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It was in early July of last year when I met Sandy and Paul. I had just successfully completed the largest contract negotiation of my career and was in the mood to celebrate. I couldn’t talk any of my coworkers into going out for a drink, so I went home, changed and headed out to a local strip joint to start my evening. It was a Wednesday night and as I expected, the place wasn’t crowded but there were plenty of beautiful dancers.

A hot blonde approached me, introduced herself as Sandy and sat down to talk while waiting for the next song to start. After noting her long and shapely legs, I looked across and gazed into an impossibly lovely gray set of eyes. My groin was already stirring. When the next song started, she stood up, removed her skimpy top and turned around to place it on the chair, revealing a tight, toned pair of buns that immediately drew my attention. Sandy spared no effort with high-energy gyrations as she shook her breasts and ground her buns into and onto my lap.

As the song ended she leaned in and whispered, “Would you like to go to the balcony for a more private dance?” I had to see those buns again, so I agreed.

Following her up the stairs allowed me an extended view of Sandy’s incredible ass and by the time I reached the balcony I was having trouble walking due to the enlarged state of my member and the tightness of my jeans. Sandy noticed and reached for my crotch and deftly adjusted my prick, moving it to the side where it had room in the pant leg.

She grinned widely and asked, “Is that better?”

“Definitely,” I replied. “But it’s only a temporary solution.”

She laughed and gently pushed me down onto the plush leather couch.

Sandy pulled off her top, leaned in to unbutton my shirt and began rubbing her bare breasts against my chest, putting her lovely face within inches of mine. I felt my own nipples harden along with hers. She slowly pulled back, placing her hand on my upper thigh for support, pretending to accidentally rub against my engorged dick snaking its way down my pant leg. She turned around and slowly moved onto my lap again. After grinding away for a few moments, she leaned back, looked up at me and took my hands into hers and lifted them to her breasts, encouraging me to massage her perky globes. Her nipples continued to hardened in my hands. She turned in my lap to face me, took my face in her hands and pulled me towards her. Gazing into those gray eyes was intensely erotic. When I moved in to kiss her, she leaned back and pulled my face into her breasts.

Sandy repeated most of the same moves for a second song, but ended it by vigorously rubbing her knees into my crotch with a wicked smile on her face.

When the song ended, another dancer walked up to us.

“It’s seven o’clock Sandy,” she announced.

Sandy pulled me close again and said, “I have to go babe” After I paid her she gave me a quick peck on the cheek and walked away.

I walked back downstairs and ordered another beer. Within a few minutes, Sandy again approached me. She had changed into tight shorts and a cut off top.

“I’m waiting for my boyfriend antalya escort to pick me up and take me to his rugby game,” she announced. “Can I sit with you until he shows up?”

Gazing into her enchanting eyes was fueling my already enhanced state of arousal. I was about to ask her to dump her boyfriend and join me for the evening when she spotted him walking in. He was dressed in his rugby uniform, stripped shirt and loose shorts and soaking wet. He walked up to Sandy.

“Damn Rain,” he bitched. “I don’t know if there’s going to be a game. I’m gonna go use the phone in the restroom to call the field and check”

Sandy turned to me and said, “I doubt there will be a game. Why don’t we move to a larger table that has room for the three of us?”

We moved across the isle and I sat down at one end, expecting her to sit on the other end. Sandy surprised and delighted me by instead grinning widely while swinging her hips into mine in a silent effort to get me to move over into the middle of the bench. My spirits were flying as I realized she was flirting with me. Her boyfriend emerged from the back of the club, spotted us, walked over and sat down across from Sandy.

“Game’s off,” he grumbled. He turned to me saying, “Hi, I’m Paul”

“Mike,” I replied

“Sit down and relax,” Sandy chipped in. “I’ll go get us drinks”

My eyes followed her ass when she got up and headed to the bar, temporarily forgetting that her jock boyfriend was sitting next to me. I suddenly remembered and glanced his way to see if he noticed me ogling his girl. Paul’s hair was still wet from the rain and his rugby shirt was sticking to his muscular body. I realized the guy was built and worried about a confrontation, but he was smiling.

“Hah,” he laughed at catching me eyeing Sandy.

I relaxed and said. “I’m sorry your game was cancelled.”

“Thanks,” he replied. “Are you enjoying your time with Sandy?”

I diplomatically responded, “Your a lucky guy.”

“Did she give you the full treatment?”

I wasn’t sure how to answer him when Sandy reappeared with a couple of beers.

After a few minutes of small talk I turned to her and said, “Paul asked if I had gotten the full treatment.”

She smiled coyly and replied, “I was afraid to give you the full treatment because I didn’t think your jeans could handle any more pressure.”

Paul laughed but I was too busy trying to reign in my imagination to be amused.

“Did I do the right thing,” Sandy asked.

“I can afford another pair of jeans” I replied as coolly as I could.

At that, Sandy reached over and grabbed my shirt with both hands; leaned in and kissed me full on the lips. She continued to hold me close as she nuzzled my cheek while I felt her hand move into my crotch and stroke me.

She looked away and said, “move it to the pant leg”. It was then that I realized that it was Paul who was fondling me. Sandy moved in close again and starring me right in the eyes said, “lets go”.

My mind was numb with confusion, but I followed her out the door.

Once we were outside, Paul asked, lara escort “Would you join us for a drink at Sandy’s apartment.”

“Great idea,” Sandy agreed.

I demurred, worried about the now obvious implications of Paul’s presence. Sandy embraced me, curling one leg around me and grinding it into me. She whispered, “You won’t regret it.”

I could not deny those pearl gray eyes anything and consented. She walked me to her car with her arm tightly around my waist.

I expected Paul to climb in the front seat with Sandy, but he too sat in the back. Moments after leaving he adjusted his shorts so that his large prick was sticking out the leg opening. I froze, not being able to react in any way, but not turning away either. He noticed me looking and shrugged his shoulders.

“I need to give it more room”

Paul leaded back against the side door and moved one leg up onto the seat, further exposing his excited member.

“Want to compare?” he asked.

When I didn’t respond he moved over, leaned in and reached for my crotch. I put out a hand to stop him and experienced a jolt of mental electricity when my hand landed on his muscled chest. Paul pulled back and let my hand drop to his engorged cock. I was only vaguely aware of what I was doing and stroked him several times, feeling it quiver in my hand. I became more aware when the further hardening of my own tool and the tightness of my jeans caused quick bursts of pain to shoot through my groin.

“Uhg,” I groaned in momentary agony.

Paul said, “I know what that sound means”

He reached in to unbutton my pants and pull out my bulging penis.

“Oh wow!” he exclaimed.

He leaned over and went down on me halfway to my balls. He curled his tongue around half of the shaft on the upswing, stopped at the top to wrap the head with a long lick and slowly returned towards the bottom. He repeated this several times, each time going down slightly further before hesitating and then pulling back. He finally lifted himself off of me, and shook his head in bewilderment.

“I don’t know how you do it Sandy,” he exclaimed.

He leaned back down, nuzzled his cheek against my length for a moment, then took the head into his mouth and moved down one side until he reached the base, send me into ecstacy. When his lips touched the base of my prick, he extended his tongue and lapped at my testicles. I felt the juices in my balls surging, jerked my hips and unleashed. Paul rapidly moved back up to the head and allowed my seed to spill all over his tongue. He pulled up, looked at me with smiling eyes, pulled my face into his and kissed me deeply. I tasted myself for the first time. I leaned back in exhaustion while Paul leaned over the front seat and nuzzled Sandy.

“You are going to have a great time tonight babe,” he announced.

When we entered her apartment, Sandy sent Paul into the kitchen to get us some beers then turned to face me. She embraced me tightly while pushing me back against the wall, then aggressively kissed me hard, grinding her pelvis into me. She game up for air and smiled.

“You muratpaşa escort two have me as revved up as can be,” she panted.

She unbuttoned my shirt and tongued my nipples while pulling my shirt out of my pants and off my back. She leaned into me again and resumed our kiss while rubbing my crotch. When Paul came back with beers, she pulled away and turned to him.

“You selfish bastard,” she complained. “You couldn’t wait until we got here before starting?”

She was clearly annoyed with him, but he just shrugged his shoulder and said, “Sorry.”

He looked up at me and said, “Mikey here didn’t seem to mind… want a taste?”

Without waiting for a reply, he pulled Sandy into an embrace and kissed her, letting her taste whatever flavor was left from my orgasm. I marveled at Sandy’s long legs and exceptional ass. Paul began massaging her buns as I just leaned against the wall taking it all in. Sandy pulled his damp shirt over his head, and then he pulled her top off her. Her breasts mashed against Paul’s muscled chest was a sexy thrill, but the real charge began when he started pulling her tight shorts down her legs. When they fell to her feet Sandy lifted one leg in the air. I got the erotic vision of a lifetime seeing those toned tanned cheeks open up as she stepped out of her shorts.

Paul moved in to kiss her, but she pulled away, then kneeled in front of him and began mouthing his crotch. Sandy pulled his shorts off in one motion and Paul’s stiff dick smacked against her cheek. While Sandy began to slowly stroke him, Paul stepped out of his shorts. I gasped at the sight of his bare ass. It was also firm and toned, almost feminine in appearance. In response to my gasp, he stood on his toes and spread his legs – showing himself off to me. He turned his head to show me a wicked smile, then turned back to Sandy when she began to mouth his rock hard member.

I stepped forward for a closer look. Paul was almost devoid of body hair, his back, ass, legs and chest completely bare, with a trim wisp of hair just above his cock. It made his toned body look sexy as hell. Sandy looked up at me as she continued slurping Paul’s tool and motioned me to sit next to her. I did, giving me a close up look at his shaven balls and thick cock. She pulled herself back, releasing him momentarily. His dick was suspended in front of her, darting out from his crotch, stone hard with a purple tip. Sandy took a deep breath, took him inside her mouth, moving slowly all the way down to the base of his dick, deep throating him. She massaged his hairless balls for only a moment before he groaned loudly. I looked up to see his pelvis jerking as he began to orgasm. Sandy pulled herself off him, leaving the tip at her lips as he convulsed.

The first stream shot directly into her mouth with the rest pooling around her lips and dripping off the tip of the purple head of his tool. With Paul standing over us, Sandy reached for me, wrapped her hands around my head and pulled me to her face. I hesitated, looking once again into those mesmerizing pearl gray eyes and opened my mouth. She kissed me deeply, swirling her tongue and spreading Paul’s cum all over mine. She finally pulled back, nuzzling my cheeks and allowed Paul to place his cum covered tip on my lips. I opened my eyes and looked again into hers. In that instant, I recognized that my world would never be the same. Then I opened my mouth…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32