Buying My Step-Sister Ch. 10

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Thanks for reading. All characters are 18 or over, and this work is purely fictional. It involves brother/step-sister incest. If that is not your thing, feel free to click away! I wrote this story for myself, but hope you enjoy.


The flight with its connector really wasn’t too bad, and the drive through the greenery of upstate South Carolina (once off the Interstate) was relaxing. But the entire process of flight these days is such an aggravation, that Johnathan was feeling ‘about half past dead’ when he finally pulled into the Hilton. He had reason to feel better when he walked into the lobby, as he was surprised to find Ms. Ashlynn Luker waiting for him, a smile on her face!

It had been a few months since his stepsister, Ashlynn, had left the panhandle region for school. Johnathan was nearby on business, and while he had intended to contact her via the app, seeing her waiting for him was a pleasant sight, indeed. Standing five-foot-three-inches tall, straight dirty-blonde hair and baby-blues intact. Ashlynn had maybe gained a few pounds, JUST enough to enhance those curves. “Well, well…aren’t you a pleasant surprise,” he said, wolf-smile intact.

“Well….Mom told me you were in town, and I guessed you’d be here. I mean, I don’t see you as the Red Roof Inn type.”

He flashed the wolf-smile again and said, “Well, you’re right there. You can either wait for me in the bar, and I’ll cover your drinks, or let me get checked in, and we can check out the room when I can carry my stuff up.”

“Oh, I’ll wait,” Ashlynn replied.

In the elevator, he noticed she had a bag with her, but said nothing. “You know, I had intended to contact you via the app.”

“Well, I’m almost never on it anymore. School and being a full-time mommy are pretty exhausting”

The elevator stopped at the top floor, and they found our way to his — or their? — room; decently-sized, with a good view of the mountains behind us. The place had a clean ‘industrial’ vibe to it, and he noticed Ashlynn smiling. “Tell you what; I’ll front you fifty dollars for babysitting services, and let’s go see how the shower works.”

“Hmm…” she responded, stepping over and unbuckling my belt. “That sounds good. I can trust you to pay what’s fair, but yes, let’s get that ‘travel-dirt’ off you.” And gave him a kiss. It had been awhile, and Johnathan liked her taste.


The room had no bathtub; rather, a step-in shower. The shower head was not directly overhead, but still had a nice angle to it. Johnathan had to admit, having a gorgeous woman, almost seventeen years your junior, wash you is a wonderful experience…Hilton should offer it as a reward to their best customers! Ashlynn had carefully, yet firmly, washed his balls and was soaping that area just behind them in slow, circular motions, making him groan.

“Well someone sure likes this,” she said, with a grin.

“Yeah well, it’s been a while, and damn, you do that well. Ahhh…” he replied.

“I do have to say, your dick is a nice one, and I must admit, I’ve been thinking about this part of you all day,” Ashlynn said. After rinsing it off with a warm washcloth, she knelt down, escort karkamış saying, “Good and clean, just as I prefer it.” And with that, she took him fully into her mouth. No tongue, nothing in the cheek, just straight back into her throat. It HAD been a while, Johnathan wasn’t lying, and he quickly found himself pumping her face, hand on her head, dick in her throat.

One of Ashlynn’s many skills was that of being able to deepthroat, and it felt wonderful to have hot water cascading off Johnathan’s back, his cock in this gorgeous woman’s throat, his balls on her chin. The ‘ghwack, ghwack,’ slurping sounds were almost too much, especially with those doe eyes looking up at him, so with a long groan he pulled out, and helped her to her feet, needing to maintain control. “My turn to wash,” he told her, and with his devilish boy-like grin, he then began to enjoy soaping and washing this woman to whom Johnathan was so powerfully drawn.

Her eraser-like nipples were fully erect, and he liked the look on her face, as he tugged and tweaked them. It was her turn to moan, as Johnathan happily suckled those little hard lumps, flicking them with his tongue. He followed the washcloth with kisses as he made his way down, over her bellybutton, through her pubes. Her labia opened and she gasped, “AHH-JOHN..!!!” It was the first time he had tasted her in months, and Ashlynn Luker tasted as incredible as ever.

Her hips were starting to move as he licked her, she was rubbing that luscious cunt on his face. Quickly, her moans went to small yelps. In one movement Johnathan stood, pushed Ashlynn against the tiled wall, lifted one leg, and slid right in. The feeling of her body yielding to him was intense. Ashlynn moaned, “Yesssss…” as he fucked her this way, thrusting powerfully into his stepsister.

He knew he was doing it right when she not only returned the kiss, but wrapped her arms around his neck. After several minutes of being power-fucked against the shower wall, Ashlynn pulled up, wrapped the other leg around her lover, and hooked her ankles behind his back. He was holding her ass, as she said, “That’s right Johnathan…y-you FUCK ME like this…” and began using her thighs and arms to clench and lift, moving up and down on that cock to which she was so addicted.

Until this moment, Johnathan was not aware that holding a woman off the ground while she fucks you in the shower was a bucket-list item, but nowhe knew! Ashlynn Luker was INTO it, flexing and squeezing her thighs, arms, and kegels to work his dick, and the feeling was incredible. She must have known he was about to pop because she released her legs, and as she moved down to her knees, and turned him so that the water was on his back. Needless to say, it took like three good pumps and a lick, and with a loud groan, Johnathan Roberts dumped several wonderful spurts of goo, properly coating HIS woman’s pretty face.


They were laying in the bed, his paid stepsister having toweled me off — after washing her face, of course. Either Ashlynn Luker was into earning the pay, or REALLY wanted him, because as soon as they were at the karkamış escort bayan bed, she pushed him onto his back, and climbed on top. Johnathan was thankfully sure it was latter — at least that’s what he chose to believe, as she had only to line up his stiffy, and she was so sufficiently wet that he went right in, groaning deservedly, of course.

“Ohhh…Damn Johnathan…” she groaned, then finally asked, “How long has it been?”

“You mean — yes-s, right there — with you?” I bit my lip.

“No, goofball,” she replied, then smiled really big, as he began to knead her breasts. Smiling and nodding, “How long has it been since you’ve had — Damn that dick feels good — had sex?”

Ashlynn was starting to roll her hips now. The feeling of being inside that hot wet tunnel, especially as she used her kegels to squeeze and hold her man’s throbbing cock. “Day-umm…Based on this?” He began to push up and meet her rolls. “Not near… Dammit… Enough…” and grinned, then asses “when I was w-w-w-ith y-y-you…”

“Joh-Johanthan…How did you — know I love that -oohh.. my nipples?” Ashlynn grunted and squirmed. She had her hands on his shoulders as she rode him cowgirl, and he was steadily playing with her nipples. Gentle squeezes, twisty-tweaks, and tugs, all to the wonderful rhythm of her ever-rolling hips.

It was a wonderful sight. Ashlynn Luker was looking down at him with that distant, glassy-eyed look, her mouth partly open, panting and making little moans. He was balls deep in her, and she was working her hips making her hips and pubic hair ‘move’. Johnathan had orgasmed earlier in the shower, so he knew he could roll like this for some time. For her? Not as much, and it was starting to show.

“John…J-Johna-a-aa-tha-an…” she was saying, and that told him it was time. he gave my His woman a small nudge, and she sat straight up. Lifting her using his hips and hands, he held her still…shifted…then began to thrust up FAST and HARD.

Ashlynn’s face went red and she tucked her chin, moaning with an “uh-uh-uh UH-UH!”

He knew she was near the edge, so he slowed, lowered her, and then I did what any gentleman would do. He began to grind his hips, and used his thumb and forefinger the lightly ‘pinch’ her bright-pink clit, and said, “I own this woman, so cum for me, sweet baby, CUM…” Wow, did it ever work.

Ashlynn immediately grabbed his arm and threw her other arm and head back. Her voice went up a full octave, screaming “YOUR DIIIIIIICK!!!” as she proceeded to have a screaming, shaking, convulsing orgasm of some length. When she went limp, He carefully guided her down to lay beside him. His stiff pole still remained inside her for most of that, but finally and reluctantly slipped out. He said, “Oh, baby, glad to see you enjoyed that one…”

“Ya-Yeah…” she said, panting with a big smile. Then she realized he was stepping off the bed and tugging her to a new position at its edge. “B-Bae?” she asked, but then realized what was going on, and broke into a huge smile. Part of Ashlynn liked to be ‘manhandled’ as it were, and she gladly let her man tug her karkamış escort ass to the edge of the bed.

Johnathan curled each arm under a thigh, and had only to lift and move forward, and her cunt accepted that stiff member willingly. Ashlynn Luker had a pussy that felt absolutely incredible! It was hot and wet, and she knew how to resist ‘just-right’ so his member was able to feel her body yielding to him. It let him know he owned it. He slid my arms out to her ankles, stretching those sexy legs out perfectly straight. He would then pull almost all the way out, hold…and thrust in hard, grind a moment, then repeat. Her yelps were intoxicating.

Ashlynn was really enjoying being totally fucked like this. She lay there smiling at him as before. Her breasts bounced in rhythm to his thrusting. As much as he enjoyed this, Johnathan wanted to change up before load number two, so he slowed, and placed both ankles on his shoulders. He moved a bit closer, putting her feet basically over her head. Taking hold of her wrists, he smiled at Ashlynn, and stretching her arms to his sides he then began to pound that pussy for all it and Johnathan Roberts was worth.

She was under him calling his name and the wave was coming…no, IT WAS THERE. He could feel that he was going to shoot another load. That was tough in a way because he wished he could do this forever, quite honestly. He had a plan in mind, though, so he moved back slightly, and with a few more very powerful strokes, he pulled out. Ashlynn instinctively knew what to do — good little girl that she was — and she grabbed his cock as he shot my load on her stomach, breasts and neck, getting just a bit on her chin. VERY satisfying for him, knowing His woman was now well marked.

They were cleaning themselves up after that fun romp, when Ashlynn Luker, very much the finest piece of ass he’d yet had — paid or no — suddenly asked, “What are we doing here, anyway?”

“You mean besides fucking each other’s brains out?” He quipped.

“Yeah,” Ashlynn responded. “Look, I’m not thinking this is a Julia Roberts movie, but… I mean well…”

“I dunno, really,” he replied, shrugging. “When I saw you waiting for me, my heart really did skip a beat. But on the other hand, I’m not shopping for engagement rings, either.”

“So, we’re in some-kind-of-distantly-related limbo,” she responded. “I know there’s a good banjo joke in there, but damned if we don’t have something good going here.”

Ashlynn held his underwear for him to step into — good girl that she was. From her bag, she pulled a skimpy little satin PJ teddy.

“Yes, I have an overnight sitter, just in case,” she said, and gave me a quick peck as she donned the garment. As Ashlynn turned to get in the bed, she pointed at her ear, then me, and said, “Got a little coming out, there.”

Johnathan had a quizzical look as he climbed in and spooned up behind her. His cock was flaccid, but was still up against her ass. He touched my ear and said, “What do you mean?”

“Your brain leaking out, you gullible lawyer. Now let’s get some sleep,” she said with a chuckle, as she pushed back into him, and for the first time in months, Ashlynn Luker fully relaxed.


Hey everyone, and thanks for reading! this is one part of a multi-chapter story, so please give me your votes and constructive criticism, any suggestions as to storyline appreciated!

Special thanks to Kenji Sato for this editing help. Without him this would not have been possible!

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