Bull in the Shower Room

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Big Dick

I swim at a pool near my home twice a week. I like the exercise, and I’m a decent swimmer. I tend to swim late in the evening because the pool is quieter. Last week, I was in the shower washing off the chlorine after a hard, long swim. There was one man in the pool apart from me. He was a huge bull of a man. He looked like a retired heavyweight boxer gone to seed – not a contender, but the sort of boxer who gave his all before being inevitably floored by a faster, younger man on the way to the title. He was much taller than me – 6’4″ or more – with great big, defined muscles on his legs, arms and chest, but a large belly, held high and firm by strong stomach muscles. He swam slowly up and down, powerful and fit despite his huge bulk.

I’m 40-year-old, six foot, decent looking in and ordinary sort of way, slim and fit enough for my age, but I have a very little penis. My wife, Jenny, likes to call it a dicklet, teases me about it and refuses to let me fuck her except on special occasions – birthdays, our wedding anniversary, when I get a promotion at work. I’ve become an expert cunt and ass licker and we have a collection of fake cocks, cock extensions and a strap-on to pleasure Jenny with. I also remove all my body hair; partly because I swim so much, and partly because Jenny insists on it – she thinks it looks better for a dicklet to be entirely naked, and once my penis is hairless, the rest of me might as well be. Of course, my inadequacy has meant that my wife takes lovers. I know about her men, I meet them from time to time and I’ve even seen her being fucked.

The showers are usually empty after my evening swims. If not, I wash quickly exposing myself as little as possible. When I can’t help showing myself, when it’s busy, some men studiously avoid looking, but some stare in amazement and some even laugh in open derision. Sometimes they are embarrassed for me. I have occasionally caught another man’s eyes, and we have exchanged half smiles, sympathetic smiles. If I’m honest, one of the things I love about swimming is the changing room atmosphere – it really is the only place I know where men, heterosexual men, stand around and check each other out. I’m not gay, but I do like looking at the men surreptitiously – their physique, the way they hold themselves, and of course their cocks – always bigger than mine. I’ve seen and admired all shapes and sizes. And it’s a curious thing, once you admire the bigger cock, you are bound to admire the man. When I do show myself off, the humiliation, the danger of being ridiculed, is an exquisite thrill. Once or twice I’ve found myself getting hard in the shower and have had to rush out. The only thing more ridiculous that a little dicklet, Jenny tells me, is an erect little dicklet. When I’m erect, my dicklet points straight up. My wife always laughs when she sees me erect.

So, there in was in the shower when the huge man came in. I had my back to him and heard him turn on the water.

“Good swim, huh?” His voice was friendly, deep and strong.

“Yes that was just what I needed,” I replied. (From here on in, I’m going to call Anadolu Yakası Escort him Bull… because that’s what he was.)

I turned towards Bull. I could have replied over my shoulder, of course. I can’t remember thinking about it, actually consciously deciding that I wanted to show him my dicklet. I just did it. I just turned to face him before any conscious decision was made.

“You’re a great swimmer.”

“Thanks. You too.”

He was about to say something else when he stopped. His mouth agape, he starred at my small naked, dick. His face broke into a big, cheesy grin.

“But, Christ, you’ve got yourself… one… tiny… dick.”

Bull stood there hands on hips, looking at me. I looked down at his cock. It was the biggest I’d ever seen in the flesh. It was huge like him; thick, heavy and long below his domed belly, circumcised and gracefully curved a little to the left. He too was entirely shaved of pubic hair. Instantly, that gorgeous, nauseous, sinking feeling washed over me and settled in the pit of my stomach – equal parts humiliation, panic and deep, deep excitement. Instantly, I was cast as the boy before this colossus of a man with the gargantuan cock. Instantly, I realised, I knew this was a man I had to show respect to. Bull laughed, now. A big hearty laugh. He stepped right up to me, and with no embarrassment at all he took in his big hand my balls and dicklet. He inspected them carefully in his powerful fingers.

“And smooth as a baby. Sweet,” he said this softly, almost tenderly. He massaged my balls lightly for a few seconds. Then he took my dicklet between finger and thumb and stroked it. Instantly I was erect, as hard as can be. Right there, Bull owned me entirely. Under the showers, shrouded in that steam and heat, he’d just reached out and taken me in hand. And I didn’t protest, not even a little. I let him do it, I helped him. My legs parted a little, of their own accord, I went onto tip toes and my hips tilted forward a little, presenting myself to him. My hands gripped each other tight behind my back. I wasn’t conscious that I’d done this at all, until he chuckled and whispered: “Good boy.”

I was mesmerised. Bull’s long, fat fingers were thicker than the erect dicklet he was playing with. And, of course, I was scared as hell, so vulnerable. He could have hurt me really badly, crushed me. My breathing came hard and shallow. My dicklet started to produce pre-cum copiously. Bull reached up and pinched one of my nipples hard, then stroked my chest.

I looked up into his eyes.

“Do you like my cock?” he asked.

“Yes. It’s huge. I’ve never seen one like it. It’s beautiful.”

Bull grinned and let go of my genitals.

“Would you like to touch it? See if you can make it really big and hard.”

There was no way I was going to refuse Bull anything. I was drawn to this man with a huge dick. He was powerful, was enjoying humiliating me, but he was also gentle, almost kind. And I wanted to please him. I’m used to doing as I’m told. Jenny’s has made sure of that.

Standing Acıbadem Escort very close to Bull, I cupped his balls in my left hand and took his great dick in my right. I lifted it and pressed it to his stomach. I massaged it like that against his big belly. I lent close in to Bull’s side. This allowed me to press my dicklet against his thigh. I rubbed against him a little. I pressed my forehead into his chest and realised a big rubbery nipple was millimetres from my mouth. I opened wide and suckled roughly on his huge muscled breast. I chewed on his nipple, wanked him and massaged his heavy balls.

“That’s a good boy. That’s very nice.”

Bull signed heavily and his cock grew harder and heavier under my hands. His arms came around me and he hugged me to him. I lost myself then, surrounded and overwhelmed by Bull’s heavy flesh, I went into a frenzy of licking and sucking on his chest, humping myself against him and stroking him until his cock was hard as and iron bar and big as my forearm.

“Easy, calm down. There’s no rush.”

Bull pulled my face up to him and kissed me. His tongue invaded my mouth forcefully and I sucked on it. I clung onto him, my head tilted back. I was definitely the “girl” in this kiss. Briefly, I imagined what someone coming into the showers would have stumbled on; a skinny man with a tiny, bare dicklet in the arms of a huge man with a murderous club rising from his groin — otherwise, quite a romantic scene. The embarrassment, the humiliation… gorgeous feelings of helplessness and submission flooded though me. Also, I imagined telling my wife Jenny. She would be excited, would want to know every detail. She’d make the most of it, she’d call me a sissy and a useless queer husband and on and on. Then she’d send me to the pool daily to find Bull again and bring his back home for her.

I rubbed my dicklet against Bull’s tight. I was on heat, ravenous for him. After minutes of deep kissing, Bull pushed me away.

“Wash me,” he said, passing me a bar of soap.

I went straight to my knees and sat back on my heels. I was almost grateful to escape from that hungry, overpowering kiss, to clear my head. I washed Bull’s feet carefully, getting between the toes. Then the calves, and up the top of the thighs, in long slow, soapy strokes. I avoided his cock, and stood up. On tip toes I washed Bull’s face and bald head, then shoulders and chest. Bull raised his arms and I washed his arm pits. He turned his back, leaning into the wall. Down I went again, kneeling close to his huge arse. I put my palms to his buttocks just to feel the texture of the skin and the enormous subterranean muscles. I washed him well, massaging hard, then in the crack of the arse, then the balls. Bull spread his legs wide, bent his knees a little and arched his back. It was clear what he wanted. I washed his arsehole thoroughly and rinsed off the soap.

I’ve tongued Jenny in the arse many times, but this was a man, a stranger. I hesitated briefly, but pressed on, making my tongue long and rigid. The taste was far stronger Ataşehir Escort than Jenny, musty and heavy. The smell was all flesh and human meat and arse. I pressed in hard, was sealed in, immersing myself in the heavy, hot flesh. He reached back and grabbed a fist of hair, pulling me into him, fucking himself with my face, my tongue. He held me there longer than I wanted. When he finally let go, I fell back gasping for air, filling my empty lungs. Bull turned on me. His eyes were now hard and bright, all gentleness gone.

“Come here boy, time to suck my cock.”

I knelt up and again he grabbed my hair. Holding his cock like a club, he whipped my face. For a moment I was really sacred, overwhelmed. I brought my hands up to protect myself but he just slapped them away. Each blow was harder and heavier that the last as his cock became rock hard. I felt my lip swell on one side and was sure I would have a black eye. Coming to my senses a little, I opened my mouth wide and frantically tried to get it in my mouth. I wanted to be sucking on his heavy dick before he knocked me out cold. Fighting for my life, I latched onto the end of Bull’s cock and took him as deep as I could. I heard him laugh and he let go of my hair. In one hand I cradled his huge scrotum and my other went up between his legs searching for his hole. When I found it, I gently thrust one, then two, then three fingers as deep as I could. I knew I had to make him orgasm quickly. If I lost the initiative, if he had a second to get bored, he was going to thrust his huge dick into to throat, or beat me with it, or, most frightening of all, want to spin me around and fuck me in the arse.

I went to work like a cock starved slut. I thrust my head back and forth, I salivated heavily, I twisted my head and sucked hard. I stroked and massaged his heavy balls. My bunched fingers sawed back and forth slowly inside him. I looked up at Bull. His hands were on his hips. He smiled down at me. I let go of his balls and reached up to grab and pinch one of his nipples. The big man grunted, threw his head back and started to come. I pushed my fingers hard against his pulsing anus and grabbed his cock. I wanked him furiously. As he came I took a couple of blasts in my mouth and pulled the end from my lips. String after string of his cum hit me in the face, neck and chest. As he stopped ejaculating, I put him back in my mouth again. I sucked gently to draw every last drop out of him. He shrunk slowly and his cock fell heavily away from me.

I knelt there covered in cum, swirling it around my tongue and relishing the taste. Bull turned on a shower, washed his dick and arse.

He grabbed his towel and left. “Thanks. See you again, boy.”

I grabbed my dicklet and wanked it hard and fast. I scooped the cum off my face and chest and licked it off my fingers. Soon I came, spurting on the shower floor. I was still on my knees when another man came into the shower room. He stood naked watching me and looking down at my tiny dripping dicklet, my front streaked with sperm. I stared at his cock. It was quite bit smaller than Bull’s, but fat.

“Get out of here. I want a shower without some cock hungry faggot hanging about.”

I scrambled to my feet and rushed to get dressed and out of the changing room. As I wiped the last of the cum off my face with a towel, I rehearsed in my head how I was going to tell Jenny all about it.

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