Brown Betty Big Boobs

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April was crying as her parents gave her hell for flunking her senior year in high school. Her heart sank when her mother announced, “I spoke to your teachers and was told about a school camp for girls like you. It is not summer school but is a private camp that teaches you all that you need to know to get your diploma. You will live there and they are very strict so just be good and work hard on your studies.

Still sobbing April protested, “Please don’t send me away. I want to enjoy the summer with my friends. I’ll even get a job and help out.”

Her father sternly asserted, “You will go to the camp and get your diploma and that is the end of this discussion. This is costing me a bundle and I want you to work hard on your studies and make it all worth while. Go to your room and pack your things. Your mother and I will drive you to camp in the morning.” During the long drive to the camp/school April sat silently in the back seat dreading her new fate. Her parents escorted her to the administration office and signed all the paper work. They hugged and kissed their daughter goodbye and promised to call her on the weekend.

The administrator called a guard and instructed her to escort April to her new living quarters. The 18 year old slender blonde was scared when she saw the uniformed guard and made up her mind to be on her good behavior. The Hispanic guard turned out to be very nice and April liked her very much. The young girl scolded herself for thinking how sexy Edna the guard was. April was attracted to other girls but she denied it to herself. They entered a large dormitory and April was astounded to see the long row of bunk beds. Even more shocking was all the girls in a state of dress and undress. Edna walked her to a lower bed and told her that this was hers. April blushed and felt strangely aroused when Edna laughed, slapped her butt and said, “Baby doll be very careful in here. Some of the girls would love nothing better than to take advantage of a sweet thing like you. What you do is your business but if any of them try to force you to to something that you don’t want to do then come see me and I will take care of it. As a matter of fact you can see me anytime. I noticed the way you looked at me and I think that you are beautiful!” There was a loud applause as The Hot Latin guard kissed the young blonde full on the lips before leaving the dorm.

April met her schoolmates and was pleased that they were friendly and seemed to accept her. She did have difficulty sleeping in her new surroundings. She noticed some girls slipping in bed with others when a naked girl stood closely to her bed and asked, “Would you like to eat some pussy honey?”

The girl was about her age and was also blonde but her tits were larger and her pussy was dripping. April was tempted but answered, “No that sounds gross. I’m not like that so please go away”

The girl retreated but smiled and said, “You will be girl and it won’t be long. Mark my words; soon your pretty face will be between my legs and you will be loving it.” April found it very hard to sleep as she tried to fight the temptation to give in to her desires. She somehow managed to deny her longings and eventually drifted off to sleep.

The next morning she was issued three uniforms and started her classes. Things went well and she was determined to get her diploma. Midday she went to the cafeteria. She noticed one food server staring and smiling at her. April noticed the name tag on the black woman that read, (Betty). The woman had the largest bust that the young girl had ever seen. She could not take her eyes of of them and blushed as she tried in vain to fight off her arousal. The girl’s arousal and fascination with the huge boobs did not go unnoticed to Betty. She gave April another serving and said in a sultry voice, “I get a break in a half-hour so would you like to join me for a smoke?”

The new student quickly replied, “Sure but where can we smoke?”

Betty told her, “We have to go outside. I will walk by your table. Just follow me and I will show you. See you then.” April nodded yes.

When Betty walked by and went out a door April followed. Betty led her by the hand to another door that took them outside. There were other students and workers there as well but Betty led her prey to a secluded bench, offered the girl a cigarette, and told her to sit down. April thanked the black woman but felt nervous as she watched the woman unbutton her blouse. April asked, “Wa uh, what are you doing?”

Betty smiled and in a husky voice murmured, “Baby girl, I am going to show you what you have been lusting for. You couldn’t take your eyes off these big beautiful mother-fuckers so now you can see them real good! April was speechless and when the bra was off and the ebony globes were standing proudly in all their glory April felt faint and was no longer able to deny her lesbian lust. Betty instructed, “Touch them baby, play with them, and then suck the mother-fuckers. You want them and they are longing for your touch so just do it baby.”

As if in a trance April reached out with trembling hands and groped the giant globes. For the first time in her young life she İstanbul Escort was touching another woman in a sexual manner and she was loving it. Her whole frame tingled and her pussy was getting soaked. Without being told she nursed on the brown nipples and was lost in a world of sensual lust. Her arousal reached a rolling climax as she was hand feed each big brown tit. Betty cried out, “Yeah baby, you do that so fucking good. You love them don’t you baby girl? For being such a good little girl I’m going to take you home with me and give you a very special treat.”

April let a nipple slip from her sucking lips and asked, “I thought we weren’t allowed to leave the grounds. How can I go home with you?”

The ebony lesbian told her, “You haven’t read all of the rules baby. You are permitted to leave with an employee of the camp or your parents but you must be back by 10pm.during the week. You are also permitted a weekend pass under the same conditions. You’d be surprised how many teachers and guards entertain the students. I will get a pass for you and meet you at the front desk. Till then baby be good.” April could no longer deny her cravings and willingly agreed to meet the 26 yr. old ebony beauty. The student felt liberated and looked forward to going home with her sexy seducer.

During the ride to Betty’s apartment April felt fear but also a wild anticipation. She finally admitted to herself that she desired women when a long black finger slid under her skirt and worked it’s way up to her drooling pussy. She sighed, looked over at her sexy new friend, and knew that this is where she wanted to be. Her arousal increased when her ebony seducer stated, “My, my, my, you are a naughty little girl. Your little cunt is soaking wet. Just can’t wait for me to introduce you to some real woman/girl love. Don’t worry baby because it’s all good. Today you are going to be one satisfied little white girl because I’m gonna teach you everything. Your little cunt will be a humming and cuming. When I take you back to the school you will be begging me to invite you again. If you eat my juicy black cunt real good then I will let you come back for some more of that good stuff.” April was on fire and the words ‘eat my juicy black cunt’ made her explode on her lover’s probing fingers.

As soon as they entered the apartment Betty was all over the white girl and before she could even think April found herself nude on the sofa with the aggressive seducer. The young girl moaned with delight when Betty sucked her tits and told her how cute and pretty they were. When the black girl worked her way down to the white pussy April squealed with delight as tongue and fingers fucked her to several earth shattering orgasms. Betty laid the limp white girl flat on the sofa and straddled her head. The sight of the aroused brown pussy, the stiff clit, dripping lips, and the powerful aroma of the turned-on cunt drove April insane with desire to taste the first pussy she had ever been this close to. She ate with fervor and came herself while savoring the cum and pussy juices of her red-hot lover. It was music to her ears when Betty commanded, “Eat me some more baby and I will feed you some more of the cum that you love so much. Your such a good girl. Yeah eat the shit out of the motherfucker. Don’t stop, yeah, just like that, ohoooooo, sooooo fucking good yeahhhhhh!” April could hardly breathe as her head was held tightly to the erupting cunt. Then she was shocked and thrilled when she felt a fat wet tongue lapping at her own pussy. Betty wasn’t finished yet so she keep feasting but wondered who was eating her but it felt so good that she didn’t care anymore.

Not long after another climax she felt the tongue withdraw from her honey-pot only to be replaced by a long thick cock. April had been with two boys from school but never felt anything near this big inside her before. She couldn’t see because Betty kept fucking her face and showed no signs of letting up. After what seemed like an eternity the dick slipped out of her well-satisfied pussy and Betty dismounted her sticky- cum-soaked-red friction marked-fucked face. April was stunned when she saw an older black woman taking off the slimy purple dildo. The woman’s huge tits were sagging to her waist and her cunt was surrounded by a thick forest of black curly pubic hair. The older woman demanded, “Now it’s your turn bitch. Crawl over here and eat my delicious chocolate cunt just like you did my daughter! Do me just like I did you slut. I’m so fucking horny I could fuck a horse but I will settle for your pretty face.”

Betty waived her hand directing April to do what she was told. The young girl crawled over to the older woman and her face was pressed hard to the big black hairy cunt. April licked and sucked the woman to many orgasms when the woman cried out, “Eat it slut, eat my horny cunt. Yessssssss! You are one good cunt lapping white girl. You love eating pussy don’t you girl? Suck baby suck; yessssssss!” After she was satisfied she pushed April to the floor and made her say how much she loved eating her and her daughter’s juicy cunts. April admitted that she loved it.

Betty noticed the İstanbul Escort Bayan time and hurriedly took April back to the camp. April was pleased when she was told that she would indeed be invited back but was worried when told that Brown Betty Big Boobs and her mother wanted to meet April’s mom. Betty kissed her goodnight and whispered in her ear, “Don’t forget about us meeting your mother because we won’t forget.” Once again April had a hard time getting to sleep. She didn’t want her mother to know about her new found sex life. She just couldn’t imagine her straight-laced mother allowing herself to be seduced by two sex crazed black women.

She did get to sleep and slept soundly. The next morning April was teased and questioned about Brown Betty Big Boobs. The girls laughed when one of them pointed out the spots of red rash from being face-fucked so hard. The sexy blonde that stood by her bed before walked right up to the embarrassed girl, whispered in her ear, and promised, “Tonight I will come to your bed again and sample your cunt lapping skills. I can hardly wait and I know you are going to just love it. Till then baby.” The girl kissed her and left the dorm. April didn’t say a word.

Not only the other students but the teachers as well were very friendly to April. There was a lot of flirting and April enjoyed her new found popularity. On her way to lunch Edna the guard stopped her and told April to report to her office after her last class. The young student agreed but wondered what it was all about. April turned crimson when in the food line Betty said loud enough for every one to hear. “Hi sweet thing. I have made plans for you to spend the weekend at my place. Give that tongue of yours a rest because it will be busy as hell all weekend long. Isn’t that great news baby?” April nodded her head yes and shyly moved to a corner table and sat alone.

She was thinking how rude it was of Betty to talk like that in front of everybody when she was joined by two black girls about her own age. One was thin and the other was stocky and tough looking. They grabbed her arms and led her into the hallway. April protested, “What are you doing?”

They entered a stairwell and the tough one declared, “The word is out that you are a slut for black pussy so we are going to give you what you crave!” April was sat on the steeps as the slender girl lifted her skirt and slid a long tongue into her wet white pussy. The stocky girl straddled April’s face and demanded, “Kiss, lick, suck, and worship my black cunt with your mouth and make me cum all over your pretty face. Yeah baby; that’s it. Just like that. Oh baby you are good. I’m going to cum, suck it all up yesssssss! Now eat out my ass bitch.” With out thinking April willingly complied and discovered that it wasn’t so bad after all. The slender girl was very good too and brought April to a quaking orgasm. The girls exchanged places and by the time they left April was a mess but felt content.

April hurried to her next class and didn’t have time to clean up. She felt that everyone including the teacher was staring at her. After class the teacher asked her to stay. April watched as the tall, 42 year old, slender redhead, locked the door, and leaned back on her desk. She beckoned with her finger and April timidly approached her teacher. When April was close the teacher breathed in and observed, “You smell like pussy girl! No need to ask what you have been doing or why you look such a mess is there? I bet that eating pussy is your favorite thing in the world. You just love sucking the cum out of a hot, messy, and flowing cunt don’t you slut? This might work out for both of us because I simply adore a young pretty face buried in my red bush and a probing tongue licking me out. Would you like to eat my cunt?”

April watched as the sexy older teacher took off her skirt, dropped her black panties, spread her legs lewdly, and invited the aroused girl to get on her knees and eat her pussy. All April could do was meekly answer, “Yes Ms. Blake.”

“Yes what girl? Tell me you want to fuck my cunt with your mouth.”

“I do. I want to eat your dripping pussy all up. I want to make love to your beautiful cunt with my mouth. Please!” April could hardly believe that these words were coming out of her own mouth.

Ms. Blake pushed the girl to her knees, shoved her face into her steaming cunt and announced, “You my dear girl are a dream come true. There is nothing that I love more than a pussy licking submissive little slut. Kiss it, lick it, then eat for all you are worth. Good little girl! Oh hell yes baby eat it. You do that so good. Oh baby; I’m going to cum in your sweet mouth. Stick some fingers in there too. That’s it yessssssss! So goooddddd! Yes,yes, yes, ohhhooooo!” The teacher took April to the restroom and helped the girl freshen up. She escorted April to her next class and asked the next teacher to excuse her for being late. She explained that the girl stayed late and helped her out. The heavy set 38 year old teacher gave a knowing look and said that she understood. Ms. Blake thanked her then told April that she was looking forward to seeing her Escort İstanbul again.

After class the heavy-set teacher ordered April to stay and locked the door. She pulled down her slacks and panties. April just stared at the fat bald pussy. Mrs. Landers inquired, “Do you like Ms. Blake better than me?”


“Good! Then you won’t mind taking care of my needs then will you? My husband is a lousy lover and can’t eat pussy worth a damn but I bet you know how to please a hot cunt because you love it so much. Am I right?” April moved her head up and down. The dark haired teacher walked to the girl’s chair pushed her aroused cunt in the girl’s face and was delighted when April dove right in and devoured the fat flooding pussy like a hungry animal. The teacher told April,”You eat pussy better than anybody has ever done to me. You are the greatest. Does my pussy and cum taste good little girl?”

April licked her lips and purred, “Yummy.” The young girl was thrilled when the teacher dropped to her knees and returned the favor. April realized that she was late to see Edna so she hurried out of the classroom after promising that she would love to see the teacher again.

April ran down the hall and knocked on the office door and was relieved to hear Edna’s voice telling her to come in. The knock-out security guard stated, “I was beginning to think that you weren’t going to show up but it is good to see you my dear. You look so disheveled and I was going to ask what happened to you but we both know the answer to that one; don’t we girl? Go lock the door and then crawl under my desk. I was going to romance you but since the word is out that you are a cunt craving slut there is really no need for that. Come feel the heat from my furry furnace. It’s on fire baby and I want you to put out the fire. Have at it pussy licker.”

The young student locked the door and was really turned-on listening to the dirty talk and looking at the 34 yr. old luscious Latin lady. She got under the desk and discovered that the guard was naked from the waist down. To the school girl the hairy, mature, and aroused pussy was totally beautiful. She lovingly worshiped the fiery furnace until it erupted in her hungry mouth. When she tasted the tangy cum she wanted more so she keep to her task and didn’t let up. Edna moaned, “It’s true;you are the best. Oh baby that feels so good. Please don’t stop. Ummmmm, so good, so good, here is some more cum for you baby. Suck it all up; yessssssss!” The guard helped April from under the desk, kissed her passionately, and murmured, “You did me so good baby that I want to make you feel good too,”

Edna laid the young girl on the carpet and April squealed with delight at the touch of Edna’s talented tongue. April cried out, “Oh my god; you do this so much better than any one else. Please make me cum again. I love it and I love you.” Edna turned around, keep eating pussy, lowered her inflamed cunt to April’s lips, and they enjoyed a wild and wicked sixty-nine. After the loving April kissed Edna and declared, “You are the best.”

Edna smiled and questioned, “Does that mean you like me better than Brown Betty Big Boobs?”

The girl blurted out, “Yes; better than her, her mother, and everybody else put together but please don’t tell her. Would it be alright if I still saw her too?”

Edna chuckled and said, “You can do anything you want to do sweet girl. You are much too young to be tied down to one person. Perhaps someday you will want to settle down but for now just enjoy your youth. Besides, I like a little variety myself. I do insist however that you do your studies and get your diploma. Be very careful with Betty. She can be too controlling and lead you down a path to destruction. She has turned more than one girl into a hooker for her so just think before you do anything. Take my word for it. There will come a time that you will have to say no to her as firmly as you can. She will respect that.”

With admiration in her eyes April blurted out, “You are not only beautiful, sexy, a great lover, and have the best pussy and tongue in the world but you are wise as well. I am getting good grades and will continue to study hard. Betty and her mom want to meet my mom and I have been worried about that but thanks to you I will put my foot down and draw the line. When can we be together again?”

Edna told the girl, “You are welcome to visit me anytime you want to. I know that you are seeing Betty this weekend but how about next weekend? Would you like for me to take you to my place?”

April smiled and answered, “You’ve got a date beautiful lady. I would love to go home with you and it will send a message loud and clear to Betty that I am not her property. I love you and am looking forward to going home with you but will visit you again before then.” They kissed goodbye and April’s heart sang. Never before had she felt so alive. She was worn out and went to bed early. The blonde woke her and demanded that she eat her pussy. April asserted, “Sure but only if you eat mine at the same time.” To her great joy the girl agreed and was fantastic but the Latin knockout was still her favorite. When the other girl went back to her own bed April resolved to let Brown Betty Big Boobs know in no uncertain terms that there were limits to how much Betty could dominate her. She looked forward to seeing Betty again but vowed to be firm about not involving her mother. April felt good and easily drifted back to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32