Bre meets Mae

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A young, somewhat shy girl is walking through the green Irish landscape. She is a typical Irish girl to look at: red hair and freckles. As she walks, her head hanging, her shoulder dropped, her chest pulled in, it starts to rain. Luckily there is a shelter nearby and she hastens to it. When she enters she finds there is somebody there already, A beautiful, somewhat mature woman.

“Hello Bre,” she says.

The Irish girl is startled! “Do I know you?” she asks.

The woman smiles and nods. “You might say so. I am Mae. And I know you very well, Bre.”

Mae walks up to Bre and looks her in the eyes. “I know that you are a beautiful young woman…”

Bre quickly steps back and drops her head. “I am not beautiful,” she interrupts. “See these ugly freckles! And these small boobs. Who likes that!”

The purple-haired Mae smiles and steps forward. She puts her hand under Bre’s chin, lifts her head up until she can look in her eyes again and places a tender kiss on the girl’s lips.

Startled, Bre wants to pull back but mesmerized by the feel of those soft lips on hers she stays in place.

Mae pulls back a little and murmurs: “Ugly freckles? They are beautiful. I would like to kiss them all!” As she speaks Mae starts kissing Bre’s face. “But there are so many, I would never finish. And those tits?”

Bre feels how the hands of Mae start to wander down, ending up on her tits. “And about these,” she murmurs, moving her mouth to Bre’s ear and softly nibbling on her lobe. “Yes they are not big but does size really matter? They are so firm and soft at the same time.” Mae softly kneads Bre’s tits.

Bre is totally lost for words. Who IS this woman and what is she doing to her? “Mmmm,” she moans, “Ooh.”

Mae steps around Bre, brings her right hand around to Bre’s belly, moves her hand under her shirt and slides it slowly up, moving left and right on her soft skin, until she meets her naked right tit. She cups the soft tissue and rubs her palm over the nipple that slowly starts hardening.

“Come,” she sighs softly in Bre’s ear. “Follow my lead,”

Surprised Bre feels how Mae takes her left hand and leads it to follow the same route: around to her belly, under her shirt, moving up, halting a moment on her belly button up again until she feels her hand touching her left tit. Instinctively she grabs her tit and starts kneading it in the same rhythm as Mae.

“Now tell me, aren’t they perky and nice,” she hears Mae murmur.

Bre can only agree. The feel of her tit in her hand, the stiff nipple poking in the palm is something she has never experienced before. Why, if it feels so good to herself, what must it be to another, exploring, caressing.

“Oh, Mae,” she gasps, “Is this Ümraniye Escort how it is to be loved?”

Mae softly laughs. “Oh no, sweety! We are just beginning.”

Still holding Bre’s tit Mae starts kissing the neck and shoulder of Bre. Then she releases Bre’s tit, sliding her hand down, playfully circling her bellybutton and poking it with her finger. Bre gasps. “Ooooh, what are you doing?” “Just playing,” responds Mae smiling. Then her hand moves lower and lower until it hits the waistband of her skirt.

Bre trembles, torn between fear that Mae will continue and fear that she won’t. Mae smiles as she feels Bre’s tremble, reading her well. “So,” she teases, “shall I continue?” She starts slowly walking her fingers down her skirt. “Or shall I stop?” And she moves her hand back to the naked belly of Bre.

Bre just gasps and moans, not knowing what to say.

Mae lets go of Bre and steps in front of her. Starring Bre in the eyes she lifts her shirt above her tits, exposing the full glory of these small, but beautiful globes. Then she starts kissing. First, her mouth, sticking her tongue deep inside. Then her chin, her neck and, reaching the tits, she sucks the nipple in, licking the tip, softly biting the hard button.

Leaving the tit, she slides her mouth down the slim body, kissing and licking, probing the belly button with her tongue.

Bre swoons under the loving attention of Mae. She brings her other hand to her other tit and massages them both, pressing them together, rubbing the nipples with her thumbs.

Kneeling down Mae grabs both of Bre’s legs and slides slowly upward. Reaching the skirt, that just touches Bre’s knees, Mae doesn’t stop. Her hands keep sliding up, lifting the skirt higher.

Bre quickly tries to shove the skirt back.

But Mae clicks her tongue. No, no! And guides Bre’s hand back to her breasts. Then she continues sliding her hands along Bre’s legs, lifting the skirt as she goes.

When she reaches and sees the solid white knickers Mae raises her eyebrows and says: “Bre, really! Still wearing this?”

Bre blushes and stammers: “I have a more sexy one, but I don’t wear it.”

Mae grins. “I know. A nice red lace one. Brings out your pale skin really well! You should consider a black one also.”

Bre’s blush deepens. “Why wear something sexy on such an ugly body?”

Mae shakes her head. “Oh, sweety! You are so mistaken. Your body is beautiful and sexy clothing will enhance it even more. Here, I am getting rid of those panties. And, for that matter, that skirt should go too!”

With that Mae grabs Bre’s panties and slides them down Bre’s legs. Bre, obediently, steps out of them, blushing even more furiously. The Ümraniye Escort Bayan skirt is quick to follow.

“Mmmmm,” Mae murmurs, “That looks so hot.” And she kisses Bre’s pubes. “You might consider shaving.”

Bre drops her hands to cover her now exposed private parts but Mae shakes her head.

“No dear Bre, that won’t do.” Again Mae puts Bre’s hands back on her tits.

Stepping back Mae starts moving sensuously, swinging her hips. Then she slowly slips the straps of the dress off her shoulders. One arm at a time she lets the straps slide off her arms, using the other arm to keep her dress in place.

Bre’s eyes are fixated on Mae’s hands that clamp the dress to her breasts, anxiously awaiting her next move. Her hands move ever more fervently over her own tits, taking her nipples between thumb and forefinger.

Mae slowly takes a step back. Then, still moving sinuously, she spreads her arms wide. The dress slithers down along her body, following her movement, occasionally snagging on a part of her body: her tits, her hips. But she shakes the dress free and soon is revealed in a beautiful black lace bra and thong and black stockings.

Bre gasps when she sees Mae thus exposed. She brings her hands to her mouth, in the process dropping her shirt back over her tits.

Mae quickly steps forward. “That won’t do,” she says. Taking the shirt by the rim she pulls it upward, over her tits.

Bre, feeling a strange compulsion moves her hands in the air and shivers as Mae pulls the shirt completely off.

Stepping back, Mae smells Bre’s shirt, deeply inhaling her body odor, then tossing the shirt asides. Her eyes wander over her now completely naked body and she smiles.

“There,” she whispers, “Now isn’t that a wonderful sight?”

“Yes, you are beautiful.” moans Bre.

Mae laughs loudly. “Ha, Bre I am talking about you!” Roaming her eyes over the now fully naked body she smiles. “See those perky tits. Hmmm, you are really stimulating them.” Her eyes slide down to rest for a moment on her pubes. “Ah, yes, will investigate that later.” She makes a kissing and licking motion with her lips.

Bre blushes again and moves one hand to cover her groin but finds she is caressing her clit. “Aaah,” she moans.

Mae grins at the sound, then leisurely slides her eyes along the legs of Bre. “Hmm, beautiful. But it could use some nice stockings. And high heels, of course.”

Mae reaches behind and unhooks her bra, quickly dropping it on the ground. Then she steps in again, her tits brushing against Bre’s and kisses Bre again. Not leisurely this time; or tenderly. No this is a passionate kiss. Her tongue starts to push past Bre’s lips and encounter her Escort Ümraniye tongue.

Bre hesitates, what should she do? Then she surrenders to the other woman’s passion. Her tongue starts playing with Mae’s. She pushes it in Mae’s mouth, tasting the sweet taste of another’s saliva. She grabs the back of Mae’s head, but Mae places them back on tit and groin, holding Bre’s head and pulling it close to her.

Mae’s hands slide down Bre’s back, finding the firm ass, caressing the cheeks and pulling there pubes close together. “Mmm,” she murmurs through the kiss. “I love your ass. Don’t you?”

Bre has to agree. She thinks it is the best part of her body. Up till now she found it the only acceptable part of her body. But with what she hears from Mae? And how she feels now? She starts to reconsider.

Then Mae’s hand start to slide from behind between her legs, gliding a finger around the outer labia. On the left side, going back again, then the right side. At the front, she meets Bre’s hand, fleetingly touching it. She leaves the clit to her furious rubbing.

Mae steps back, letting go of Bre’s lips, (both!) and body, looking straight in Bre’s eyes.

Bre is startled by what she sees in those eyes. Who is this woman? And where should she know her from? And yet, there is something familiar there. Something she recognizes. It mirrors a feeling she now feels racing through her mind and body.

Mae takes Bre’s hands and pulls her down on the ground. Then she kneels between her legs and softly kisses her slit. She kisses all around her outer labia. Then she tentatively pushes her tongue between the two lips, sliding up and down. She tries to push Bre’s hand away so she can lick and kiss her clit but Bre cannot be moved.

“Mmm, I know you are enjoying this Bre,” she murmurs, “but let me. I promise it is even better!”

Hesitantly Bre removes her hand and moves it back to her breast. That feels good too!

Mae now slides her tongue through Bre’s slit, approaching her clit. Then she purses her lips about the little hard button and sucks it in.

Bre shivers in delight. Ah, that feels good. When Mae’s tongue starts tickling her little knob she finally cums, squirting all over Mae’s face. In ecstasy, she almost passes out…

When she comes to again, she is alone. There is no sign of Mae, no sign she has ever been there. She finds herself lying on the floor of the shelter, one hand resting on a tit, on top of her shirt. The other through the waistband of her skirt and in her panties. Her very wet panties.

She sits up and awkwardly removes her panties. She considers them for a moment and then throws them away. She won’t be using those anymore!

She stands up, still in a daze and walks away.

A young girl is walking through the green Irish landscape. She is a typical Irish girl to look at: red hair and freckles. As she walks, her head high, her shoulder up, her chest pushed out, she thinks about what happened. She is not sure but knows that she is fundamentally changed.

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