Brothers Reunited

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Chapter 1 Jacob

I came home from football practice and caught my mom crying. Being concerned I naturally asked what had her so upset. Mom assured me that she was crying tears of joy. She further explained that my brother Sean had called and was coming home to stay a while.

It was my turn to cry. Sean had left home over five years ago and we never heard from him. We didn’t even know if he was alive or if something terrible had happened. I kind of understand why he left and I don’t blame Sean for leaving the way he did.

Our father was always cruel to Sean. Dad seemed to hate Sean and would go out of his way to hurt him. Sean is five years older than me but I out grew Sean when I was in the sixth grade. I was an athlete and big for my age.

Sean was small in every sense of the word. He had small delicate features and a small frame. He was not athletic at all.

Dad used to call him vile names like sissy fag and homo and many other derogatory terms. It used to disgust me the way Dad treated Sean and I wasn’t quiet about it. Sometimes dad would smack Sean around and I hated him for it.

The day Sean took off I caught dad beating Sean and screaming at him to be a man. I stood up to the old man and we had our first fist fight. I couldn’t whip my father’s ass then but he damned sure knew he had been in a fight. Dad did beat the crap out of me but he stopped hitting Sean.

Sean couldn’t stop crying and he kept saying how sorry he was because he felt responsible for me getting beat up. That same night Sean told me he couldn’t take it anymore and that he was leaving.

I tried to get him to change his mind but to no avail. That was the last any of us saw or heard from Sean, until the day he called mom.

I looked at mom and we held each

other and both of us just sobbed tears of joy. When we had cried it all out I asked mom. “When is he going to get here?” She said he would be landing at the airport tomorrow night and we would be going to pick him up. We were both very excited and I was full of questions.

Mom didn’t know much more than what she had already told me. She did say.

“Sean sounded very different on the phone.”

I asked. “Different how?”

She said “I’m not sure, just different.” I didn’t care I was just glad my brother was coming home.

The next day I could hardly concentrate on my classes. I wanted football practice to be short but it wasn’t. By the time I got home I was nearly half mad with anticipation.

I could tell mom was in just as bad of shape as me, if not worse.

Mom told me that Sean had asked if our father was still here. She explained to Sean that dad had continued to be an abusive drunk right up to the bitter end. He was drunk and was being pulled over for driving drunk then he tried to run.

Dad crashed into another vehicle and a little boy in the car was killed. Dad was in the pen and would be for a very long time. Mom told Sean that I had started whipping dads ass every time he came home drunk. The physical abuse stopped but the mental and emotional abuse continued. She also told Sean that she divorced dad while he was in jail.

We pulled into the airport and went to short term parking. Then we had to find the right terminal where Sean’s flight would be disembarking.

We waited anxiously for the passengers to come out. We watched and waited. But I never saw my brother.

I looked at mom and saw that she was smiling and then she jumped up and ran towards a gorgeous women that was standing in the isle just staring at us. I did a double take. It was Sean!

My brother was the gorgeous woman! My brother was now my sister! Mom was hugging Sean so tight. I ran to Sean and my mom and hugged them both.

I was speechless and full of questions. We were all full of questions. We were all so very happy to be together again the questions could wait.

We went to baggage claim and waited for Sean’s bags to arrive on the carousel. I asked Sean what I should call him since Sean didn’t seem to fit anymore.

She said “Call me Shawna”. Then she smiled and took my hands to reassure me that she was not offended by the question. I was relieved because I didn’t want to do anything to hurt her feelings.

Shawna’s bags arrived and I could tell we needed a cart. She had more luggage than any person had a right to. We got everything loaded in the pick-up truck and we all jumped in for the long drive home.

Mom sat shotgun ,sis sat in the middle, and I drove. We had four and a half hours to go. I had school and a game tomorrow. I knew we would all be tired so I stopped for coffee at the first truck stop we came to.

Shawna, mom and I talked nonstop for the first two hours. Mom started drifting off to sleep. Shawna pulled mom over into her lap so mom could be more comfortable.

Then Shawna put her hand on my thigh and said “Can I ask you a serious question?”

I said “Sure anything.”

“What do you think of me?” She asked. While she was asking me the Bayan Eskort question, I was thinking about her hand on my thigh. I couldn’t help it. I tried hard not to think about it.

Oh crap! I was having unholy thoughts about my former brother who was now my sister. I snatched my thoughts away from where they were headed and concentrated on her question.

I said. “I think I love you and I always will. No matter what.”

She gave my thigh a little squeeze and me a little smile. The squeeze gave my groin a tingle and her smile melted my heart.

She said “I was more worried about your reaction than anything I have ever worried about in my whole life.”

I asked “Why are you so worried about what your dumb little brother thinks?”

She looked me dead in the eyes and said simply. “Because I love you.”

I don’t know what motivated me to do it, but I kissed her on her head. Then I was lost in thought about why I did that.

I never would have kissed her when she was still my brother. Was it because she was so beautiful and I was a horny 18 year old? Or maybe it was just brotherly love pure and simple? Did this attraction for Shawna mean I was gay or bi-sexual? I was definitely feeling conflicted.

We rode on in silence and Shawna put her head on my shoulder and fell asleep. That left me to my thoughts for the rest of the way home. Ultimately I decided to not worry about what my feelings meant so much and just enjoy having my family back together.

We arrived home just before sun up and we went in to start our day. I was exhausted. Yet I also felt strangely energized at the same time.

We hurried to get Shawna settled in. Then mom and I took turns in the shower and getting dressed. We were following our normal routine except a bit more hurried. I noticed Shawna watching us intently. Then I realized that her expression was one of either quizzical humor or concern. I wasn’t sure.

I asked. “What?”

She said. “Are you and mom usually this immodest around each other?”

Then I realized that mom and I were in various states of undress in front of each other. It must have seemed strange to Shawna.

I told her. “This is our normal routine and we never give it much thought. We live in a tiny two bedroom one bath house so privacy went out the window long ago.”

Shawna just gave me a dubious look and said. “If you say so.”

I wondered what she meant, but there was precious little time for conversation as we were both going to be late for school and work if we didn’t get a move on.

Chapter 2 Shawna

I left home five years ago because of the abuses of my alcoholic father and now I was finally returning home. I walked down the corridor with butterflies in my stomach. You see when I left home I left as a boy but now I was returning as a woman. Well maybe not all woman but definitely a woman in appearance.

My younger yet bigger brother and mother had no Idea about my transformation. I didn’t know how they would react to the new me. I was afraid they wouldn’t recognize me, or worse they might reject me.

I was so nervous. I was so very worried that my brother would hate me or be disgusted by the idea of me living as a woman. My brother was the main reason for my return. He was kind of my hero.

When I left home so long ago my brother stood up for me against our father who was beating me. Jacob got beaten even worse than me. I couldn’t live with that so I left. I figured if I were gone Jacob wouldn’t feel he had to protect me and it would be safer for all of us.

Jacob was still only in junior high when he stood up to our father for me. Because of that I thought he was the bravest person I ever knew and I was in love with him.

I know its wrong but I don’t care. I was born wrong. Just ask any preacher. There are plenty who will say that god and Jesus hate me because of what I am.

So be it! I stayed away long enough. I was coming home to try and win the heart of the only man I have ever loved. I have a right to be happy. I will either have him or have an answer to a question I have never dared to ask.

I saw Jacob first. He was magnificent. He had grown if that was possible. Jacob is easily 6’3″ tall with broad muscular shoulders. He looked like I thought he would at 18 years old. He has a shock of blond hair and deep blue eyes. His facial features are chiseled. He’s a living Adonis.

Mom recognized me right away. She jumped up and ran to me. She was trying to squeeze the air out of my lungs while I watched Jacob.

Then I saw the recognition in his expression. He ran to us and wrapped us both in his powerful embrace. I felt safe for the first time in a very long time. I was home.

I didn’t know how things would turn out between Jacob and I, but for now it was enough to be back with my family. We all talked for hours on the drive home. We were all trying to catch up on five years of living apart seemingly in one night.

My brother told me that he loves me. I only hope that means he can be in love with me. I know for a fact that I am in love with him.

Upon our arrival home I tried to stay out of mom’s and Jacob’s way, as they had to get ready for their perspective day. I watched as they got ready and was a little shocked at how nonchalantly they undressed in front of each other.

I have to admit that I was also a little concerned. The thought occurred to me that they may have become lovers as weird as that may sound. After all I was here to try and win my brothers heart.

Then I noticed mom looking at my brother’s naked body just a little longer than a mother should look at her son. Jacob was oblivious to it. So I concluded that they were not lovers. It might have crossed mom’s mind but not Jacobs.

Living the way I did I had to become a very astute observer of people and their behavior. There are real dangers out there for transgender people. Situational awareness is a skill one must develop just to stay alive.

I felt sorry for them both because they had a full day ahead of them. Mom with very little sleep and Jacob had none. I on the other hand only had to unpack and go to bed.

I had forgotten how tiny our house was until I tried to put my clothes away. It seemed impossible so I resigned myself to living out of my luggage until better arrangements could be made. I went to take a shower and put on my night gown.

I was wearing a very flattering fall print dress of my own design. I was hoping to impress my brother with my figure. I do believe he was properly impressed.

I admired my own figure in the mirror then stepped into the shower. I couldn’t help but rub my tiny little dick until I came. Out of habit as much as out of excitement over the thought of my prospects for my brother. I always sleep better if I have an orgasm before laying down.

I put on my nightgown and panties. Again they were both my own creations. The panties were a delicate peach lace thong with the signature baby blue bow at the center front waist band. The gown was peach chiffon with matching lace bodice and the baby blue bow between the cups.

All my clothing had the signature bow to indicate that it was my design. I picked the blue because blue was the color for newborn boys. My clothing line was designed for boys like me. Boys who have no business being boys. I admired my self in the mirror and approved of the look.

I hoped that Jacob would be the one to wake me so he could see me like this.

I am only 5’1″ and weigh 95 pounds. I wear a 28c cup bra. I am very proud of my size c breasts as I grew them myself through hormone replacement therapy. My ass is artificially enhanced and very shapely. My hips stretch the tape to a whopping 36″. I have a 22″ waist. My hair is jet black and long enough that I can sit on it. My eyes are deep dark brown pools. My skin is smooth and tanned. I have very pronounced tan lines from wearing an extremely skimpy micro bikini every time I tan.

I am confident in my appearance. I take very good care of my body and it shows. I run every day when I’m not traveling. I have absolutely no hair on my body or face. This was very expensive to accomplish but well worth it. I have all the tools to seduce my brother but do I have what it takes to keep him? I want his love not just his body. This is what I was thinking about as fell asleep.

“Shauna, Shauna wake up” it was Jacob. How delicious.

I stretched and yawned and turned to focus my sleepy eyes on Jacob. He was frantically trying not to stare at my body as he hurried to do something else I hadn’t figured out yet. Then I realized he was getting his gear together for his football game tonight.

“Shauna will you get up and come watch me play? he asked.

“Sure baby brother if it would make you happy, I would do anything you ask.” I said.

I immediately regretted saying it. I sounded so stupid talking like a bimbo. I corrected myself and said “I would love to watch you play.”

He said, “Then I’ll leave you to it.” Then he stepped out of our room.

I quickly went through my clothes and found the perfect outfit. I called the ensemble my School Girl Uniform. It was a short plaid pleated skirt, a solid color dress shirt, a cashmere sweater vest with a business tie, just below the knee color coordinated socks, and buster brown penny loafers. I looked good.

When I came out of our room I saw and heard mom and Jacob gasp.

Mom said. “Oh my god! You are so beautiful!”

She came and hugged me tightly. I noticed how tired she seemed. Not just tired from lack of sleep, she looked truly haggard.

Jacob said, “You look like a student. I mean in a good way! Not like too young or something and not…”

I said. “Um thanks I think.” I could tell that he was flustered. I smiled at him.

Then I saw mom watching me and I saw sadness in her eyes. I think she was hoping for what I came hear to claim. I wasn’t sure.

“Shawna, mom are yawl ready to go? We’re going to be late if we don’t leave now.” With that we headed to the truck and then to the game.

Chapter 3 Carol Ann

My oldest son Sean called out of the clear blue and shocked the hell out of me.

Sean left home five years ago and we hadn’t heard so much as one word from him since. For the last three years it has been just me and my youngest son Jacob.

Sean left home because of my worthless ex-husband who was sent to the pen for killing a child while running from the police while he was drunk.

That man was mean all the way down to his bones. He beat me and my boys, he drank up every dime that came into this house. He broke up my family.

But now my family will be whole again. After Sean arrived Jacob was visibly shocked at how his brother looked. I was only surprised by how beautiful a woman my first born son was. I was however not at all surprised that he had decided to live his (I mean her) life as a woman.

Sean who now goes by Shawna was always different as a child. She didn’t like the same things as boys her age. She played dress up and liked stuffed animals. She never played in the dirt or sports or fishing. She just wasn’t a little boy. I think that’s why Scot (my ex) hated her so much. The only good that ever came from my marriage was my children.

My second son Jacob is the polar opposite of his sister. Jacob is extremely masculine. A man’s man if you will. He’s tall, strong, handsome, and athletic. He is also very kind and responsible. He has worked and helped pay bills since he was a freshman in high school. I know that without Jacob to help me I wouldn’t have made it.

Jacob never seems to tire he is always on the go. If it’s not sports he’s hunting or working or fishing or something. I love him with all my heart. He became the man of the house when he was still just a boy. I have often wondered what it will be like when he takes a wife and leaves me. The thought of it depresses me. But now my first son who is now my daughter has come home.

We had to pick Shawna up from the airport in Dallas. It was a very late flight and we live over four hours away. That makes for a very long day. As soon as we arrive back home Jacob and I start getting ready for work and school. Shawna has to get settled in. I realized how tiny our house is because we barely have enough room for Jacob and me. There are only two bed rooms. I don’t know how this is all going to work out but we’ll manage somehow.

I run to the bathroom and start my shower and Jacob goes to the sink and shaves his face. I step out of the shower and Jacob is already naked and waiting his turn. He starts his shower and I struggle to put on my make up. I can’t help but look at how well endowed my son is and I catch a glimpse of Shauna watching us.

I wonder if she noticed my eyes lingering a little too long on her brother’s body. We have been doing this, this way, for so long that we really never give it any thought. But I noticed something in Shawna’s eyes that made me wonder what she was thinking.

I have been feeling differently towards my son lately. I have to admit that to myself anyway. Did Shawna pick up on that?

I have had fantasies about my son and they weren’t very motherly. But he has never even noticed that I’m a woman. Why should he? Just look at how wore out and broke down l look.

No man, especially not my gorgeous son would ever give me a second glance. I should just be glad my family is back together. I need to stop living in fantasy land.

My son’s game is tonight and it’s a home game. I have never missed one of his home games. As tired as I am, I’m still not going to miss this one. If he can go two days without sleep and still play, the least I can do is show up to watch him.

We arrive home after work and I go to change into football game clothes. Jacob goes in to wake his sister and ask her if she will come to the game. I change quickly and come out to the kitchen just in time to see Shawna come out of their room looking beautiful in what looks like a school uniform only much, much better. It seems sexy the way she wears it.

Jacob gets flustered and tongue tied. I see Shauna smile at him and my heart sinks a little. Jacob never looked at me like that. Oh god I should just stop it! I can’t have him and he wouldn’t have me anyway.

Jacob is in a hurry so we load up and head to the game. Jacob and Shawna chat the whole way to the stadium. I try to still my mind so I don’t go all crazy lady on my kids. They can’t know how scared I am of being alone or how much I subconsciously hoped my son would fall in love with me and become my man.

We drop Jacob off at the field house and go find a place to park.

Shawna asks “Is Jacob any good at football?”

I just smile “You’ll see sweetheart. Your brother makes me so proud when he plays.”

“So is that why you love him?” She asks.

“No I love him because he’s my son and he is so good to me and he loves me. Why would you ask me that?”

“But you want it to be more than a mother and son kind of love don’t you?” Shauna asked with so much certainty in her voice that I decided to come clean.

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