth along the side of his cock, and kissed his belly just above the twisted thatch of his pubic hair. I rubbed my hand over the head adding his precum to my spit on his dick, making it silky smooth for my hand.

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