Bri Ch. 03

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This story can be read on its own, but reading the first two chapters to catch up on the characters might be beneficial. Hopefully everyone enjoys!

Our cozy little love nest has been working well for us. There really hasn’t been any harsh words or animosity between any of us and at risk of sounding sappy, there has been such harmony in our house that it was sickening.

Most outsiders saw us as a happy go lucky couple who had a younger sister that tagged along. What they neglected to see was that sweet little Bri loved being, Kendra and Ryan Brown’s personal incestuous sex doll and for most men from the age of eighteen to eighty would see what I had as a blessing.

In my world I was a millionaire, I was wealthy beyond my wildest dreams with beautiful women. My cup runneth over with pussy and tits. The world was my oyster, so what could go wrong? Well let me enlighten you as to what could go wrong. Imagine your perfect wife coming home one day and telling you that she would no longer be renewing her prescription for birth control. Simple enough, that event changed our lives.

Kendra made the revelation as casually as could be well chewing on a piece of meatloaf. It seems that the night before, she had a dream and investigated its meaning. Apparently, the writer of life altering, “Book of Dreams” told her in big bold “Times Roman” print that her biological clock was ticking.

I am no expert on having children, but I would have never dreamt, no pun intended, that being in your early to mid-twenties is considered as “running out of time” to bear the fruits of the loin. There was no argument to be had, Ken and I had talked about having children from the first day we married. I didn’t have a problem with it, it was just a timing issue.

Oh yeah, there may be one other “little” problem that Kendra overlooked before she blurted out her intentions, her “little” sister. Our bizarre love triangle works, but it balances on a razors edge. The reason that we have had such success with it is that we are all equals. No one got the biggest piece of the pie. We share and share alike. Bri kept track, both mentally and in a notebook. Bri has always wanted everything that her older sister has and has never been afraid to say as much. So, I will tell you right goddamn now, if Kendra gets pregnant, Bri won’t be too far behind.

All the not so subtle nuances of conniving girls filled my house. For the next few weeks, rooms that were filled with laughter and giggles would stop cold and become as quiet as a confessional when I entered. I knew their plan and it wasn’t a secret. Hell, Kendra had told me what she wanted. What bothered me was how much it was going to change our way of life.

Sex with the two beautiful sisters became less and less regular. Our weekends of wild lovemaking became a thing of the past. Kendra was always tired in the evening and Bri made excuses during the day, but both kept me within sight so that I couldn’t have any alone time. My testosterone levels were at an all-time high.

The fateful night snuck up on me like a lioness on a wounded gazelle. On one particular Friday, Kendra came home early and opened a bottle of wine for her and I. Bri appeared out of nowhere with an overnight bag in her hand and said she was off to Katie’s, to binge watch The Walking Dead, and just like that, I was alone with my wife. My odds of getting laid had just dropped by 50%.

Supper was great, the conversation was good, and Kendra was beautiful, so overall it wasn’t a bad night.

“Hey lover. I’m getting in the tub. Feel like joining me?” I had never refused this request in the past and wasn’t about to start this evening.

“Oh yes I do. Let me grab another bottle of wine and I’ll meet you up there.”

Everything was perfect. I knew it. How could it not be? Soft music was barely audible over the running water. The tub was lined with dim white candles. Kendra had a freshly sugared vagina and silky-smooth legs. She had the best towels we owned out on a chair by the oversized jacuzzi tub and hidden away, almost out of sight was Ken’s Basel body thermometer. She was ovulating and ready. My wife, like everything else she does, had planned this out to perfection and had eliminated most of the luck factor. In her mind, tonight would be the night that we conceive our first child.

Kendra sat between my legs and leaned back into me, causing her long blonde mane to entwine with the brown hairs on my chest. We took turns washing each other with her finest soaps and facecloths. My soapy hands cupped Ken’s generous breasts and stroked her rock-hard nipples. It was all that it took. Kendra was ready to go. She wanted to get to the main event as fast as possible, but she was being cautious, trying not to let me in on her little secret.

Sitting on the edge of the tub, legs spread, I stared at the beauty of her vagina. Her hard, protruding clit and her thick, meaty labia were beckoning me to come forward and devour them.

I Eyüp Escort sucked and licked at Kendra’s gash like a starving man. She was enjoying my work, but she could have done without the preliminary fights, her heart was in the main bout, the title fight. When I stuck a finger in, Kendra tilted her head back and whispered, “that’s it baby, make me cum.”

My hard cock was pointed down into the tub water like the keel of a boat. I sped up the movement of my finger, sucked her clit between my lips, flicked it with my tongue and sent her rocketing off into space.

When Ken eased back into the water, she kept her head tilted back and said, “holy shit that felt good.”

Wrapped in luxurious towels, we headed to our bed. Like the tub, it was also ready to go. The pillows and Egyptian cotton sheets had been turned down and spritzed with lavender and eucalyptus, while the night table lights had been covered with reddish silk scarfs to set the mood.

On her back, with legs gloriously spread open, my sexy wife beckoned me forward with her curled forefinger.

Tracing kisses up the length of her toned body from toe to neck, I found my final resting place, her full red lips. Kendra used her skilled hand to guide my shaft to her desired destination. With a firm steady push, it found its way home. Kendra’s fleshy wetness surrounded me and pulled me deeper into its safe haven.

Unlike many of our recent Friday nights in this bed where we had had wild sex, tonight was completely different and we both knew it. Tonight, we were husband and wife, making love. With slow deep meaningful thrusts, I plunged into the depth of Kendra’s pussy and it felt fantastic.

Her long fingers raked and pulled at my hair as I continued pumping in and out. Kendra knew me, she knew the exact moment that I would come. She could sense it. She had prepared for this event. Her arms across my back, fingers twirled into my hair, the calves of her legs pulling me deeper, her lips mashed hard onto to mine, she locked eyes with me and held me tight as I filled her with a huge load of my fertile seed.

“Ryan, I love you so much.”

“I love you too baby.” Before I could say much more, Ken had pushed me off and used my pillow to prop up her ass. There was no longer any pretense to what the game plan was.

“Do you think you need that?”

“Probably not, but I’m taking any chances.” She smiled when she noticed that I wasn’t upset with her actions.

“I’m going to stay like this for 30 minutes, so if you get me what I hope is my last glass of wine for the next year, I’ll suck your dick and we can do this all over again. What d’ya say?”

“Well let me think about it for a few minutes.”

“Jerk. Can you hand me that throw, it’s a little chilly in here.” She looked absolutely stunning laying naked with her legs and butt in the air.

“Wow. I just came in you 3 minutes ago and already you’re going to be the bossy pregnant wife?”

“Quit it.” I threw Ken her favorite cuddle blanket and topped up her wine. True to her word, she did suck me to hardness, and we did have sex again that night and Saturday was spent doing the same. Kendra had us on a timetable of sex, sex and more sex. We would only stop to shower and clean up or to eat. When I came for the last time that evening, I’m sure that I was shooting sawdust.

The Sunday morning sun woke me, so I snuck out of bed. Not wanting to risk waking Kendra, because another day like the last two may forever ruin my already raw penis.

A fresh pot of coffee brewing, a bagel in the toaster and sports news on the T.V. It was a great Sunday morning.

It was shortly after 11:00am when Bri showed up at home, and I could tell that she was dragging her ass. She was walking slumped over, wearing sunglasses, a hoodie and an old pair of checkered sleep pants.

“Rough night little buddy?”

“Holy fuck, you have no idea. Katie drinks white wine out of a box and I’m sure we killed two of them. My head is pounding like a steel drum.” She threw her bag on the floor and moved toward me. Removing her glasses and hoodie, and sat down in my lap, sideways on the chair. I could smell pussy on her face when she kissed me.

“So, daddy, am I going to be an aunt? Did you knock up my sister this weekend?”

I grinned at Bri and responded with, “Maybe. What about you, am I going to be an uncle? Did you practice safe sex, or did you and Katie knock each other up?”

“Nope. No chance of that. Can’t get preggers from spit and fingers.” With that Bri crammed her tongue into my mouth as if to prove that she wasn’t joking about having had oral. “We should invite Katie over some weekend, she tastes great.”

“Yeah, well I’m not so sure that your sister would want to share both of us with a stranger.” Bri lifted herself up off the chair and said, “True. I’m going to shower, join me?”

“Raincheck. I don’t even want water touching my dick. Your sister damn near killed me yesterday.”

“Your Eyüp Escort Bayan loss.” And she was gone.

Kendra didn’t get out of bed until some time after 1:00pm and Bri slept until she smelled supper cooking. We eat together and Kendra quizzed her younger sister about her weekend spent at “Sexy Katie’s” house.

When darkness fell Bri and Ken walked hand in hand towards the stairs. “Hey big guy, you coming?”

“Sorry ladies, no come left.”

The next two weeks were as normal as they could be in our twisted little world. Kendra called from work on Friday and said that she was craving Thai food, so I shouldn’t make anything for supper. Shortly after five, she arrived toting bags of takeout and a 6 pack of my favorite Thai beer.

Bri rushed the table like a starving 10-year-old and poured herself a cold beer. Kendra got a glass of ice water to help mask the heat of our spicy meal. I poured the first of two beers and handed the frosty glass to Kendra, “No thanks.”

“It’ll do a better job cooling you down then that water will.”

“Mines not spicy. I ordered the mild version.” I looked at my wife’s face for clues, but it wasn’t necessary. Tears of joy ran down her face when she said, “And I won’t be drinking any alcohol for a while.”

Our kiss was tender and soft, and I cried along with my beautiful wife. We would be having an addition to our perfect family. I looked over at Bri to include her in our joyous moment and noticed that she was also crying, but because of the sadness in her eyes, I had my suspicions if it was for the same reason as us.

A whirlwind of emotion and planning became our new norm. Kendra was drafting up plans and ideas for the new nursery and kept me on my toes with tasks for upgrading our home to make it child proof. It didn’t seem to phase her at all when I pointed out that none of this was needed for eight months or more.

Kendra couldn’t see what was happening, but I noticed from the start that Bri kept her distance and gave zero input, even when asked a direct question. It was as if she was feeling like the odd man out once again.

I would never ask anyone to curb their enthusiasm, especially my wife, but it would have been nice if Kendra toned it down just a little. Her constant talk about pregnancy and children was making Bri very uncomfortable.

My initial intention was getting Bri out of the house and take her mind off her surroundings, but after thinking about it, it was also very self-serving. Bri and I had not had sex in over two weeks, and I was missing her hard, little body. So that Monday I invited her out for lunch.

We spent the afternoon not far from the ocean. Talking about only her and the current events with her job and life, the youthful glow to which I had become accustom, returned. Bri and I strolled, holding hands in one of the many parks in our area. Throwing caution into the wind, we kissed in public, like hungry teens.

“Thanks Ryan. This was a fun afternoon.”

“It’s not over. Let’s spend the rest of the day getting reacquainted. Wink, wink.” I did my best over the top wink to make her laugh.

“I really want to, but like this stud that I love, once said to me, “Raincheck”. There was a sad smile on her face when she said it. It hurt me to see her in pain, but I didn’t know what to do.

I held my young sister-in-law in my arms and kissed her passionately, “I love you and I’m here whenever you need me.”

“Oh, I know. I can feel your “whenever you need me”, poking me in the belly.” Holy shit, it had been so long that just holding her made me as hard as a rock.

“That’s not what I mean, and you know it.” I released my hold and Bri walked toward her office seductively swaying her hips.

“Really? You keep that shit up and you won’t be able to stop me.” Bri turned, grinned and blew me a kiss before closing her door.

Tuesday and Wednesday passed by like waves washing up on to a beach. They came and went without anyone even noticing that they had been. Thursday on the other hand crashed to shore like a Tsunami.

Kendra couldn’t find her favorite coat and blamed everyone in the house of hiding it on her, including the dog. She would later admit to having left it at work. Then she claimed that nothing fit her because she was fat. At less than seven weeks pregnant, you couldn’t even see a bump, but there was no reasoning with her, and it was best not to try. After “fatty” finally found something that “fit”, her and Bri got into an argument over where the last chocolate muffin had disappeared to. It was heated enough that I stayed out of the way and wiped my face clean, to hide any traces of crumbs from having ate it.

When the door slammed behind her, I was alone in silence. Hot tea in hand, I settled down at my desk to get some much-needed work done.

Fully engaged in my work, I didn’t notice a body standing in my doorway. Bri looked stunning. Her long brown hair was swept seductively over her Escort Eyüp right shoulder and she was leaning against the door frame wearing a set of purple lingerie that I had never had the pleasure of seeing. The ensemble was frilly, lacey and sexy as hell. The wry smile on her face told me that she knew that I was putty in her hands.

“Can Ryan come out and play?”

I was up in a flash. Bri rushed toward me and jumped into my arms, wrapping her thin legs around my waist. “Baby, I’ve missed you sooooo much.”

“Yeah, I bet you say that to all your girls.”

“Oh, I do, but I only mean it when I say it to you.”

“Take me to my room and ruin me for all other men.”

“I thought I already did that.” Bri laughed and kiss me so hard that it hurt.

Carrying my lover down the hall, I swore that I could smell and feel the heat of her passion. We unceremoniously flopped down on Bri’s bed like two teenagers in heat. Our hands ravaged each other, feeling, groping and probing. The lacy material felt like the softest thing to my fingers. When I slipped my hand inside the bottoms, I found the wet treasure chest that I had been searching for. With a “Oooooooh.” Bri parted her legs to give me full access. My fingers parted the wetness and eased into her tight tunnel of love. My finger action was working wonders for Bri, but I wanted, no, needed more. I couldn’t wait to taste her again.

Kissing my way down her body, I pulled down the lacy bra and suckled at her dark hardened nipples. Bri cooed and held my head in her hands, but I was on a mission. My lips released their grip and moved further south. “Noooooo, come back.” Bri said it but there wasn’t any conviction in her voice. She knew where I was headed, and it was exactly what she wanted.

My tongue made wet lines around her bellybutton as I paused momentarily for a layover. When my chin touched the lacy material of her panties, I thought that I’d cum in my pants. I was so turned on that I was ready to explode. My teeth tugged gently at the purple garment, but I didn’t want to remove it. I wanted to chew and taste her through it. I licked and sucked at the lace and Bri’s wetness. I tried to push my tongue through the tiny holes in the fabric.

“Oh, my fucking god Ryan, you’re killing me.” Bri was so excited that she pushed her hand between my face and her crotch, pulled her panties to the side and exposed her open vagina to me. I snaked my pointed tongue into her as far as I could.

Bri’s juices flowed freely. They were cascading over my tongue and down my chin. I could have stayed there forever savoring the flavor. If given my choice, Bri would have had to have my mouth surgically removed from her vagina.

My tongue lapping at her and the constant contact of my thumb on her clit, along with a finger probing her asshole sent Bri over the edge. When my lover came, she straightened out as stiff as a board and pulled my face into her so hard that she nearly broke my neck.

Crawling up over her, Bri smiled and kissed me. “Man, I love when you do that to me.”

“The pleasure is all mine, me lady.” My best, horrible fake British accent made Bri chuckle.

Pushing forward, my penis slowly eased into Bri. Inch by inch it moved until we were joined as one. It was a perfect fit. It was like it was meant to be. I know that it had only been a few weeks, but it felt like an eternity and it was so good to be home.

Like long lost lovers, Bri raised her hips to meet every one of my thrusts. I could feel her tight grip as the walls of her love nest caressed my shaft. There was something about today that I couldn’t put my finger on. Everything about today was perfect. We made love with so much passion, that it felt alive.

We both watched as my hard cock pummeled her frothy little pussy. Her tight grip and my build up, was taking me closer to a finish.

“You feel so good, I never want it to end.”

“It’s okay baby. Cum whenever you need to.” And she hugged me into her so that our bodies mashed together.

With lips locked together, we rode the sexual rollercoaster. I climbed to the last peak with a long series of thrusts, and the final drop was right in front of me. It had been so long, that I couldn’t wait any longer to fill my lover.

When my first rope of fertile spunk flew out of me like a blazing bullet, Bri looked into my eyes and said, “Do it Ryan. Put a baby in me.”

I emptied my load into her waiting cervix. There was no turning back. I was fully vested in this merger. I pushed my tongue into Bri’s mouth and kept pumping. I had been played. My lover had put me off and waited until she was ready. At the right moment during ovulating she played me like a musician plays an instrument.

The three of us had talked about this, and what might happen if Bri became pregnant. We agreed that we would cross that bridge if we ever came to it. Everyone knows that accidents happen, but this was no accident. It was planned out perfectly. It was premeditated, but I knew that it was coming. From the very first day that Kendra said she wanted a child I knew that it would only be a matter of time before her little sister was knocked up as well. We were now standing in front of the very bridge that we had spoken about.

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