Brother’s Dilemma

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Angel Emily

Jason couldn’t believe the progress that he was making that day. After a few carefully placed emails he had obtained the banking information of three different dullards from the States. He was reviewing their mortgage information and credit card debts, chuckling to himself about how they were going to have a hard time paying back those after he was done with them. When he heard his bedroom door go flying open, he slammed down the lid of his laptop.

“What the fuck,” Jason shouted, turning around quickly.

Margie, his older sister, stood in the doorway. In her hand was her mobile phone and on her face was a cheeky grin. She wasn’t looking at him, instead she was engrossed with the photo on her phone.

“What the hell are you doing,” Jason yelled, a thin sheen of sweat on his forehead.

“Impressive,” Margie said as looked up at him. Jason began to stand up but she just raised her hand. Something about her relaxed pose as she leaned against his door frame made him nervous. Slowly he sat back down and she went back to looking at her phone, swiping her thumb from left to right as she chuckled.

Margie turned the phone’s screen toward Jason so he could see it. He had left his glasses on the desk behind him, so he had to lean forward and squint at the photo. Even as blurry as the photo was, he immediately knew what it was. Jason sat up immediately, eyes wide as rivulets of sweat beaded on his forehead.

Margie smirked at his reaction, tossing her black bangs backward with a flick of her head. Jason gripped the arms of his chair as Margie swiped her thumb through the gallery.

“You’ve gotten big, little guy,” Margie said, her tone sickeningly sweet as it poured through her grin.

“Those aren’t mine,” Jason said, swallowing hard as the blurry images flipped in the corner of his vision. His knuckles were white against the faux leather of his chair.

“Oh, don’t be modest,” Margie said, taking another look at the photos. She smiled as she flipped through the images quickly. When she stopped, she took the few steps toward Jason and showed him a photo. So close, he could clearly see it was him, standing there naked, with his cock fully erect. He knew when he took the photos that he was pale, but in the photos he looked almost translucent. His lithe frame had very little muscle mass, but that only helped accentuate his massive, throbbing cock.

He thought he had been clever by cutting his face off at the chin. No one on the boards would be able to track him down if he didn’t show off more than he had to. Unfortunately, Margie had been more clever than he had. Her finger, its red lacquered nail shining under his bright white bedroom light, tapped on the photo just above his left hip. Below her finger was a small tattoo of a skull and crossbones.

“Eighteenth birthday present. I was there when you got it done, remember,” she said, smiling all the same as she lorded over him. As much as his back wanted to straighten out, he had a compelling urge to hunch over as she loomed. His hand tremored violently and shot out to grab the mobile from her. She pulled it away from him and just laughed.

“Now now,” Margie said, “Let’s not be like that. Plus, we both know that I have more copies lying around here.”

“What do you want?”

At first Margie didn’t answer him, instead she just flipped through the photos lazily. She draped her other arm under her breasts, cradling them and forcing them into a perkier position. Margie didn’t have much of a frame, her body was as light as Jason’s and her tits were an A cup with Escort Bayan Gaziantep a little room to spare. Where they did differ was her backside. Margie had a nice round bottom. This wasn’t much of an issue for most girls, but Margie also had a proclivity for short skirts. Many times Jason had seen Margie’s panties peeking out at him because her round backside was barely contained by those mini skirts.

“Well, at first, I thought about how disgusting it was and maybe getting you to pay me not to tell anyone,” Margie said. “The more I look at it though, the more I’m calling bullshit on the whole thing.”

“What are you talking about,” Jason asked.

“There’s no way your cock is this big; you had to have photo shopped it or something.”

Jason let go of the arm of his chair and his hand tightened into a fist. Margie looked up at him and smiled.

“Nothing personal, of course. It’s just impossible that it could be that big. I was think you’re just going to have to show me.”

Jason stood up suddenly. His heart was racing as the chair slammed into the desk. His legs were quivering, but that didn’t change the deep scowl on his face.

“I’m not going to show you my cock,” he shouted, his voice cracking on the last word.

“Keep your voice down,” Margie hissed at him. Despite the venom in his voice, she was still smiling. “Now I want you to think about that for a minute. If you don’t show me, then you’re going to be really well known.”

Jason swallowed and considered the words. Maybe he could get into her email account and delete the photos before she could get them sent out to anyone. He already had her password, so getting in would be a breeze.

“I already sent them to a few friends,” Margie said. “They’ve been encrypted with one of the tools you’re always using, so they haven’t seen the photos yet. All I have to do is send them the key and you’re identity is going to be spread all over the internet for everyone to see.”

Jason stood ram rod straight as Margie sat down on his bed. Before she could cross her legs, she flashed her lacy black panties at him from under her short plaid skirt. As she crossed her legs, she watched him carefully with a little smile on her face.

“So, what’s it going to be, big guy?”

Jason sighed and walked past her. He shut his bedroom door and stood directly in front of him. His hands shaking, he unzipped his fly. With little ceremony he pulled down the front of his boxer shorts and let his cock fall out with an almost audible thud. His hands rested on his thighs as she examined it, tilting her head from side to side.

“Seems smaller than it was in the photos.”

“It’s because I’m not hard, idiot.”

“Well that won’t do,” Margie said, leaning back on the bed, “Go on and get it hard; I want my money’s worth for silence.”

Jason’s mouth fell open at her words.

“Oh comon,” Jason said. His hands flinched, but Margie just smiled and tapped her foot on the floor. After a few seconds Margie took her phone out and started typing away. Jason sighed and grabbed his cock by the base, stroking it quickly and dispassionately.

“Not like that, you idiot,” Margie said, “I want a show.”

“You’re fucking disgusting.”

Margie laughed at the words, “Oh, that’s rich coming from the guy who posted photos of his junk for the world to see. That’s not right, you dweeb.”

Just then, her hand reached out and grabbed him by the sack. Jason tried to jump back, but her tight grip kept him from going too far. When she was certain he was settled, Margie began rolling his sack between her fingers gently. Jason felt something stirring in his gut and his cock began to rise slowly in his palm. He swallowed hard, the scent of his own sweat filling his nostrils as he closed his eyes. His hand slowed slightly, the strokes becoming more thoughtful against his hardening shaft.

“There it is,” Margie mewled, “That’s what we like to see.”

Jason swallowed again, trying to ignore the tingle that ran up and down his spine. He gripped his shaft hard, but he couldn’t squeeze it hard enough to ignore the sensation of Margie’s hand as it massaged his sack.

“Mmm, that is looking a lot better,” Margie said. She was staring directly at his cock as she licked her lips, as red as the polish on her nails. She dragged her talons against the back of his sack. She slapped the hand holding his cock and before he realized what was going on, he was gripping him with her free hand.

Slowly she began to stroke, using her thumb to gather a bead of precum that had swollen on the tip and playfully swirling it around the tip. Now it shined with his bedroom light. Jason couldn’t reconcile the pleasure that he felt and the waves of nausea in his gut. He took a deep, shuddering breath, eyes shifting between Margie’s hands and her eyes as she stared lovingly at his cock. Slowly she began to lean forward until her chin was nearly touching her stroking hand every time it came to the tip.

“Wait, Margie,” Jason said, his voice coming out in a ragged moan.

She looked up at him, but didn’t stop stroking him, cupping his balls in her palm.

“We can’t do this; you’re my sister.”

Margie smiled at this, leaning forward and kissing the tip of his cock.

“Don’t worry about it, Jay; there’s nothing wrong with this. Just a little TLC.”

Jason opened his mouth to object again, but it was too late. Margie had the head of his cock between her lips and was sucking on it painfully. He groaned out loud and tried to lean forward. Her hand let go of the shaft and pressed against his abdomen. She held him still with the flat of his palm as she sucked hard. Her nails grazed the back of his sack again and her hips shifted on the bed, a moan echoing through his shaft. It made him shudder so hard that his knees quaked. Slowly she made her way further down his length, her lips tightly wrapped around him.

She barely had half of Jason’s cock in her mouth with the tip touched the back of her throat. Margie gagged hard and coughed, her eyes watering from the reaction and the excitement. She pulled her head from his cock and looked up at him, smiling as thin lines of drool connected her lips to the tip of his cock like little white webs.

“Oh my god, you’re huge,” she said, coughing a bit more as she laughed.

Jason just looked down at her, his hand’s trembling.

Margie let go of him and stood up, grinning from ear to ear as her mascara ran black rivulets down her face.

“Get down,” Margie said, shoving Jason’s shoulder hard enough to make him take a step backward.

“I don’t want to,” Jason said, his voice shaking.

“I don’t remember asking your opinion,” Margie said, “Just one little message, remember? Now, take off your pants and lay down on the floor.”

Margie watched as Jason fumbled with the button on his jeans and tossed them to the floor. He hooked his thumbs in his underwear and almost fell trying to get out of them. He looked at her, but she just smiled and pointed at the floor. Grumbling a bit, he laid down on his back, hands to his side.

Margie didn’t miss a beat. She had her panties around her ankles and was stepping out of them before Jason could say anything. He tried to sit up, but she was standing over him before he got very high. Suddenly, she was down on her knees, smothering Jason with her wet heat. Jason shifted his head from side to side, making Margie moan as his lips grazed her and she ground her hips into his face.

She leaned forward and dragged her nails up his pale stomach, leaving angry red streaks in their wake. Reaching out, she grabbed his cock and squeezed. The blood rushed to the tip and made the massive thing swell dramatically. Jason grunted and bucked his hips, but he couldn’t get out from under her. Slowly at first, she stroked his length, and gathered all the precum as it built up at the tip. Soon her hands were squelching with the slickness of his juices.

Jason tried to tilt his head away, but he was being drown in Margie’s passions. Her scent was thick and delicious in his nostrils, the heat of her core covering his cheeks and making him hyperventilate. Every movement of Margie ran through him like a bolt. Soon he was overcome by it all and begin sheepishly lapping at her heat.

Margie moaned and squeezed his cock at the first lap, stroking it faster and encouraging him for more. Occasionally she would put her fingers to her mouth so she could taste him, causing her to shudder hard against his face.

Jason buried his tongue deep, tasting her for the first time. He was alarmed by how much he enjoyed it, absorbed in this grip with his entire universe just her and her pleasures. After a while he forgot all about the photos and fell into his task, licking and suckling on her, forcing his tongue deeper and swirling it around as she stroked his cock faster.

“Oh fuck!”

Margie’s moans quickly filled the room as she ground her hips into Jason’s face. Her hands moved more rapidly, one stroking his cock and the other dragging her nails up and down his torso. She could smell the saltiness of his sweat as it competed with her own lusts. His musky manliness consumed her as she nibbled on her lower lip.

They were both falling into a rhythm, Margie stroking him in time with his laps, getting faster as every second passed. Jason’s nose was bent uncomfortably, but it felt so far away as he reached up and wrapped his arms around her thighs. He held her tightly against him as he possessively consumed her lusts, dragging his chin against her clit just to make her moan again.

Suddenly, Jason felt his cock stir again. He tried burying himself in her pussy, but the urge was too strong. His mind was filled with the sensation as his hips began to buck violently. Margie was bouncing on her knees then, moaning and stroking harder than before. Tremors filled his body as Margie’s palm went into his stomach and she shook hard.

Jason shortly behind, sent jets of pearl white cum shooting out. His balls clenched and drained for her, coating Margie’s hands and Jason’s stomach in the thick whiteness. He groaned loudly, hardly able to hold himself back. He tried to keep licking her, but he was overcome with the sensation.

They both stopped, panting violently as they tried to catch their breath. After a moment, Margie leaned back. Jason tried to move his face, but he was still pinned. Over his own panting, Jason heard the click of a camera and Margie giggle. She stood up, leaned over, and showed him the image of his cock, still hard and completely coated with cum.

“Mmm, this one’s a keeper,” she said as she grinned. Jason stood up suddenly and tried to snatch the phone from her, but she was out the door and down the hall before he could.

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