Brandi’s Gift

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This is a revision of a story I posted to Literotica several years ago. All characters and events are fictional.


Brandi and I had been dating for over a year. I was under the impression we had an exciting and fulfilling sex life. We kept our own apartments, but we had keys to the other’s. I stopped by her place one day after work to pick up a CD I’d left there and found a brochure for a swinger’s cruise on her coffee table. That, for obvious reasons, left me wondering.

I glanced through the brochure and was surprised to feel a tingle in the nether regions at the thought of it. I decided to wait a couple days and see if she brought it up or if I’d need to ask about it. I put the brochure back where I’d found it and left her place, going to meet my buds at our favorite watering hole.

My friends and I watched the big screen as our local pro-basketball team got beaten down by the reigning champs. It’d been an east coast game so it was only early evening when I left the bar, hailed a cab and headed for home. I expected Brandi to be there. It was Friday and she usually was.

When I got home, she wasn’t there, but I found a note from Brandi on the kitchen counter. The note said she’d gone to male stripper night at the local titty bar with a couple friends from work and she’d be coming to see me afterward. She’d plastered her lipstick print on the bottom rather than signing it.

I smiled, then pulled a cardboard pizza from the freezer and stuck it in the oven. The last time she’d gone to male stripper night she’d been horny as hell when she got home and nearly wore my ass out. I tossed my jeans at the closet. They landed in the general vicinity. I pulled on a pair of running shorts and a tee-shirt. I grabbed a beer and dropped onto the couch to await my girl and the pizza.

I glanced at the framed picture of Brandi and me on the shelf near the TV. Her big brown eyes were shining and her lips were pulled back in a dazzling, come-hither smile. My cock stirred as I imagined those plump, soft lips closing around my manhood.

A quick check on the oven’s timer showed plenty of time. I pushed my shorts and underwear down to mid-thigh, pulled my tee-shirt up and thought of Brandi’s firm, heart-shaped ass as I lightly stroked the underside of my semi-erect cock.

I closed my eyes and thought of her warm breasts pressed against my chest. I tightened my grip on the shaft and pumped it gently. Her beaming face in my mind’s eye brought my cock to rigid attention. I manipulated it more aggressively. I paused for a moment. What if Brandi came in and caught me doing this? The hell with it, she could take over. I went back to stroking faster.

I imagined her on that cruise ship with my cock pounding into her shaved, puffy pussy while an appreciative audience looked on. That was all it took. I sucked in a deep breath. Cum erupted from my cock’s reddened head. I kept stroking it until the twitching had come to a complete stop. I lay there with a puddle of cum on my belly.

I spent a few seconds letting everything calm down, then I looked around for something to wipe the mess up with. Damn, tissue box was just out of reach. Now what in hell was I going to do? The couch was still new. Finally, I pulled my tee-shirt off and cleaned up. The tee-shirt joined my jeans just as the oven timer went off.

I cut the pizza into eight slices. It’s a habit. Then ate half of them while I considered that swingers’ cruise brochure again. Was there something wrong with us? With me? Why did she want to be with different man? I put the rest of the pizza in the fridge and decided I really didn’t want to share Brandi with another guy, but I’d try if she really wanted it. I mean it was swingers, right? Meaning I’d get some new pussy too. I still held out hope she wasn’t too serious about the whole deal.

I decided to shower then watch TV until she showed up. Sometime after midnight I was staring at a lame infomercial about bathtub liners. I only had a towel wrapped around my waist when the door lock clicked.

I half turned, looking to the door. Brandi and her best friend Nancy spilled into the apartment, giggling and whispering louder than normal people talk. Brandi closed the door and leaned her back against it. “You see, Nan. I told you I knew where a man was hiding. There he is!”

“I see him, Bran and he’s kind of hot too,” Nancy said. She pulled off her jacket and draped it on the coat rack near the door. “Got any beer, Tommy?”

I flashed a stern frown as I stood. “Yeah, but you can’t have any if you’re going to call me that. It’s Tom or Tomas.” The women burst into a fit of giggling. I chuckled a little too, then went to the fridge and pulled it open.

I looked the girls over as I grabbed a couple of bottles. They were dressed for action and both were smoking hot. Tight jeans, plunging neckline blouses that were nearly see through to begin with and no bras. They were about the same size, with nearly identical figures. Brandi once told me all of her clothes were jointly owned by bursa escort Nancy. I handed each of them an opened beer and stood there openly admiring their small-firm tits through the sheer fabric.

“So, Nancy, where’s Jerry tonight?” I asked.

Nancy giggled a little. “He switched teams and decided to hang out with his homosexual friends. Left me to fend for myself. Luckily, Brandi here came up with a great idea.”

“It’s a great idea and Jerry’s going to miss out, but you won’t.” Brandi took a long pull on her beer.

Jerry was Nancy’s on again off again boyfriend. I’d only met him once and all he’d talked about was some old beater he had. “I see, so he’s working on his classic car tonight?”

Nancy nodded while taking a sip from her bottle. “So, Bran what do you think Tomas has on under that kilt?”

Brandi broke into laughter. “That’s no kilt, it’s just a towel and he’s no Scotsman. He’s Irish. But I’ll bet you he’s naked under there.”

I took a gulp of beer and assumed the boldest stance I could in front of those two beautiful, tipsy women. “I’m of German ancestry I’ll have you know.”

“Okay, Fritz, take off that towel and show us what you’ve got. We’ve seen a lot of big dick tonight. Time to see if you measure up.” Nancy set her bottle aside and reached for my towel.

I took a quick step back and the girls erupted with another case of noisy giggles. I looked at Brandi, who smiled back. Was this some sort of test. I’d always thought Nancy was sexy and fun to be with, but I hadn’t wanted to screw things up with Brandi so I’d never made a pass at her. Regardless, Brandi was standing right there. If this was a drunk prank, so be it. I decided to throw caution to the wind and pay the price tomorrow.

I turned my back to them and opened the towel. I swung my ass back and forth behind it in rhythm to some tune I had in my head. Nancy howled with laughter and Brandi loudly hummed the notes to an ancient burlesque, bump and grind melody.

“Swing it, baby.” Nancy clapped. “Show Mama the prize.”

“That’s right, baby, show Nancy I wasn’t lying about that python.” Brandi sipped her beer then set it aside before stepping closer to me, reaching for the towel.

I don’t have a big cock. It usually got the job done, but I wasn’t in league with any porn actors. There wasn’t a python hiding in my pants. My cock is about average, but I and most of the women I’d been with were generally happy with it.

Being partially aroused by their antics as well as my own, I guessed this was the point of no return. Thanks to this foolishness, I was committed. I dropped the towel, then turned to face the ladies.

They wolf whistled their approval and clapped for several seconds. I let out a hesitant chuckle then shook my head. “All right you two, you’ve had your fun. Now stop fooling around.”

I bent to pick up the towel, but Brandi hopped forward and put her foot on it. She grabbed my cock and stroked it.

“Not so fast, mister. We’ve yet to have our fun. I’ve got a surprise for you, but first you have to entertain me and my friend, and you’d better be good.” She leered at me like a B movie villain.

I looked her in the eye. There was a glint of mischief dancing around with unadulterated lust. It was shocking. I became both intimidated and yet even more aroused. My cock grew rock hard in Brandi’s hand. A glance at Nancy found a similar gleam in her blue eyes. Yep, I was in deep shit. Two beautiful women at the same time? Maybe I was dreaming. Maybe I should’ve bought a lottery ticket.

This sort of thing doesn’t happen to me, ever. I’d always considered myself lucky if one pretty girl was interested in me. Of course, my cock was betraying my excitement, standing hard and twitching in anticipation. I did my best to chuckle in a light hearted way.

Maybe I could distract them long enough to regain control of the situation. “Well hell, I thought you ladies wanted me to paint your guest room or something. Do you want some leftover pizza?”

They both giggled a little, probably realizing I was nervous. Then Nancy unbuttoned her blouse as Brandi released her hold on my dick and stepped out of what she called her ‘slutty pumps.’

“Let’s go in the bedroom and relax some, Lover. We can have pizza later,” Brandi cooed.

Nancy nodded and pointed the way.

I had a feeling there wouldn’t be a whole lot of relaxing going on if both these girls wanted my attention. I was trapped with no intention of attempting escape. I surrendered and retreated into the bedroom. I did my best to amble along and avoid appearing to be in a hurry even though I wanted to run in there and throw myself on the bed. Both women were right on my heels, shedding their clothing along the way.

I turned to face them with my calves against the bed. My dick stood straight and hard enough to support a flag. The women were naked. They stood with an arm across each other’s shoulder, their hips touching and legs crossed at the ankle. I looked them up and bursa escort bayan down. They were gorgeous.

They had pretty faces, shoulder length soft hair that shimmered in the light. Perky tits with dark pink nipples sticking out proud as could be. Both of them sporting tan lines from tiny bikinis. Brandi’s pussy devoid of hair and Nancy’s neatly trimmed, dark and a little mysterious looking.

They each had a small tattoo above the crease at the front of their left hip. Brandi had a rose, which I’d seen a gazillion times. Nancy was sporting a hemp leaf. Both had long-firm, athletic legs. Yes friends, I was in deep shit.

Brandi and Nancy looked at each other, nodded then advanced toward me. I was gently pushed back onto the bed and the women joined me instantly. A soft strong hand grasped my cock and stroked it gently as Brandi clamped her lips to mine. Her tongue explored my mouth.

I returned Brandi’s kiss as warm lips closed on the head of my dick, sucking at the same time. Knowing those lips were Nancy’s nearly caused me to cum on the spot. She clamped her hand tight on the shaft stopping my urgency in its tracks. I groaned and Nancy giggled.

“Not so fast, my friend. You’ve got a lot of work to do tonight.” Nancy’s voice had grown husky, but her lips, tongue and teeth returned to my cock as one hand gripped the shaft and the other massaged my balls. Her wet-hot mouth drove me wild with desire.

Brandi broke our kiss and wriggled about until she presented her tits to me. I grabbed them and squeezed as gently as my excitement would allow. I kissed, nibbled and sucked on both nipples while Nancy brought me to the point of no return.

I buried my face between Brandi’s tits and cried out. “Oh shit!” Cum raced the length of my cock and exploded from the tip. Spurt after spurt leapt from my cock into Nancy’s throat. She handled the load without gagging, but it felt to me like my cock was a fire hose. I groaned against Brandi’s chest and trembled, finally spent.

Nancy clambered up and kissed me. A trace of cum was on her cheek. I didn’t care, it just made me more excited. Brandi wiped the cum off Nancy’s cheek with a finger then stuck it in her mouth. I kissed her like it would be the last kiss of my life. I clung to them both, not wanting either of them to move. They waited for me to catch my breath, then they pushed and pulled on my arms until they had me on my back, centered on the bed.

Nancy, her lipstick all but gone, directed traffic. “Now it’s our turn fella.” She rose on her knees, straddled my head and lowered her pussy onto my face. I instantly stuck my tongue between her slick lips and explored her intimate opening with darting, flicking movements of my tongue.

Her sighs grew in volume as Brandi’s hand closed on my dick and stroked it expertly. I thrust my hips in time with her ministration. Nancy clamped her calves tighter on the sides of my head as I continued to explore her damp pussy.

My head was spinning with the intoxicating aroma of her arousal. My cock sprang to renewed life with Brandi’s experienced attention. My dick strained against its skin like it wanted to erupt from those confines.

Weight shifted on the bed. Brandi lowered her pussy onto my engorged cock. She paused for a second to slide the head back and forth between her wet-pussy lips, then she impaled herself on it. I gasped in unison with her as my cock popped into her hot channel.

I stopped licking Nancy’s pussy for a second and concentrated on thrusting into Brandi. Between her weight and my thrusting, I was fully imbedded in her pussy with four strokes. Nancy must have resented it. She ground her pussy against my face. I waited until her clit passed near my lips. I grabbed it and clamped onto it gently with my teeth. She yelped, but didn’t pull away.

I’d never been with two women at the same time before. I struggled to keep thrusting into Brandi while still paying adequate attention to Nancy’s pussy. I wasn’t sure if I was doing anything right. The women seemed insatiable.

Then it happened. Nancy came. My face was bathed in her slick, hot juices. I lapped them up as she leaned forward and embraced Brandi. My girlfriend slammed her snug slippery pussy down on my cock. Two maybe three more strokes and she came as well. The women hugged each other as they groaned joyously together. I kept nibbling and thrusting until they sighed in unison.

I became chopped liver. Nancy raised up on her knees pulling her pussy away and out of reach of my mouth. She and Brandi clung to each other.

“Was that good or what?” Nancy breathed hard.

Brandi nodded before she lifted herself free of my cock. “Yes, I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited.”

The women disengaged themselves from me and left me lying there with my arms out to the sides and my cock standing at attention. A soldier left for punishment on the grinder. A glance showed me it shone with a thick coating of Brandi’s juices. I wiped my face with a hand and bursa escort kız sighed out loud.

Nancy stroked my cock a couple of times. It was oddly almost painful. “Wow. Did he come inside you, Bran? Or did you just slime him?”

“No. That’s all me, but I think he’s just about to pop.”

“Good, I’ll get a double dose.” With no more preamble Nancy straddled my hips in reverse cowgirl. I lifted my head and watched her plump firm ass as she lowered herself onto my cock. I tried to just lay there and enjoy, but I instinctively thrust to meet her pussy.

She was tight, hot and slick. My cock was in heaven, sliding in and out of her dripping pussy. The inner lips of her sex rolled up as she lowered herself onto my cock then clung to the shaft as she raised herself off me.

Brandi lay down next to me and took my head between her hands and kissed me. I relished the taste of her mouth. My dick grew even harder as Nancy continued to rock up and down on it, bracing herself with her hands on my knees.

My hand found its way to Brandi’s pussy. I pushed two fingers into her and slid them in and out while I rubbed her clit with my thumb in rhythm with Nancy’s humping.

Brandi sighed and rolled her hips in unison with my hand. “That’s nice, Tom. Keep doing it, but listen to me. I want to book us a cruise six weeks from now.”

I shook my head and tried to concentrate on Brandi’s face. Here it comes, the swinger deal. “A cruise?”

“Yes. A cruise, but I wasn’t sure if you’d be game for it. So, I brought Nancy here to test the waters.”

I was finger fucking Brandi and thrusting into Nancy with all the force I could muster. Nancy’s tight pussy milked my cock on every stroke and yet I was still trying to focus on what Brandi was saying.

“Stop distracting him, Bran, I’m almost ready to come,” Nancy said.

Brandi smiled and kissed me. Nancy thrust herself down onto me, then froze for just a moment. She shuddered. Unable to contain my excitement any longer, another burst of cum spewed from my cock deep inside Nancy. I groaned into Brandi’s mouth as Nancy collapsed onto my legs. My twitching cock still trapped inside her pulsating pussy.

I grabbed Brandi’s head with both hands and kissed her deeply. I was awash with gratitude for her allowing me to share this experience with her and her best friend. I was still wondering if I was in fact dreaming.

Nancy shook her head and lifted her ass, letting my cock slip from inside her. It was limp, covered in all our fluids. It plopped onto my belly with a soft slap. She twisted around and came to lie next to me opposite Brandi. I tried alternating kissing them, it was awkward. I finally decided to crush them both against my body and kiss Brandi.

“Brandi, you didn’t come this time. I’m sorry, do you want me to go back to it?” I asked.

Brandi pulled back. “That’s all right, Lover. We’ll get back to it in a little while. I want you to come on this cruise with me, but it’s a swinger’s cruise. You know, clothing optional. I didn’t know if you’d be willing to do that. I think after tonight that’s been settled.”

I kissed her again. “This night has been a dream come true for me. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it, both of you. Of course, I’ll go on the cruise with you.” I turned to Nancy and kissed her. “But if you’ve been wanting a different guy maybe a better test would have been bringing a man here and seeing if I could’ve accepted that.”

Brandi smiled, almost impish. “I don’t necessarily want another guy. I want to stay with you, but I’d like a little something different from time to time and I’m willing to give you the same deal. I thought about bringing a guy home tonight, but Nancy and whatever guy she’s with then will be coming on the cruise too so you both got an early test drive so to speak.”

Nancy smiled at me, then squeezed my cock. “The pressure is on me now. I’ll have to find a guy that’s at least as good as you or Bran will feel like I’m cheating her. You can bet it won’t be Jerry.”


Brandi and I arrived at the dock about three hours before we were scheduled to set sail. The destination was Belize and even without the promise of rampant casual sex, I would’ve been excited. I did look at all the bags Brandi had packed and wondered what in hell she had in them. After all, it was supposed to be a clothing optional cruise.

We boarded the ship thinking Nancy and her fella would already be on board. Neither of us had met the mystery man yet. I was oddly curious to find out what he was like. After all, he was probably going to fuck my girlfriend. Likewise, I was certain Brandi wanted to know about him too.

The cruise ship was smaller than I thought it would be and cost a lot more than we’d originally planned, but going with the ‘you only live once theory,’ we were there.

A steward escorted us to our cabin and informed us the entire compliment on board would be about one hundred fifty people. Somewhat more than one hundred of whom would be passengers.

Nancy and her new beau weren’t in the cabin. It was actually a suite. Brandi looked around for a few seconds. “Well I guess we get to pick which bedroom we want.” After giving the identical rooms a critical eye, she picked the one more forward on the ship. I was just glad to finally put down all those bags.

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