Brod: The Bachelorette Pt. 01

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Big Tits


Sarkopheros Says:

A new Brod! This is more in line with the older ones. No rose ceremony here—in this story, a couple of Brod’s college friends come to his house with a job proposal.

Cum inflation, hyper cocks and balls, cervical/womb penetration, interracial, an ffm threesome, stomach bulging, clothes ripping, that Brod stuff you love. It’s a pretty fun one if I say so myself.

If you’ve never read a Brod story before, then expect hentai physics and sexual absurdity.

Enjoy the story!


My panting echoed in the tiny chamber. I had no space. It was a miniature sauna, barely big enough for me and my balls.

They had reached their maximum size. This tale occurs after the Elasticity miniseries, so each one was almost thirty inches in diameter—like a rather-large yoga ball. They pressed against the walls of the enclosure, and I imagine that if I’d been able to see, they’d look more like compressed water balloons or cheese wheels than fleshy spheres. It was almost painful, and quite frankly, I was amazed that the enclosure hadn’t burst already.

The belt cinched around the base of my sack kept any over-pressurized cum from escaping my cock. Flesh was stretching beyond the rated maximum, and electric arcs of pain danced over my balls. Not only were they overfilled, but the compression didn’t help. I fought back a whine. This wasn’t as fun as when Yara denied me an orgasm. First, she, Thalita, and Valeska had teased my cock till my balls were full, then they’d shoved me in here where the only indicator of time passing was the voices outside.

I was on my knees, my thighs pressed into them. My cock was wedged between my belly and my sack, running up my chest. My cheek pressed against its side. It rivaled my arms in thickness. I could feel slick precum pouring down its broad flanks, coursing past my cheeks. I could feel the hot tickle of my own breath against its moist surface. Its finger-thick veins pulsed against my pecs and neck. And when I say that, I mean they’re as thick as my fingers. Some of them were even bigger than that.

Voices conversed outside. Laughter. I could hear a woman scream. Glassware clinked. I felt more than heard the bass of some kind of music. It was time.

I reached forward and opened the little baggy taped to the cardboard. I put in the earplugs, then plugged my nose. The orgiastic smell inside the little chamber was so thick that it practically burned my nostrils, but that was gone now.

With some difficulty and grunting, I snaked one hand down between my legs and balls. My shoulders pressed the back wall, and my elbow hit the side of the box. The voices were getting louder outside.

I grabbed the belt cinched around my sack’s base. My balls felt as if they would literally explode. Like the flesh was in danger of splitting when burdened with so many sperm fighting to get out. I undid the belt. The buckle clinked. I suppressed a groan. I’d been trapped in here for far too long. Finally, relief!

GLOOOOOOOORCH! My cock bucked like a cannon, held still by my thick arms. I let out a loud groan despite myself as my urethra was stretched past its normal width by the sheer volume of semen I was shooting. A coke-can-thick gout of jizz blasted from the tip. DRRMMBBBLLH. It drummed against the top of the little compartment, bouncing back down on me, matting my hair to my head. My own jizz sloughed over my body, covering my face, oozing over my wide shoulders and powerful chest and thighs. It rolled down my cock, filled the spaces between it and my limbs. It collected under my ass, pushing up into my own crack. I almost cried out from the relief of the pressure-release.

I shot again. BLOOOOOOOORCH! I heard indistinct yelling outside. There was a tiny reprieve as my balls shrunk, relieving some of the pressure exerted by the walls. My spunk climbed higher and higher. SPLUUUUUUUUURCH! GLUUUUUUUUURCH! My cock kept bucking madly. The jizz kept rising and rising. It crept up to my waist, oozed up my thighs, came to my elbows. It just kept going. There was no light, so I couldn’t see where it was, only feel it. Sort of. The fact that my spunk was coating my skin made the sense of touch less useful. But at least my balls were shrinking.

I looked up. Not because I could see anything, but because my own semen was coming up to my neck. It crept up my chin. As the air pocket disappeared, I sucked in a musk-laden breath and held it.



Jane crossed her arms over her maroon suit and pursed her lips.

She was looming over me. Granted, she was five-foot-nothing, so she wasn’t the best loomer.

I grunted in frustration. “You wanted them to visit me here?!”

Jane put her hands on her hips. “I told you they were comin’ yesterday, Brod. I swear, you ain’t got the sense of a goose. When are you fixin’ to start paying attention to your calendar? I didn’t have you start using Outlook for Casibom my health.”

“If I could manage my own appointments, I wouldn’t need to pay you,” I laughed.

“I guess that’s true,” agreed Jane. “Regardless, you’d better hurry up before I get the belt out.”

“Do I have time to shower?”

She rolled her eyes. “No, you don’t. Because you were supposed to be gettin’ ready an hour ago. Now you need to skedaddle.”

I sighed and put my hands on the girl’s ass. I began pulling my hips back. SCHLLOOOUUURPH! An inch, six, a foot. My titanic cock just kept coming and coming, inch after inch, going on seemingly forever. It was coated in a thick layer of spunk. My heavy balls were covered, their folds filled with the goop. “Well can’t you stall them?” I asked.

“Haaaiigh!” cried the girl, her body spasming as she started to orgasm once more. SKLLRT! SKLLRT! Jets of hot cunt-juice sprayed my stomach.

Schplop! Finally, all thirty-eight inches of my erection were exposed. Glooosch! My hot jizz began gushing from the redhead’s gaping pussy, so big I could shove my whole forearm in there with ease. She warbled incoherently, lying atop a beanbag-chair-sized belly.

“I already held them off for about twenty minutes waitin’ on you,” said Jane. “I told them you were in an important financial meetin’, and what do I find when I come in here? You and fifteen lady callers. I don’t know what I was expectin’.”

I looked around the room. Six girls were groaning on my oversized, custom-built bed, clutching at bellies a good yard in diameter. Their white-drenched legs jutted wildly over all sides, sperm running down calves and dripping from toes. Some lied upon their backs, some upon their stomachs. Three more of them were propped up against the bed, legs splayed out in pools of spunk that gushed from their pussies. In fact, the central, recessed section of the master bedroom was ankle-deep in my sperm. Jane was wisely standing well clear of the stuff—her shoes were very nice.

Four more ladies were watching excitedly from the couch, panting, moaning, biting their lips as they fingered their dripping snatches. “…There’s only fourteen ‘lady callers’,” I told her.

Jane put her hands on her hips and stared at me, raising one eyebrow and the corner of her mouth.

I sighed. “Okay, fine. Just … okay, buy me like three minutes. Let me just get rinsed off, and uh … don’t show them into my office. Meet me with them in my office in three minutes. Can we do that?” I asked.

Jane rolled her eyes. “I’ll see what I can do. I oughta whoop you, boy.” She turned, her flats clicking as she left. “You’re lucky to have me!” she yelled over her shoulder.

“That’s why I pay you well!” I yelled back.

“B-B-Brod!” moaned one of the girls on the couch. I think her name was Teresa…? She sounded Mexican. “Does this mean you’re not going to fuck us?” Schlick-schlick-schlick. Her eyes were squarely on the gushing cunt of a white girl lying on my bed. “I’m sooo horny, can’t they wait?!” she panted.

“Yeah, come on! Please!” moaned another white girl on the couch.

“I need that coooock,” whined a Filipina.

“I will fuck all of you,” I promised. “Just … you’re gonna have to wait a while.” I sighed and shook my head. “Three minutes,” I grunted.

I ran to my glass-and-stone shower, cock swinging rather comically, and turned the water on full-blast. No time to shower. Cold water rolled over my body as I used my hands like squeegees. SPLAT. SCHPLAT-SCHPLAT. Huge wads of jizz the size of fists came free and splattered all over the floor. I began rubbing it off my balls, as well.

Unfortunately, I knew I wouldn’t have enough time to soften my cock. A long time ago, it wouldn’t take long for it to deflate. But now? Now it takes quite a lot of cold water to get it down.

I stepped out onto the tiles and began drying myself with a plush towel. It wasn’t a real shower, but it would have to do. I threw the towel on the floor and walked to my closet. My giant balls, each one over a foot in diameter, bounced against my knees. I could already feel the spunk filling them up again. My massive yard-plus thigh-thick behemoth bobbed up and down with every step. One thing about being this huge is that you can actually feel the up-and-down motion of your cock. The way the head bobs faster than the portion nearer your hips. It dripped cupfuls of syrupy, slimy precum which I had to avoid stepping in lest I slip and fall.

I opened up the door of my closet and stepped up into it. It was higher than the main area to help contain the frequent seminal floods and isolate them to certain areas. The whole house was adapted to my lifestyle.

Fortunately, this also meant that there was plenty of room for me and my swinging balls and cock. I pulled on a polo shirt from one of the hangers.

This was such a stupid plan, but it had worked a few times in the past. I left my closet and the bathroom. Casibom Giriş When I passed the girls on the couch, I found one of them double-fisting the other while the other two made out. I snapped my gaze away because I immediately felt the production-pang electrify my balls.

I stepped carefully around gooey puddles and left the bedroom. My bare feet slapped against the terra-cotta tiles. Most of my house had tile and hard flooring. I passed through an airy hall where wood-framed windows let in plenty of sunlight. White walls reflected it, brightening the place nicely. The entire time, I poured a trail of slick precum. Following me would be like following the world’s manliest snail.

I passed by my living room. Wide picture windows illuminated the gooey chaos.

A chorus of moans like a zombie film came from inside. About ten girls were scattered around, gushing from all orifices. Legs stuck up in the air, hands clutched bellies, mouths were open wide. A glob of jizz fell from the wrought-iron chandelier. They were lying on the heavy wooden coffee table, the couches, and the bar. I knew that Jane would have the sense not to walk the new guests by that room.

I ran through a mental map of my house. No, I was fairly sure that they wouldn’t have to wade through any cum or dodge any bloated bellies on the way to my office. I hoped.

Finally, I reached it. I turned sideways to open the double doors since otherwise I’d have to stretch awkwardly to reach past my erection.

A couple steps led down to the dark, wooden floor. Like all the wood in my house, this floor was protected by a clear coating that made it immune to damage by fluids. Sunlight poured in from broad windows overlooking the courtyard and from the skylight above. Wooden rafters radiated outward from the skylight.

There were concealed drains around the edges of the room, except for directly under my large, custom-built desk, where there was a much larger one that no one would see. This eliminated many problems.

Except there was one very swollen problem moaning atop my desk. Its name was Wendy.

“Fuck,” I grunted. She was a thick black girl with red-framed glasses. I had been showing her my computer (which was strategically located behind a panel of tempered glass) when … well, you can guess.

“Please?” she panted, clutching at the titanic belly pinning her down. “I can take another!”

“I have a meeting!” I groaned. “I need to hide you!”

“I can be sneaky,” grunted Wendy.

I walked toward the girl and lifted her up with both beefy arms. She sighed. “You’re so strong.”

I chuckled. “I promise I’ll fuck you again, just not now.” I looked around the room. The closet? Would there be enough room? Behind the couch? No, they’d see her.

Shit. I squatted, my heavy balls settling on the cool tiles. I pushed Wendy under my desk. After the unexpected expansion of my cock thanks to Dr. Ghali, I had had to build a brand new, even-bigger desk. I knew from experience that this new desk had room for four girls under it—or a couple of very-swollen ones. There would be no problem finding space. Wendy ended up sitting against the rear “wall” of the little compartment, the barrier between me and my guests.

I shuffled around the front of the desk and grabbed a binder from atop it. I used it to squeegee a dinner-plate-sized glop of jizz under the inch-high gap so that it would flow into the drain under my desk. Of course, this also meant it was rolling over Wendy’s plump ass. But at least it wasn’t visible.

I heard heels clicking. Then Jane talking outside the door and another woman’s voice. “…Should be in here. This time for real, I promise!” said Jane.

“You know, some heels would really accent that suit, bajita,” said a voice.

Jane replied, “I like flats. They’re more practical.”

“How boring.”

I heard the doorknob make a metallic click as someone put their hand on it. I barely had enough time to scramble around and sit at my desk.

Klik! The door opened. Jane made eye contact with me and looked visibly relieved.

In walked the newest prospects—two women. A petite white girl with blonde hair, and a curvy Latina. The former wore tight seafoam leggings and a loose tummy-exposing boatneck, while the latter wore a yellow sundress that contrasted her bronze complexion very nicely.

Jane looked at me and nodded down at the desk. Or rather, the space under it. I gave her the slightest head-shake I could manage.

“Brod! It’s been so long!” chirped the blonde. She gave me a big grin. “You’re … wow, you’ve changed. You look huge!”

“Oh, thanks!” I said, grinning up at her. Who is that? “I’m sorry if I don’t stand up, I sprained my ankle.”

“Oh, no!” the Latina leaned across the desk and patted my cheek. I got a good look into her sand-colored cleavage. “How did you do that?”

“I was working out, took a bad step. It happens.” I shrugged, Casibom Yeni Giriş smiling at her.

Jane smiled. “Brod, this is Riley Glass and her friend, Elena López.”

Riley grinned at me. “We fucked … well, actually, you fucked both of us in college.”

Below the desk, Wendy let out a little moan. I could feel her moist, soft lips at the tip of my cock as she started sucking up precum. I gave her knee a little kick, but she didn’t stop.

“He probably don’t remember,” chuckled Elena. “He must’ve fucked half the girls on campus! Remember when he fucked the entire Delta Psi Epsilon chapter?” she cackled. “You could see the jizz just … gushing out from under the door. Then a pizza guy c-came … a pizza guy…” She couldn’t finish her sentence. Elena was too busy cracking up.

“The pizza guy slipped and fell in the pool of jizz!” giggled Riley, laughing as well.

“Hahahahaha! Then I remember.” Elena pointed at me. “Y-you … hehehe! You came to the door. Heh. And you were naked, covered in jizz, you could see the girls just … gaping behind you!” she cackled.

“His fuckin’ boner like this!” Riley made a fist and held up her forearm. “Well, it was that big soft! Ahahah!”

“Th-the pizza guy, he leaves.” Elena collapsed into one of the armchairs opposite me. “He took one look and just went!” She pantomimed throwing an object. “Throw the pizza on the ground, Brod comes out and grabs it como una cabra! Just completely naked, his dick flopping like an elephant.” Elena put her wrist to her nose and waved her hand like an elephant’s trunk.

Jane looked at me and shook her head. “You had an interesting time in college, boy.”

Riley sat down as well. “Every party that was worthwhile had Brod at it.”

Elena shrugged. “For the girls, anyway. The boys weren’t happy about it.”

Under the table, Wendy must have enjoyed the recounting because her hands were pumping my cock and my precum was gushing over her face. Or at least, I’m pretty sure it was. I could feel a puddle rolling around my feet. I gripped the edge of the desk and suppressed a grunt.

“Anyway. Brod. Let me remind you who we are.” Riley had a cute sidecut and stars tattooed on her head, as well as a … swirly flower-thing on her left forearm. I would have remembered those tattoos. I didn’t recognize them.

She and Elena both pulled out cell phones and walked up to the desk. I was worried because I knew that the hot, mind-cloying, virile scent that was my musk would be radiating from my precum. And I could occasionally hear little slurps and smacks as Wendy worked my cock. I put my arms on the table and tried to appeal casual. I kicked Wendy’s knee again, twice. No effect.

Jane picked up the binder on my desk and her eyes got bigger when she looked at it. She held it up in my field of vision, behind the girls so they didn’t see. There was a bunch of goopy jizz all over it from when I’d used it to scoot my spunk underneath my desk. Jane walked over to one of the plants and began using her finger to push the semen into the pot.

Meanwhile, I kept trying to appear somewhat professional. Elena and Riley began showing me pictures from our college days. And yes, that was definitely me in them. There was one with Elena in my lap. There was one with Riley and a girl who looked like—

“Wait, you’re Liz’s sister!” I exclaimed, grinning at Riley. “It’s been forever! I think the first time I fucked you was by that little service-area entrance by the art building?”

Riley grinned. “Yes! You remember me!”

I looked at Elena. “And now I remember you now, Elena. You were working at Sub-Liminal back then.”

“You fucked me in that bathroom too many times,” she laughed. “I’m just lucky you were fucking the boss, too, or someone woulda got real pissed at all the sperm you left behind.” She looked at Jane. “So where did you first fuck him?”

Jane shook her head. “I don’t fuck him.”

Elena straightened up. “You don’t fuck him? How— Oh! Are you a lesbian?”

Jane chuckled. “No, I’m asexual.”

“She’s responsible for day-to-day business and making sure I do what I’m supposed to. That’s my Chief Operating Officer,” I explained. “My house staff is ace, too. Otherwise they get too distracted and no work gets done. Same with Jane. I mean, she’s awesome besides, but the whole ace thing works really well for keeping the business running.”

Jane gave me an appreciative little smirk.

Riley nodded. “Oh, I guess that makes sense. Anyway, you look great! I guess my sister can’t use her name for you anymore.”

” ‘Fatass Cock Monster’?” I asked.

“That’s the one,” giggled Riley.

Elena puffed herself up and squared her shoulders. “Yeah, you got … swole. Mmph.” She bit her lower lip. “You look like you could wrestle a bear!”

“Hmph!” I grunted. Wendy was stroking my cockhead with both hands and sliding her tongue in and out of its maw. I could hear the quiet sound of liquid draining under my desk. I was actually quite impressed that she wasn’t catatonic, but that didn’t change the fact that it was a really inconvenient time to receive head! “Ah, yeah, thanks! I worked really hard. My trainer is awesome.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32