Broken Pride

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Big Tits

I’m Scott, 6ft, green eyes, 36, medium brown hair, short beard, got a nice muscled bod from my days in the USMC. Ever since I got out of the military, I found wrestling with my buddies was a great way to get in a good workout and great sex on top of it. My last couple of matches have been with this guy named Tibor. He is about my height, Russian, 45, bald headed but hairy, goatee, a little bit of a belly on him, but the dude is solid muscle. I won the last two bouts, and this time he challenged me to a match with my apprentice Peter 23, and his little fuck toy Christophe, 24, ringside to watch.

I had been training Peter for the last couple of months, going over all the professional rules. He was 5’10”, with brown eyes, sandy blond hair and a ripped lead body. It was win by pin only, so submissions could be as many as you want, but the round wasn’t over until you got the 1,2,3. It was a best two out of three, winner determines the steaks and looser has to obey.

We got to the ring at a private gym and I saw Christoph, 6ft, blond hair and blue eyed, bigger muscles than Peter, but I they wouldn’t be fighting tonight. Peter and I came in stars and stripes trunks with blue boots and red wrist bands, while the Russians were all decked out in red. Guys in the gym started placing bets and Tibor and I jumped into the ring.

Scott: You ready to lose again jobber?

Tibor: We’ll see who will be the one screaming at the end of this.


We circled each other and locked up. I managed to get his arm in an armbar, but he quickly reversed it on me and got me in a hammer lock behind my back. I shot a couple elbows into his head with my free arm, but he pushed me into the turnbuckle and my face hit Christoph’s boot. I stumbled back into Tibor’s waiting arms and was midair in a belly to belly suplex. FUCK!! I hit the ground hard, cupping my back.

I recover fast and we lock up again, trying to gain some momentum I Irish whip him into the corner, but he gets the reversal and I hit the turnbuckle chest first. Tibor is right behind me with a knee to my back. He bashes my head into the turnbuckle three times and I sink to into the corner. He spins me around, tucks my head under his bit and walks me center ring. Before I know it, I am hoisted up and BOOOM, Brain buster into the mat, laid out spread eagle.

The guys in the gym went nuts, cheering while Tibor circled the ring with his arms out. My eyes open, but everything was blurry for a second. He hooks my leg and goes for a quick pin, but barely gets a 1 before my arm shoots up.

Tibor wraps has hand around my hair and pulls me up. I push off his arms and get in two forearm strikes, I run back, spring off the ropes and into a body splash, but I am caught in midair. I start shaking my head back and forth, but was trapped. He dropped me into an OTK back breaker. My back is on fire as pushes my head down as far as it could bend. His other hand grabbed my balls like a vice and my screams filled the gym.

Tibor: That’s right bitch, scream for daddy.

My boots barely reached the floor, and the more he squeezed my balls, the more my cock started to swell in my trunks. I could hear Peter in the background.

Peter: Come on dad, don’t give up!

My mouth was starting to go dry from screaming. I couldn’t wrap my brain around it, I had beaten Tibor so easily the last few times. He rolled me off his knee and I was face down, humping the mat. He grabs the back of my head and pulls me up to my feet. My knees are shaky, and he pulls me in close to whisper.

Tibor: First I’m gonna make you submit, then I’m gonna make you cum, and then I am gonna knock you out, and that is just round one, but first I am going to knock you around for a bit.

Before I can say anything, he twists us around and drops me into a neck breaker. I grab the back of my head and kick the mat wildly. I get picked up again and walked over to his corner. Tibor pushes my back against the turnbuckle, hooks my arms over the ropes and I feel Christophe hold me in place from behind.

Peter: What the hell!!

Tibor grabs the back of my head and sends knee after knee into my abs. My spit goes flying onto the canvas as the guys in the gym cheer on. Tibor grabs my head and sends his right fist into my jaw. I take five more good punches to the face and I am seeing stars. Christophe finally let’s go of my arms and I lurch forward a little, but he grabs my hair, just long enough to hold my head up and let Tibor land an upper cut under my chin. My head snapped back hard, I fall to my knees and then face down, humping the canvas again. My cock rock hard now.

Tibor flips me onto my back and goes for the pin. Everything sounds so far away, but I know I am done. I hear the crown count 1!, 2!, but at the last second Tibor lifts my head instead off the mat instead of taking the win. He drops me back to the floor, my chest heaving, my eyes glossy, escort kayaşehir my dick leaking against my trunks. Tibor gets up and starts talking to the crowd.

Tibor: Should I end his suffering?

Crowd: BOOOOOO!!

Tibor: Who wants to see the Russian stud beat this American Jobber bitch like he deserves?

Crowd: Yeah, fuck him up, kick his ass!!

The crowd wanted me knocked down a peg. It had been a long while since I lost, and tonight was a total squash match so far. Tibor grabbed my legs and pulled my half-conscious body center ring. I was still out of it when he opened my legs and slammed his knee into my balls. My body jetted up, grabbing his leg and crying out in pain. He took his foot off my package, passed his leg between mine and twisted me up in a sharpshooter, making sure I was facing Peter.

The crowd went wild, masking my screams with their cheers. Tibor secured me legs under his pit while his free arm reached into my trunks and started stroking my cock. The head of my dick pushed out above the waistband, leaking heavily with each stroke. I try to crawl to the ropes, but Tibor has all his weight on my lower back. I feel my body being broken down and am about to tap, when out of now where Tibor drops my legs. I writhe around in pain, not sure why he stopped the assault. I know he is toying with me, and even Peter knows that I am going to lose this round, the question is just when and how.

I start pushing myself up, but only have enough strength to be on my hands and knees. Tibor grabs my hair and helps me the rest of the way. My legs shaking, he walks me over to my corner so I am just at arm’s length from Peter

Tibor: Look at your fucking pussy boy Daddy.

Peter can’t even look at me, and then Tibor holds my body close, starts grinding his hips against my ass. I can feel his cock pushing through his trunks as he whispers in my ear.

Tibor: I can’t wait to penetrate you…mount you…impale you on my big dick.

As the crowd cheers, he grabs my trunks and tucks them under my balls, freeing my cock as it continues to leak. He twists me over into an abdominal stretch and the pain is unbearable. Tears running down my face as I watch Peter lose all faith in me.

Tibor: Come on pretty boy, you know what I want to hear!

Scott: No!! Fuck!!Ahhhhhh!!

Tibor cranks the stretch again, my face turning red, and with no way out.

Scott: I GIVE!! I GIVE!!

Tibor: Tell your boy you’re a fucking jobber!

Scott: Ahhhhhh!

Tibor: TELL HIM!


With that he drops my arm from the stretch and repositions me in a dragon sleeper. He bucks my legs from behind, forcing me onto my knees.

Tibor: Time for part two bitch!

The hold is tight, but not enough to knock me out. His free hand wraps around my 7inch dick and starts stroking. I am delirious from the pain, but my body doesn’t care. It responds to his big hand and my hips start thrusting forward. My sweat makes for easy lube while he picks up the pace. My head is swimming in the scent of his pit and I feel my balls tighten.

My moans muffled under his arm, my cock explodes into the air, hitting the canvas, my abs and my chest. I keep fucking Tibor’s hand until my ball are completely drained. My body doesn’t stop twitching, and Tibor keeps milking my cock. My body spasms harder and harder, but no one can hear me scream. He increases the pressure around my neck. I try to fight it, knowing I will be useless later if he puts me out like this now. It doesn’t take long before my eyes roll to the back of my head and I am completely out. He drops me to the floor, places his boot on my chest and the crowd counts me out, 1, 2, 3!! DING DING DING.

Between Rounds

My body still lifeless on the canvas, I don’t notice Tibor coming over to talk to Peter.

Tibor: Why don’t you just throw in his towel now punk, you know it’s only gonna get worse for him.

Peter: You fucking cheaters!

Tibor: I don’t see any ref boy. You’re just pissed you picked a weak sack of shit for your mentor.

Peter knew rules hadn’t been broken, but he still couldn’t believe how bad I lost that round. Tibor noticed he was uncomfortable and looked him up and down, then reached forward and grabbed Peters cock. He slowly got close to Peters face and smiled wide.

Tibor: You’re fucking hard as a rock. Did you like watching your daddy get his ass kicked?

They stare are each other a bit. Peter swallows hard and nods yes.

Tibor: What was your favorite part?

Peter: When you made him scream.

Peter’s breathing starts to get heavy as Tibor polishes escort anadolu yakası his helmet through his trunks

Tibor: You wanna watch me rip his Marine ass open with my big Russian cock?

Peter let out a low moan, closed his eyes tight and nodded again.


Tibor: You want me to kick his ass again and make him my bottom bitch?

Peter: Yes.

Tibor: Ask nicely boy.

Peter: Please, please kick my daddy’s ass and fuck him like a little bitch.

Tibor lets go, walks over to me, and gives me a few lights taps to my face. I start to come around, turning over and crawling to my corner. I tuck my cock back into my trunks and pull myself up by the ropes, unaware my boy wants me to lose. They give me a few minutes to catch my breath, but I can feel the bruises on my body. This is going to be a tough round.


I head to the center of the ring and we circle each other again. I keep going over what just happened, trying to avoid the same mistakes. I go for the lock up, but Tibor steps to the side. I turn around and BOOM!!, Super kick to the face lays me on my back. The beefy Russian sits on my chest, pinning my arms under him and smothers my face in his crotch. The round just started and I am already helpless. It’s now open season on my head as his punching bag. Each blow forcing a jolt through my body. The guys in the gym loving every second of it.

Tibor: just beg me to fuck you soldier, and you can save yourself a lot of pain

He gets off me and parades around the ring. My head rolling around on the mat, I try to get up and fall back over. The gym starts laughing at the fallen Marine. Back up to my hands and knees, I fee Tibor’s balls on my neck. He wraps his arms arounds around my waist and halls my ass up, flipping me over until we are back to back, locking in a hangman stretch. My legs kicking midair while I scream.

Tibor: This is what your boy wants. He wants to watch me break his Daddy.

Scott: Ahhhh!! LET ME GO!!

Tibor: Tell me what I wanna hear soldier!


He lets me go and I hit the mat hard, coughing up whatever might be left if my pride. The men in the gym erupted in a mix of cheer and laughter. A boot to the gut threw me on my back, and a second boot landed me outside the ring.

Christoph was quick to grab me and whip me into the ring post. He lifts me up from behind, my legs wide in the air, and rammed me balls first into the steel corner. Dropped on the concreate, holding my swollen nuts. Christoph’s hand wraps around my neck and pulls me to a stand. One hand crushing my wind pipe, turning my face read from lack of air, his other hand crushes my balls. His lifts me into a gorilla press and tosses me back into the ring.

I land face first onto the canvas and I know the onslaught isn’t over yet. Tibor stands in front of me and starts taunting me to get up. I push up, using his body like a ladder. When my face reaches his trunks, he grabs my head, smothering my face in his crotch.

Tibor: Yeah, get a good wiff of a real man.

Tibor seems impatient and grabs my ears, getting me back to my feet. I stood there swaying back and forth, helplessly watching Tibor take a boxing stance and sends two left jabs, snapping my head back each time. He holds me up by the chin, my legs shaking to keep me up. Tibor gives me a kiss on the lips, smiles, and BOOOOM, right uppercut sends me into the ropes, trapping my arms between the top and middle. I try and break free, but I’m trapped.

Tibor: Mmmm I fucking love watching a helpless soldier. I could do anything I want, and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it. I could take your trunks and rape you right here right now.

The moment he said it my body started to panic. I pulled at the ropes as hard as I could, but they wouldn’t budge. Tibor took each of my ankles and secured them behind the bottom ropes, making sure I couldn’t move. My breathing was heavy and I gulped hard. If I lose I know what’s at stake, I know my ass is his if he wants it, but I was in no position to stop him.

Tibor: Awe don’t piss your pants soldier, I’m gonna earn that ass of yours. It’s just fun to scare you, so until I get to fuck you, I guess I am gonna have to settle for hurting you.

Tibor clamps onto my pecks with his massive hands and digs in deep. I feel like he’s ripping my chest off my torso. All I can do is scream. Tibor wasn’t beating me, he was breaking me.

Scott: I GIVE!! I GIVE!!

Tibor: Not what I wanna hear soldier.


Tibor: Still not it boy.

He twists his hands, forcing escort avrupa yakası the hold in more. My face wrenched in agony. I don’t know what he wants, I just want it to be over.

Scott: I SUBMIT!!

Tibor: Looks like you still haven’t learned your lesson.

He lets go and I slump forward, my face resting on his hairy, sweaty chest. The hold was over, but I kept whispering my submission over and over, barely managing to choke out my words. I feel his hand massaging my battered chest, then it moves its way down. His hand travels into my trunks, stretching the left leg hole to let my balls fall out.

Tibor takes a few steps back and lines up his shoot. My balls explode as Tibor’s boot finds its target. My face turns red, unable to even choke out a scream, almost about to throw up. My limbs tug at the ropes, but I am trapped as Tibor sends another kick between my legs. Every nerve in my body is fire from the pain, I don’t even notice that my dick has gotten rock hard again.

Tibor wraps his palm around my neck, but just to hold my head up. He slowly undoes the ropes on each of my arms and then flop lifelessly to my sides. Tibor bends down and forces his tongue into my mouth. He ends the assault on my mouth and forces me to look back at Peter. I hadn’t realized that I was so close to my own corner.

Tibor: So what do you think boy, has your daddy had enough?

Peter: No Sir.

I can’t believe what I am hearing, I want to say something, but I have no fight left in me.

Tibor: What do you wanna see?

Peter: Milk him dry while he screams.

Tibor: You got it boy.

Tibor bends me forward and tucks my head between his legs. He grabs onto the ropes, jumps up and spikes my head into the canvas. My legs flip out of the ropes and I lay spread eagle on my matt, eyes glazed over, no idea where I am anymore. Tibor walks over between my legs and grabs a hold of my waist band, pulling of my trunks and tossing them to Christoph. My dick slapped against my stomach, my manhood on full display for the crowd.

Tibor grabs my arm and pulls me up, I feel the world shift and before I know it, I am on his shoulders in a torture rack. One hand clamped on my throat, the other wrapped around my dick, jacking me off furiously as he bounces me on his shoulders. I almost instantly tried to submit, but he covered my mouth and kept jacking. Tears were running down my face, knowing the pain would go on until my body betrays me, all the while hearing the crowd chant “Milk that bitch!” over and over again.

Each bounce bends my spine a little more, my balls churning as he uses my precum to lube up each stroke. Somehow my hips start pushing against that big Russian hand, thrusting to match his jerking. My eyes roll to the back of my head and I’m done, my cock shoots rope after rope of cum into the air, covering my chest and my abs. Tibor squeezes my dick until nothing is left, letting my orgasm subside as I hang on his shoulders. He removes his hand from my mouth and I can only whisper:

Scott: I’m done, I’m done, please knock me out.

Tibor: What’s that boy, you want to be KO’ed?

Scott: Yes please, please knock me out

Tibor: Just tell me what I wanna hear.

Scott: I quit.

Tibor: Sorry soldier boy, still not quite right.

For a second I thought it was over, but I was wrong. Tibor cranked the torture rack all over again but this time had his first wrapped around my balls. My limbs shot off in every direction, and the pain was too much. I yelled every submission word I knew and was tapping anywhere I could, but it didn’t stop. He broke my body, my spirit, and then my pride, and with that I knew what Tibor wanted:

Scott: FUCK ME!! FUCK ME!!

Tibor: You sure that’s what you want soldier?






With that he released the hold and I hit the mat face first, KO’ed instantly, my ass bouncing up and down, giving the crowd a good show.


I started to come around, hearing voices off in the distance. I felt a hand gripping my hair tight, realizing I was on my knees with my hands cuffed behind my back. I still had my boots on, but nothing else. A few light taps to the face and my eyes started to open. Everything was blurry at first and as I came to, Tibor’s 9 inch uncut cock came into focus. It was thick and veiny, with low hanging balls and a full bush. I knew he had sweat from the match but it smelled like his hadn’t had a bath in days. He pulled my hair back and forced me to look up at him.

Tibor: It’s about time you woke up Marine. It’s time to talk about steaks. Now I’m gonna fuck you dry, there is no way around that, but I am going to give you a choice for afterwards. Does that sound good to you pussy boy?

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