Brittany, myself and her mom

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A week passed since i saw Brittany, we had talked nearly every day on the cell phone and we laughed and kept up on what was happening in each others lives. It was a sunday morning and she was telling me about her weekend and hoped mine was going well. Often our conversations were about every day things as we got to know all about each other. As we talked she asked if i was busy the next day on monday and could get away to spend time with her. I told her it would not be a problem and asked what time to come. She said her little girls were going to see her aunt and spend the day playing with their cousins so anytime after 8:30 am would be ok.

She told me her husband really enjoyed our last meeting as he got to be with my wife. I told her yes it was wonderful for us too. Then she told me she wanted us to be together alone and most of the time she preferred it to be that way. She said he was comfortable with her and my friendship and she was free to see me anytime as long as it did not interfere with their regular life. From this day on we had no more worries and were free to enjoy each other.

So the next morning i arrived there at about 9am to be sure she was alone and ready. I parked in the garage and knocked on the inside garage door and Brittany answered and as we stepped inside she put her arms around my nect and kissed me with a long wet kiss and squeezed me tightly and said how glad she was to see me and how much she missed me. I have to say it made me feel fantastic to see this gorgeous 22 year old girl having feelings for me! I told her i thought about her all the time too. She was dressed in jeans , bare feet, with a white tank top. She had a Bra on that was visible thru it. The top was nearly skin tight so the lines of the bra were plainly visible as was the top of her titties squeezing out of the bra cups.

We sat at the counter in the kitchen and talked. I was surprised as we talked about us when she told me she had told her mother about us. I said ‘everything”? She said yes everything. She told me her mother was 49 and divorced and they talked openly about sex. Her mother taught her how to please a man and what she needed to do to please herself. She said NO we dont have sex with each other before you ask. Its not like that, but we do talk about sex and do see each other nude and dont hide it. She told me she wanted me to meet her mom soon. I hoped really soon! She had told her mom my cock was over 8″ and really really thick and it was the biggest she had ever had. She said her mom told her she was lucky and to enjoy it!! Brittany said her mom joked would she share? and she told her we will see! Her mom told her it had been years since she had a cock that size.

It was exciting and fun to talk about sex and all this with her. She is so young and built and you dont often have the ability to meet a girl like her and find yourself in my Sex hikayeleri position with her. She told me she wanted to spend the day together if i could and that sounded great to me. She asked me if i masturbated a lot and i told her yes everyday at least once. She said will it make you last longer during sex if you do? I said yes if i plan to fuck for longer and cum one large time to better please the lady. She told me that was how her husband was and he would jack off first then he could fuck her longer after she got him hard again sucking his dick.

So she sat me down on a love seat with a pad and a cover on it so we could have fun and not bother getting it wet or stained. She came over to me straddled me and removed my shirt then my shoes and my pants until i was naked. She rubbed my thighs and the area around my cock and massaged the pre cum i was dripping all around. She was still dressed but her hard erect nipples were poking hard at her Bra and showing clearly. Brittany walked over in front of the fireplace and told me to stroke my dick and to enjoy myself and take my time, we had all day. She turned her back to me and raised her top. The rear of her Bra became in full sight and she reached around and undid the fasteners and dropped it to the floor. She still had her back to me but i could tell she was pinching and pulling at her nipples. She lowered the top back down and turned to face me. She was so pretty and without the bra her nipples were fully erect and her areolas showing plainly.

I slid down into a reclining posisition and began slowly jacking my cock looking at her. She turned around a little and pulled her top up and off. her tits showing in a profile pose from the side. Her titties were firm and a perfect curve of flesh with the deep pink nipples poking up in the air. She moved around sort of posing and half dancing it was fantastic. She undid her jeans and slowly let them fall exposing her tiny micro purple thong. I sat and was in awe of her, she was so sexy and pretty. She is sexier than any stripper or model. She slid the thong off and she was nude. She asked if i was enjoying it all and i told her this is amazing!!! With this she turned her ass to me and spread her feet about 2 feet and bent over. At 22 she is amazingly limber and she was bent all the way so that you could see her tits nipples and face between her legs. And then she reached around herself with both hands and opened her hot pussy up as wide as it could go. Her cunt was deep red and wet with soft smooth skin. She was soaking wet and it glistened shining in the light. As she reached fully opened………. her pussy lips opened and her cunt hole gaped open.

I was in heaven!!! seeing my new girl friend doing this for me!!! My cock was so hard it ached and i was stroking and massaging it slowly and softly. With every stroke pre cum oozed out and i rubbed it down Sikiş hikayeleri my cock getting it wetter and wetter as i went.I was fully lubricated and my dick felt so good!

Brittany asked if i wanted to keep doing this awhile. She said if i did she would try on different lingerie outfits for me to see her in. So for the next hour and a half she would go into her bedroom and come out in different lingerie for me and strip back to nude for me. She had garter belts , stocking, spike heels, teddies, crotchless panties, open cup Bras and on and on.It was 1pm and she was dressed in all white teddie, stockings, thong, and heels like bridal lingerie when the door opened and in walked a lady. I grabbed a towell and covered my mid section but wasnt able to move or i would be naked. I thought what was going on?

This lady was a little older and i quickly realized it was her mother! She was dressed in a silk blouse with a knee length skirt with heels and black stockings guessed. Brittany said mom i didnt know you were coming today. Her mother Jill said should i go? In the split second you have to think you wonder whats going on. Here is Brittany dressed in lingerie, me on the loveseat naked with a hard on and a towell…….and her mom walks in. Brittany says mom this is Bob, Bob this is my mom Jill. We smile and shake hands and i can tell she wants to stay the way she looked at me and smiled. i said Brittany its ok with me whatever you 2 decide. She says to her mother , mom we are having fun this afternoon and if you want to stay you can.

Jill is a little taller than her daughter and a little heavier but in great shape. Her hair is short 4 or 5 inches and frosted with blonde streaks in the brown, very attractive. She watches as Brittany continues posing for me and comes over and sits beside me. Im stroking my dick under the towell as Jill sits a foot from me. It is great and a little nasty feeling doing this with Jill there. I watch Brittany and glance over at Jill. The blouse she is wearing has buttons and between you can see her big full boobs laying in a pushup Bra. She has to be at least a DD cup. Brittany says “mother do you want to get comfortable too” Jill begins unbuttoning her blouse and removes it. Her Bra is huge!! then she slips off her skirt and she has on stockings and garters too!! WITH NO PANTIES!!! I think what the heck and unsnap her bra and pull it off. Her tits are huge 36DD with huge brown areolas and big nipples. Jill pulls the towell off my cock and she softly says “oh my”

I put my hand at the base of my cock and slowly stroke as Jill watches me jack off looking at her and her daughter. Brittany asks her mom ” do you like it? Jill stammers out “you know i do thats why you let me come over” Thats when i knew this wasnt a accident. Jill replaces my hand with hers and begins pumping my cock. In about 2 or 3 min. she lowers Erotik hikaye her head down and begins sucking my cock. Brittany comes over and puts her pussy in my face as her mother sucks my cock i eat her pussy.

We decide to go to the bedroom and both lay back into bed as i eat first one than the other. Totally different, Brittany is smooth and shaved and Jill is trimmed but has a full dark brown bush in a perfect “V’ Both are fully wet and ready as i decide to fuck Brittany first for her mom to see her get fucked.Jill is on her side to view. As my dick slides inside Brittanys pussy her mom stares and finger fucks herself. As i pick up speed i reach over to massage one of Jills huge tits. It only takes a couple of min. for Brittany to climax as she squeels and moans. As she finishes i move to Jill and roll her to her back and spread her legs.

I wisper “do you want this too? or did you just want to meet me”? She said i wasnt sure what i would do meeting you but i want your cock inside me now”” Now Brittany is watching as i finger her mothers pussy. Jill is a mature woman with a mature pussy. I easily get 3 fingers inside and as she gets wetter and looser all 4 go inside. She instinctivly raises her ass and legs for me to accress her cunt. As i push my 4 fingers deep into her i realize i could get my fist inside. I dont want to over step so i slowly work my thumb up to the knuckle along with the other 4 fingers as she gets sloppier and wetter. It would only take a slight push to fully fist her but i decide to back off since this is the first time with Jill. Brittany seemed a little surprised i didnt i think. I moved into her closer and rubbed my dick up and down her crack and the my cock head slipped inside her cunt.

I move in and out slowly as she begins to groan. By now her pussy is fully angled up to grant me full entry so i push firmly into her until the last inch or so and she dilates and my dick slams fully into her. I pound in and out as she screams and moans and thrashes her legs. I go faster and faster and pound deep inside hitting her cervix with each stroke. She climaxes really fast then begins a second and as she reachs her second climax i feel her get sloppy and hot and she begins squirting. She pushes me out and a full hot stream of her cum gos up my stomach to my chest. She begins rubbing her clit and she gos off like a fountain, spraying her cum all over us all. With this she gos limp and collapses.

Brittany begins sucking my cock like a whore. Licking her moms juice as well as her own and mine. I feel it cumming and i shoot a stream on Brittanys face and move to Jill with the rest and shoot all over her titties and face. I lay down between them both and put an arm around each of them. I found out from Brittany later that was the first time they did anything like that togather. They wouldnt have sex with each other but sharing me was totally ok . As it turned out i became a close friend of Jill as well and was allowed to see her when i wasnt with Brittany or the 3 of us would get together. This is only part of the ongoing story

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32