Brewing an Encounter

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Female Ejaculation

There was an orgy of hunched over people stroking their keyboards like exhibitionist lovers performing in public. Another Thursday night at the east side Coffee Plug.

Coffee Plug had everything a mobile geek could want: lots of wall sockets, indirect lighting, free wireless and coffee by the gallon. If they had showers, some people would probably live there. With beds, some folks would probably fuck there, too. Without the beds, a certain percentage of the tiptapping crowd did the next best thing: cyber sex.

It was always possible that the cutie at the next table was also logged onto ‘hottub waves’ right along with you, but the chances were pretty small. Still, it had to happen someday, and Nic thought he had gotten lucky tonight. Hopefully, in more ways than one.

He was drifting into some pretty heavy flirting with “Cute Laptop” when he suddenly noticed a women across the room typing in that distinctive “chat” pattern. Typing in echo to his typing, in fact.

Nic didn’t want to spoil the surprise, so he carefully started probing to find out where she actually was. A neighbor, good. And she liked the idea of meeting him in person. ‘Like’ was probably too mild a term by now, as ‘flirting’ had turned into ‘groping’, or as much as one could fondle another chatter over the ‘net.

So. Was she at home? No, in a coffee shop, laptop in one hand, hot tea in the other. She joked that it didn’t leave any hands free, so she hoped he liked oral. He laughed, and watched the lady across the room take another sip from her cup. There were tea-bag tags dangling from the edge.

{{You should take those out}} he typed.

>>Huh?<< {{Your tea bags. It’ll make your tea bitter. And anything hot in your mouth should be sweet.}} >>(laugh)How did you know? And I’ll bet you’re sweet. But now i have to take myself out, before i leave a puddle on the coffee plugs seat. E-mail me? i want to fuc..uh…meat…uh…get a cup of cock…uh…have coffee with you 🙂 << {{Maybe i’ll see you soon 😉 }} She logged off, finished her tea and closed up her laptop. Nic closed up at the same time, and was a pace behind her out the door. “Had fun chatting?” Kocaeli Escort he said to her back.

She started a bit, and turned to look at him. “What did you say?”

“I asked if you had fun chatting. Hot tea for a hot lady, and all that.”

She just stared at him a moment. A horrible, sinking moment when Nic thought he had gone too far somehow. But the overbright gleam in her eye promised something, and he was committed now.

“So. Are you going to be able to wait until you get home?”

“Home hell,” she muttered, not really answering him as much as talking to herself. “Come on.”

She led him down the short alley beside the Coffee Plug, and up a set of stairs to a deep, deserted second story balcony. There, she turned to him again, and pushed him back against the wall.

“You better be as horny as I am, mister. If you’re teasing me, I swear I’ll dump tea in your laptop next time I see you.”

Nic just laughed, grabbed her ass in both hands and pulled her hard up against his pelvis. Holding her steady, he dropped his head to growl softly in her ear.

“I’m going to fuck you. Run my hands up under your shirt and over your hot skin. I’ll rake my fingernails along your back until I get to your bra strap, and free your tits from bondage. Oh yes, I’d like to put you in bondage, but it would be at my own hands tying the knots, trapping your hands, tying your ankles, spreading them further and further.”

As he spoke, he matched action to word, pulling out her blouse and running his hands up her back to undo her bra. Holding onto her back, Nic used his feet to nudge her feet wider and wider apart. As he continued to describe what he would do, she laid her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes. Her breathing started growing heavier.

“With you spread out and bound down, I would nibble and suck at your nipples. Pinching them, squeezing your tits, milking pleasure from your body,” he said, working his hands up under her bra and gripping her breasts. “Pulling and suckling. I’d nurse at your tits, drinking your desire, flicking my tongue over your nipples, sucking them into my mouth, biting on them.” He Kocaeli Escort Bayan pinched her nipples, and she moaned softly, squirming against him, sightlessly fumbling with her hands at his waistband.

“Your hands are bound up, tied. You can do nothing by lay there and writhe as I work my way down your body,” he said. He removed his hands from under her blouse, sliding them down her arms until he had caught her hands. With one hand, he gripped both her hands behind her back, as he started inching her skirt up with his other hand.

“I’ll trail my tongue down your chest, nibbling at your hot flesh, tasting your skin, tasting your passion. Then I’d run my hands over your hips, gripping your ass, squeezing, massaging your rear, working my way in, closer to your thighs, and scrape my thumbnails down the crease where your legs meet your pussy.” Nic’s own hand was under her skirt now, the fabric bunched up around his wrist as he slid his fingers under the waistband of her lacy panties. She was panting into the hollow of his collarbone now, occasionally licking at his throat.

“Then I’m going to start touching you. Trailing my fingertips up and down, barely touching your nether lips, scratching your mons, circling your little nub. I’d tease you, drumming my fingertips, stroking your creases, dipping, but never quite going in.” As he spoke, he slid his hand further down, reaching from behind to slide his fingers across her damp pussy lips. She tried to grind down onto his fingers, but he held her up, keeping the touch light and maddening.

“Do you want me to fuck you? To slide my fingers in? To ram my fingers in? To ram my hot, hard cock into your wet pussy? You’re tied up, I can make you wait, or I can make you come. I can tease you, or lick you. Lick your clit, flicking my tongue against it, as I shove my fingers in, pushing deep into you, looking for that joy spot in your cunt. Do you want me to fuck you, fuck you hard?”

She moaned against his shin. “Do me. Do me, goddamnit, Do Me!” Her voice was as quiet as the wind, but loud as lust. She pushed harder against him, desperately trying to get more of his fingers into her. He complied, Escort Kocaeli sliding two fingers as deep as they would go. The angle was awkward, so “deep” wasn’t much, but it was the perfect angle for rubbing her g-spot.

As he hit the spot, she gasped out another cry, and bit his shoulder, using his body as a gag to muffle her screaming. Nic rocked her with his hips, thrusting her onto his fingers, pulling her down with the hand binding her wrists, shoving up and in with the fingers of her other hand.

“Come. Come for me. Feel my cock hard in your pussy. Come on my fingers. Come. Hard cock in your pussy, wet, hot on my rod, yes. Yes. Do It!”

And she came, in twitchy shudders, and great muffled, biting moans. Her pussy spasming around his fingers, her legs trembling and jerking. Nic kept her at it until her legs stiffened, and he could tell her last peak had passed.

“Shhhh. shhhh,” he gentled her, releasing her hands, brushing her temple with the side of his face. “Shhhh. Relax now,” he murmured, “I’m going to have to pull my fingers out. Shhh, just relax. There’ll be more.” She whimpered a little as he withdrew his fingers, bringing her hands around to clutch at his waist.

She lifted her head, and pushed back a bit to stare straight into his eyes. “There goddamn well better be more!” she growled. And he laughed again. It was a good evening that starts and ends with laughter, he thought. Although he suspected this evening wasn’t over.


When Nic checked his mail later that morning (much later) he found a note waiting from “Cute Laptop.” He grinned, and opened it, thinking that she must be even faster on e-mail than he was, to post something between the time she left his apartment and when he got showered and brewed coffee.

:: Hey, Not-So-Stranger, I’d really like to meet you sometime. Here’s my pic. I always hang out at the Coffee Plug, the one on the west end. It’s not as crowded as the east side Coffee Plug. You really got me hot last night, and then I had to go home alone. I swear, I probably would have fucked the first cute guy to whisper a good line in my ear… ::

Nic stared at the woman in the picture. An entirely different woman. In an entirely different coffee house. Nic realized he never asked last night’s partner her name. Or her e-mail. Or phone. Or … aw, hell.

Well, there were worse things to do than hang out in coffee houses, hoping she returned, hoping to get lucky. Again.

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