Buffy Barks at Me

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Big Tits

Most of my lady friends are fairly conventional but some of them are sometimes kinky or quirky. One of the kinkiest or quirkiest of these is Buffy. The other day, she called me.

“Hello,” I said when I picked up the phone.

“ROWFF!” I knew it was Buffy. Nobody else calls me and barks like a dog.

“Hello, Buffy. Is everything okay with you?”

“ROWFF.” According to the code we had worked out, one bark meant “Yes” and two barks meant “No”.

“Nice to hear from you again. Do you want me to come over to see you this afternoon?” I was free that afternoon and the next day too.


“Not today? How about tomorrow?”


“Is nine AM okay?”


“Yeah, that’s kind of early for me too. What about ten o’clock?”


“Okay, Buffy. I’ll see you tomorrow at ten o’clock. Have your leash ready.”


After that I hung up and I suppose Buffy did too.

Promptly at ten o’clock the next morning, after Buffy had buzzed me through the security door to her apartment house, I walked upstairs, opened her door and went in, locking and bolting it after me. I knew the door would be unlocked and that Buffy wouldn’t have opened it for me if I had knocked because she likes to get right into character and the last human thing she did was unlocking the door after buzzing me in. I called out Buffy’s name and, as I stood waiting in her hallway, I heard a shuffling noise and, seconds later, Buffy appeared, completely naked, on her hands and knees, and carrying her leash in her mouth.

I’m well aware that the proper word for a female canine is “bitch” but that word has taken on a very negative connotation. Buffy is very pretty and very sweet, although a little strange so I will just describe her as acting like a dog, although she is totally female.

Buffy approached me, swinging her pretty ass from side to side as if wagging her tail. When she was directly in front of me, she stopped and reached up to paw the air with her right hand, just like a dog offering to shake hands. Gravely, I shook the proffered hand/paw, saying “Good girl, Buffy. Gooood girl.”

Staying in character, I knelt in front of Buffy and took the leash from her mouth. The other end was connected to a collar around her neck. After I had the leash in my hand, Buffy placed her hands on my shoulders and licked all over my face. This was fun because her face is very pretty with big, expressive brown eyes, short brown hair and a smooth complexion. Besides her pretty face, Buffy has a plump, sexy figure, and the only regret I have about our play-acting is that I don’t get to fondle and lick and suck her luscious breasts. After all, dogs don’t do that when they mate.

After licking my face, Buffy started strolling around the house, still on her hands and knees, occasionally stopping to sniff at things, her sexy ass still swinging from side to side because she was enjoying our walk and dogs wag their tails when they go for walks. Down the hall and into the bedroom but not up on the bed, because dogs are not allowed there or on other furniture, back down the hall, through the kitchen, and into the living room she led me. Over and over, we covered the whole apartment, even the bathroom and, as I stood in the doorway Casibom there, Buffy went in, turned around and went back out, squeezing past me on her hands and knees. Our tour of the apartment took us everywhere, several times, except one room near the bedroom. At the end of our walk, she led me through the open door into that room.

Beside the wall were a bowl of dry dog food and a pan of water. Being thirsty from her exertions, Buffy bent over and lapped up water from the dish but she was not interested in the food. After drinking, Buffy approached me and again offered her paw to shake and licked my face after I responded to her. So far she hadn’t spoken to me except for barking softly when she sniffed at things and I had made a few casual comments a man might make when taking his dog for a walk.

After finishing with licking my face for the second time, Buffy got onto her dog bed, first putting her hands in as far as she could reach and then swinging one leg at a time over the heavy wicker rim so she remained on her hands and knees. The bed is the largest Buffy could find, large enough for several full grown Irish wolfhounds or Saint Bernards. It is covered by a bulky round futon that was made for the bed and is actually quite comfortable. I don’t believe Buffy sleeps on it, although I am unsure since we have never spent the night together and if I were to ask her, all she would do would be to bark, not to answer yes or no, just bark.

She knelt on the far side, her face and forearms pressed against the quilt, her legs spread and her ass high in the air, ready to mate. I dropped the leash, knelt behind her and rubbed the tip of my nose into her ass, then started licking at her pussy, if a dog can be said to have a pussy. Buffy is aware that doggy style like this is really not a good position for eating a pussy so, after a few perfunctory licks, she let me get out of character enough to slide under her on my back. I got into position, with my hands around her ass cheeks and my knees bent so I could fit on the bed with her straddling my face. Buffy squatted down so I could start doing what I had come here to do. She had gotten very aroused by her role-playing so far and juices were running from her pussy, down her legs and onto her crotch. They were delicious and I enjoyed them immensely. After devouring them, I started probing my tongue into the lower edge of her pink love hole, relishing the taste of the fresh juices that squirted out onto my tongue.

Buffy’s hands treaded the futon like the front paws of a mating female dog and she made happy, whimpering doggy sounds as I probed my tongue all around her adorable love hole and started licking between an inner and outer pussy lip. Even before I reached the end of her inner lip, where it joins with the other inner lip to clit hood, Buffy was fucking down into my face, still whimpering and with more of her delectable juices flowing from her pussy. As my tongue caressed the top of the hood, her ass swung from side to side, as she wagged her tail, expressing her pleasure with what I was doing. If I had a tail, I would have been wagging it also because Buffy’s lovely pussy was truly a delight to eat.

After my tongue sluiced up all the delicious juice, I licked her other pussy lips the same way. Her pleasurable whimpering Casibom Giriş was louder; the tail-wagging movements of Buffy’s ass were more pronounced and she fucked her pussy into my face even stronger. The feel of the double motion of her pussy was extremely enjoyable, almost as delightful as the aroma and the taste of the marvelous juices that were running from her pussy. This time, after caressing the top of Buffy’s clit hood, my tongue gently curled under the protective cover to briefly fondle the engorged love toy that was hiding there. As Buffy fucked her pussy even stronger into my face and flooded me with juices, her whimpering doggy noises were turning into the moaning and whimpering of a woman very much enjoying love-making and on the verge of cumming.

I hate wasting anything as delicious as the nectar that Buffy’s pussy was producing so I licked them from her and started probing my tongue under her inner lips, feeling how swollen they were. As aroused as Buffy was, her inner lips were very sensitive and while I caressed them with my tongue, I knew, although she would never tell me, that Buffy was ready to cum and very much wanted to cum.

I was ready for her to cum also and I probed with my tongue between her pink love hole and her adorable clit. As I thrust my tongue into the narrow space, indirectly stimulating her sweetest spot, Buffy’s pussy fucked down stronger than ever into my face. Gently, I fondled her love button with my tongue again, then pushed her protective hood out of the way and sucked her clit into my mouth. My tongue continued to caress the engorged sides while my lips formed a seal around the base and I sucked on Buffy’s clit for several minutes before she started cumming.

“Rowff” she barked. “Rowff,” again, but Buffy didn’t need to tell me that. I could tell she was cumming from the way her legs suddenly squeezed my head and the she started flexing her thigh muscles to ram her pussy down into my face. Knowing that I needed to keep her clit snugly in my mouth for maximum pleasure for both of us, I kept my arms wrapped around her hips and my hands continued gripping her pretty, plump ass cheeks. Up and down she bounced, carrying my head with her and driving her pussy stronger than ever into my face. Although her juices were running freely, and I knew they would have been delicious to taste, I kept my mouth where we both really wanted it to be. When Buffy climaxed, her whole body abruptly jerked and she started to slump; forward. My hands still held her ass and I let her fall slowly forward to lean against the rim of her bed while I licked up most of the nectar her pussy had produced. Because Buffy would want to fuck after she regained strength, I left enough juices for lubrication and relished the rest.

After crawling out from underneath Buffy and leaving her leaning against one side of the bed, I undressed, got a condom out of my pocket and rolled it onto my cock. Even though a man can’t impregnate a dog, and the two species don’t have the same venereal diseases, we don’t let game playing put us at risk. While I was preparing myself, Buffy regained her strength from her orgasm and when she was ready, she was once again on her knees, her face and her forearms pressed against the quilt and her ass waggling back and forth. We would Casibom Yeni Giriş fuck doggy style, of course.

I got on the bed, kneeling behind Buffy and spread her inner pussy lips with the fingers of one hand and guided my cock into her with the other. The tip penetrated Buffy and I slowly stroked back and forth, impaling her a little more each time until my entire shaft was inside her pussy. During the penetration, Buffy again expressed her pleasure with doggy whimpers, and when my cock was all the way in, she got up onto her hands and treaded the futon again.

Slowly, wanting to give us both the maximum pleasure, I fucked in and out of Buffy. After the second stroke of my cock, she was fucking back to meet me, whimpering and panting happily. My hands rested affectionately on her lovely, plump ass guiding the surges of my cock into her and helping her thrust back to meet me.

We continued to fuck and Buffy’s pussy kept lubricating, letting my cock slid in and out easily. At first she whimpered, keeping in her doggy character and letting me know how much she was enjoying what we were doing but as she got closer to cumming, her noises were becoming involuntary moans of womanly pleasure. Buffy’s hips started swiveling, turning her pussy on my cock, and this motion, besides the way she was fucking back to meet me, intensified our pleasure. Her moans started ending in whimpers but these were human sounds and involuntary and I knew Buffy was ready to cum. I had been holding off, wanting my lady friend to cum before I did, but the motions of Buffy’s warm, wet pussy around my cock had me close to the edge.

“Good girl, Buffy,” I told her, reaching around her with my right hand and massaging her clit, coordinating the action of my hand with my cock plunging in and out of her pussy.

“Rowff.” Buffy told me I was doing everything the way she likes it.

Faster and faster I drove my cock into Buffy and she rammed her pussy back to meet me, matching the speed of my thrusts into her. “Rowff,” she said again when she started cumming. “Rowff,” she repeated herself. Although she wasn’t actually speaking, we were communicating well enough.

To keep her as steady as I could, I wrapped my left arm around Buffy’s hips while the fingers of my right hand, still coordinated with the thrusts of my cock into her pussy, continued caressing her clit. Although her upper body was writhing in front of me, Buffy remained on her hands and knees for several minutes until she climaxed with a sudden spasm, and slumped forward. I stayed with her as she slowly fell forward and when she was lying face down on the futon, kept fucking with hard, fast thrusts into her pussy until I ejaculated into my condom.

For a few minutes I lay on top of Buffy, both of us happy with our love-making, feeling my cock soften in her. When it slipped out, I removed the condom and knelt in front of Buffy. With a big smile on her face, she reached her head out to me and licked the semen from my cock. After licking off everything she wanted, Buffy curled up and pretended to sleep. I got dressed, patted Buffy on her pretty head, said “Goooood girl, Buffy,” and let myself out the door, locking it behind me.

Thank you for reading this story. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Whatever you think of it, good or bad, I always appreciate knowing. Please vote and send feedback, either emailed to me or as a public comment after the story. Such feedback helps me to write more and better and I always answer any emails or comments.

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