Bro Find Sis Loves Him, Too

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I know I am not the best writer of stories here but I do like writing them. I might falter in good grammar and punctuation from time to time but if you can see past that. I hope you enjoy my story.

Here I was, nearly 40 and had never been in love or even had a girlfriend. I guess living on my own since I was 16 meant I was kind of set in my ways.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a successful job, a home I had paid off a couple of years ago and a healthy sex life of one night stands with women who were “friends with benefits” as the kids today say.

I am lying about having never been in love. I am in love, in love with my sister who is a few years younger than me. Our parents died in a plane crash 15 years ago so we grew even closer but still in that brother and sister way. I have been in love with her for a long time now. I am pretty sure she doesn’t know of my true feelings towards her because being a guy, we don’t pick up signals very well.

She is single too having had a few relationships in her life but nothing serious. Like me, she doesn’t have kids and after talking to her a few times about kids. She wasn’t really interested in becoming a parent.

Once a month we have a Friday DVD and pizza night together, either at my place or hers. tonight it was my place so when she rang to say she would be about 30 minutes I rang the pizza place to order our favorite pizza. It usually took around 40 minutes as it was one of those gourmet pizza places where they actually made real pizzas with delicious toppings so it took longer than the others.

I had bought her favorite drink which will suprise you as it was strawberry kool-aid. You see we do not drink, smoke, do drugs or even have sodas, especially ones with caffeine.

She would get the DVD. I would choose when I went to her place. We liked the same movies so there was never a “Oh, great, you brought that one.”

I will now briefly describe us both.

I am really just your average guy with an average build and average looks. 6’5″ and around 200 pounds. Blue-grey eyes, Fındıkzade Escort dark hair. My sister is definitely not your average woman. She is tall, like me at 6 foot, around 140-150 pounds so has a few curves which I love. She has beautiful blue eyes and brown hair.

My feelings towards her had grown over the last few months. Why, I am not sure but after she came over and we had settled on the sofa with the pizza and drinks watching the movie. She seemed to want to snuggle up more these days too which I didn’t mind as she always smelt so good.

As we were watching the movie, I must of been fidgeting a bit because she paused the movie and looked up into my eyes and asked me what was wrong. I tried to smile and tell her it was nothing even though I wanted to just take her to my bedroom and make passionate love to her right there and then. She knows me too well to believe that lie so she asked again.

I shrugged my shoulders and said “that if I was to tell you, you would be out of that door so fast and you would never want to speak to me again”. This time she put on her cute pouty face and said that I was being silly because we always share our secrets.

So with a deep breath I summoned up the courage and then spoke, well blurted it out anyway.

“Ok, I will tell you but please promise me you will let me finish ok” She nodded her head and whispered “Ok Bro I will”.

Taking another breath I went on.

“I am in love with you sis and have been for a very long time. I know it is wrong but I cannot supress my feelings. I will understand if you run away and never want to see me or speak to me again”.

She looked at me with bewilderment and then started to giggle. I must of had the most shocked look on my face because it had shocked me. She must of seen my look and then she said something that I will never forget till the day I die.

“God Bro, is that all. I have known that for years. See, I am not running away or not talking to you, (giggling again she said). I think I am also in love with you too. Fındıkzade Escort Bayan Think back to all the boyfriends I have had. They all looked like you. Tall, dark and handsome. I liked them but never loved them like I love you. I was dreading the fact that we would never tell each other the way we feel”.

I breathed a huge sigh of relief after hearing her say what she did. I reached for her and we hugged and then after a few seconds I softly kissed her lips and she responded by kissing me back harder. We stopped after a moment or two and I looked into her eyes with a longing I have never had and kissed her again, this time for what seemed ages.

Not a word was spoken when I got up and motioned her to take my hand and I led her into my bedroom and closed the door. We just stood there holding each others hands and looking into each other eyes trying to find any hesitation but could not find it.

I drew her to me again and kissed her soft lips and she parted them as did I and our tongues touched which signaled more passionate kissing. We stopped to draw breath and I slowly kissed my way to her neck, then upper chest. I whispered for her to take her top off to which she did. I saw an exquisite site. Her breasts were large but not overly so. It was her nipples that grabbed my attention. I love big nipples and hers were huge. Just a bit bigger than a thimble.

She was breathing rapidly now as was I and gasped when I leaned down and kissed the top of her nipple. Her hands came to my head and her fingers started running through my hair. I kissed the other one and then took it into my mouth ever so gently and delicately. Then with my tongue and lips, I sucked on each one for a few minutes. She was groaning now as I had found one of her special places she liked to be touched.

I then kissed her lips again and we undressed each other. Then standing back from each other, I admired the vision of beauty and sexiness before me. She had shaved but there was still some hair. Then taking her hand as we kissed once more I led Escort Fındıkzade her to my bed. Laying her down on the soft sheets. I moved onto the bed and on top of her kissing her once again.

Then I kissed my way down her body only stopping to suck her nipples again. Leaving a trail of kisses from her breasts to just above her pussy, I looked up at her face and seeing a smile. I then kissed up and down her slit and ever so often, blowing softly on it. I then started to lick her pussy up and down while letting my tongue slip inside every few seconds. Her body started to shake and a moan escaped her lips. Her thighs were pressing against my head and her fingers were running through my hair.

I kept this up until I felt her legs tighten around my head and her letting out a loud moan. Right then and there I felt fantastic knowing that I had just given the woman that I love, an orgasm. I slowed down and then stopped.

She looked at me with that cute pout again but it soon disappeared when she saw me moving up between her legs so my cock was now resting against the outside her pussy. For the final time, I looked into her eyes and seeing only love and longing for me, I gently lowered myself down and my cock entered her pussy. All I can say is that the feeling was nothing like I had felt before. Mainly because it was my sister’s pussy my cock was now in. Our bodies were together and as we kissed each other, I slowly started to make love to my beautiful sister.

After our lips parted she said “I don’t ever want you to be with anyone else but me”. I smiled down at her and after giving her a quick kiss I nodded my head in agreement just as I started to come in her filling her pussy up with my cum. Her body shook a few seconds later from her orgasm.

We made love a couple more times that night and she moved in the next day and we have been together ever since living our lives as a couple at home but still as brother and sister to the outside world

We did wonder how she never got pregnant so had some tests done and the results were that I didn’t have a high sperm count so we never had to worry about that anymore.

We still have our Friday night pizza and DVD but sometimes the movie is a naughty one which teaches us other ways of having fun together. Now we are both set in our ways, together.

Thankyou for reading this story.

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