Boat Ho Ch. 26

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Big Tits

Alex felt strange returning from the doctor. She had no idea how her pregnancy test could read positive. But the doctor assured her that these things do happen and that aside from that one thing she was perfectly healthy. He didn’t like her tattoos as well. She pondered these things as the duty driver took her back from Balboa hospital.

“Is everything okay,” the white male 2nd Class Petty Officer asked.

“Yeah,” she replied, “I feel a lot better.”

“Good,” he replied, “and I like your tattoos.”

“Thanks,” she smiled as she lifted part of her khaki sleeve revealing more tattoos.

“You get them at one place,” he asked as he made a quick left turn.

“No,” she replied, “got them all over San Diego.”


“Actually,” she started as she lifted her arm and pointed out the heart and star on her wrist, “got this one in Illinois, shortly after boot camp.”

“Cool,” he replied.

They didn’t talk very much as they made their way back to base. He dropped her off right outside the gate to the ship.

“Thanks for the ride,” she said as she got out of the van.

“No problem,” he replied as she pulled out her wallet and found her I.D. card.

She flashed her I.D. the guard as he waved her through. The black Chief of the Guard looked at her funny. She shot him a dirty look. Alex still had issues of minorities in authority. She felt that they had it out for her and wanted to punish her for some reason. She climbed the stairwell to the ship. She saluted the flag and presented her I.D. and finally made it back to her berthing. She undid the curtain on her rack and looked at the picture of her and Cindy. She smiled quickly and unlocked her rack. She pulled out her new blue camouflage utilities. She stripped of her working uniform and put on the new one. She locked her rack and went to her wall locker and hung her khaki and black pants on a hanger. She locked it and returned to her magazine. She sat down in the corner and looked around the near empty space. Several other Airmen were also doing the same. She thought about some of the things the doctor had told her. She felt stupid admitting to him she’d engaged in anal sex without a condom. He warned her that she shouldn’t do that. She didn’t tell him that she’d been fucking her brother for the better part of a year and a half. She was happy when liberty call was announced. She returned to her rack to find a backpack on it.

“The hell,” Alex said as she picked it up.

“I’m sorry,” a female voice called out.

“No problem,” Alex replied as she picked it up.

“Thanks,” the blonde teenaged sailor said as she handed the bag to her.

Alex looked over the woman. She was in awe; she looked extremely familiar; she couldn’t place it. She opened her rack and pulled out some civilian clothes. She quickly stripped them off and put on her shirt and jeans. She slid on her skimmer shoes and shut her rack. She looked at the picture in her rack and then at the new girl. She was looking through her rack. Alex looked at the nametag on her pants, it read: SMITH.

“Holy shit,” Alex whispered to herself.

“What,” the new Airman replied.

“Nothing,” Alex replied.

“I didn’t get your name,” the girl said.

“I’m Lundz, Seaman Alexis Lundz, I prefer Alex,” she said quickly as she extended her hand.

“AOAN Smith,” she started, “Jamie Smith, it’s nice to meet you Alex.”

“You too,” Alex replied as they let go of each other’s hand.

Alex looked over the girl’s body. She was nearly perfect. He breasts were very perky and seemed to stand out a lot. Her blonde hair was very shiny and cut in a bob similar to hers. Her ass was nearly perfect. The rest of her body was taught and in great shape. Alex wanted her; she wanted to touch her again. And she was for sure this was Cindy’s sister.

“T.G.I.F.,” Alex let out.

“What’s that,” Jamie replied.

“Thank god it’s Friday,” Alex laughed.

“Yeah,” she laughed.

“Any plans,” Alex asked.


“This may sound quick,” Alex started, “but would you want to do something tonight?”

“Maybe,” Jamie replied.

“Cool,” Alex shot back.

“I really should get settled,” she replied.

“I’ll be in the lounge watching TV,” Alex said as she walked away.

Jamie continued to unpack and put her clothing away. She looked behind her and looked into Alex’s rack. She noticed the picture. She walked up to it and bent over and looked at the picture. She noticed the familiar face clutching Alex.

“Cindy,” she whispered to herself.

Alex was unable to get a seat in the lounge. She leaned against the bulkhead and watched TV. The girls argued back and forth about what to watch. Someone put B.E.T. on and another girl flipped out. They cycled through the channels and finally ended up on the Kardashian show. Alex looked back into the berthing and saw Jamie approach her. Maltepe Escort Alex was still in disbelief over this woman. She looked amazing in her blouse and Capri pants. Alex looked down at her feet and noticed she was also wearing skimmer shoes. She couldn’t contain her desires for very long.

“Hey,” Alex said, “did you want to do something tonight?”

“Yeah,” Jamie replied, “I don’t have a lot of money. But I just got here and don’t want to be on base.”

“No problem,” Alex replied, “how does a movie sound?”

“That would be fun.”

“Let’s go,” Alex smiled.

They caught the trolley downtown and quickly made their way to Horton Plaza. They ate at the pizza place in the mall. They made small talk. Alex didn’t mention any of her past problems, such as being on restriction. They quickly ate and walked to the movie theatre. They bought tickets for some movie with Jennifer Aniston. Neither seemed to keen on seeing it but the other movies didn’t stand out. Jamie was hoping some movie from the winter months was still playing, but wasn’t. They wasted the hour before the movies start at Hot Topic and Sanrio. Alex didn’t like either store, but Jamie seemed enthused about Sanrio.

“Shit,” Alex said as she put the large Hello Kitty plush down.

“What,” Jamie replied.

“Movie is gonna start in ten minutes.”

“Right,” Jamie laughed as she signaled for the exit.

They bought some sodas and a large popcorn. They quickly found seats in the center of the theatre.

“All right,” Jamie whispered as the lights went down.

Alex looked over at Jamie constantly during the previews. She moved her hand slowly towards her leg. She bit her lip several times. She played out every possible scenario that her stupid little mind could fathom. She wanted to reach out and grab her hand, but couldn’t do it. He looked over at her a few times and had to formulate some kind of plan. Jamie took a sip of her soda, instead of putting it back in the cup holder farthest away she placed it between them. This was the opportunity she needed. The movie started and Jamie took a few more sips. Alex had to plan this correctly.

It was about 15 minutes into the lame romantic comedy when Alex noticed Jamie reaching for the cup. She shot her hand out and brushed into Jamie’s. They looked at each other awkwardly for a second. Alex quickly grabbed her new friends hand. She quickly interlocked her fingers into hers. Alex looked over to her. She leaned in a kissed her new friend. Jamie pulled away and quickly walked out. Alex quickly followed her. She caught up with Jamie next to one of the arcade games.

“I’m sorry,” Alex said as she caught up with Jamie.

“It’s okay,” she replied.

“I just feel,” Alex started.

Alex ran her hand along Jamie’s arm.

“Feel what,” Jamie replied.

“I don’t know,” Alex replied, “you remind me of someone.”

“Who,” Jamie replied.

“This girl I went to bootcamp with,” she smiled as she looked to the ground.

“Who,” Jamie asked.

“This girl named Cindy,” Alex replied.

“Oh my god,” Jamie replied.

“What,” Alex asked.

“My sister mentioned you a few times,” Jamie said as Alex hooked her fingers into her belt loops.

“What did she say,” Alex asked.

“Not much,” she replied, “she mentioned that you did some things together.”

“Oh,” Alex said as she removed a hand and placed it on Jamie’s hip.

“She’s not a lesbian,” she replied, “she was just curious.”

“Yeah,” Alex said as she leaned in towards her face.

“Yeah,” Jamie replied as Alex planted another kiss on her.

“Let’s get a room,” Alex said as she pulled away from her.

“Yes,” Jamie replied.

They quickly left the movie theatre and hailed a cab. They stopped by a liquor store where Alex bought a bottle of Aftershock. He then took them to the closest hotel. It was a very cheap hotel, but it worked. Alex paid for it and they made their way to the room. The kissed quickly as they made their way into the small room. Alex quickly pushed Jamie onto the bed and they made out more. Alex straddled her friend and pulled her shirt off. She quickly unhooked her bra and her breasts flopped out. Jamie looked up and them in amazement.

“You have nice boobs,” she laughed.

“Thanks,” Alex replied, “touch them.”

Jamie reached up and grabbed them. She quickly squeezed them and pinched her nipples.

“You like them,” Alex asked.

“Yes,” she laughed.

“Shit,” Alex exhaled.


“I have to pee,” Alex replied as she got off the bed.

“Cool,” Jamie laughed as she slinked to the bathroom.

Jamie sat on the bed as Alex used the bathroom. She felt strange doing this. She ran different scenarios through her mind. She didn’t think she could do it. She couldn’t be with a woman.

“What am I doing,” Jamie whispered.

Alex Maltepe Escort Bayan slinked out of the bathroom naked. Jamie’s heart began to race as Alex slowly made her way to the bed. For some reason she looked at her feet, they were very well taken care of for being in the Navy. Her tattoos seemed to compliment her very well. Her breasts jiggled ever so slightly as she walked up to her. She bent over and planted a quick kiss on her.

“Ready,” Alex asked as she slowly pushed her back on the bed.

“I….,” Jamie stuttered.

“It’s okay,” Alex replied.

Alex grabbed Jamie’s hand licked her middle finger. She guided it to her crotch after briefly having it in her mouth. Jamie felt the warmth of Alex’s vagina. She quickly pulled out of her.

“I can’t do this,” Jamie said as her head hit the pillow.

“It’s okay,” Alex replied, “I promise…”

“Stop,” Jamie let out as she pushed Alex off her.

“Please,” Alex replied.

“I can’t do this,” she replied as she sat up on the bed.

“What’s wrong,” Alex said as she ran a hand across Jamie’s arm.

“This all happened so fast,” she replied, “I’m not a lesbian.”

“Neither am I,” Alex laughed.

“I have a fiancé,” Jamie blurted out.

“How old are you,” Alex asked.

“Nineteen,” she replied.

“Who is he,” Alex smirked.

Jamie quickly reached into her pocket and pulled out her cell phone. She pushed a few buttons and turned it to show Alex.

“You’re kidding me,” Alex laughed as she saw the picture of Jamie with a black man.

“We’re getting married in December,” she smiled

“You don’t love him,” Alex snapped back, “you’re using him.”

“What,” Jamie said in disbelief.

“You’re mad at your parents,” Alex laughed.

“No I’m not,” Jamie said sternly.

“You don’t love him,” Alex smirked, “where are you from?”

“Georgia,” Jamie shot back.

“Bet you were a little whigger,” Alex laughed.

“What,” Jamie said perplexed.

“A white person who thinks they’re black,” Alex shot back, “we all go through that stupid phase.”

“I’m not a whigger,” Jamie replied.

“Why are you getting married to him?”

“Because I…” Jamie started before trailing off.

‘Because,” Alex started.

“I love him,” she said in a labored tone.

Alex looked her over and smiled. She stood up off the bed and looked down at Jamie. She walked up to Jamie and ran her hand on her shoulder. She quickly moved her hand towards Jamie’s neck. She quickly gripped Jamie’s neck and pushed her onto the bed hard.

“I need this you nigger fucking bitch,” Alex said as she squeezed her hand harder around Jamie’s neck, “your sister broke my heart. If I can’t have her, I’ll take the next best thing!”

“Please,” Jamie let out as a tear fell from her left eye.

Alex let her grip go on her neck and leaned in and kissed her. Jamie tried to resist, but couldn’t. She felt Alex’s tongue contact hers and let go. Alex pulled back and she could she a slight change in her face. She wasn’t angry but looked a bit sad.

“Do whatever you want,” Jamie let out as another tear rolled down her face.

Alex let out a smile as she looked down on the body that was so familiar. She pushed Jamie’s shirt over her breast to reveal a black bra. She reached into the left cup and pushed her breast out. She leaned in and began to suck feverishly on her nipple.

“I plan to,” Alex laughed as she slid down her body.

Alex rubbed her hand on Jami’s crotch. Jamie tried not to get aroused but couldn’t help it.

“Wait,” Alex said quickly as she sat up a little on the bed.

“What,” Jamie asked.

Alex pressed Jamie’s breast back into its bra and pulled her shirt back down. Alex kissed her and stood back up.

“Stand up,” she demanded.

Jamie complied as Alex flopped back on the bed. Jamie stood there nervously as Alex looked her over.

“Strip,” Alex said before biting her lip.

Jamie complied and kicked off her shoes. She undid her belt, which was the bootcamp issued belt, and unzipped her pants. She slid them down her short legs. She stepped out the legs and kicked her jeans away. Alex sat up and looked over her body. She quickly pulled her shirt off. Jamie’s stomach was in good shape, just a bit of flab, but in good shape otherwise. Alex reached over to the night-stand and took a swig of the alcohol. Jamie began to unhook her bra.

“Panties first,” Alex demanded.

She complied and slowly pulled her underwear off.

“Give them to me,” Alex said as she pulled them over her feet.

Jamie handed them to her. Alex sniffed them and smiled. She threw them back at Jamie. Jamie quickly unhooked her bra and let it fall to the ground. She noticed Alex smiling as her breasts fell out. Alex stood up and looked over her body.

“Just like your sister,” Escort Maltepe Alex laughed.

Alex gave her a hug. She pulled back and Jamie looked down at her breasts.

“Suck on my nipple,” Alex demanded.

Jamie leaned in and began to suck on her perfect right nipple. She wasn’t very good at it and Alex could tell. Alex quickly got annoyed and pushed Jamie off of her. Jamie sat on the bed and looked up at her tormentor. Alex slinked down on the bed with her. Jamie tried crawling away but couldn’t. Alex pressed her against the headboard.

“Oh,” Jamie said as he head bumped into the wood.

“Sorry,” Alex replied in a rather friendly tone.

Alex kissed her for nearly a minute while feeling her breasts. She pinched and tweaked her nipples until they were hard. She finally pulled away and sucked on her right nipple. Jamie quickly got lost in the moment. Deep inside she felt sick, knowing what she was doing was wrong. But her sister had been with this girl. And now she was having her. What spell did she cast on them both, or were she and Cindy lesbians, but not willing to admit it.

Alex sat up and pulled her body down the length of the bed. Cindy placed her feet flat on the bed and quickly pressed her knees together. Alex attempted to pull her legs apart, but she wouldn’t budge. Alex let out a smile with her stupid attempt to prevent any further sexual action. Alex finally pushed her knees apart and pressed her legs back onto the bed. Alex looked down on her neat and shaved pussy. She quickly slid a finger into her before her tongue licked the length of her pussy.

“You taste amazing,” Alex said before diving in for more.

Jamie thrashed about on the bed as Alex probed her with her tongue and fingers. She pressed her thighs against Alex’s head in an attempt to get her to stop, but Alex was able to avoid this. Alex got annoyed with this and finally pressed her right leg on the bed while she continued to eat her pussy. Alex quickly ran her tongue along her anus. Jamie moaned in excitement. Alex realized she didn’t have any lube and decided against any anal play.

“Get on all fours,” Alex demanded as she sat up.


Jamie was on all fours as Alex demanded. Alex sat down next to her and wrapped her left arm around her waist. With her right hand she quickly slapped her ass and crept a finger towards her nice cunt.

“Does he cum in you,” Alex asked as she jammed a second finger into Jamie’s wet cunt.

“Yes,” Jamie said quietly.


“Yes,” Jamie yelled out.

Alex worked her fingers into Jamie’s pussy for a few minutes. Jamie finally got used to a woman doing this to her. She let go and realized it wasn’t that bad.

“Do you like it,” Alex asked before licking her finger.

“No,” Jamie said in a low tone again.

“Why not,” Alex replied before jamming her finger back into her.

“Oh,” Jamie grunted, “I don’t want to get pregnant.”

Alex jumped off the bed and pushed Jamie onto her stomach. Jamie let her head hit the pillow. Alex slowly made her way back onto the bed. She pulled Jamie’s hips up a bit and inched closer to her ass.

“Good move,” Alex replied before shoving her face into Jamie’s cunt.

“Shit,” Jamie yelled out as Alex’s tongue made contact with her again.

Alex quickly turned her over and began to lick and finger her cunt again. She licked her ass a few times, but didn’t want to do much. If she had lube she would’ve done everything she wanted. Suddenly Alex stopped. This caught Jamie off guard. She wanted her to continue but she was glad she stopped. Alex jumped back on the bed and looked over towards Jamie.

“I loved Cindy,” Alex admitted.

“Oh,” Jamie replied as she turned towards Alex.

“I wished we could’ve had more time together,” Alex said as she ran her hand across Jamie’s face.

“I think she’s a lesbian,” Jamie laughed.

“Wouldn’t surprise me,” Alex replied.

Alex quickly got up and pulled the covers out. She slid under the covers.

“I’m tired,” Alex said, “if you want to leave….”

“I’ll stay with you,” Jamie replied as she got into bed with her.

They quickly drifted off after Jamie turned the lights off.

Alex was woken up a few times through out the night. She heard Jamie talking to someone on the phone around six in the morning. She quickly fell back to sleep.

“I’m sorry I called you a bitch,” Alex said as Jamie sat up on the bed.

“It’s okay,” she replied as Alex slid her hand down her back.

“I heard you on the phone this morning,” Alex said as she ran her hand through Jamie’s hair.

“Sorry if I woke you,” she replied.

“Who were you talking to?”

“My fiancé,” she replied, “I called it off.”

“You broke up with the nigger,” Alex smiled.

“Yes,” she smiled.

Alex quickly hugged Jamie. This caught Jamie of guard. She slowly wrapped her arms around Alex. They slid apart and Alex leaned in and kissed her. They kissed for nearly a minute. They got off the bed and took a shower together. They quickly gathered their things afterwards. They made it back to the ship before noon. They made little mention of the night before.

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