Brian’s Story Ch. 02

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Okay, I guess Brian doesn’t suck at this writing thing as much as he thought he did. I thought the first part turned out nicely. Thanks to all the people who voted for him. He won’t say it but he does appreciate it.

We hope you enjoy part two. I don’t have to remind you that this is all true, but the names have been changed to protect everybody.




I began to see a pattern. For me things came in threes. Sometimes fours, but to that point no more than that. That would change, too.

The night I slept with Gary and Irene was a high water mark. To that point all my fucking had been with school age kids. Kids my age. Marie, my first real lay in my senior year and Aaron, the first guy I fooled around with was high school kid’s play.

Then I met Dennis at College and advanced my ‘bi-studies’. I also was fucking and getting fucked by a series of horny college babes. Then, one night I got laid by Laurie and Raelynn in the sauna of the College Aquatic Center. And after that Laurie took me home to fuck, and I not only fucked her, but also had sex with her roommate Joely and Joely’s boyfriend John. It was my first foursome and easily the most decadent night of my life.

But I was just 21 and we were kids and frankly, we fucked like kids. I’m not saying that any fucking is bad. As they say today, it’s all good. Looking back with almost twenty years of hindsight experience, I hadn’t been fucked like an adult until Gary and Irene.

All the freaky shit that went down later with Bonnie, that I’ll get to later, was really cool but it was still kid stuff.

I left Dennis and the college we attended after one year. Don’t know what I was running to I was just running on… And that’s the gospel according to Jackson B.

I guess its no coincidence that I call what I did ‘fucking’. No matter how many times me and these other girls ‘made love’ in University and after, it was just a lie we told each other to have someone to hold close at night or during a dark day. I didn’t make love to a woman until I got back to where Dennis was and met the woman who became my wife.


I guess I picked a suburb of Denver because I liked seeing the mountains. Maybe they just reminded me of tits. I answered an ad in a local underground newspaper for a furnished room to let. I went to the house and the guy there let me in to look at the room.

The house was a two and a half story monstrosity and the furnished room they had to rent out was on the second level with another huge bedroom, a laundry room and closets that would have been full rooms in any other house. The top floor was an attic type garret used for painting. The main floor was all kitchen, dining area, living space and a front office for the lady of the house.

The room was good enough and the price was right and I had access to the kitchen and the huge bathroom was right across the hall. There was a nice living area with good sound and TV stuff so I jumped at it.

The guy didn’t say much except that the final decision rested with his wife.

I went to the diner down the street to wait for the lady of the house to get home from work. At six I hiked back to the house and Gary and Irene were sitting on the porch drinking a beer. They offered me one and I accepted. They looked to be in their thirties and fairly successful in life so far, like the ultimate yuppie couple.

Gary was quiet, and at this point in the afternoon, covered in specks of paint. Irene told me he was an artist and she worked as a legal secretary in an office tower downtown. He was a bit taller than me with sandy blonde hair and a three-day Miami Vice growth of beard. Irene was dressed for success with a black blazer over a black skirt and a white blouse. She was petite and very blonde and her hair cascaded over her slim shoulders. She didn’t seem to have much in the breast department.

Then again there’s no reason why I should have been thinking about her tits that way, but it was a habit I couldn’t help. I was just a boarder. Gary looked like he could handle all her sexual needs. He looked to be a bit of a stud with a well developed body and direct gaze.

Being openly bi opened up a whole new world. I had always looked at women and appreciated their beauty and dreamed about fucking them. Now since my College experiences with Dennis and John, I was looking at guys, too and wondering if there were opportunities there. But I tried not to think of my landlords this way. It would just complicate things.

Irene asked if I liked the room and I said it was great. She asked what I did for a living and I told her I didn’t have a job yet, I just got into town. But I was going to get one soon.

Gary and Irene looked at each other and she turned to me. She said the room was mine if I wanted it but I had to come up with the rent at the first of the month. I pulled out my wallet and gave them the first month’s in advance.

She explained about the kitchen and konyaaltı escort laundry privileges. She said my room was my own and they didn’t care what I did in it. She asked if I smoked and I said no. What about dope, she asked and I said I did smoke that. She just smiled and said they frowned on tobacco but had nothing against dope as long as people shared. She just said to be careful and not burn the house down.

They didn’t mind if I brought girls over, and me and my big mouth, I said what about guys. She just about spit out her beer and she shot a look at Gary and I thought they’d ask me to leave then and there.

She just said that they were liberal people and as long as nobody was hurt, what I did in my own room was my business.

Gary looked at his watch and said that supper was going to be ready and I was welcome to join them. I offered to help him and he led me to the kitchen while Irene went upstairs to change.

We were getting the salad together and I was looking for all the utensils and stuff to set the table. Gary was chopping celery and he asked if I was gay. I said no, I like both. But what do you prefer, he asked and I said I honestly had no preference. He seemed to accept this. It was just talk. I thought he was just curious because he didn’t ask it in a snotty, nosy way.

Then Irene walked in. All she had on was a plaid flannel work shirt and shorts so short I wasn’t sure they were there until she wrapped her arms up around Gary’s neck and kissed him deeply. Her ass was fucking glorious and I kept thinking to myself, she’s your landlord she’s your landlord… She asked how his painting went and he said great. Then she grabbed the salad and took it to the table.

We sat down and ate. Gary was a good cook. They were a lively, intelligent and happy couple. I was going to like it here.


I moved my stuff from the bus station and into my new home.

The first sex I had in town was with this girl I met in the diner down the street. It was just a week after I got there, and I was using the diner for my base of operations while looking for work.

She was an 18-year old waitress that took a shine to me. She worked four hours in the morning and then she had a three-hour break and then four more hours over the supper rush. She took me back to her apartment during her break and we fucked twice in that time. Once like rabbits and once more relaxed.

But she was just a kid and not too mature. She wasn’t what I was looking for in a steady girl, if I was looking for a steady girl. We parted on friendly terms.

I got a good gig as a day bartender in a pub within walking distance of the house. I worked from 10 to 6 and the tips were great. I kind of kept my distance for the first couple weeks, to see who was fucking who on staff so I didn’t piss anyone off. There were even a couple of guys who might have turned my crank if I had been looking for guys, but they were so obviously, insecurely macho. They might have been gay or bi deep down but they would kill you for trying to find out. So I left them alone.

Meanwhile, life at Gary and Irene’s was great. We shared cooking and cleaning duties and we’d sometimes rent a movie and smoke a hookah full of pot and just relax. Or we’d play Monopoly. I caught them fucking on the living room sofa when I came home early when I was sick one day. I excused myself and crawled up to my room. I presumed they were just a normal married couple. I would hear muffled roars and whimpers from behind their door most every night.


Dianne was a long-legged 24 year-old Canadian chick with an almost unhealthy obsession with Joni Mitchell. But she was kind of pretty in an offbeat way and she was nice to talk to. She was the first of my co-workers to show an interest in hanging out with me. She was a more mature person and we progressed at a mature pace.

For the first few times, we talked and drank at the bar after work. One night we went to a play that one of her friends was acting in. We were just becoming good friends and after a while the time came to take it to another level as they say.

One night we went to a movie. During the show, as soon as the popcorn was finished, I felt her hand move up my thigh and soon she was massaging my cramped prick. We started necking. I slipped my hand up under her shirt and slipped over her braless tit. They weren’t huge but they still felt nice. I was feeling her pert little tits and she was squeezing my cock through my pants as we traded tongue in the back row. We were both pretty hot and horny by the time the movie let out.

We broke speed records as she drove us back to my place. I told Gary and Irene that I had a date with Dianne and Irene winked at me and said they weren’t going to be home until very late. They had some kind of fancy-ass dinner party to go to.

Dianne and me ran straight up the stairs to my room and locked the door. We had each other pinned kepez escort on the big double mattress and we were ripping at each other’s clothes. There was no foreplay here and when we kissed, we were animals. It was pure lust. She even looked different. In seconds we were naked. We swung into a quick 69 for the sole purpose of lubing ourselves up. She spun around, threw me to the mattress and in seconds she slid her dark haired pussy over me and she was riding up and down on my hard cock and talking dirty to me.

She was squeezing my nipples and I did the same to her. We flipped over and we were doing it missionary style with her legs scissoring my ribs when she came for the first time that night.

She wrapped her legs even tighter around me and held my hard cock deep inside her. Her face turned an alarming shade of red. It took her a while to calm down and she was ready to go again.

She loudly encouraged me to keep fucking her until I came too and she asked me how I’d like to do it. I didn’t know what to say so she bucked me off and spun around and climbed up to the headboard. She wrapped her hands around the spindles and wriggled her cute little ass at me. She looked at me over her shoulder and smiled. Come on, she said, I want to feel you cum in me. Cum in me real deep, baby…

I crawled between her legs and she rubbed the tip of my cock on her clit and then she slid my rock hard cock all the way into her. This was obviously good for her because she started ramming back into me. It was like fucking Raelynn without the sweat. She looked back at me and told me that it felt so good having my fat cock in her. Then she said that she wanted me to talk to her.

Talk to her about what? Fucking, baby, tell me what it feels like, she says. So I told her that it was like sliding into tight butter when I slid my cock into her and she was so tight and I wanted to fuck her ass all night long, and stuff like that.

I wasn’t too good talking like that, but I was willing to learn. Soon I had an idea of what worked for her and I was doing okay. We were both carrying on a loud conversation about how fucking great we were fucking each other.

She told me to grab her tits and I reached underneath to do it. She moaned and told me to be as rough as I wanted with her tits ’cause she liked it so I twisted and pulled on her nipples and told her that I’d really like to use my tongue and teeth on them. That got her going too. She reached one hand below her and alternated between doing her clit and gently squeezing my balls and stroking the root of my cock as it slid into her.

She told me to slap her ass and I hesitated. I never liked hitting women even if they did claim they liked it. I gave her a few taps and she said harder, harder and so I gave her a good smack and she squealed loudly.

I kept at it, but it all stopped when I told her that I was cumming and she said she was cumming too and we both started fucking in a frenzy. She should have bit into the pillow to keep from screaming, but what the hell, no one was home. When I collapsed on her sweaty back she turned and we kissed for about half an hour as the cum drained out of her and dried on our thighs and soaked into the bed. She was a nice girl again, calm and gentle as a kitten. She asked if I would be a dear and get her something to drink.

At this point I could use a beer myself so I slipped on my sweat pants and went down stairs to the kitchen. I had my head down in the fridge and I felt a hand on my ass.

I jumped up and there was Irene, dressed in a fluffy white terry cloth robe. Her hair was in a casual ponytail behind her. Her face was clean of makeup and she looked like a schoolgirl. Well, maybe a 33-year old school teacher.

Oh I’m sorry she said. I thought you were Gary. She acted like she was embarrassed but it was a crock. There was no way she could have mistaken me for her husband because we were so different. I was dark and kind of hairy and he was almost as blonde as she was. She smiled to herself and when I got over my shock I asked when they got home.

She said they got home just after I did. Their party sucked. I stood at the counter and poured the beer into glasses because that’s the way Dianne liked it.

Irene leaned on the counter beside me. I could smell wine on her breath. She asked if I had a good time with Dianne and I said we did. I turned to go and she said that we had to talk. I asked what was wrong and she said that the only rule of the house was that I could do what I wanted as no one got hurt.

I guess I looked at her strangely and she said Dianne sounded like I was fucking her to death. She actually said ‘fucking her to death’. I couldn’t do anything but I’m sure I blushed.

I guessed she must have been kind of drunk. She put a tiny hand with bright red fingernails on my hard belly and played with the hair leading south. Is Dianne a nice girl, she asked and I said she was very nice. kemer escort Was she a tramp, she asked and I said no, she was not a slut or anything.

If this was flirting, it was the most extreme case I had ever seen. I had no idea where Irene’s questions were going but her hand was heading south.

So she’s not a slut, said Irene, but she still loves to fuck? I said I guessed so. What does this Dianne look like? Is she a blonde like me, or a slutty little redhead? I stammered that she was dark-haired. Irene moved a bit closer and her voice got softer. So did she like it, she asked. Did she like it when you pounded your cock into her?

I was starting to get uncomfortable with all of this and yet I was really starting to get hard with her talking dirty. I tried to leave, but she stepped in front of me. I was standing there with a glass of beer in each hand and my landlord was rubbing my stomach and getting closer and closer to the waistband of my loose sweatpants. My cock was poking out rudely.

Hmm, she said, what did her pussy look like? Did she like it when you fucked her with this? And she dropped her hand and slowly stroked up and down the length my cock.

I asked if this was good idea. Where was her husband? She took the two glasses of beer and put them on the counter then turned to kiss me. I really couldn’t object, she looked so good. I took her in my arms and her hands crept up and down my naked back. We kissed for a moment, real gentle, and then she stepped back and undid the sash and shook her robe off her shoulders.

Like I said before, her tits didn’t appear big in everyday life. But naked, I could see they fit her body perfectly. For an older woman (as old as I had to that point,) she was in great shape. There was only a hint of sag. She had nipples like little raspberries with just a tiny areola around it. I went to touch them but she said it was just something to think about and she covered herself up again and dropped to her knees on the kitchen floor.

She playfully bit my throbbing cock through the material and then pulled down my sweats where they hung on my spread knees. She wrapped a little hand around my hard aching rod and jacked it slowly for a moment before taking a dainty little lick. She looked up to me real innocent and said we must have both enjoyed it because she could taste both girl and boy cum.

I’ve had my rod sucked on many times before but the only ones that came even close was the head I got from Dennis and John. Guys know what other guys wanted and the woman on her knees in front of me knew that too. Irene used a perfect combination of force and finesse. I grabbed the lip of the counter and held on for dear life. Part of me wanted to grab her head and fuck her mouth but I didn’t. I knew I was in good hands (or mouth) already.

She had a hand on my ass and one around the base of my rod. Her lips slid up and down my 7 inches. She varied how much she took in. Sometimes just the tip and sometimes her nose was buried in my pubic hair. A couple times she even took me down to the back of her throat and did a swallowing thing on the tip. Then her tongue would swirl over the head and then she’d swallow the tip again.

It was un-fucking real what she did and she knew it, too. She’d look up and her eyes sparkled and she’d smile around my cock. I had never had another girl do that and I prayed that I would last long enough to really enjoy it. It was no use. In spite of cumming in Dianne’s pussy less than an hour ago, I felt my balls boiling.

I whispered a polite warning. She inched back and started sucking just the knob and the first few inches. Her tongue was pointed and it rubbed in figure eights along the underside. She was sucking harder and she was humming contented, and in a few seconds I came in her mouth.

She sucked in the first shot and then of all things, she yanked apart the top of her robe and directed the rest of my cum all over her neck, the top part of her chest and the tops of her lovely tits. She was jerking me off with one hand and scooping up my cum and rubbing it into her skin with the other. She watched me all the time. Like she was daring me to look somewhere else.

She elegantly licked off her fingers and smiled and got to her feet. Out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw something in the window that gave out on their back deck. I looked and was about to say something when Irene kissed me again. She refastened her robe and wished me a good night. She trotted upstairs.

I took a second to get my shit together. I pulled up my sweats and took the beer upstairs. Dianne was just coming out of the bathroom across the hall.

She was still buck fucking naked. She said the bathroom was gorgeous. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me and said we should try fucking in the shower sometime. All of a sudden we realized the other bedroom door was open and Irene was standing there with her robe still wrapped around her. Dianne squawked and jumped behind me, covering her nudity with my body.

Dianne’s tits were pressed into my back as we stood there like statues in the hallway. Irene smiled and said you must be Dianne, so nice to meet you and all that jazz. She offered her hand and Dianne tentatively reached from around me to shake with Irene.

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