Brothers and Sisters

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“Nhh, nhh, uuhhh, yes, yes, keep going, keep it there, keep it there, keep it there, Oh God, yeeeeeeeeeeee… eessssssssssssssss”

Mary Lewis, stretched her body up and against her husband, who was hidden between her legs and buried nose deep in her pussy. He licked her entrance and rubbed his nose over her clit, his fingers gently pulling back on her inner labia. She pushed harder onto him, feeling an orgasm bursting through her body. She shook and heaved, her magnificent pendulous breasts swaying against her sides as her hands reached for her husbands head. Her stomach, round and smooth jiggled and wobbled as he tried to push deeper and deeper into her core.

“Ohhhhh, no more I can’t take any more, please, please slow down, let me ..uugghhhhh”,

another wave of pleasure melted her and she lost control, her body twitching and spasming as the orgasm jammed any other messages to her brain. Her vagina pulsed with the climax and her anus tightened and relaxed in unison with her vaginal muscles. She ached with pleasure and began to sob uncontrollably, her legs jerking as her thigh muscles tightened.

Colin Lewis, slowed his efforts and began to kiss her pussy, her labia and clit, slowly letting her down, as she lay racked with painful pleasure, her tears falling down onto her cheeks and neck. He ran his hands up and down her legs, feeling the soft smooth skin under his palms and fingertips.

Mary’s hand found his head and caressed his balding crown, as he lifted up from between her legs, smiling at her shattered body, lying still on the bed. Her hand had lifted away and she lay, legs wide open, hands by her side as she slowly came back to earth.

“I love you so much,” he said, little kisses touching her skin, as he moved over her legs and lay beside her.

She mumbled and moved her hand to touch his, still unable to speak, as her tired limbs let her know how much the effort was going to cost her.

He heard “ too,” as she closed her eyes and smiled.

“Not bad for a pair of over forty year olds!”

He said with a grin, running his hands over her splayed breasts, watching her hardening nipples, leaning down to kiss and lick the little point, tracing the puckering flesh of her areola. Seeing her smile and turn her head towards him he licked a little harder, then blew gently on the wet skin, watching the brown bumps tightening.

“Mmmm, that’s nice, don’t stop.”

He moved his hand to the other breast and began to gently circle the nipple with his finger, as his mouth closed over its partner.

Mary’s legs came together and she clenched and unclenched her thigh muscles, her clit trapped been the lips of her sex. She felt the warm tingle emerging again. Her hand stroked Colin’s hair, then his cheek. She felt the rush rising and then a jolt as Colin began to nibble the brown puckered skin around the nipple. His other hand gathered as much breast as he could hold as he gently massaged and squeezed the flesh, her nipple rubbing against the palm of his hand. She twisted slightly to allow him to run his hand over her whole soft white breast. Her hips bucking slightly as the beautiful wave swept her up and away again.

She sighed with pleasure as a petit climax washed over her and the wave drove her higher, she clenched her thighs feeling the pressure on her clit and the feel of his hands and lips push her onwards. She flexed twice, three times and sank back as she reached her peak again, then subsided as Colin moved his hand to her belly, running his hands over her ample curves.

She lay back, then drifted off into a deep and dreamless sleep. Colin smiled and slipped his hand round his short circumcised dick and began a slow wank, reliving the feel, smell, taste and sight of his wife’s gorgeous pussy, the feel of her tits, the curve of her belly, grunting he spurted into a tissue he had in his other hand.

He grinned and lay down beside Mary, and heard her gentle snores. Smiling he rested a hand on her hip and kissed her nose, which made her mumble. He closed his eyes and drifted of into a world populated by different versions of his wife, naked and lustful.

Next morning his alarm woke them at seven thirty and he sat up to look at his wife’s head peeping from under the duvet and resting on her pillow. Her eyes flickered open and she smiled.

“Morning, sleep well?” he asked grinning.

Her hand moved under the duvet and found this thigh, she moved her hand around gently until she closed on his shriveled cock, nestling in his pubic hair. Gently she teased it, running a finger round the head, under it and then circling it with two fingers, cupping his balls.

“Do you know what I want right now?” She whispered, looking into his eyes.

“A nice cup of tea?”

“Mmm yes please, how did you know?”

“A lucky guess.”

“You are so clever.” she said winking at him, then removed her hand, running the palm over his belly.

“Back soon,” he said lifting the duvet slightly and climbed out.

Walking naked across İkitelli Escort to the door and leaving her under the warm cover he went downstairs to make the tea. Coming back upstairs, as he reached the top, he saw her bending over the scales in the bathroom. From the angle on the stairs he looked directly at her naked arse and the darker skin between her anus and her open pussy. Involuntarily he gasped feeling his dick tighten and stiffen.

Mary unaware straightened the mat, turned and seeing him smiled. She sat open legged on the toilet leaning back, her breasts touching her belly. A stream of yellow piss shot from her pussy and he moaned in desire.

“you naughty pervert, staring at your wife peeing, watching the piss coming out of her hairy pussy. Do you like what you see, do you want to touch me? kiss me? lick me? suck me?” she smiled and cupped her breasts, feeling her nipples stiffen.

Finishing she stood and wiggled her hips, shaking off the drops of piss which fell into the toilet with a musical tinkle. Without wiping she moved to the top of the stairs and spread her legs.

“Clean my pussy Colin, lick me clean.”

Colin came to the top of the stairs and lifted the tray he held to her, Taking the tray she still barred his way. He knelt on the step below the top and looking up putting his tongue to her pussy and began to lap at her moist hairy cunt, dragging his tongue along the slit and lips, finding her entrance and pushing his tongue in. She grunted and her legs widened urging him closer.

“Oh yes, clean my wet and pissy pussy, lick me clean, do it , ohhhh.”

She moved back, causing Colin to topple forward. Giggling she took the tray into the bedroom and Colin climbed to his feet and followed her, his cock a rigid and purple monster leading the way. She sat on the beg, naked, legs pulled up to her breasts, feet flat on the bed. She laughed as he walked in, his small cock stiff in front of him.

“Hello, what’s on your mind this morning?” she asked as he sat down opposite her.


“Really? in November, I don’t think so.” she smiled and touched his cheek.

“I was thinking of trimming your bush and revealing your clematis M’lady!” he joked.

“That’s as old as you are, probably older, seriously what do you want to do this morning?”


“No way, if I let you anywhere near me neither of us will be up until eleven.”

“And your point would be?”

“We should be up and doing things, enjoying ourselves.”

“Which is what I’m suggesting, only not getting up, but staying in bed and getting some good old-fashioned lovin’ going along the way.”

“No I don’t feel like it, anyway I had a really good tongue lashing last night and a top up this morning.”

“Oh so that’s it them, nothing for me then?”

“Don’t you like licking my pussy and squeezing my tits?” She pouted, “Doesn’t my body satisfy you anymore?”

“You know it does, I just want to lick and suck and taste and nibble and kiss it some more, don’t you want more pleasure from me?”

“Nice try buster, but no banana, well except for that rather nice specimen in your lap. Tell you what, why don’t I just run my hand over him for a bit and see if I can make him cum.”

Laughing she reached for him and from behind her back, her other hand held a tub of lubrication. She flattened her legs and rolled over onto her chest, squashing her large breasts under her, Reaching for him, she laid a small snail trail of the jelly on his cock, her other hand coming round to cup his balls. Dropping the tube she ran her hand over the topside of his cock spreading the lube over it. Her hand circled his girth and then flicking her wrist, twisted her hand round it, covering his cock with a layer of jelly.

She bend and kissed the tip, her hand moving up and down his short shaft, tightening slightly at the head. Within a few minutes he felt himself boiling over, his balls tightened and he felt the release of his orgasm hit him as five large spurts of cum erupted from his cock. Sitting forward she felt the liquid hit her breasts, sliding into her cleavage, She gasped and pumped harder making sure that he had an empty barrel. Swinging up she wiped her hand on his leg, then smeared his cum into her breasts.

“What?” she said looking at him, “It’s supposed to be good for the skin.”

Colin nodded and lay back, a thin stream of residual cum leaking from his cock. Mary leaned over squeezed his wilting tool and gathered the remaining cum in her palm, rubbing it over her belly, then laughing moved off the bed.

“Shower time, join me or don’t, your choice.” She added as she walked to their en-suite bathroom.

He padded after her. Watching as she set the control of their walk in shower. He needed to pee, so moving behind her, he allowed his wilted prick to touch her arse. She giggled and rubbed against him.

He let fly with his piss, between her cheeks. She gasped and wriggled so his cock moved against her anus, the piss İkitelli Escort Bayan causing her to moan as it tickled her pucker. Colin moved slightly so the stream ran over her pussy lips and hit her clit. The moan was deeper this time and her arse ground against his groin, as she felt herself tingling again.

“Bastard!” she groaned, turning, her breasts scraping across him, she leaned for a kiss, the shower forgotten, he felt his cock hardening again, pushed tight against her pubis. She opened her legs, letting his cock stiffen and lengthen against her clit, before it slid along her wet moist gap till it just rested against her inner lips, just by her opening.

They ground their faces against each other, their tongues snaking around, first in her mouth, then in his, His hands went around her back and pulled her against him, as he began to tilt his hips, rubbing his cock along her slit and his groin against her clit. She clung to him and squeezed her legs together slightly, feeling his cock slide along her wet inner folds. Her clit responding to the sensations, she began to copy his movements, making the feeling of him, so intimately pushing, pulling against her, unbearable.

Her legs began to shake as she felt a tidal wave of pleasure wash over her, she pulled from his mouth, screaming his name and a string of profanities, all sense of reason gone, she was completely in the grip of this hurricane of emotions engulfing her.

“You bastard, fucking bastard, fucking horny cunt licking bastard, fuck me, fuck me, fuuuuckkk MEEEEEEEEEEEE,”

Grinding hard against him she felt her knees give and Colin’s arms tighten holding her up. Their thrusting and rolling slowed, just as she felt his cum hit her open entrance and her anus. She squeezed his cock tight, and returned to his mouth, they joined again, now in the afterglow, a gentler deeper kiss, finally parting and holding each other, gasping for breath. They slowly separated, but held hands as she turned back to the shower controls. The water sprayed over them as they moved back together, holding each other, kissing gently.

As they relaxed they found shower gels and some wash cloths and cleaned each other tenderly, until reluctantly they stepped out of the shower, drying each other slowly, gently, sensually. Finally they walked back into their bedroom, silently they dressed without talking, watching each other with gentle smiles; then holding hands, they walked downstairs for breakfast.

After breakfast they sat in the conservatory, holding hands and looking down the garden, silent, happy. The phone rang and they looked at each other, wondering who would be calling. Colin rose and went into the lounge and picked up the phone, answering he heard Mary’s brother Richard, asking to speak to Mary. He took the phone out to the conservatory, mouthed “Richard” to her as he handed the phone over.

Mary took the phone and listened to her brother, occasionally murmuring . She looked at Colin and said,

“Oh of course it’s ok to come over, yes of course, stay for a few days if you need to, Colin won’t mind.” She looked at Colin pleadingly, and he nodded his OK.

“OK fine, see you for lunch then, yes, looking forward to it, I love you too, take care, see you later.”


“Well since his divorce he’s not been able to find a girl who wants to stay around for long. He’s feeling pretty fragile now, and his latest just dumped him and he’s falling into a big black hole. Much as we’ve argued and fought, he’s still my little brother, so I can’t let him slide into depression without trying at least to help.”

“Well, as long as he behaves round you and doesn’t go into one, you know he’s welcome anytime.”

“Thanks, well he’ll be here for lunch, so we have three hours, what do you reckon?”

“A walk?”

“Sort of…” Mary reached for him and drew him into a kiss.

The doorbell’s chime saw them just coming downstairs, Colin carrying the bedclothes which needed changing after their lusty efforts over the previous two and half hours, as well as the previous night.

“Hmm, he’s eager,” he said as he hurried to the utility room with the bedclothes.

Mary went to the door. After putting the machine on, Colin went to the lounge. Richard stood there holding Mary to him in a bear hug, tears rolling down his face. Colin walked up to him and slapped his back, Richard turned and grabbed Colin, forcing an “Ooommph” from him as he man hugged his brother in law tightly. He released Colin and returned to Mary, holding her less tightly, but now sobbing uncontrollably. They maneuvered him to a chair and he sat, face in his hands, his shoulders heaving.

After a while he recovered and began to sniff and search for a hankie. cleaning up he took the tea proffered by his big sister, nodding his thanks. Slowly he managed to tell them his story, outlining his life since his acrimonious divorce, following his adultery with his now ex girlfriend.

Then he had a series of short Escort İkitelli flings until his latest girlfriend arrived. That now was over, and she had been less than honest with him it seemed. Far from love she just wanted his money, and having settled her credit card bill of some twenty five thousand pounds she had upped and left, leaving him a note and a nearly empty joint bank account.

Richard fished out the letter, which they read. It wasn’t pleasant reading, basically she owned up to seeing him as a meal ticket and a way of unloading her debt. Now she had met a man who “satisfied” her in every way, far better than he had ever been able to manage; plus he was loaded and had a series of houses worldwide. Having given her his heart he was now torn to pieces, he finally admitted that his ex wife was right and he was led by his cock on this one.

Colin winced as he read the letter, she had spelt everything out in detail, from his average lovemaking to his small cock and lack of effort in oral sex. She hated the taste of his cum and had now found a man who could bring her to an earth shattering climax with his tongue, she said he had a prehensile tongue and she loved swinging on the end of it. Mary took Richards empty mug and sat with her arm round him, kissing his cheek and murmuring that it was ok and that there would be other women out there who would find him amazing and sexy. He nodded numbly, world in shit at his feet.

Lunch was subdued, Richard having no bounce, picking at the meal. Colin opened a bottle of beer and poured Richard a pint and Mary a half. Pouring himself one, he left the rest in the two litre bottle on the table. Sitting back down he raised his glass, they made a token gesture and took a large sip. Gradually as they worked on him, Richard began to cheer up slightly. He even made a few half-hearted jokes, which they giggled at and soon settled into the afternoon.

After the meal Colin and Richard washed up, during which Richard thanked him for allowing him to come and stay. Colin remarked that family were welcome anytime. Richard smiled and said he wished he was more like Colin and had found a girl as sweet as his sister to love and cherish. Colin smiled, and said unkindly he had, but had cheated on her.

“Well yes I did, which was wrong, but we hadn’t made love in fifteen years, we were just two friends sharing a house.”

“Did you discuss it?”

“No!I don’t have a way with words, I would have just added fuel to the fire, I suppose I should have tried harder, but with work and everything else, I buried it.”

“Your sisters very worried about you you know.”

“Yes I do, and I’m sorry to piss on your chips again.”

“No worries matey, sort yourself out and I’m sure it will be ok.”

“I always looked up to her you know, I had quite a crush on her at one stage.”

“You’re lucky to have an older sister, I had two older brothers and my childhood was a series of fights and bust ups, so enjoy being with her now.”

“thanks bud, I owe you.”

Colin slapped his arm and they man hugged, just as Mary came in.

“Hi you two seem to be getting a little close out here, am I interrupting?”

“No way sis, you’re more my type than he is, I certainly wouldn’t jump over you to get to him.”

“Likewise, and in spades, we’re just enjoying a man moment.”

Colin kissed Mary on the left cheek, as Richard kissed her right cheek. They all laughed and hugged, finishing up they went to the lounge to watch telly. Colin excused himself about an hour later and went to bed. He had to be up early next day for work. Locking up he went to bed and was fast asleep when Mary came up later. She undressed and climbed in next to him and placed an arm round his waist, he grunted and moved his backside into her lap, spooning.

They both woke to the alarms annoying noise. His arm flailed around trying to find the off button, frustratingly he ended up sitting up to switch it off. Sighing he crawled out of bed and headed for the bathroom. Showering and shaving he traipsed back to the bedroom and dressed half asleep in the dark. He breakfasted and left. He knew it would be a long day.

Work flew by and Colin suddenly found he was finished and earlier than he thought or had planned with Mary. He drove home in high spirits, pulling up onto the driveway behind Richards car. Leaping out her rummaged for his keys and opened the door. The lights were on, but no one appeared to be in. Confused he was about to shout when he heard moans and cries coming from their bedroom. Creeping upstairs he saw the light on in the bedroom, and two figures on their bed. Mary lay spreadeagled, naked and gasping, as an equally naked Richard lay between her legs eating her pussy.

“Oh my God, Richard, how could she leave you if you can make me feel like this, oh yessss, make me come baby brother, make me cum on your face.”

Richards head bobbed up and down on her pussy, his tongue rigid riding along her slit from clit to vaginal opening. She widened her legs and her hands tried to pull him even closer. Colin felt his heartbeat rising and he was about to shout when he felt his prick tenting his trousers. Curious he stripped, neither aware of his presence, until Mary opened her eyes to see her husband lusting at her naked body spread on the bed.

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