Boss Fantasy Ch. 02

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The office slowly empties as people go home one by one. All you want to do is get home and take a nice hot bath, maybe order some takeout… but there’s too much to do here. Everyone else has already gone home, but looking at your schedule, it looks like you have at least another hour before you can leave. You sigh, resigned to your fate.

Your eyes keep wandering to your boss’s office. The door is closed and the light is off, but you can’t stop wishing he were still here, working a late night as well. After all, last time was so good the memory of it has kept you company through these last few lonely nights.

Before your encounter with your boss, it had been a while since you’d been fucked, and you couldn’t have imagined a better way to break your dry streak than with his face between your legs. And when he fucked you, you saw stars. You’ve dreamed about him every night since that encounter, and you’ve woken up aching for him every morning.

Now that you’re thinking about it, you won’t be able to focus on work. And since you’re alone, you might as well relieve this tension. You put some music on on shuffle and let the background music carry you away so you can almost pretend you’re not at work anymore. Although, some of the best sex you’ve ever had was here…

Just like last time, your hand slips between your legs, pushing aside your panties, which are already drenched. Briefly, you think that maybe you should close your door, but nobody is here, so it wouldn’t matter anyway.

You’re so lost in the moment, your fingers working your clit as the music plays in the background, that you don’t hear the footsteps that slow down and then stop just outside your door. Your left hand raises to pinch your nipple through your thin shirt while your other hand plays with your pussy. Your clit is throbbing, and you’re so close to cumming you let your head fall back and ride the waves of passion. You can almost hear your boss calling you a good girl and telling you to cum, and the thought sends you over the edge. Your orgasm rocks through you and your pussy clenches around your fingers.

You stay just Porno like that for a minute, letting the pleasure slowly fade. You feel good. Amazing. That was just what you needed to be able to get back to work.

You open your eyes.

And your boss is there, watching you. His brows are drawn, like he’s concentrating hard on something, and you can see the bulge in his pants that proves that he liked what he saw.


His eyes flare at the word and he takes a step closer.

“I believe I said you’re not allowed to touch yourself.” His voice is low, with a light current of danger running through it. You suppress a moan. He’s so fucking sexy, and you can’t believe he just watched you pleasure yourself. “How many times?”


“How many times have you touched yourself since our… encounter?” he asks, taking another step closer to you. You swallow, and he watches your throat, a slow smile starting to curl his lips.

“Every morning,” you whisper.

“How many days has it been?”

“Five.” Your voice comes out a little shaky. He frowns, and you know he’s worried that you’re nervous, but the opposite is true: you’re excited to see what his response will be. He’s going to punish you in some way, you know that. But how?

“So you’ve touched yourself five times since we last saw each other?”

“Six, now,” you say with a grin.

“Take off your clothes.”

You stand and walk around your desk. Slowly, you undo the buttons on your shirt to reveal a lace bra that leaves little to the imagination. In a moment, that drops to the floor and you’re standing in front of him wearing only your skirt and heels. You go to take one of the shoes off but he stops you.

“Leave the shoes on.”

You take off the skirt, then your soaked panties, and he holds out his hand for them. He lifts your panties to his face, taking a deep whiff, and groans at the smell.

“They smell divine,” he says. “These are mine now.” He slips them into his pocket, then surveys you, standing in nothing but your heels. “Come here.”

You take a step toward him, and now Altyazılı Porno that you’re close enough to smell him, you do so, leaning in to his chest to breathe him in. He smells like expensive cologne, a little spicy and earthy, and you know that this scent will be factoring into your fantasies now.

“Unbutton my shirt,” he says. And you do.

Slowly, with shaky fingers, you undo the top button of his shirt, then the next, and then you stop. Giving him a wicked grin, you slide a single finger down the exposed part of his chest, trailing it through the soft black hair there. You pull on his shirt, releasing it with a snap, and he takes a shuddering breath. He may be about to punish you for pleasuring yourself without him, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun of your own.

You make quick work of the rest of his buttons, then take a step closer so you’re almost pressed against him. Your tits graze his chest, and the feeling of that hair on your nipples– a little soft, a little coarse– sends a jolt of desire through you. You sway, letting your nipples brush his chest hair and the feeling is almost too much…

“Fuck,” he whispers. He spins you around, pushing you down on the desk. You arch, wiggling your ass in the air, and he leans forward, nipping it. He bites you again, and again, and each time your pussy clenches in response. He licks up your back and you arch into him.

You hear the whisper of a belt and the sound of a zipper, and then he’s pressed against you, his cock at your entrance.

“I was going to punish you first,” he says, as he slowly pushes into you, “but–“

You push back, taking his cock in one motion and cutting him off as he swears softly.

“Fuck me first,” you say.

And he does.

He reaches a hand around, playing with your clit while he pounds you mercilessly. You can’t help it– you moan loudly, and the sound makes him fuck you harder. Within seconds you cum. He groans at the feeling of your pussy spasming around him, but he doesn’t cum just yet, and he doesn’t let up on pleasuring you, either.

After Brazzers giving you another mindblowing orgasm, he pulls out and tells you to turn around. When you do, you see that he’s stroking his cock, his eyes heavy-lidded.

“Play with yourself,” he tells you, his voice rough.

“You want me to–“

“Show me what you’ve been doing without me.”

You hop up on your desk and prop your legs up on the edge of the desk. He’s framed between your legs, and the sight of him pleasuring himself might be the hottest thing you’ve ever seen. It’s definitely enough to get you going, and you lock your eyes on him while you slowly start circling your clit.

“Show me what you would do if you were alone,” he commands.

Your leg hand joins your right one between your legs, the fingers of your left hand dipping into your pussy and stroking slowly. His eyes fall shut for a second at the sight as he groans in pleasure. A moment later his eyes snap back open and the amount of heat in them nearly blows you away.

You take your other hand and start vigorously working your clit, rubbing it as hard and as fast as you can. If you were truly by yourself, you might last a while longer, but you’ve already cum multiple times tonight, and you’re watching your sexy boss stroke his cock in front of you–to you. For you.

That’s enough to drive you over the edge and you cry out, you whole body jerking from the orgasm you just gave yourself.

He moans and steps forward, and a moment later he’s cumming all over you. You lazily trace a finger across your tits, then down your stomach, making a trail of his cum on you, and he grins in approval.

He steps closer and pulls you up to a seated position.

“I didn’t get to punish you,” he whispers in your ear. “I’ll make sure to do it next time?”

“When will that be?” You ask, breathless. You’ve never been so satisfied in your life, and yet you’re already looking forward to next time.

“Tomorrow. Come in an hour early. You’re mine for that hour. Mine to punish as I see fit.”

A shiver runs through you, and you know you’ll probably cave again tonight and fuck yourself into another orgasm. Maybe he’ll punish you for that, too.


He presses a quick kiss to your neck that sends a current of desire through you.

“I promise I’ll punish you tomorrow morning. And I promise you’ll enjoy it.”

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