Boy Brides Ch. 1

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David and Darren discovered they shared an interest in wearing ladies clothing during their time at school.

Darren had a definite advantage with his mother owning two well established bridalwear stores, one in a city centre precinct, the other 70 miles away in large market town.

Every Tuesday and Friday his mother visited the town store which meant Darren could borrow the spare keys and visit the city store after 6pm. Soon he introduced David to the vast array of bridal gowns and they helped each other to dress up. With the store located in a cul-de-sac and with only an ironmongers and a vacant store in the same secluded area David and Darren eventually found the courage to walk out into the precinct as a bride whilst the other acted as look out. They took Polaroid pictures of each other to help remember each occasion.

However, it was one of those pictures which brought them both to the KBG as enforced clitlickers after Darren found David showing one picture in particular to a girl at college.

It was of one of his most daring engagements when he stepped out from the store completely naked except for white stockings, suspender belt and a gigantic veil which tumbled from a floral headdress and trailed across the precinct, twenty feet behind him. With David at the corner signalling the all clear Darren walked towards him, massaging his penis as he did so, until they were together. Then, with a few passers-by in the darkened distance, Darren accepted David’s dare and stepped beyond the corner to be pictured for the first time in front of a potential audience who were making their way to the night-club further down the precinct.

The photo incident with the girl created a rift in their relationship and they parted.

Soon after, David heard of the KBG from another friend and applied to join just to be close to a bride and her gown.

A few weeks later, on a Friday night, he led a party from the KBG into the city to catch Darren in the store enjoying another bridal gown. With the threat of his mother being told of his adventures and the potential harm it would do to her business, Darren was quickly persuaded to join the KBG and allow access to the massive stock of magnificent gowns whenever it was required. To confirm his allegiance both he and David were dressed as brides and led to the corner of the precinct. Each had to step around the corner as they were photographed and filmed and then raise the front of his gown for thirty seconds or so. Still with the gown held aloft each had to walk back to the store and ask his friend to perform felatio as he leaned against the window Casibom of the bridal wear store.

Darren takes up the story.

“Sucking each other in bridal gowns was nothing new. However having the shop window as a backdrop with the name clearly visible was quite a shock and I was extremely worried my mother would find out. I agreed to do anything to maintain the confidentiality of the pictures which I was assured were locked in a vault in a place called Tulle Towers.

“The following Tuesday I had to be at the shop to meet two girls, twins in fact about the same age as myself, maybe slightly older, about 20 perhaps. They were accompanied by two older girls and two men, one of whom kept watch in the precinct.

“The twins, Laura and Claire, were instructed to select a gown each that they liked and then an extra three petticoats each to fill the gowns out. In the fitting room I was ordered to strip naked and slip on stockings and a suspender belt, abundant in lace frills, and then walk into the front shop and welcome ‘my guests’ Laura and Claire. At first I refused. I was not ready to show girls what, until recently, had been a secret for over five years and I’d never been naked in front of a girl before, never mind naked and in frilly underwear. I was asked again and as a result of another refusal I was shown a large brown envelope. The man opened it and removed two pictures, one of me sucking David outside the shop and the other, David sucking me. He replaced them in the envelope and then turned it over to show the address. It was addressed to the proprietress of the store – my mother.

“I looked at myself in the surrounding mirrors, I had always felt so sexy like this but not tonight as I reluctantly agreed to do as I was asked. “I pulled back the curtain and entered the front shop to find it empty. One of the chaperones, Mandy, stood in the doorway. I dropped my hands to hide my penis and received my first rebuke.

“That’s not necessary, I’ve seen lots of you pretty little clitlickers naked before and I want to see yours too, so remove your hands NOW.

“I did as she asked, her bellowed order making me jump to attention.”

Mandy continued. “As a clitlicker you will learn to obey orders and carry them out immediately to avoid punishment. Because you refused to meet the girls in the shop you must now walk outside and let them see your stiffening clit.”

“This time I didn’t refuse and stepped out into the precinct to find two people with camcorders and a photographer set up and ready and the twins standing at the ironmongers door. Next thing I knew the girls Casibom Giriş were walking towards me, slipping off their long coats as they did so, to reveal quarter cup white satin Basques and only stockings. I stared open mouthed, firstly at their breasts, then their near hairless pussies and then their long blonde hair flowing in the slight breeze.”

“We want to thank you for your kindness in helping select our bridal gowns,” said Laura as Claire dropped to her knees and began to fondle my penis. I drew back but a voice from behind the cameras ordered me not to as both girls were going to suck me.

“We were manoeuvred in front of the window and I was shown a board with the words ‘WELCOME TO MY KINKY BRIDES BOUTIQUE WHERE MY GOWNS ARE YOUR GOWNS’ I was asked to say it a couple of times until I sounded as if I meant it. Then the girls dropped to their knees and began to lick my cock. I was used to David doing this but looking down to see two pretty girls, I had to prod myself to realise this was for real.

“A few still shots were posed with both girls using their tongues together on my full erection by now, and then each immersing me into their mouths, before we were ushered inside the shop where Mandy showed the girls the hire gowns, having, as I found out, visited the shop the previous day to check out the stock.”

“Whatever you do keep away from the new gowns. We don’t want to spoil a good thing before we get started by dirtying any new gowns,” she instructed to us all.

“I was in the fitting room when Laura and Claire came in with their selections, similar but not the same, as the hire section was mostly end of line styles or even second hand gowns.

“I was instructed to help dress each girl, firstly with a petticoat which they stepped into and I raised around their waist to fasten the Velcro. Then, after lowering the second petticoat over their heads I had to smooth it over the first one. Then the third dropped over the second and was sticking out so far that my prick made constant contact and went solid. It was quite a job fixing the bridal gowns over so many layers and I had to press myself against the petticoats as I did so.

“Both girls had chosen short sleeve designs, Laura a satin bodice with lace capped sleeves and lace appliqués also adorning the tulle skirt. For Claire an organza skirt with fancy lace edgings and lace appliqués on the V neck and sleeves.”

“Make sure you keep touching the clit of your dresser girls. Let me hear him moan in ecstasy as you brush all your gorgeous petticoats across his clit,” suggested Mandy before she continued Casibom Yeni Giriş to explain about using so many petticoats.

“Firstly petticoats are our motto. Also, to help you avoid detection by your mother, all these petticoats are required to help keep the gowns off the ground. With so many layers of petticoats below, the gown volumes out and the hem is then raised, which helps to keep them clean. Now I want to see you burying that lovely clit of yours in all that tulle and organza as you help fix your brides head-dresses and three-tier veils. Remember, keep control, although I know you will be desperate to show the brides how much you adore them and their gowns.”

“It was extremely difficult, the girls continually whisking up their gowns, the materials so sensual against my naked body. Twice I took myself in hand to masturbate in front of the brides, only to be severely chastised by Mandy for doing so.”

“This is a lesson in self discipline,” she told me and added, “The petticoat is a very powerful garment, but you must learn that you can no longer please yourself before you have pleased others. When you have done that, then you will be given permission to publicly display your sexual desires.”

“Eventually I was instructed to stand back and admire the brides I had just dressed.

“This appeared to be a signal to Mandy who went to the door to check everything was still alright and then returned to give us instructions.

“Laura and Claire and I posed on the precinct once again, teasing me with their gowns, petticoats and tongues as each shot was taken. By the time we were ushered back into the shop I was once again very close to ejaculating. Mandy saw this and called Victoria into the shop to suck me off as I watched the twins undress. Victoria had remained in the background most of the night but arrived swishing her bright red petticoat dress. The dark skinned and raven haired beauty encircled me for a few moments and then dropped to her knees to lick the length of my cock. A few licks and then she was back on her feet and backing into me, making her petticoats slide up my body as she raised them until my naked cock made contact with the naked cheeks of her ass. All the time she said nothing but held my cock against her ass as she leaned forward. Next second she was back on her knees with me in her mouth and we were joined by the twins, now stripped off their gowns. They began to masturbate me as Victoria teased her tongue on my testicles and a few minutes later I was oozing cream onto the face of all three as they took it in turn to share my cock.

“Fifteen minutes later and I was left to tidy up and mark the chosen gowns for Saturday night before I locked up for the night.”

So enough evidence had been gathered to force Darren to become a member of the KBG, but what did Saturday night have in store for him?

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