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Seemed like hours had passed when I woke, next to Tera but no Jeremy. The sun was along the horizon, and night was approaching. I go up to go use the washroom, not bothering to put on my shorts. Walking back into the room, laying my eyes on the girl who’s ass I just flooded with cum. Thinking back I could feel the blood coursing back to my cock, lengthening it to its full capacity. “Is that for me?”

“Oh hey, good nap?”

“Yes, but I’m very hungry again… Can you feed me Jay?”

“Oh baby, yeah, I may have something you want, but you’ll have to come and get it” thrusting my hips in her direction making my cock bob up and down. “Come here my little slut, crawl to daddy.” *Daddy?! What the fuck did I just say?!*

She leapt from the bed onto the floor, slowly crawling toward me licking her lips “Daddy…. Daddy? Please feed me your cock.”

A large bead of pre-cum leaked from my piss hole as my cock involuntarily throbbed. Her tongue first found my tight sack, and worked its way up the shaft slowly. Licking up my pearl to swallow the head to descend again until she found herself rooted at the base. Cheeks swelling as she kept the bulbous head in her throat, I could feel her tongue exploring my veiny shaft. Back up she came, a long string of drool attaching her lips to my dick. “Fuuuuck daddy.. Your cock tastes so good.” Tera reconnected her mouth to my dick and as she was making her way back down, I regained what little sense I had and my hand found its proper place, wrapped in her hair as I pushed forward meeting her half way.

“Touch your pussy Princess, feel how wet that pussy is.”

Her hand whipped to her crotch as she rubbed her hard clit as I brought her head down my pole and back, pulling her hair as I abused her throat. “Tera? Baby girl?” she moaned in acknowledgment “You like the taste of this *thrust* daddys *thrust* dick?” more moans “I hope you realise you’re tasting your own whorey asshole on my cock.” This broke her.

Falling forward she lodged her fingers in her wet cunt and brought herself to a hard creamy cummy orgasm as she choked hard on my dick. The sound of her hands slapping against her sloppiness pushed me further than I had expected. With a growl I pulled her hair tight and toward me, the head of my cock was touching her tonsils as pulse after pulse of cum dumped in her belly. We fell together as we slowly collapsed on the floor.

“Holy” breathing deeply “Holy fuck Jay, what the Hell did you do to me today? I’ve never felt like such a whore, and I like it.”

“Tera, you blew me away, and you blew me. You’re pretty fucking amazing.

We lay there on the floor catching our breath.

“Do you think your room will Sincan Escort stop smelling like sex and cum?”

“Not as long as you’re in it Tee.”

“I like that thought, but fuck off if you want anymore than whatever *this* is.”

“My thoughts exactly, just Daddy and his little whore”

A soft moan escaped her lips. “You just make my pussy throb… but she’s sore.”

“Did you want to have a shower?”

“Good plan. You’re going too.”

The shower was fairly innocent. Allowing the hot water to flow over our bodies, as the mirror fogged over so did our thoughts. Helping her wash her hair, as she washed my back but found my ass. “Cute butt”

“Good one talking” as I cupped her perky ass. “Did it hurt earlier?”

“A little, your cock is thick..” she pushed herself toward me and made contact with my flaccid member “but I, like, really liked it. We will try it again… I hope.”

Leaning down I laid my lips on hers, pulling her close my hands ran up her back and around up past her breasts feeling her hard nipples. I cupped her face and kissed her very soul. There’s something about this one. Stepping back from one another, breathing deeply we both muttered “Damn.”

We finished our shower, it was about 8pm. “So where did Jeremy go?” Tera asked.

“I’m not exactly sure. I’ll send him a message.

Pulling out my phone:

*dude where’d you go?*


*Airport. Theresa flew in today remember, I was almost late because of you two, fucking hot though.*


*Right. Good thing I was banging you first or it may have been awkward.*


*The look on her face when she took your cock in her ass, was that how I looked too? lol*


*Your hole was well lubed and open Foxxy*


*Fuuuuuuck sir, before I get distracted I won’t be home tonight. We have a room for the night near the airport. Her flight is landing in an hour, I’m getting food. Later ‘Sir’*

*Have fun Foxxy”


I relayed these messages to Tera and gave her all the details of the past couple days.

“Well now I’m kind of jealous I wasn’t your first anal fuck, but I’m hoping I’m the first girl at least.”

“First girl anal, threesome and a hot fucking DP.”

“I’ve kinda always wanted to try that… Can we do that again too, and” she trailed off

“and what? What else Tera?”

“Can you rail your roomie while I watch?”

“Fuck yeah, I’m game if you are. Just have to check with Foxxy ha ha”



“Can I stay here with you tonight?”



I looked at her quizzically.

“Let’s Etlik Escort keep things cool. Can we watch a movie?”

“One condition?”

She looked at me to mirror my earlier look.

“Can we snuggle?”

The rest of the evening went very PG, snuggles, kisses and a movie I wasn’t even paying attention to. I was too enamoured with the scent of Tera’s hair even after she used my shampoo. Girls just always smell so good, and they usually taste even better. My mind was really wondering thinking back to Tera cumming in my mouth, and fingering her soul out in the woods. This is like a horny dream I don’t want to wake from.

As my mind came back into focus I realised I was on the couch, alone. “Tera?” nothing. Did I actually dream her up? Taking my phone from the coffee table I noticed my wallpaper was changed to a heart on a post it note, that post it note was also on my coffee table. Opening my phone I went to my photo album and found a couple pictures from Tera. A snap of her spread pussy, a close up of her butthole, a pretty selfie featuring her lovely small tits, and, wait, my cock in her mouth… God damn this girl. Checking my contacts, her name was there with a little black heart. Smiling, I sent her a little black heart text, then I got up and headed to bed, it was only 5:35am.

“I’m home.” I hear as the door closes. “Jake? Are you here?”

“Yeah, in my room. Not long awake.”i

“Dude, what the fuck was yesterday?”

“Besides absolutely hot? Man, it was crazy. Tera is from one of my classes. Quiet demeanour but insatiable once she was started. We napped, came together again, and then showered and cuddled.”

“So you fucked her in the ass, before I had her pussy and then ended the night cuddling? You two are a bit, um, backwards aren’t you?”

*chuckles* “Well when you put it that way.. yeah, but it’s just for fun right now. We’ve made it clear, but I’m hoping to see her later. I should see if she wants to meet me at Pussy Park..”

“Where?!” Jeremy asked, so I explained the earlier escapades.

“So baby girl is a freak? She’s perfect for around here. Theresa will be here later and she wants us to go out to dinner. Maybe Tera will want to go too?”

“I’ll definitely find out. So did you tell Theresa about what happened?”

“Oh yeah..”


“Oh she’s not upset, she would have been more upset if I hadn’t taken all those opportunities. Although now that she’s back in town, things have changed..” Standing up he pulled his shorts down, exposing a locked cage connected to a butt plug. “Foxxy can’t fuck without permission… but I can still swallow your load Çankaya Escort if you want, well I’d like it.”

As he was pulling his shorts back up I stopped him “No, leave it.” Taking him by the arm I pulled him around, laying him on my bed. He took the cue and laid flat on his back, with his head hanging over the edge. Pulling my flaccid but thickening cock out, he opened wide. Feeling the heat of my cock head made it twitch. As he enveloped my manhood into his mouth I leaned over him and pulled his legs up. As he adjusted to the length of my now ridgid cock, I moved my hips as I pulled at his cage that was attached by a metal rod to his plug. He realised what I was doing, I was going to fuck him with his own chastity belt. “HMMMMM….” Jeremy vibrated his pleasure though my shaft.

“I have a loophole.” Pulling the plug a little deeper in his horny hole, he sucked hard on my dick. “Does Foxxy like it?”

“Dude” he blurted out after pulling away from my crotch “Keep that up and ill cum… It feels so intense.” With that I pulled it deep and shook his anal intruder against what I was assuming was his prostate. His lips were soon inhaling my dong, until it was back in his throat. His tongue was like magic as I felt him working on milking me. I decided to help him, one hand on his torturous toy and the other on his throat using it for leverage as I tried to puncture his tonsils. He was done. He stopped moving as his legs fell and he shook while I couldn’t continue roughing his cunt up, I felt my balls tingle while they smacked his face. A massive shot of cum came from the small slit in his cage. Followed by another and one more. The rest leaked lazily from his soft pecker.

“Tongue out!” I told him, head back he opened his mouth as I rockets a shot to hit him back in the throat. The next missed and landed in his cum filled belly button. Aiming directly at his tongue I shot two more ropes “Taste daddy Foxxy.”

“Thank you Daddy, you really worked over my assh..”

“Pussy.” I interrupted, “I worked your pussy over, you filthy slut.” I leaned over him and slurped up the hot goop on his belly. With a little us both in my mouth I moved back and let it drool from my lips and into his hungry mouth. As the last string landed on his tongue, he flipped over and pressed his lips to mine, swapping the salty concoction over our tongues. Sharing our sweetest most debaucherous moments together.

“You son of a bitch, you’re too good of a Daddy to do that to me.”

“This is all new to me Jerm, I haven’t really done anything like this before, but..” laying my hand on his neck, and whispering “You make a damn good subby boy for daddy”

“DON’T… don’t do that… ” laughing nervously “I have to shower and you, you need to go for a walk or something! I have to be good, I should have been good. Theresa will have to be told about this. She’s going to love it.” He gathered himself and left my room.

“Will my room always smell like cum now?” I questioned the emptiness of the room. “I hope so.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32