Boy Toy Ch. 03

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Author’s Note: I recommend that Boy Toy and Boy Toy Ch. 2 are read before you read this story.


The following Saturday, Mike was just settling in to watch the opening game of the NBA Finals when Tara walked into the house after having lunch with Mindy. His favorite team had won the conference championship in an exciting overtime win in the seventh game and Mike was looking forward to seeing them play in the Finals.

“Hi, Mike,” Tara greeted.

“Hi. The game is about to start. Want to watch it with me?” Mike responded.

“Oh. Yeah.” Tara said in a disappointed sounding tone.

“What’s the matter?” Mike asked, concerned about the tone he’d heard.

“Oh, nothing. I just wanted to talk to you about something but it can wait. Nothing urgent.” But Tara did sound like it might be urgent.

“I’ll record the game. That way we can talk and then I can fast forward through the commercials.” Mike was one of those that felt that live sports events should be seen live but he also knew that he couldn’t concentrate on the game with Tara fretting about something. He pushed the record button and then turned the TV off.

“Are you sure?” Tara asked.

“Yes, I’m sure. I couldn’t concentrate on the game knowing something was bothering you anyway.”

Tara put her purse down, sat down in a chair facing Mike and then fidgeted for a few moments.

“I’m not sure where to start,” she started and then paused for another moment. “Remember when we were first getting serious and we decided that we didn’t want to talk too much about our previous relationships?”

“Yeah,” Mike said nodding. “And I still don’t want to. Not that I have anything to hide, I just don’t want to put you in a position of feeling ‘slut shamed’ or anything.”

“Well, I won’t feel ‘slut shamed’ or anything by sharing this with you. And what I have to ask you might not make sense if I don’t tell you about this first, OK? Can you just listen to me for a few minutes and then things will make sense? I think you’re going to like what I have to ask.”

“OK, I’ll trust you on this,” Mike said and leaned back to listen.

“Remember when we first starting seeing each other and Mindy and I were roommates?”

Mike nodded.

“Well,” Tara said and fidgeted a little more. “We were more than roommates. We were…” she paused searching for the right term. “Sleeping together.” She looked up at Mike for his reaction.

Mike looked surprised and puzzled but in a very non-judgmental way. “I don’t get it. What happened? You aren’t really a lesbian, are you? Do you want to get back with her?”

“No, no!” Tara replied. “Nothing like that. Let me explain. About a year before we met, I was dating a guy named Phillip. I thought I was really in love and moved in with him. Things were really good for the first few months but then he became abusive. We got in an argument and he would pull my hair and shout into my face. When he calmed down, he promised to not do it again. But he did. Then another time he slapped my face very hard. To the point where I was seeing stars. Another time he twisted my arm behind my back and shoved me to the floor. Every time, he promised not to do it again but after 5 or 6 times, I had enough. Mindy was looking for a roommate so I moved in with her.

“After that experience, I was totally fed up with guys and never wanted to date one again. Mindy and I became very close. We would go out to movies and to eat together. Talk like best friends, well like we still do today. Then we started touching each other more and more, you know like patting each other. Then one night we got a little drunk and started kissing and then, well, we started sleeping together. And it felt really good.”

“Then why did you start seeing me?” Mike asked.

“After a few months I started missing being with a guy. Guys have muscles that women don’t. And, well, there’s nothing quite like a nice, hard cock to please a girl. Being with Mindy did feel good but it wasn’t nearly as good as being with a man. I told Mindy that I didn’t think things between her and I were going to last and she said that she didn’t think so either as lovers but she didn’t want to lose me as a friend. I guess I don’t even consider myself to be bisexual, except with Mindy. No other girl has really attracted me that way.”

“So, Mindy is a lesbian? I’ve seen her with guys but never a girl,” Mike asked still trying to put the pieces together.

“Mindy is definitely bi. After she and I stopped sleeping together and you and I started getting together, she went through a period of time trying to figure out what she wanted. She went through a pretty bad break up a while ago and kind of shut down on dating. She now would like to get back in action so to speak but she’s still trying to figure out which way to go. That’s where you come in.”

“Me? What about me?” Mike asked.

“That brings us to what I want to ask you but first there’s something else I need to tell you. Mindy saw us last Sunday,” Tara paused to alanya escort let Mike get when she meant. When he didn’t respond, she added, “In the kitchen. When you fucked me like the super stud you are.”

Mike beamed at the compliment.

“Mindy came, too.” When Mike looked puzzled. Tara explained, “When you had me on the kitchen table, Mindy got so turned on that she started rubbing herself. She didn’t even realize it until she came about the same time we did.”

Mike looked a little astonished and also pleased by the story but wasn’t sure what the point was yet.

Tara continued, “OK, now we are to the point where I want to ask you something. As I said, Mindy is still trying to figure out if she wants to be with a guy or a girl. She’s thinking that maybe she should try them both again to see which she likes best. But the problem is that when she is with one she doesn’t remember what it feels like to be with the other. Her solution is to try a threesome,” Tara paused for a moment to let that sink in before she got to the point. “As she put it, she knows that she and I can make each other cum. We also know that you made both her and me cum at about the same time. The point of all of this is that she would like to have a threesome with us. I told her I would ask you.”

Mike was dumbfounded. His first feeling was shock. A threesome was one of his biggest fantasies but he never really thought it would happen. As the request was sinking in, Mike couldn’t quite believe it. Tara had never tried to trap him in any way but he wondered if that is what this was, a trap.

“Really?” Mike asked.

“Yes, really,” Tara replied. “I’ve got to tell you I really like the idea, too. Being together like that with my two favorite people in the world I think would be great. You’re both great lovers, too.”

Mike thought about Mindy and her big tits. And Tara and her perfect body. If this was a trap, he was falling right in it but he was pretty sure it wasn’t.

“So, have you two decided when and where this is going to happen?” Mike asked.

“I take that as a ‘yes’, you’ll do a threesome with us,” Tara said with a smile.

“Yeah, I think it would be fun,” Mike answered, somehow tempering his real feelings of enthusiasm of ‘Hell yeah, I want to have sex with two beautiful women at the same time!’

Tara told Mike that she and Mindy thought it would be a good idea for them to make dinner and have some wine to build the mood. She said they would take care of everything and he could go watch his game.

It took much of the first half for Mike to get fully focused on the game. By the second half, the game had turned into a back and forth very close game with the lead changing hands every possession or two. The two women in the kitchen that he was going to have sex with slipped to back of his mind. His team blocked a shot at the buzzer to take the game by two points. Mike was elated. He watched the happy celebration and a quick interview with the guy that blocked the shot. When the commercials started, Mike realized that the aroma of the food cooking in the kitchen was pretty good so decided to see what was cooking.

When Mike got to the kitchen door, his mind forgot all about basketball when he saw the women with their asses bare standing at the sink. All they were wearing were aprons and stiletto heels, Tara’s slut shoes as they called them, and Mindy had on a pair of heels that were just as high. “Wow!” Mike said without thinking.

The women turned to look at him and he could see the sides of their breasts only partially covered by the aprons. They were two very sexy sights to admire. Mindy’s D cup breasts were more exposed than Tara’s B cups but Mike liked both views.

“How did your team do?” Tara asked.

“They won. Blocked a shot at the buzzer,” Mike said as he walked towards them. He started to put his arms around their waists but stopped abruptly. “Is it okay to touch?” he asked to make sure he wasn’t stepping out of bounds.

“Of course,” replied Tara.

“You better. I’m counting on it!” said Mindy. “But first I think it’s time to get you in your boy toy outfit again.”

Mindy ran her hands under his t-shirt and rubbed his flat stomach and then his well-muscled chest. Tara grabbed his belt buckle and unfastened it, then unfastened his pants, undid the zipper and dropped the pants to the floor. Mindy took his t-shirt off and started kissing his chest. Tara started stroking his cock through his boxers and then took the boxers off, carefully moving it over his now hard cock. Tara looked up at him and started kissing him deeply, passionately as she continued to stroke his cock. Mike felt a hand on his balls gently fondling them and figured it must be Mindy’s since Tara’s other hand was on the back of his neck bring him to her for the kiss.

Mike put his arms around their waists, turned to Tara and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. He then turned to Mindy and asked “Kiss?” Mindy nodded and Mike gave her aksu escort a kiss, too. His hands went from their waists to their asses and he gave them both nice squeezes and then rubbed them.

“Let’s slow this down a little. Can you get us some more wine, Mike? And pour a glass for yourself, too, if you’d like,” Tara asked. Mike noticed that the bottle sitting by the women was about two thirds gone so he finished it off in their glasses and stepped away to get a new bottle to open.

As he stepped away, Mindy looked at Tara and said “Kiss?” Tara responded by leaning towards Mindy and offering her mouth. The kiss started as a little kiss on the lips but quickly became more passionate with tongues going into each other’s mouths. Mike had never seen two women kiss with passion before and found it erotic. His cock was rock hard and he was looking forward to how the evening was going to progress.

“What smells so good, besides you two?” he asked when he returned.

“Mindy’s lasagna,” said Tara. Mindy made the best lasagna that any of them ever had.

“We thought we should carb you up for tonight,” added Mindy with a smile.

Mike served the women their dinners, completely nude and them only wearing their aprons and heels. When he served them, each woman spent a moment stroking his cock and playing with his balls.

When they finished dinner, Mike offered to clean up since they did the cooking. He headed off to the kitchen with a load of dishes.

“Just put them in the sink. We’ll load the dishwasher later. And bring some more wine,” Tara requested.

When Mike returned to the dining room with a freshly opened bottle of wine, he saw that the women had taken off their aprons and were standing by the table wearing nothing more than their heels. Mike stopped in his tracks, stunned by the sight of the two beautiful, naked women. He looked them up and down. Mindy’s D cup tits were all that he had imagined as he’d seen her over the years in her low-cut tops. He had a great fondness for Tara’s perky B cup tits but was looking forward to getting his hands and mouth on Mindy’s. He was glad to see that Mindy’s pussy was shaved bald just like Tara’s.

The women started walking towards him seductively swaying their hips more than usual. “I think we’re ready for our boy toy now,” said Mindy and started running her hands over his chest. Tara started stroking his cock again. He set the bottle of wine on the table and put an arm around each woman’s waist.

“Let’s take our boy toy to the bedroom so we can enjoy him more,” said Tara. She got a firmer hold on his cock and lead him down the hall to their bedroom. Tara led him to the bed and guided him to the center of it lying on his back. She followed on to the bed and went down to his cock stroking it some more and then taking his cock in her mouth, starting a nice, slow blow job. Mindy crawled in the other side of the bed and went right back to rubbing and caressing Mike’s chest. Mike returned the favor and roamed her plentiful breasts with his hand, giving a lot of attention to her nipples. Tara knew how to keep Mike in sexual ecstasy while not getting him close to cuming with her blow jobs. She kissed his cock and balls, ran her tongue up and down his shaft, gently fondled his balls, licked his cock head briefly and every now and then took as much of him as she could get deep in her mouth. Mike was in heaven on earth with Tara’s expert blow job and Mindy’s big tits to play with. He pulled Mindy towards him and started kissing her and then started licking and sucking her breasts and nipples.

After several minutes, Mike asked Mindy if she would like him to lick her pussy. “Yeah, let’s try this,” she responded. She flipped over so her pussy was by Mike’s face and her mouth went to Tara’s pussy. They started licking at about the same time. All three of them licked and sucked as well as they could but had to stop often to emit moans of pleasure. After several minutes, Mike felt Tara’s activities stop and she just held his cock on her mouth. A moment later, he heard her moan and her body shudder as a massive orgasm washed through her. When Tara subsided, Mindy said “Let’s switch”, and moved to take Mike’s cock in her mouth.

Tara went up to Mike and started kissing him and then licking Mindy’s juices off of his face. “Enjoying yourself?” she asked. Mike grunted his acknowledgment.

Mindy didn’t have the skill to keep Mike from getting too turned on. She bobbed her head up and down on his shaft, taking him deep into her mouth and then up to kiss his cock and lick the head for a moment before taking him all in again. Mike knew that she wasn’t solely a lesbian with how much she was enjoying sucking his cock.

Tara could tell by Mike’s increasing groans and moans that he was getting ready to cum and wanted to be a part of it. She moved her head next to Mindy’s and watched her husband’s cock go in and out of her best friend’s mouth. She reached up with one hand and started gently fondling akseki escort his balls and placed her other hand on Mindy’s pussy and started fingering her.

Mike’s hips bucked a couple of times turning the blow job into a very short face fuck and then his orgasm exploded. His cum flooded Mindy’s mouth with rapidly repeating bursts of his seaman. At about the moment Tara was going to ask for some, Mindy couldn’t take any more and pulled off just as Mike shot another stream of cum hitting both women in the face. Tara quickly got his cock in her mouth and took another 2 or 3 shots of his cum.

Mike slumped back and let the afterglow flow through him. He put his hand on the back of Tara’s head to let her know that he wanted her to keep his cock in her mouth for a little while longer. Then he remembered the situation and looked to see if it was Tara or Mindy with his cock in her mouth. He enjoyed the experience for a few more moments and then moved his hand. Tara moved away and swallowed the cum left in her mouth. She looked over at Mindy and saw a rather disheveled look. Mindy had cum on her chin that had trickled out of her mouth and a string of cum that started on her cheek and went across her nose to her forehead.

“I’ll help you clean up,” Tara said to her. She leaned over and licked the cum off of Mindy’s face.

“My turn,” said Mindy when Tara finished and licked the cum off of Tara’s chin and cheek.

“Your man comes a lot,” Mindy said to Tara when she’d finished licking up the cum and gave Tara a quick kiss.

“That was more than usual. You must have inspired him, you slut!” Tara said and laughed. Tara looked at Mike and asked, “Are you recovered enough to get the wine and glasses?”

Mike got the wine and glasses and then went out to put the food and dishes away. As he tidied up he thought about the two beautiful women who had taken turns sucking his cock and started to get aroused again. He wondered if there was any hope that anything more would happen.

As he walked back into the bedroom he was greeted by the sight of his wife on her knees at the end of the bed, her head down in Mindy’s crotch and her bare ass up in the air. Her legs were slightly spread so he got a nice view of her pussy. Mindy’s moans of pleasure confirmed what Tara was doing. He watched them for a little while, Mindy rubbing her breasts and squeezing her nipples as Tara licked her pussy lips and then her clit.

Mike found that watching the two women together was very arousing. His cock was rock hard again. He decided to see if he could join in the fun but didn’t want to do something that the women didn’t want. He wasn’t sure if he would be welcomed to join them or told to leave them alone. He walked up behind Tara and gently rubbed her ass to see what response he would get. She responded by slowly wiggling her ass for him, a sign that he knew meant she liked it. Her pussy looked very inviting. He ran his finger around her pussy lips and found that it was very wet. She likes eating pussy, he thought. He then gently pushed his finger into her welcoming hole and fingered her for a few moments. Tara pushed her ass towards him, again telling Mike that she liked what he was doing.

Mike placed his cock head on her pussy lips and rubbed her with it. Tara responded by arching her back a little more making her pussy even more available to him. Mike took it as confirmation that he should fully join in and started gently but firmly to push his cock inside her. She was very wet so he was completely inside her in two or three thrusts. He started to rhythmically pull his cock almost all the way out and then thrust in her again. Tara’s moans of pleasure joined Mike’s and Mindy’s. Mindy looked up to see what was going on and found the sight of Mike fucking her best friend as she licked her pussy very erotic. She pushed Tara’s head into her crouch to encourage her to keep going.

Tara started licking Mindy faster and a little more firmly, encouraged both by Mindy’s hand on the back of her head as well as wanting to be able to just focus on Mike’s cock in her. Tara licked and then sucked Mindy’s pussy rapidly. Mindy’s moans of pleasure told her that she was getting ready so Tara did what she knew was Mindy’s favorite. She gently sucked Mindy’s clit on her mouth and then flicked her tongue across, then just flicked it with the tip of her tongue very rapidly. Mindy’s body convulsed on the bed as she emitted gasp after gasp in orgasmic bliss.

As Mindy’s orgasm subsided, Tara stopped licking her and moved her head away to focus on Mike’s cock inside her. She arched her back down to lift her pussy up to Mike so he could drive his cock even deeper into her. This was the kind of encouragement and pleasure that always got Mike going faster and deeper. Mindy moved to the head of the bed to give the other two more room and to be able to see the action better. Tara stretched her arms out above her head to steady herself a little better. To Mindy, Tara looked like a harem girl in some old, cheesy Arabian Nights film supplicating herself to her Master. It looked hotter than hell and made Mindy remember why she liked cock. Getting fucked hard by the right man made her feel taken in a very erotic way. Even though she had just finished one of her better orgasms, she wanted a cock, no, Mike’s cock in her.

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