Burned Ch. 03

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Chapter 03: The Other Perspective

I wakened early again. Chris was on his back still sound asleep, snoring softly. Well, the sound he made wasn’t even really a snore. It was a whispering of his breath that made me think he was still in a deep and restful state of sleep. I envied him that. Until the last two nights I had not slept well at all. Since the fire and since moving to live with my aunt, uncle and cousin my sleep had been anything but restful.

What had it been? Three weeks already since the fire. Three weeks of separation from my family and my friends. This was supposed to be less stressful for me. I think it was being less stressful for my parents and I intellectually could live with that: intellectually, but apparently I couldn’t live with it emotionally. I was a mess.

The last two nights had been different. I couldn’t explain why, but my cousin had transformed me in one evening. When he came in and wrapped me up in his arms two nights ago and comforted me while I sobbed my heart out, Chris had somehow restored my heart. I fell in love with him. I know it doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t make sense to fall in love with your cousin. The only explanation I have is the stress I was under. That and the fact I had actually been in love with him for a long time. I adored my cousin.

Now, in two nights, he had transformed me from a depressed, sleepless worn out wreck into a well rested, contented and somewhat frustrated cousin. When I woke up yesterday morning, I quickly got out of bed and went to my own room, shocked that we had actually slept the whole night together. I couldn’t believe how bold I had been crawling into bed with Chris that first night. Loving how he held me so gently, held me so lovingly. The feel of his arms and the warmth of his body felt so comforting to me. I was so exhauted, I had quickly fallen to sleep. I vaguely remember smiling to myself when I felt Chris’ penis against my bum. I think I wiggled my bum a bit to get a better feel and was glad when Chris did not retreat. My exhaustion Küçükköy Escort took over. I couldn’t hold my eyes open any longer; I dosed off and slept soundly.

Before I took my bath that next morning, I noticed my panties had a dried crusty substance adhering to them. Had Chris had a wet dream? Yes girls know about those things. We read books and talk to other girls and share information. I guess it was possible. I think I would have noticed if he had masturbated right there behind me. Even if he had, I wouldn’t mind. I would be flattered if he thought of me in a sexual way and if I knew he was sexually excited by me.

Now this morning, I lay there admiring my still sleeping cousin. The covers we shared last night were pulled down to his waist. I lightly placed my hand on his well muscled chest and felt the rise and fall of his breathing. I let my fingers lightly trail down across his flat abdomen to the edge of our covers. I lifted the covers and was rewarded with a view of his soft penis exposed in the open fly of his shorts. It was beautiful. I wanted to touch it. I wanted to hold it in my hand and explore it. I wanted to see it become hard. I resisted the urge. I didn’t want to shock or disappoint Chris. I didn’t want him to think bad thoughts about his horrid cousin if he found out my true feelings for him.

I took one last long longing look at his gorgeous penis, slipped quietly out from under the covers and went to my room. I slid the pocket door almost closed. I kept hoping I would be able to see more of my naked cousin. I had been lucky a couple of times now, catching glimpses of his naked form and his beautiful cock. There I said it, his cock. I love him and I wanted to love his cock.

As I walked across the room. I could feel something on my bum. I touched myself and felt a dried substance on my backside and in the crack of my bum. Was that dried sperm? Had Chris had a wet dream two nights in a row? Or, had he somehow masturbated while I slept and ejaculated into my crack and Küçükköy Escort Bayan onto my bum. Had I again slept so deeply that I hadn’t been aware of his actions?

I closed my eyes and thought about his hard cock against my skin, against my ass, against my crack. I imagined it sliding up and down between the muscles of my ass and imagined him squirting his white sperm all over me. My pussy was tingling as my arousal increased. I laid back on my bed, put my hand between my legs and touched my clitoris. There was moisture already building between my labia. I dipped the tips of my fingers into my vagina and then proceeded to touch myself in that special way. Yes, I masturbated myself to an orgasm. The warmth of my stimulation spread out from my clitoris. The spreading warmth intensely enveloped my entire pelvis. I felt my breasts blush with the heat spreading through my body. My nipples tingled and radiated the heat that continued to bloom across my chest, spreading up my neck causing a hot burning blush to rapidly flash hotly into my cheeks and face.

My pussy ached for something. The pressure of an impending orgasm built rapidly in my pelvis. The desire to have my pussy entered, stretched and filled became overwhelming. I came with that desire, that need still unfulfilled. I heard myself moaning as I orgasmed and tried to silence my spontaneous utterances. The climaxing release of sexual tension allowed me to internalize my cries of pleasure.

Once sufficiently recovered from my self-stimulation, I went to the bathroom, drew a bath and luxuriated in the hot soapy water. I had again left the door ajar hoping Chris would catch glimpses of me naked. It excited me thinking of him seeing me exposed. The unspoken taboo of being cousins somehow made the act seem even more exciting. My body tingled at the possibility of Chris observing my naked form.

After finishing my bath. I returned to my bedroom to dress. The sliding door between Chris’ and my room was still ajar. I chance a peak and Escort Küçükköy to my shock and joy, Chris was on the bed, his legs hanging over the end, toes barely touching the floor, knees spread, fingers wrapped around his turgid and erect cock, balls, hanging below his stiff member, moving up and down across his anus. Chris was masturbating. His hand sliding up and down his long stiff shaft. The purple head of his cock crowned the beautiful sexual appendage that he now self-pleasured. A clear thick liquid was forming droplets at the tip of his penis. The droplets rolled off the head and down the shaft supplying a slippery lubricant.

Chris’ strokes quickened. His hips humped against his hand. His balls, which had been hanging quite low, drew rapidly upward and tightly against the base of his rigid cock.

“Fuck, oh fuck.”

I quickly moved away from the door. I thought Chris had somehow seen me.

“I love you. Fuck. Yes, oh my darling I want to cum inside you. I heard Chris whisper.” I realized he was talking to himself in the throws of his self-induced ecstasy. I moved back and peaked through the gap in the door. I wondered jealously who he was talking too. Into what bitch did he want to spill his semen. I wanted my vagina to be that receptacle.

“Uhnnnnnnnnnnn, ahhhhhhhhhhhh, ummmmmmmmmmm, uhnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk,” he tried to whisper as his cock began to contract and pump thick spurts of thick white liquid onto his chest and stomach. I watched in awe as two, three, four long strands of white liquid arched from the end of his penis and splattered onto his chest. Then five, six, seven smaller strands landed above his belly button. Finally, his cock still forcefully contracting, several globs of white sperm oozed from the hole at the top of his cock, slid down the shaft across his fingers and pooled at the base of his shaft.

Chris was breathing heavily. His orgasm was finished. His penis was still twitching, but already visibly softer. “My god,” I silently said to myself. “Oh my god, that was so incredible.”

I knew what I wanted. I knew whom I wanted. I also knew I had to determine who the bitch is Chris imagined fucking and ejaculating his semen into as he climaxed.

I had to somehow become his sole object of desire.

I wanted to be his only receptacle.

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