Blueberry Muffins, and More Ch. 02

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Thursday morning was a dismal morning with a cold drizzle and gusty wind that made the chill go right through to your bones. The skies were heavy with clouds and the temperatures were hovering at below normal levels. It was a raw day outside for sure but I’d been up several hours and had the cabin bright, warm and cozy. I don’t get many visitors out here and the one I was expecting this morning had me a bit nervous with anticipation.

A few minutes past 9 I happened to notice headlights through the forest that stood between the county road and my cabin. The drive snakes through the trees, over and around hills so that the distance from the road to the cabin seems much longer than the quarter mile as the crow flies. The minivan was just entering the yard in front of the cabin as I swung open the large, heavy hand hewn timber front door and stepped out onto the wide, covered front porch. The rain had slowed to a heavy mist and a fog was settling in, making for a landscape that is among my favorites.

As Deborah stepped from the minivan my eyes were initially drawn to her fitted sweater which accentuated her ample bosoms, then moved down to the tight jeans that very nicely displayed her very nicely shaped ass and legs. The weight that Deborah had lost this past year had always prevented her from wearing form-fitting clothing, but this outfit was displaying her curvy figure very nicely.

“Good morning, Deborah. You need a hand with anything?” She wasn’t carrying anything but a small cooler but I felt obliged to offer anyway. She stopped momentarily just to look up at me with a smile and reply.

“Oh, I’ve got something I could use a hand with, alright.” She chuckled in a naughty way and started up the steps to the porch.

I’d thrown a few more logs on the fire in the fireplace when I saw her headlights approaching and the fire was blazing and cracking freely. Deborah set the cooler down on the bar and asked if I had any coffee while she backed up to the fire to warm herself.

With fresh coffee and warm blueberry muffins we sat on the long leather sofa I had facing the fireplace and chatted about what was happening in our lives. After we’d been sitting talking and laughing for the better part of an hour Deborah delved into the topic that was looming.

“I’m sure you remember what I said the last time I was out here?”

“I do.”

“Well,” There was a long pause and I could tell she was struggling for what words to say, what words not to say, how to act from this point, and was a bit embarrassed. “I’ve been thinking that maybe we could give it another try, that is if you are willing.”

“Deborah, you’re a remarkable woman in many ways and our last time together was monumental for me too. I want you to be happy and comfortable with whatever we do or don’t do. OK?” She sat there quiet for long moments and I could tell the thoughts, desires and emotions were coursing and fighting their way around in her head. Her eyes had started to glisten and a single tear rolled down her cheek as she bit her lip and looked back up at me.

“Please take me to bed, Harley.”

I wanted to jump up and drag her into the bedroom and for all I know that’s what she wanted too, but it didn’t feel right. I sat quietly for second, looking her in the eyes, then leaned over to kiss her on the cheek. I held my hand out for her to take and as she did I rose from the sofa and helped her up. We stood there in front of the fireplace, face to face, and I put my arms around her waist and drew her to my body. As her chest touched against mine her arms found their way through my arms and around my back. We stood there for just a moment before I pulled away and began to lead her towards the bedroom.

As we reached the side of the bed Deborah began to pull her sweater up to remove it over her head. I stopped her, pushed her hands aside, and began taking her sweater off myself. After laying it on the dresser I turned back to her, walked up to her close enough to kiss, but instead reached my arms around and unclasped her bra. Holding the straps to keep it from falling free I leaned down and kissed her lightly on her soft lips. Her breathing was light and fast, her chest rising with each breath as I lowered the bra from her breasts and slipped it from her arms. Setting the bra aside I turned back to her and as I did her hands found the buttons of my shirt and began unbuttoning it, then tugging the shirt tails from the waist of my jeans. I took it from my arms and tossed it to a chair beside the bed as she was unbuckling my belt. I let her unfasten my jeans and shove them down to my knees. I sat on the bed and pulled my boots off then stepped from the jeans and laid them on the chair. As she reached for the waistband of my briefs I pushed her hands aside and started unfastening the waist of her jeans, then pushed them down to her thighs. I stood back up and embraced Deborah in a long, impassioned kiss before urging her to sit on the side of the bed.

She sat upright as I pulled first her boots and Escort then her jeans from her legs and tossed them atop my own jeans. I stood and took in the pure woman that sat before me, her breasts large but firm with large, dark areolas surrounding hard nipples that stood proud and available. I honestly could not remember ever seeing a more sexy or desirable woman, and my own body was showing the arousal that was tingling throughout my senses. I leaned over to kiss her lightly on the forehead and gently pressed her shoulders back, urging her to lie back on the bed. As her body reclined back I knelt beside the bed and took the waist of her panties and began sliding them down. She lifted her hips slightly to allow their removal, then lifted her knees so I could slide them off entirely. I put my arms beside her legs, holding them together as I kissed up her thighs and across her lower belly. The scent of her passions filled my nostrils and made my own arousal even greater. As I kissed around her hips and thighs Deborah’s body was reacting on it’s own, moving to great my affections, squirming from side to side, hips pushing up to catch my lips, soft moans murmuring as her head was angled back and her hands rubbing her ribs and sliding up across her breasts.

As I moved back down to kiss the inside of her knees I nudged her legs apart slightly, and she obliged by spreading them wide enough to allow a full view of her magnificent mound and pussy. I love pubic hair on a woman and Deborah had trimmed her ample bush perfectly, and I could see dampness already covering the lower regions. I kissed up the insides of her thighs and as I got near her hips her hands grasped my head and guided me directly to her swollen clit.

The hardened nub was warm as I wrapped my lips around her clit and began to gently suck and pull. Her hands had left my head and her legs were spread wide for my full access. As I encircled her clit with my tongue and pulled at it with my lips her hips were raising to meet my advances, pushing hard against my face. Her breathing was growing more eratic, a flush came across her face, neck and chest and her thrusting against my tongue and lips was becoming stronger and faster, and I knew she was approaching a climax, the first of several I hoped.

Her excitement grew rapidly and every part of her body was in motion, writhing in the joys and pleasures of the stimulation that was coming uncontrollable. I continued my assault on her clit, my chin drenched in her juices, and as I slid a finger up into her hot canal the energies overwhelmed her. Her body bucked hard against me then went rigid for a moment, then collapsing back down on the bed and back into thrusts against my face as a long, low groan grew in volume. Just as the bucking was becoming so strong that I was almost unable to maintain contact, Deborah’s hands clasped my head and pushed me away from her hyper-sensitive clit.

I backed down a bit from her hips, looking at the soaked cunt in front of me as I wiped my face on the sheets. My face was literally soaked in her juices and I didn’t know how she felt about being intimate with that. By then her body and become still except for her chest rising and falling with the deep breaths of the exertion just over. I slipped my briefs off before sliding up to lie beside her, then leaned over to kiss her on the her temple, noticing the perspiration of her strain had dampened the edges of her hair and tasting the salt of her skin.

Deborah rolled to her side to face me, wrapping one arm over my side and looking me in the eyes.

“I want to taste you, now.” As a grin began to creep upon me Deborah leaned over to kiss me deeply and passionately. Her tongue was probing past my lips and over my tongue, surely tasting her own flavor lingering within my mouth, and the taste seemed to excite her even more. I started to reach across to embrace her but she pushed my arm back down and began moving atop my body.

Her body was so warm, so soft in the most wonderful way, and the feel of her against me made my mind swirl. The pressure of her body on mine and the taste of her tongue kissing me caused me to lose awareness of anything else in the world. My whole consciousness was right there, overtaken by her passion and presence. As she began to move her body down, kissing down my chest and stomach, I could feel my hardness against her body. She raised up so that her breasts hung down, letting them gently touch my skin as she moved back and forth, side to side, teasing both our bodies with her nipples. When her nipples raked across my erect cock I felt a release of fluid from the tip, but it wasn’t there long as Deborah quickly took the tip of my cock to her lips, pulling the flavor to her tongue. As she slid her lips and mouth down far enough to take in the whole head of my cock her tongue began to move against the underside of my erection. Her mouth was warm, inviting, and so exciting that without thinking I had put my hands to her head and was pushing down, shoving my cock deeper into her mouth.

A slight gag and Deborah raised up to catch her breath caused me to open my eyes in realization of what I had done. Before I could say anything she stopped me.

“I’m not very good at this, and haven’t had much practice in a long time. I hope I’m doing it OK for you.” Before I could reply she had lowered her head and taken the full length of my cock into her mouth. I’m no larger or longer than average, but even so I could feel the back of her mouth when she dove down on my cock. Her throat was opening and I could feel the tightness and depth of that as she rode up and down my shaft with her head. It wasn’t going to be long before I would no longer be able to contain the forces building, especially with the way she was moving her tongue against the bottom of my dick as it was moving in her mouth. One of her hands found my balls and was gently massaging them as she worked on my cock, and her hair was falling down both sides of her head and brushing the tops of my thighs. As I looked down at the sight and the pleasures became unbearable I tried to warn Deborah of the impending eruption.

“I’m…gonna….cum.” I grunted the warning out and managed to put my hands to her head to lift her off my cock, but she wouldn’t slow her assault and within seconds I felt the first spurt erupt from the tip of my dick as I drove it deep into her mouth. There was a slight jump of her head and body, no doubt in surprise and shock of the first stream of cum to shoot into her mouth, but she swallowed and kept at her task until she had drained every drop of the salty white cum.

My dick was super sensitive and I had to urge her up and off of it, the shocks causing me to jump with each pulse, and she rose to move up beside me. Her head was still bowed down so that I couldn’t see her face, but as she grew closer to my face she looked up at me with a huge grin on her face and then broke out in laughter.

“What’s so funny? You just think of a small dick joke or something?” Laughing, Deborah kept moving up and I guided her body to stay atop me, hoping she didn’t mind. As she reached a position that put her face just lower than mine she tried to stifle the laugh, brushed the hair from her face and smiled at me.

“I’m just happy, that’s all.” There was a pause where we merely smiled at each other, then she continued. “I’ve never enjoyed that before, doing that to you, but this time was different. I really liked it and I like the way you tasted. And oh, what you did down there to me, my gosh I thought my head was going to fly off. I don’t know if you like that or not, but I loved it.”

We both chuckled and I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her tightly to me. Our conversation then evolved for a few minutes around how much we both enjoyed those activities, both giving and receiving. Then Deborah lowered her face to mine slowly, her eyes intently on mine, until her lips very gently touched my lips. She lingered there for long moments, letting the temptation and anticipation build and stimulate, then she touched her tongue to my lips. As her tongue traced my lips I could feel the effects within my balls and cock, and there was an arousal building. As her lips joined mine I felt her hips press harder against mine and the kiss grew stronger.

Our kissing began to take on the intensity of two teens making out in the backseat of a car, and Deborah held to me as she rolled to one side and pulled me over on top of her body. As our position changed her legs shifted from being inside mine to the opposite. As we made out my erection was pressing against her cunt, and as our arms were engaged in an embrace our bodies adjusted perfectly. My hard cock slid easily into her warm, wet pussy as our hips began a slow motion dance. Her warmth and tightness engulfed my cock, exciting both our bodies in a coordinated rhythm of motion that was gaining tempo. I felt her building quickly but since it had only been minutes since my own release I was able to keep the pace with her and enjoy her climax.

We slowed our motions but never stopped and she was building to another climax quickly. I began kissing across her shoulders and her chest, and when I was able to bring one of her nipples between my teeth to gently bite, she heaved hard against my dick as her next climax washed over her.

After that second climax we settled into a slower, steady motion, her hands moving across my back and then down to my ass, while I was kissing and nibbling at her breasts, neck and shoulders. I sat upright a bit so that I could massage one of her beasts with one hand and reach down and thumb massage her clit with the other hand as our fucking moved to a quickened pace. This action caused her to build towards yet another climax and Deborah was squeezing my cock with her pussy, causing my balls to tighten up and my own energies to build higher. The pace quickened more and I had to move back down prone, holding myself just high enough off of her so that her nipples brushed against my chest as we pounded against each other.

Our breathing was strong, the smell of sex heavy in the air, our bodies glistening with the strain of the moment and as if on cue our bodies both erupted in a powerful orgasm that robbed all other senses from our minds. Our bodies reacted to each other in unison and harmony, driven by the sensations and primal urgings until we both collapsed, spent.

We laid there recovering our breath, our bodies heaving against each other and I lifted from her slightly to allow her to breath and cool down. As I looked down at Deborah I found her to be divinely beautiful. I also found myself fighting to subdue feelings for her, feelings that started even before I had seen her naked.

As we laid there catching our breath there were no words spoken. I began to chill a bit and I noticed goosebumps on Deborah’s smooth skin, so I reached down and pulled the comforter up and over us. As I reached over to drape it over Deborah I noticed a tear escaping her eye.

“You OK?”

“Yeah, I’m OK. It’s just that I’ve never been with anyone that made me feel like you do, that I have a reaction to like I do to you. I’m scared.”

“Well, there’s nothing to be scared of. I promise I won’t bite.” That brought a little smile but I knew precisely what she was thinking.

We showered together after talking for a while, then Deborah made us some lunch as I brought in more wood and stoked up the fire. We shared out soup and grilled cheese sandwiches on the breakfast table, looking out the French doors where we could see for miles across the meadows to the mountain ranges in the distance. The day was just as dreary as it had been earlier, but as we ate the misting rain turned into snowflakes that drifted down as if almost weightless. After the lunch I brought us out a piece of pie each and a hot cup of Russian tea, and we sat at the table for almost an hour talking about anything and everything in the world. My time with Deborah was easy and delightful, bringing me something that I’d not had in my life for too many years. As she talked my mind drifted to what might be if she weren’t married.

When the chimes of the old wall clock sounded two Deborah almost jumped up.

“Oh, my gosh, I’ve got to go. I’ve intruded on you too long today, and I’ve got places to be in town. I’m sorry, but I’ve got to go.”

I could see the alarm in her face and hear it in her voice, but I assured her that she was far from an intrusion, and that the day had been a special pleasure for me. I walked her to her minivan, cleared the windshield for her, and stood in the drive as she turned around and drove out.

I didn’t hear from Deborah for several weeks, but that really wasn’t unusual. We saw each other in town from time to time, and waved as any two friends might but never stopped to talk. I was sitting up late one night watching some TV when the phone rang. The caller ID indicated it was the Morrison number, and instantly my mind raced to Deborah’s husband having found out and that he was calling me. Instead I heard a quiet voice, Deborah’s, and she was weeping quietly as she spoke.

“I….need to come see you in the morning.”

“Sure, Deborah. I’ll be here. Are you OK?”

She said nothing else and hung up the phone quietly. I didn’t sleep well that night, worried about what might be coming the next morning, worried about Deborah being found out and what it might do to her marriage and to her kids.

The next morning I rose earlier than usual, unable to sleep. I’d gone through several tea bags as I tried to busy myself around the cabin, and around 9:30 I finally saw her minivan coming in the drive. She parked in front of the porch, got out and was coming up the steps when I opened the door and greeted her. She was wearing dark glasses and looked like she had slept less than I had.

Deborah came in and took a seat at the breakfast table. I offered something to drink or eat but she refused.

“Harley, I have to tell you something.” I could tell that whatever it was, it was weighing heavily on her. “Last night David and I talked.” This made me nervous and my mind was racing. “I knew that he had been doing well in his job, best in the territory, and that he was hoping for a promotion or something. Well, he got it and I’m proud of him for it. He accepted the offer. But they aren’t letting him stay here, he’s got to move. Now.” At this point the tears were starting to leak from underneath her sunglasses. I pulled my handkerchief from my pocket and handed it to her.

She went on to tell me that the move was a huge opportunity for him and for their family, that the kids were very excited and that she and her husband were leaving the next morning to go hunt for a house. Then with more tears and a little sob now and then she went on.

“I love my husband and am committed to him, I absolutely love my kids and will do anything for them. But I also love my home here, love my friends, love spending time out here with you, and I love you.” I saw it coming, and had carried my own feelings for her for some time. My own eyes began to burn a bit. “That’s why I’m here now, to say goodbye.”

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