Bored at Work

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Kellie spent her working life in a boring 9-5 admin job in an office. The rest of the staff were a lot older than her, mostly in their mid to late 40’s whereas she was a mere 23 years old. None of the others in the office ever really looked at Kellie. They were reasonable enough, friendly people who would ask how she was and if she’d had a good weekend but other than that it was a relentless monotony of work. Typing, filing, sending post and not a lot else.

Although she was single, Kellie liked to spice up her day by wearing outfits that were a little risqué. The odd button or two undone on her blouse or wearing tights with no knickers or in the summer wearing no knickers or no bra and no knickers. It didn’t really seem to matter as whatever she did no one seemed to notice.

Today she had got up and the sun was shining. Having showered and had breakfast, all naked of course, just so her neighbours got a view, if they ever bothered to look into her windows.

She walked into her bedroom and took the decision that it would be a no bra and no knickers day today. Well the sun was out after all. Opening her wardrobe she looked at the dresses all lined up. Moving the hangers she pulled out a dark blue dress that would suit her purposes nicely. The dress, unlike all her others buttoned up on the front. This meant that she could open the dress if the mood took her and expose herself. The thought made her pussy twitch and she could feel her nipples becoming erect.

Kellie was a slim girl with almost milky white skin, shoulder length brown hair and as for her boobs well she was a decent 34c with large pink nipples. As with most girls of her age she had a shaven pussy. Running her hand over her boobs she felt that today was going to be an adventure. Exactly, what the adventure would be she didn’t know but it would be good.

The morning started with the usual pleasantries of how are you, nice dress and Casibom then it was time to get on with work. The office was silent and everyone just got on with their jobs. Kellie daydreamed as the clock ticked away with its monotonous action. Time seemed to drag but soon it struck 12 noon and it was time for lunch. Usually Kellie would have a sandwich and an apple in the canteen but today she decided to go for a walk.

As she stepped out onto the street the warm sun on her face made her feel alive, very alive. She looked round and decided that she wanted to have a play. Where to go though, the office she worked in was in a busy area of the city and it would be difficult to find somewhere that she wouldn’t be seen or that somebody wouldn’t walk past.

After walking for a while Kellie found an alleyway that led to some steps. Looking round she realised that it was reasonably secluded and nobody seemed to walk past.

She sat on the steps, not at the top, but halfway down them. Waiting for a couple of minutes Kellie waited to see if it truly was secluded. Again no one walked along the alleyway.

Without a second thought she undid the dress and pushed it away from her body. Her perky boobs were there for anyone to see with her nipples pink and erect. She opened her legs and her tight , pink pussy was also there for anyone to see. She stood up, still with the dress open and looked back towards the way she had walked. No one in sight, only the sound traffic and voices in the distance. Anyone who had walked past would have seen just how gorgeous her body was. “Their loss” she thought to herself.

Kellie sat back down, pushing her dress behind her so that she could sit on it. With her legs open she took hold of both of her boobs, teasing them and pulling at her nipples. It felt good, very naughty but very good. Suddenly she heard a voice and she quickly pulled her dress together. The voices seemed Casibom Giriş to move away as she looked to see if anyone was there. The coast was clear so she opened her dress again. At the back of her mind she really wanted to be caught, it was ages since she’d had sex and the urge to play was a big turn on for her. The urge to have hard, urgent sex was even more of a turn on.

She flung her head back as she then grabbed her boobs and played with them again. Squeezing and teasing them. Checking the coast was clear again she started to run the fingers of her right hand along her swollen pussy lips. She pulled her legs up, exposing her pink lips even more. Gently rubbing at her lips and pulling at them. She could feel her bud starting to swell.

Her right hand running up and down her pussy, feeling her swollen lips and her bud that was begging to be rubbed and rubbed hard. Knowing that someone could simply walk along and catch her had made Kellie extremely wet ad she slipped her middle finger into her wet sopping pussy. She frantically pushed it in and out. It felt good, not as good as a cock but it was good.

Having covered her middle finger in her own juices she then ran her finger up and down her pussy. Coating her lips. Lost in the moment she started to finger herself again while grabbing her left boob with her left hand.

Squeezing her boob she rammed her middle finger in and out of her pussy. “Come on” she thought, “someone come and catch me.”

With her middle finger going in and out of her pussy like a mini jack hammer she used the fingers of her left hand to flick her erect nipple.

Felling brave she stopped and then completely took her dress off. Now, she really was turned on. Sitting there for a moment she wondered how she’d explain it if someone came along then she thought “fuck it, I’m too horny to worry.”

She looked around again and still, just the sound Casibom Yeni Giriş of traffic and voices in the distance. Her pussy begged to be touched again so she took her right hand and gently and slowly rubbed the outside lips and teased herself. This wasn’t something to be rushed. It was a moment to enjoy and savour with every stroke and every finger action.

Just then she heard footsteps and a voice coming towards her so she frantically picked up her dress and put it on, starting to button it up. The voice disappeared as did the footsteps so Kellie waited and then opened her dress again.

Realising that time wasn’t on her side she started to rub her pussy which by now was just begging for some action. Her fingers rammed in and out of her pussy hard and fast with a squelching noise coming from her sopping wet pussy. The feeling of the warm summer air on her body was intoxicating and she slipped another finger into her pussy. Now it was two fingers pushing themselves in and out of her swollen lips.

It was at this point that she truly didn’t care she just wanted to cum. Now she started to rub her fingers across her clit, bulging and tingling it was now being rubbed so hard. All of her nerves tingled as she rubbed harder and harder. Alternating between rubbing her swollen clit and slipping fingers in and out of her pussy.

It felt so good and she felt so dirty, sat there the city, in the open, during the day, openly masturbating.

She could feel how much she wanted to cum so went back to ramming her fingers in and out of her wet hole. Head tilted back, enjoying the moment and the sound of her juices as she finger fucked herself.

Kellies breathing became shallow and she murmured as she teased and pleased herself. He boobs bouncing as she fucked herself, hips pushed forward and fingers shoving inside herself, how she wished it was a rock, hard cock.

Suddenly her hips bucked as she squirted warm liquid onto the steps. Kellie gasped at her orgasm and then rubbed her fingers over her lips which tingled. She layback and smiled to herself. Who needs a sandwich when you could escape to a secluded spot and tease yourself into oblivion!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32