Breaking Angela Ch. 06

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Steven decided to watch and wait as she pushed herself deeper into degradation and submission. He watched daily as she fucked her new roommate in the morning, and her boss at work, the other barista’s when she could.

Angela had been free for a full month now with no sign of pursuit she found that a little odd at first but now it was almost a distant memory. Angela’s only immediate problem was finding a way to satisfy herself, the closest she had come so far was fucking her new Master and four of his friends.

A sigh then as she rode the bus home from work once again, she had to face the facts she was just…bored. She missed being pushed, she missed performing in the dining hall, if she was being honest she especially missed Master Steven.

Standing as the bus came to a stop she slipped off walking towards the apartment thinking wistfully of being used, of her decisions being made for her, she had to find a happy medium, she wanted to be a slut, but on her terms.

Closing the apartment door behind her she immediately stripped down, tossing her clothes in a hamper near the door. Angela stretched running her hands over her body cupping her tits and pinching her nipples nice and hard. She shivered as she bit her lip her desire instantly coming to life with the pain. Reluctantly releasing her nipples she looked around the apartment seeing a few things that could use cleaning up she set to the work.

Angela found an empty beer bottle as she was cleaning staring she held it in her hand. Trembling she brought the bottom of the glass up to her lips, she moaned as she licked around the base of the green bottle. Moving to the end of the couch she placed the bottle upside down against the arm. Swinging a leg over the bottle she began to squat, guiding the fat bottom towards her puckered ass. Moaning Angela lowered herself until she felt the barely lubed glass push its way into her. Willgiling she forced her self down leaving only an inch or so of the thin neck protruding from her ass.

Standing she began to clean again each step stoking the fire inside her, the cleaning done she went to the bathroom. She stared at the girl in the mirror and didn’t recognize her. Oh, she knew the hair and eyes, the cute little nose it was her but at the same time, it wasn’t. Angela found herself playing with her nipples as her brain wondered. The bottle still firmly in her ass she moaned as she made a decision, Angela knew what she had to do.

Quickly dressing in a pair of dark black yoga pants that she was sure would show the end of the bottle in her ass she giggled. Slipping on her shoes she looked for her smallest grey half-shirt, the one that barely covered her nipples and always rode up. Moving then Kocaeli Escort she was down the hall and into the elevator.

Once outside she paced on the sidewalk until she could flag down a cab. There was a pause by the girl as one stopped and she moved towards the backseat. Changing her mind she opened the passenger side door and sat down on the bottle end moaning as she did.

The driver was about to complain until he noticed the butt plug as the girl slipped in, the hot little moan and that slutty little look she gave to him. Angela swung the door shut and motioned forward with her hand. “We need to go interstate 109 south” There was a moment of hesitation by the large black cabbie before the car moved back into the street and started for the interstate.

Once moving Angela gave the big man a wink as she laid down on the seat her hands working to open his pants. He was just about to complain when her fingers found his shaft. “Oh shut up and drive.” Her free hand slipped the little tank top up as she stroked the large flesh rocket in her hand. “Her play with my tits to take your mind off it.” Groaning she wrapped her lips around the fat head then took his entire length down her throat at once.

Angela’s actions took Steven off guard and he cursed as she slipped into the cab. Jumping on the radio to alert the follow driver he headed to his car. It took him a little while to catch up and take over the pursuit, the cab was on the interstate driving a good five mph under the speed limit slightly swerving almost as if the driver was drunk.

Angela fingered herself with two fingers pressing hard against the bottle as she deep throated the cabbie. She felt his balls tighten and pushed her face down hard her nose burying in his pubes while he unloaded his hot cum in her throat. She cleaned his cock before tucking it away and sitting up. Angela did pull her hands from her pants licking her fingers clean but she didn’t bother covering her tits again, it just didn’t matter. Noticing the mile marker on the side of the road she smiled. “I think it is the second exit from here, just stop at the bottom of the ramp I’ll get out there.”

Once Steven knew where she was going he picked up speed moving around the cab. Pulling out his cell he called ahead to have some of the orderlies set up Angela’s old room and to make sure the halls were pretty much empty. He assumed that she would try to sneak back in, and he chuckled thinking about the girl trying to pick up where she left off as if nothing happened.

As the cab moved off the interstate Angela undressed, when the car stopped at the bottom of the ramp she gave the driver a wink before opening the door. “Noone will ever believe this story.” Kocaeli Escort Bayan Reaching down she pulled the bottle free tossing it lightly on the floorboards before sliding out of the car, closing the door, and slipping into the woods.

the driver stared in disbelief as the girl stripped and disappeared into the woods, it was only after she was out of sigh that he realized she stiffed him on the fare. Laughing then he shook his head and started making his way back to the city.

Angela moved through the woods until she found the facility again there she paused looking at the door she escaped from just a month before. Her body trembled, her pussy throbbed squaring her shoulders she stood and walked into the parking lot. Halfway to the door she turned and walked right into the main entrance. The cool air conditioning made goosebumps break out all over her flesh and her nipples harden instantly.

A single receptionist was behind the desk an eyebrow risen in question as Angela approached. “This slave ran away a month ago, this slave was wrong so she came back.” The secretary lifted the receiver and had a conversation with someone on the other end. Once the phone was hung up she pointed towards the elevator. “Down two floors, and you should be able to find your room.”

Nodding once Angela smiled towards the girl. “Thank you, Mistress.” She turned moving to the elevator. Angela nearly orgasmed when she pressed the button and the elevator began moving down. She was surprised when the door opened to an empty hallway. Bare feet padded lightly on the cold concrete until she found the door to her room hanging open.

Inside her room, there were a few additions a single wooden stool, a pair of thick handcuffs, a large double penetration vibrator, and a white envelope with her name written on it. Fingers trembled as she opened the letter and read it quietly to herself.

‘Angela, put the stool in the hall with the vibrator on the top, Sit on the vibe and turn it on high, then you will cuff your wrists behind your back and wait.’

“Ohh fuck” Angela whispered as she read the note once more. Hands trembling she moved the items into the hall, along needy moan as both cocks slid into her, a squeak of pleasure as the vibrators sprung to life. Her eyes closed as she cuffed herself behind her back, she knew when the last cuff closed around her wrist that she was committed, there would be no going back.

Angela orgasmed hard when she heard that last cuff clicking closed, crying out she rode the cocks in her through the orgasm as her chest heaved. It wasn’t long after that people began moving up and down the hallway again, they moved around her as if she didn’t exist like she was Escort Kocaeli just another toy in a toybox. Angela orgasmed again when her mind thought of those words. Hours went by and countless orgasms rocked the girl’s body while she waited, She saw him then Master Steven walking down the hall towards her.

Hands behind his back Master Steven stopped a few feet from the girl, he watched her rolling her hips, breathing hard as another orgasm rolled through her body. Reaching down Steven flipped the vibrator off bringing another moan from the girl. “Stand up slave, get those cocks out of you.”

Another orgasm as Master reached for her, then her body was moving at his words. Standing she let the cocks slip out of her with another shudder of her body. “Yes, Master” Watching as Master Steven’s hands came from around his back to reveal a thick leather chastity belt. Her eyes grew wide as she watched him strap it onto her pulling it tightly against her cunt and ass, the groan was one of need as she heard the lock click into place.

Steven moved around behind her unlocking the cuffs freeing her hands. “Follow me.” Immediately Angela dropped to her hands and knees the thick leather already rubbing against her sensitive lips and inner thighs. She was led to the empty dining hall, Angela watched as Steven placed a wooden chair just inside the doorway facing the hall. “Sit”

Anglea jumped at the single word, something about it made her skin crawl with desire. “Yes Master” she cheeped as she sat in the chair obediently. The ball gag was a surprise, but once she realized what it was she opened her teeth feeling Steven tighten the strap around her head.

Steven walked around in front of her, his hands slipping around behind his back once more. “You will pleasure every person that comes in with nothing but your hands.” Angela’s eyes widened at the command but she nodded her head rapidly. With regret, she watched as Master Steven turned and moved up the hall leaving her alone.

Angela sat alone, her hips rocking back and forth trying to find pleasure against the leather of the harness. There wasn’t enough contact, she couldn’t find the right angle for her clit to find the leather. She was pulled away from her thoughts as the first Master and slave approached, two men, swallowing she watched as the slave stood with trembling hands she took a cock in each of her hands stroking fast.

Her pleasure built as theirs did, and after a few brief minutes, she felt them both unload their cum on her face and chest. Their desire sated they moved on with Angela’s need to cum building inside her. Soon the next pair approached as Angela whispered realizing the severity of the punishment. She couldn’t cum…and she already needed too. Her hand wrapped around the cock of a slave, her fingers pressing into the wet cunt of a Mistress. Angela suffered as she pleased the seemingly endless stream of people their cum plastering her body as each pair passed.

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