By the Clock

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I want to thank my editor michchick98 for helping me edit this story which was published as a Free Read for Written Expressions. I always wanted to be a secretary but my mom always advised me not to become one, still I have worked in offices and I think when it comes down to it office sex can be hot and thrilling! I’m not speaking from experience but my imagination always runs ahead of me. Anyway, here it is always free to enjoy!

8: 00 AM

Judith hated her job. Her boss had piled up workload after workload on her desk. It seemed he was conspiring to keep her there for the long night, again. Being a secretary was a demeaning job, her mother had warned her before, but being the professional servant to Dustin Havens was bordering the fine line from unlivable to shameful.

“He’ll get my letter tonight.”

As she went through the files, she noticed that he’d left her a letter of his own.

She read it aloud.

Dear Judith,

Yesterday you escaped like a dog was chasing you. Won’t you stop denying our attraction? Make a fist about it all you want, but today the only escape you’ll find will be in my arms.

Crumpling the letter in her hand, she made a fist around the now crumpled paper. She hated her rude boss, well, the idea of him made her mad enough to hate him!

Handsome Dustin thought he held the world in his hands. He thought the world was spinning at the tip of his fingertips, as if everything he’d have could be the result of everything that he was now. “Those blue eyes won’t fool me again. He’ll get my letter tonight.”

* * * *

“Why is it so hard to get this woman to succumb to her passions?” Dustin worried over his desk while marveling at the view from his office.

New York was the city to marvel in; tall skyscrapers filled his view with astonishing strength, but he was losing it. The only single female employee he’d ever romanced at work was planning to leave because of him. Now, the ticking clock in his office told him that everything else was slipping out of his grasp. And with all the work he’d left her, work that kept piling up for her at the desk, she’d quit in no time.

Maybe he could do something different, work his way by the clock and finally steal her away while sweeping her off her feet. “Lunch time,” he said with relief.

* * * *

(12:00- 1:00) Lunch Time

“With all this work, I’ll never finish. I did well working on that letter, but I’ll have to skip lunch if I Kuşadası Escort plan to quit in style tonight.” Judith said, almost believing her own words. In her mind, the word quitter invaded her thoughts. I’ve never quit or been fired before; this is going to take some getting used to.

Chewing on her lower lip, she wished to see Dustin, if only to give him a piece of her mind. He doesn’t know what’s coming to him. “And that in itself is an understatement,” she agreed.

When he appeared on her desk, in his boxers and coming out of his office, her face reddened, her pulse quickened and her heart skipped a beat. Her mouth fell open instead. No words of rage came out of her that would let the man taste the piece of brutality that filled her mind instead. She was both speechless and breathless. Trying to occupy her mind again with work, she could hardly concentrate when Dustin flashed a smile and took everything from her desk.

“No, no, you cannot do that!” Her eyes fell on his chest as her fingers grazed over the hair on his chest. Very manly, she thought.

“Do what, Judith Havens? I’m lessening your work. It’s lunch time, didn’t you see the clock?”

“Dustin, Mr. Havens, please do not address me with your last name. I have my own. Besides, I’m skipping lunch today otherwise…” Her eyes fell to the bulge pulsating between his legs. She could feel her womanhood pulsating too, getting wet with her juices.

“Ah yes, I remember the letter of resignation that I’m supposed to sign for you. Please deliver it to my office tonight if you think you can still walk away from me and this desk by the end of the break. I can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to, but you won’t regret it. And that’s a promise.” He smiled wickedly.

She felt his hand go to her face, caressing every strand of hair he could move away from her eyes and cheeks. His fingers sensually explored her lower features, trailing down to her breasts underneath her suit.

“What if someone comes in and sees us?” She squirmed while looking worriedly at the door.

“This is a private building with a private office; both doors are locked by lunch time and we’re in a section for some private after hours fun of our own. Do you want me inside of you Judith?”

When his crafted hands moved down to her belly, to touch the juices below while slowly and hotly fondling her pussy, she squealed in delight. “Yes, Dustin! Yes! Keep touching me there. Oh! What took you Kuşadası Escort Bayan so long?”

He kept his pace and moaned in delight with her when she pushed him closer to where their private parts touched.

“What took you so long?” he asked her instead.

When Dustin claimed her lips with his own, she could feel the roughness of his kiss, but knew the passion hidden in them. Dustin sure knew how to kiss; blending their saliva into one made her hotter for him than she thought possible. They should’ve kissed a long time ago, maybe she wouldn’t have run away from him every time he got closer than a boss should be.

“Here,” she said. “Suck on them like you really mean it, Dustin.” She ripped open her suit and blouse, revealing the fact that she didn’t have a bra on.

He didn’t hesitate to fulfill her demand. He lowered his head and captured one taut peak in his mouth. He growled while savoring her aching breasts when, with just a brush of his hot hands, they hardened even more under his caress.

“You know, I should stop this now, and not let it go any further than this.” Judith caught her breath when he kept sucking on her now fully erect and very sensitive nipples.

“The problem is, we can’t stop the fun once we start. That’s why you haven’t slept with me since the first time.” Dusting spread her legs and her aching pussy released more of her juices. She remembered her and Dustin and their first night of wild sex and screams of pleasure. Then she got to know him as the boss.

“Oh god, don’t remind me. It was the best sex I’d ever had with any man I’ve ever met. Too bad you’re still my boss, it’s not going to last.”

He sucked on her juices, using his tongue to spread her lips and take her further into his mouth. They both growled.

“Use your fingers! Fuck me now!” she screamed while holding on to her desk.

“Yes Mrs. Havens. I’m at your command.”

Dustin kept sucking her juices and kept entering his index finger through her outer lips. When she shook with pleasure, he kept diving deeper into her. Then Judith moved up and down on him, his finger slipping deeper into her most private place causing a wet slapping sensation that they both enjoyed.

“Judith, you should fuck me now like only you know how. My hard-on is catching up with me and I don’t know how much more I can take.”

“Poor, little Dustin”. She pushed him to the floor as his finger slid away easily from her Escort Kuşadası wet pussy “Here, you need to lie down for this.”

Putting his hands comfortably behind his neck, she let him relax and feel the same pleasure he’d given her. She took her time on him, on his cock and his balls, unable to resist. Judith used all her strength to get him inside and keep him there while, as breathless as she was, she still managed to lead him on by squeezing her nipples.

It didn’t take long until Dustin rolled her onto her back and pounced on her with all the strength he had. She welcomed everything from him as she spread her legs as wide as she could, taking his buttocks with both her hands, Judith kept driving Dustin and herself to ecstasy.

* * * *

Moments Later

“Not bad for still being my boss,” Judith finally said when she’d drawn enough air into her lungs. Her mind was replaying everything they’d done: on the floor near her desk and in lunchtime! He truly had outdone himself and she’d never felt so alive. How could I walk away from this now? She wouldn’t. That floor wouldn’t be looked at in the same way ever again by either one of them. Did she really want to quit this feeling?

“I’m not just your boss, Judith. I’m also your future husband.”

“What makes you think that I’ll say yes to a man that has not given me the attention I deserve as an employee?”

Dustin gave her light kiss on the lips. “You’re right, I haven’t been the best boss you’ve ever had. That’s why I’m taking you on vacation tomorrow night. You deserve it, my beautiful employee of the month.”

“I thought secretaries weren’t appreciated by their boss but you-” she stopped herself after pointing at him, her anger coming back.

“Point taken, I make you mad. Well… only the special ones get the Havens’ wife treatment, Mrs. Havens, and there’s only one special lady I’ve ever offered that to at the risk of looking silly in my boxers. Do you mind if I call you Mrs. Havens from now on?”

She shook her head and smiled back at him instead. “I don’t mind it at all. Judith Havens sounds lovely.”

He kissed her, longer and deeper this time. She returned the kiss, using her tongue to deepen the kiss. Then Dustin broke away and moved towards her neck, stroking with his tongue there while she released a surprising sigh of happiness.

When she looked at the clock on the wall, she gasped. “It’s past lunch time and no work has been able to be completed today, Dustin! We must stop and get back to work!”

Dustin shook his head and looked at her. “If we always live by the clock, we go back to being miserable and I can’t afford that. I can’t afford to lose you again, Judith.”

Judith chuckled. “Okay, I have time for dessert… in your office.”

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