Boys and girls together (4)

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Big Tits

I woke up early the next morning; I had a great sleep. Showered and dressed for school. I went down to the kitchen. Mom was in the kitchen preparing breakfast.

“Morning Mom.”

“What would you like to eat?”

“You or cereal.”

“Oh John. Cereal it is.”

“If you could take Megan out shopping after school, I may be able to have you tomorrow for breakfast, lunch and dinner.” I smiled.

“Oh. Jennie is willing?”

“Oh, yes ready willing and able. She loves the idea.”

“I guess Megan needs some new shorts.”

“Make sure the leg bands are very wide.”


“So she can show that she is a girl.”

“John! That’s your sister.”

“Yes. And she likes letting my friends know she’s a girl. No harm done, no ones complaining.”

“Why that little hussy. Guess she needs some see through panties as well.”

“That would help.”

“Ok. I’ll take her shopping, this afternoon after school. Since Peter has football practice he won’t be in the way.”

I had breakfast, before anyone else came down and went to my room. I signed on to the chat channel and saw Tony’s Screen name.

“Hey Tony, that you?”

“Who’d u expect?”

“Just checking.” Code for is this really you. Correct response is “Just us guys.”

“Yeah, its me” Came the response.

“So did Brianna talk to Megan yet?”

“Yeah. And my other sisters too.”

“So what did they decide?”

“Well, Brianna said she would be first and if it was ok, she would tell my other sisters it was ok. But only one at a time.”

I figured this was Brianna.
“U think she will go along with some of the teasing and stuff.”

“Depends on the teasing and stuff.”

“She does realize we are going to try to look up her skirt and down her blouse right.”

After a short pause she said. “I guess so. As long as no one get carried away.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“You know cop a feel.”

“Of course the guys will try to touch her. She is supposed to set the limit and who is allowed to do what.”

“I’m not sure she’ll like that.”

“Hey she can do the same. As long as she respects the guys feelings too.”

“She would never touch a guy with all of us there.”

“Well, she won’t be much fun then. It’s just some fun and play. Nobody is gonna throw her up on the table and fuck her. Unless she wants it.”

“Yeah. I know. After a short pause.”

“It’s a good chance for her to see how she feels about guys and how it feels to be touched by guys in certain places. But she can tell them enough and have her word respected. No one is going to tell what we do to her or allow her to do to us.”

“I agree with you, but she’s a girl.”

“So, wouldn’t you like to see her pussy maybe even touch it? If she lets you? I know if Megan wants you guys to fuck her, I’d love to watch it.”

“Yeah, that would be hot.”

“Could you imagine if one of the girls wanted to give some of us blowjobs? That would rock. But it would have to be totally up to them.”


“What’s a matter. Pussy got your tongue? LOL. YOU WISH! Remember She is in control. If she just sits there and eats her lunch and listens to us talk, at least she will learn more about guys and how they think and feel.”

“Yeah. I guess. I think she’ll enjoy it. She just may be a little slower.”

“If she is a normal girl. She will love the fun and playing we do. As I said she is in control and if she wants a face in her lap, I’m sure one of us would be willing. Maybe even you.”

“What about you, John?”

“In a second.”

“PIG, to my sister?”

“Have you ever looked closely between her legs. If you did you wouldn’t want too stop at just looking. But we will all respect her wishes.”

“Well Tony. See you in school.”

“K, John. See you.”

I signed off and went to Megan’s room. She was still sleeping.

“Hey sis. Better get up. It’s getting late.”

“Oh John. I’m gonna be walking bow legged today.”

“Nah. Just take a hot bath. Mom is taking you shopping for some clothes today. Just let her pick them for you. Ok?”


I left her room and headed to school. I was early and met will Benny at the school. He was with his three sisters. One of his sisters was ugly. She had a nice body and personality, but ugly. I think she would be the best girl to get to start servicing the guys. She was always looking for a guy to get next to, but because of her looks had very little luck.

I walked over to Millie, the ugly duckling and threw my arm around her shoulders. She blushed, but let me hold her.

“So Benny have you spoke about the lunch time yet?”

“No. Not yet. I am not sure how to do it.”

“It’s not like there is something wrong with it. Millie, would you consider spending time with the six guys that hang out with your brother?”

“What do you mean spending some time?”

“You come over our house and have lunch with us guys. Just you and us.”


“So you can see how guys act and learn how we think. Eventually you want to have a boyfriend right?”

“Well of course.”

“So what do you know about guys?”

“Well not much, except they only want one thing.”

“Correct. And just what do you and every other girl want?”

She blushed. “We want to be treated with respect.”

“So you think accusing us of wanting only one thing is respectful?”

“Well, no. But you agreed with me.”

“Yes. But you never answered me, what about the girl? Does she or doesn’t she want the equivalent of what a guy wants?”

“Well, yes, of course.”

“So because a guy is more truthful, it’s wrong?”

“No. But other things count.”

“Yes. But boys and girls talk and think differently. How can we ever get along if we don’t Sex hikayeleri try to help each other understand?”

“What are you asking us to do then?”

“Come eat lunch with us and let us be ourselves. We will use vulgar terms. We will try to lookup your dress or down your blouse. We may even try to cop a feel. If you want you can do the same. The only rule is that the person being looked at or touched sets the limit. Now guys always try to exceed the limit, even after the limit is set. So if you really want it so stop, you have to be very emphatic. I will guarantee that when you have set a limit you don’t want exceeded. It will stop for that day. Maybe the next day you might change the limit. If not you reinforce the limit and it will be honored.”

“That sounds fair.”

“I suggest that you speak to my sister Megan. Your sisters may be jealous that you were first in your family.”

“Ok, I’ll do that.”

“We want all of your sisters involved too, but only one at a time. “Try it. If you like it fine, if not just don’t come anymore. You know that Benny would never let you get hurt.”

“Yes. He is a good brother.”

“See Benny. She’s not afraid with you there.”

He hugged Millie.

The schoolyard started to fill up and the group of six got together.

“Well, looks like Brianna is willing to try it.” Said Tony.

“Millie too.” Added Benny.

“Anita thinks it sounds ok, but she want to talk to Megan, first.” Said Frank.

“I have Tianna interested. She says whenever we want. She’ll try it.” Said Jeff.

“Careen said no way, till she heard that John was part of it.” Said Mike.

Careen was the hottest girl in the school.
The first bell rung and we filed into the school.
I went to my seat and Miss Petra Agostini was seated in her corner chair working on something. Her ankles crossed and knees slightly spread. I could just barely make out her thighs. She looked up as the students entered the room, saw me staring and adjusted her legs. I made a face of disappointment, then looked down at my books. I was looking at her through my peripheral vision. She checked out the room and the spread her knees again. My head snapped up and stared directly between her legs. But her head went down to her work, when her legs spread. But I think she was doing the same as I did, peeking at me through her peripheral vision. I smiled.
As more kids came into the room she adjusted her legs again and cut off my view. Again, I made a face of disappointment.
Miss Schmidt entered the room and everyone sat and got quite.
“Good morning class.” Everyone said good morning to her and Miss Agostini.

“I want all of you to write an essay about anything that you want to write about today. Miss Agostini and I will circulate through the room checking your work and offering suggestions. Are there any questions?”

A few moans escaped from the class, but no questions.
I decided to try to write something about the interaction of boys and girls in today’s world. How we seldom understood each other and the way that society expected us to act in it. The roles dictated by mores and the need for us to better understand each other’s needs. Miss Agostini was the first to reach me and read over my shoulder. She leaned in and brushed her tit against my arm. I was not sure, but I thought it was accidental. She corrected some of my sentence structures. Her body smelled sweet and her breath smelled of mouthwash. Her hand rested on my shoulder. It felt hot on me. She then moved to the next student in line. After a few minutes, Miss Schmidt was leaning over me and her tit was along the side of my face. If I turned to the left I could have sucked her nipples. Her body smelled of a cinnamon, her breath smelled of certs or some other breath mint. Her hand on my shoulder was hot and she was squeezing me, but very carefully so no one could tell. I reached done and adjusted myself.

“John.” She whispered. After a few minutes she went to the next student.

An hour later Miss Schmidt asked anyone if they would like to read their essays. A few raised their hands and were selected to read their papers. When no one else volunteered, Miss Schmidt said. “John, your topic was very interesting, would you care to read yours?”
I said. “Sure, if you would like.” Remember I am like the second smartest boy in class and the fifth smartest student in the class.
It would not be right for me to refuse.

I went to the front of the room and stood next to Miss Schmidt’s desk and started to read my essay.

Basically it stated that society has placed barriers between boys and girls. Miss Schmidt interrupted me at this point.

“John, society has placed barriers for men and women as well, as children. Your points are well stated, but don’t forget that there are also barriers between adults and children.”

“Well Miss Schmidt, I know that there are differences between children and adults, but I have no basis to discuss them, yet.” I said looking confused.

“I understand that John. I was just trying to inform you that all through life this should be the case. You will see many injustices placed upon you, by society. You should try to eliminate these barriers if you feel that they are incorrect.” Smiled Miss Schmidt.

“I think that although I have limited my essay to the children, that much of what I feel is also a problem with adults and children alike. I see your point, Miss Schmidt.”

“Do you have any ideas on how to solve some of the problems that the children face?” Asked Miss Agostini.

“I think that in order to solve the problems, we first have to understand what is really a problem and what we can solve ourselves.”

“Such as?” Asked Miss Agostini.

I thought for a few seconds then said. “The most obvious problem for boys and Sikiş hikayeleri girls my age is interaction, I think. If a boy likes a girl or visa versa, the fear of rejection is always there. Now, just seeing a person and not knowing what a person wants from this relation is usually the wrong impression. If I like, say Karen. How does she feel about me? I have no idea. If I go talk to her she may have heard that I’m a bad person, or a flirt or some other thing that’s not true. If I could sit with her and some of my friends, she could see how I act better. She could also get to know my friends better and maybe decide she likes one of them better then she likes me. Since boys behave differently from girls, She may feel really uncomfortable with all the guys. Unless she can be guaranteed that nothing will happen that she doesn’t want to happen.”

“Well what if she is more aggressive with you and your friends?” Asked Miss Schmidt.

“There has to be an understanding and agreement that no means no, no matter who say it. For instance, when I am with my friends, my manner of speech is more … colorful. If this offends the girl, then she should state it up front. If she is smart, she will allow things that don’t hurt her to go on as if it were normal.’
“Does she have the same opportunity to have the boys at a meeting with her girlfriends?” Asked Miss Agostini.

“I guess that depends on who is the aggressor. I personally adhere to the old fashion rule that the guy is the aggressor. If a girl is interested in a guy she has been taught to make him aware that she is interested.”

“What about girls that don’t know how to get a guy interested?” Asked Miss Schmidt.

“If she has a brother tell him she would like to attend a meeting with his friends and to make sure her candidate is in attendance. If she has no brother, speak to someone she knows and see if they can arrange for the get-together. She can go to the most popular boy in school and ask him to set up a meeting with these boys.” Said Miss Agostini.
“Well John. It appears that you have given this a lot of thought.”

“We all have. Miss Agostini. As far as adults and children, Similar things can be done.”

“How so, John?” Asked Miss Schmidt.

“Well, it’s a bit more complicated. It depends on which is making the request and for what reason.” I offered. “Suppose that a girl has heard that one of the male teachers is large. She is just curious. It sounds bad, but suppose she just wants to see what large means? If she asks her parents, they should help her. Most parents don’t and are as uninformed as their kids. She just wants to see something, not interact with it. The school could help, but some people don’t want the school to teach that stuff to their kids. Between kids and adults, it really gets complicate.”

“What about the reverse. Where an adult wants to interact with a child?” Asked Miss Schmidt.

“It depends on the adult and child. Some children are ready to interact some are not. If society allowed an adult to speak to the child’s parents and make a request and no repercussions from the request were allowed, that could work. It’s a very difficult situation to set up rules for when adults forget that when they were kids the only permission required were amongst the two or more involved. Each adult/child situation would require a unique solution. Again depending on the maturity of the child and adult.
“How about each of you pick a situation between either a child and a child or an adult and a child and see if you can find a solution that is fair and reasonable. If you totally disagree with the idea, then support you arguments with reasons.” Said Miss Schmidt. “For those of you that can not write on this subject. Choose a topic of your own and write on it. I hope you all express your views on what John has written.”

The rest of the morning was somewhat anti-climatic. Finally lunchtime rolled around and I headed for home with my six friends.

We went into the solarium and the guys started to remove one of the chairs and replaced it with a deep-seated chair that would raise Megan’s legs above her hips. They placed a soft cushion on the wooden chair so she would be more comfortable and able to spread her legs further apart. I was told to sit to the left of Frank while Benny got the seat directly across from Megan’s seat. Tony was given the seat to the left of Megan’s seat. This looked interesting. I thought to myself, Megan is going to get fingered today. Tony had loose fitting shorts, as did Frank.

Peter said. “If any of you are interested, Cathy has agreed to have lunch with us, whenever we decide to have her.”

“Way to go guys. We have a hundred percent cooperation.” I said.

“After today’s class, the word should be spreading around the school about your essay. We may have more traffic then we can handle.” Smiled Benny.

“We’ll see.”

We started eating then Megan walked into the solarium. She looked around and saw the empty seat and went and sat down in it.

“Hi guys.” They all greeted her. “I have spoken to a lot of your sisters. I think that they are all willing to have lunch with you guys. As long as you obey the rules.” Said Megan. She crossed her ankles and spread her knees.

I thought Benny was going to dive on her through the table.
The guys started to talk about the essay and how they were going to try to support my concept. But I wasn’t sure that they were up to it.
Frank and Tony both placed their hands on Megan’s knee. She ate with her right and placed her hand on Frank’s thigh. Both of the guy’s hands slid up her thigh a bit, pushing her skirt a little higher. By the time she finished eating both hands were at the leg band of her panties. She had a hold of Frank’s cock and was now going for Tony’s cock. Her panties were visible to everyone Erotik hikaye here and she had on see through panties. All cocks were hard, even mine.

“Sorry guy’s I have to leave.” She said releasing the hold on their cocks.

Frank cupped her pussy, then let go, Tony followed suit. Megan pushed her skirt down and stood up and left.

When she was out of sight I asked the guys. “How many of you want to help me tonight. I have an appointment to gang rape, Lacey, Jennie’s sister?”

The guys were totally silent.


They all went wild. The questions started to come. When? Where? What time?

I told them. “At her house tonight at around eight o’clock. We are going to do all of her holes. Each of us will be allowed to use them all. I will give direction. No talking, no arguing, Make sure you’re clean and bring rubbers if you want. I’m not using any. Meet at the park. Be there by seven and wait for me to come. It may take a few hours so let your parents know you won’t be home till around ten or ten thirty.”

We all got up and headed back to school.
The second part of the school day was calm nothing to speak about.

The final bell rang and I headed home. Jennie met me at my house and we went to my room. I told her what the plan for her and dad was and I showed her what I meant. She loved it. She told me that her sister would be bound, blindfolded and naked on her bed. Everyone will be gone until around midnight tonight. Be sure to untie her when you leave. Giggled Jennie.
I asked her if she got the horror movies she said yes.
So all was set. I walked her to the door and she headed for her house. Megan walked in and I walked her to her room.

“So, My two buddies got a handful. You’re gonna have to wait a while for the other two holes. I’m gonna be busy tonight. By the way where did you get the see through panties? You looked great. I thought Benny was gonna dive on you under the table.”
“I think he would have except that you were there.” Said Megan.

“How are we going to work this out now. Do you want two or three at a time?” I asked.

“Maybe, I’m not sure yet. I still have to see how the other two holes feel.” Smiled Megan.

“Well, I think the guys want some skin from you. Are you ready for that?” I asked.

“More then ready. I just don’t want twelve hands trying to get into my pussy at one time, or six tongues.”

“I’ll see if I can come up with a plan. Just don’t rush it. I know you want to touch and taste and fuck some of them, but be patient.”

She hugged me. “Ok! Mom had the see through panties. She let me borrow them.”

“You really looked hot today. I’d love to spend some time with you tonight, but something else needs to be done. Sorry!” I said.
I went down to the recreation room to watch TV. Dad was there.
“Dad. Jennie wants to watch some horror movies with me later is it all right with you?” I asked.

“Sure. I like horror. You don’t mind if I watch do you?”

“No. Jennie likes you. She feels comfortable around you.”

“Guys, dinner is ready. Megan and I are going shopping tonight and Robert will be at football practice till later tonight. So we are eating early.” Said Mom.

We all headed for the kitchen and had diner.

Jennie came over as we were finishing diner and she was wearing her tennis skirt and wide legged shorts. She sat on the couch waiting for me to watch the movies with. When I came in she spread her legs and lifted her skirt. I could see her pussy. I smiled and licked my lips.

Mom and Megan were leaving I hugged mom good bye and closed the door behind them.

I went to the TV and put in one of the horror films. Jennie and I lay on the floor in front of the TV. We were on our tummies. Her knees were bent with her feet perpendicular to the floor. The skirt covered everything. Dad came in and sat directly behind her. After a few minutes, Jennie jumped and grabbed my arm, spreading her legs as she did. By grabbing my arms the skirt rose just above the swell of her ass cheeks. I was sure dad could see her cunt.

I waited a few minutes and got up. Jennie got up as well and I went and sat on dad’s left on the couch.
“She really get afraid of these movies, but she loves them.

I sat; Jennie sat on my lap with her legs outside of mine. Her pussy right over my cock. I put my right hand on her naked thigh and patted her as if to calm her down. She grabbed my left arm and pulled it across her body putting my hand under her right armpit and hugged my arm to her chest. I let my right hand slid up her thigh a little so her skirt covered it a bit. Everytime that a scary scene happened she clutched my arm and pulled it to her, sliding her hip a little and then re-seating herself on my hip. My hand slid up her thigh with each motion.

The phone rang, on schedule. I got up to answer it. Jennie clutched my dad’s arm and pulled herself next to him. She faked her body shaking. She was good.

“Dad, Tony needs my help. Do you mind if Jennie stays with you? She really wants to see the second horror movie.” I said.

“Jennie, would you like to stay with me?” Dad asked.

She looked up his arm and stared at his face with wide eyes and shook her head rapidly. She climbed across his lap with one leg on the outside of each of his legs. She pulled her skirt from under her and sat right on his cock. I could see the jump as she made contact with his cock. She pulled his left arm across her chest and put his hand under her armpit. Since dad’s hand was twice the size of mine he covered from her armpit to he solar plexus, her nipple under his palm. She grabbed his right hand and put it on her thigh. Just under her skirt. Then squeezed his left arm into her.

I could see dad smiling. “She really get scared doesn’t she.”

“Yeah. But she loves it. I’ll see you a bit later I’ll call before I come back. That way, if it’s too late you can take Jennie home. Ok Dad?”

“Sure. No problem.”

I ran out the door and headed for the park.

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