Broken Down

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Big Dick

I was driving down this desolated mountain road just after midnight. I was on my way home from an office party and honestly I could say I wasn’t feeling any pain, but I was very hot and very horny. There wasn’t anyone waiting for me at home, only my videos, magazines and a few toys. The party was fun, plus I did more than my share of drinking. My head began to pound as rain started to fall onto my windshield. The rain fell harder as the road was getting slick. There was only one person that was on my mind all the while I was driving and that was Heather, this sexy blonde with a body that would not quit and legs that went on forever.

While driving the weather really started to get worse and the road was getting slick. My tires started to slip and slide, I began to swerve when suddenly my tire blew out and I hit a rock. My car was dead and no matter how hard I tried it wouldn’t turn over. I was broken down out in the middle of no where. My cock hard with throbbing veins popping out, still I am not sure why I am so horny? It has never been like this before being so hard and hot without even having a sexy woman around me teasing me. There were so many sexy ladies at the party, but Heather is the one I can’t get out of my head. The rain was coming down in sheets as I was sitting in my car stroking my throbbing cock. This was not the time or place to masturbate, but I didn’t fucking care. Oh yes! My cock was hard as a rock with the veins bulging, my heat is rising, the windows fog up and I couldn’t see anything. Mmm Getting hotter, harder I needed to cum so bad. I couldn’t wait any longer.

Then suddenly I heard a car Konya Escort drive up and saw headlights through the fog of my windshield. Damn! I was so close to exploding my hot thick cum. My cock went instantly soft and I quickly zipped up my pants. There was a knock on my window, I wiped the fog away to see Heather standing there with an umbrella. I was so excited to see her and fumbled for the door so she could get out of the rain. She smiled as I stumbled for words, she is so beautiful and she was here. This was something I never would have expected, only been able to hope for. Ever since the first day I saw her at the office, she is all I could think about.

I remember the first day I saw her in the office, she wore this black lacy number with sequins that glittered in the office light. She had on 2″ spiked heals, her hair was up in a bun with a few wisps hanging over her deep blue eyes. She was the most Beautiful woman I have ever seen and I think I would ever see. I didn’t think she even noticed me. Instantly My cock stood at attention for those first few moments causing me to walk funny for a few minutes. She asked me if I was ok I was so embarrassed, but I survived. The night went on and the time had come to go home. That’s when I got into my car after saying my good bye’s to everyone. Which puts me where I am now staring at this gorgeous creature I couldn’t get out of mind.

“What are you doing here Heather? The weather is so bad it is dangerous. You shouldn’t be out on a night like this what were you thinking?” I asked her while wanting to kiss those glistening lips.

“I was Konya Escort Bayan following you home because I really like you. I saw you were in trouble so I stopped to help, I was worried. I saw the way you were walking when we first met, I recognized the walk. Seems I have made many a man walk that way.” She said with a smug smile.

As we sat in the car my cock started to grow harder, longer and thicker. The bulge in my pants was quite noticeable. She looked down with a smile on her face and began licking those luscious lips. Fuck she was so beautiful I still could not be believe she was actually sitting there with me. The top of her dress was open slightly showing her sexy cleavage and her silky bra. My cock needed to be touched, to be loved, and needed just to explode. She started rubbing her hand in my crotch feeling my bulging cock pressing hard into my pants. She was making it more unbearable and I loved every minute of it.

She pulled her top open exposing her luscious breasts pulling her bra down and letting me see her rock hard nipples. The water dripping down her lovely chest looked so lovely, so sexy. I bent over cupping her breasts into my hands. Gently massaging licking and nibbling pinching the bright pink nipples. She unzips my pants grabbing my cock releasing it from its prison. That felt so good when she finally grabbed hold and started stroking it pulling and squeezing. She bends down and puts her lips to the head lightly kissing it. There is already some pre cum she had me so excited. She places her lips over my cock as she strokes it taking me further in her mouth with Escort Konya every stroke. Her mouth feels so good as she takes me deeper, the heat of her mouth drives me crazy.

The sounds of the rain hitting the roof of the car and the feelings she was giving me with her mouth were more than I could take. I grab her and bring her up and rip off the rest of her clothes so all she has on are her thong panties. The seat in my car reclines fully back so I lay down and have her climb on top of me with her hot pussy and tight sweet ass in my face.

The scent of her snatch as she moves along my body. Lightly dragging her clit over my face as she moves in place to take hold of my cock which is by now rock hard veins bulging. The scent of her snatch and her cum dripping down her thigh towards me. I run my tongue along her thigh tasting her cum.

“Oh baby you taste so good” I tell her as I start to lightly run my fingers along her thigh.

Running my finger through her cum and touching my lips and tongue. I never felt this way before and never thought I would ever be with a woman this beautiful this sexy. She was wanting as much as I was to cum. Her pussy was throbbing and dripping her juices flowing across my face. I grasp her ass checks firmly with my fingers because we both were ready to explode our juices into the other’s mouth.

“Oh Heather! Heather! I am fucking cumming Heather!” I yelled as loud as I could.

When I opened my eyes I was on a stretcher being placed in an ambulance. A beautiful dark haired woman smiled at me as she looked down to see my limp cock still in my hand with my cum all over it and my stomach. I smiled, wishing I had a shell to climb into. Before we stopped at the emergency room she slipped her phone number into my pocket and whispered softly into my ear.

“Call me.”

I could not stop smiling as they carried me into the hospital.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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