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Big Tits

This story, as is all stories, isn’t written for everyone. If you enjoyed it, thank you very much and you’re welcome. If not, thank you for visiting.


Jackson called me. Dad’s sister. She’s actually my Aunt Jackson but she doesn’t like to be called aunt or Jack. Jackson said, “Sally.” It’s an old family name, don’t sing the songs. She said, “Your dads got a lot of good years left. You get in there and get him going again. Don’t let him go to waste. You’ll be proud of yourself for the rest of your life. If you hit some rough spots call me. I’ll come a running and it’ll be fine.” Jackson is 84. She goes out with her guys all the time.

So I did. I’m home again. A small town outside Kansas City on the Missouri side. I stayed two years in my job, first one out of college. Mom passed away a year and a half ago and dad’s 81. I don’t need to work and Jackson wanted me to come back and look after him. Dad is normal and ok. It’s a big house and he doesn’t want to move into a smaller one. I wouldn’t either. Just a lot for him to handle.

I was born late for mom and dad. Dad was 56 and mom was 51 but here I am and am I glad. I’m single, 25, just three inches shorter than dad who is 6ft1. Actually he’s shorter than that now. Shrunk some with age. We’re both light in weight being out here. We walk a lot. He still gets around the golf course although he lets ‘playing through’ when needed, besides he gets to rest while they do.

I can easily work from home. I do research. All kinds of research, for people, companies, newspapers, writers. It’s a lot of fun and lucrative although I don’t need the money. Keeps me busy plus I can work any time I want. I never tell what I research because it’s private. Part of the deal. I once researched what men carried in their pockets. On my own so I can tell. Wow, was that fun.

I’ve been home for about three months and I’ve finally gotten things organized. Other than running the house and setting up better bookkeeping the only other problem is dad. Jackson said he was quieter than he used to be and doesn’t have any women friends. She said he mostly sits in his easy chair and watches tv or reads. I went to see his doctor. He delivered me and I call him Uncle Clay. He checked into dad’s medicine and found one that might cause ED so he changed it to another one that wouldn’t. Couldn’t hurt.

I waited a month after the medicine change and started to see if I could cause him to get excited. I could. It took my summer halter and swayback shorts but it worked. No bra with the summer halter. I went out and helped dad pull weeds in the garden. We were both on our hands and knees and moving and reaching. Sometimes I went backside at him and the combination worked. Dad was back in business.

I kept a few of those types of displays up for a couple of weeks and checked his socks in his dirty clothes basket. Bingo. He was an active man. I really didn’t have any confidence he was going to get something going with any of the ladies he knew. I thought maybe if I could keep up some casual female household displays he might continue having some fun. Jackson lives 200 miles away and can’t come that often for a diversion and they aren’t lovers anyway.

I’m not a virgin. I lost it sitting on a washing machine to my cousin standing on two upside down buckets. We were both sophs. I never got to see his dick. It was covered by my skirt the whole time. He still owes me that. I had my legs around him so he wouldn’t fall and that washing machine shook like crazy. When it went into the spin cycle we both whooped and hollered ‘don’t stop’. We waited two hours and put the second load in and did it again.

It went pretty good with dad. I started out slowly getting into the routine I used at my apartment. Not fully. Dad and I would have to have some conversations before that. It gave him some really good erotic moments. I would take a shower and put a t-shirt on so it got wet in the right places and dry my hair while covering my head with the towel. My chest moved all around and my face was hidden so he could watch.

Sometimes I slid down in the sofa so my long top could pull up so my pants were out some. I didn’t open my legs that much but enough so he could see a little something. Then I would plop on the floor in front of the tv on my stomach, legs out slightly with my butt pointing right at dad.

Dad grew up when society was more formal and values stricter. I worked very carefully so he didn’t go over to the dark side. I’m sure being a daughter he was more tolerant. I would still have to go slowly if I was going to accomplish anything worthwhile. I think he enjoyed my casualness and displays more than he could conscientiously let on.

One time I was going to bed and stopped and went back. I thought it was time to get started. I sat on the floor next to his big chair and said, “Dad, I’ve been dressing some like I did in my apartment. If I’m too exposed let me know. I don’t want you to be uncomfortable.” I knew darn well he was enjoying Bayrampaşa Escort it but I wanted it brought to the surface between us.

“Sally,” he said. “You keep your routine. I’ll adjust. It keeps me from getting in a rut. I used to sit here in my underwear in the evenings. It’s more comfortable and I’m ready for bed. I don’t have to change later.” Dad always wore just underwear to bed. “Sometimes I seem to get a little randy,” he said, “and I wouldn’t want to embarrass you so I’ll wait and change later.”

“Ok,” I said. “I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself. I never used to wear pants in the evenings. I guess we both sort of have the same problem. How about, if you like, wear boxers sometimes and, if I like, I’ll stop wearing pants. We can see how each other reacts. It’s just house stuff. If I like you fine and if you like me fine. I know we can’t unring the bell but it should be nice memories if we do change back. Don’t tell anybody I said so but I like to get randy too. The feeling is delicious and it can last a while.” I gave dad a kiss on the cheek and off to bed.

It was four days later I left my pants off. My gown covered my hips and down some and I don’t think he could tell. I plopped down on the carpet, although at a very slight angle this time with gown pulling up about the middle of my buns. I opened my legs my normal amount and read my magazine and watched tv. I stayed that way longer than normal and rolled my hips and moved around. Not excessively so it looked normal.

Dad and I talked almost constantly but not rapidly. Probably because he hadn’t had a chance to talk to anybody at home. Once I raised my legs and let my heels roll around in the air with my legs open a bit more. I don’t think my butt crack was open but he might have seen a ridge or two down in. Maybe not. I finally got up and sat on the sofa with my legs folded around one side. My gown was up in my lap so he could see me but not quite. I kept busy so he could look if he wanted to.

I let him see a very small amount more as time passed. Then one evening he was in a t-shirt and boxers. Dad never wore briefs, always boxers. He stayed in his chair more than normal and waited until I was occupied before he got up for something, keeping his backside to me or holding a magazine or book so I couldn’t see his front or I got something for him. He could watch my boobs jiggle.

The next morning I said, “Dad. Thanks for wearing boxers last night. I think it got to me a little. My reaction I mean. You know. Anyway, it was a while before I got to sleep. Lovely time.” I gave him my best little smile. I think I might have surprised him saying that but he smiled back and gave me a quick hug. I hoped he was thinking about what I was doing before I went to sleep. I surely was.

After a few days he forgot he was in boxers and stopped trying to hide himself. More fun for me. I kind of forgot I didn’t have any pants on. More fun for him. I got to see bulges and once something through the slit in his boxers and I’m sure he got to see my ridges and tuff. The tuff pulled his eyes down so I tried to let it show but not a lot.

I started getting my butt back pointing towards dad when on the carpet on my front. Legs open my normal medium amount and gown up about mid buns. Nothing was open for viewing except my thighs although he could probably see my closed ridges nicely. It was important to get to this level. It was getting time to start some personal interaction.


“Dad,” I said. “Are you going to watch the late movie? It’s a good one.”

“Been waiting for it all day,” he said. “You going to watch it?”

“I was thinking about it,” I said. “Are you going to watch it in bed?”

“Always do,” he said. “Sometimes I wind up going to sleep before it’s over.” He paused a little then said, “If you wouldn’t be too uncomfortable with it you might could come over and watch it with me.” There it was. I had a moment of absolute thrill. Only took a few months. I fought to keep a straight normal face and not respond too quickly or delay too much.

I’ve been over to dad’s bedroom in my gown a number of times. Morning and evening, just to say goodnight when I missed him or to be sure he was awake for a golf date or something so it wasn’t that unusual. I’ve been on the bed with him when he was waking up. Cross-legged reading the paper. I would take him coffee when I heard him stirring around.

I started to ask dad if I should wear pants but I didn’t want to set any barriers about dress. We seemed completely comfortable with our current norms. I said, “Love to. I’ll be there before it starts. I’m not used to being in bed with a man so expect a little female silliness. Besides, I know for a fact that mom married you because you’re a hunk. She told me so.” That got a really good smile.

Dad said. “Well, it’s always been said ‘a bed is the best place for a randy woman’.” There it was again and another little thrill for me. If I could just hold off and let it Bayrampaşa Escort Bayan go at his pace. The only problem is that I get really turned-on and wanted to get it on but I wanted to give dad something he may never get to have again. Some personal female companionship. Dad being 81, I was probably his only and best choice. It was great with me if he could accept it. So far it was working.

The movie had a few old fashion steamy scenes with a couple in bed with the camera fading down the side of the bed at the right moment. Dad absolutely loved those microfiber sheets that molded themselves to your body and the tv was high on the wall off the foot of the bed. All his sheets were completely black. He always watched lying down with pooped up pillows and sipping his favorite wine late in the evenings. He kept his bedroom warm and only slept under the sheet.

Late evening came and I went over and climbed in bed and pulled the black sheets up around my waist. My gown stayed when I slid down and it was up around my waist too. No pants. Dad has the sheet at about the same place. I moved my pillow right over next to his and slid right over next to him. I wanted to start out close. Our thighs were against each other as well as our shoulders, not hard but playing lightly. With his boxers he couldn’t feel the skin where my pants would be. Sooner or later he would remember if he didn’t already think about it.

We sort of played our toes and ankles together a little. Dad seemed to loosen up. He might have been nervous but it worked out for him and he relaxed. I might have settled him down getting in bed and getting comfortable. We talked about stuff waiting for the movie to start. Dad turned off his side light and I did too. The tv gave us plenty of light. The sound was not loud, just perfect.

The movie started and I got his arm and put it around my neck and held his hand. Both of us actually moved closer at that and I had one of my boobs against his chest. He could reach his wine easily. Neither one of us ever sat quietly watching a movie. We talked, approved, panned, spoke some dialog with the actors, etc. I honestly had a thought that dad was starting to think of me as a full woman. Different from being a daughter. Maybe I was dreaming but here we were in bed with not a lot of clothes on.

The movie got about a third over and a couple of sexy scenes went by with unseen bed play. Both dad and I were a little quiet. I said, “Dad. Would you mind if I, maybe I could see if you would let me. I probably shouldn’t do that. Never mind.”

He waited a moment or two and said, “What Sally? What would you like to do?” He asked quietly. Wondering.

“I thought about doing some of that female silliness I mentioned but it’s a little erotic. I guess I got a little unsure there. Sorry.”

He said, “We could treat it like the boxers and pants. Give it a try and go from there. See if we like it.”

I wanted several moments watching the movie and slipped my hand down his middle and pulled his t-shirt up and got my fingers on his stomach. Feeling around I found the top of his boxers and slipped my fingers under the rim. Dad was quiet. I almost immediately ran into the head of his penis. It was right up near the top of his boxers, seemingly hard as a rock. I softly got my fingers spread down around the outside of the top and caressed the head up and down lightly. I had plenty of reach to go way on down but I knew this was where it was more enjoyable.

He breathed more deeply but kept watching the movie. Me too. I pressed inwards every now and then and twisted the foreskin around and back and felt the very tip with my fingertip and spread his pre-cum around the head and down under the foreskin. After a while when there was a sexy scene again I ran my hand way down and back for a long time. He thrust up slowly just once. He was trying to stay still for me. We movie chatted like normal, ignoring what I was doing like we did it all the time.

I turned and kissed him right on the lips and held it for three or four seconds. First time that long. The movie was into a dialog on a beach and I said, “Would you be interested in a body press?” It took very little time and he turned on his side and I did too. He already had a hand under my neck but I got my hands around his and his arm slid down under my waist and his other one came over. I was absolutely bare skin at my waist and on down to my toes.

I pulled my hand out of his boxers when he started turning on his side. I turned too and he flooded my valley with his hard penis, right slam against my clit. I reached back and got his hand on my back and pushed it down right on the center of my buns and pushed it against me. Dad pulled me from the back and pushed himself from the front. Neither one of us was grinding into the other. I couldn’t wait so I started. It took him about ten seconds or so to commit. A long time but he did.

I could feel his hard penis rolling back and forth over my hood Escort Bayrampaşa and squashing my clit. Women always thought clit and men always thought vagina but here he was working my clit. At 81 I guess he was fully trained. Thanks mom. I absolutely did not want him inside my vagina with his penis. It was too early. Maybe his fingers. We were both catching up on what we both were lacking, some sexual fun. It wasn’t hurried or frantic but it was fulfilling and welcome.

We even talked a little, all the time his penis and my clit working each other so nicely. I said, “If I happen to have an orgasm try to ignore me. Sometimes it gets to be an event. If you do don’t stop, just let it go. Sometimes I wet myself more than you can pump out seed so it’s ok. I take that pill so I can’t get pregnant.” All this time he’s large between my everything. I didn’t realize he was this big. At 81 yet.

With my hips moving around on him a couple of his fingers got down in my butt crack and he kept pushing and lifting and pushing and lifting. Maybe he was doing that on purpose. He hasn’t gotten his hand or fingers anywhere near my front. Or my nipples. I certainly didn’t feel neglected. I already knew I was going to have an orgasm. I could feel it in my butt. Every time he pushed my buns I squeezed his fingers down in, hard.

I squeezed his neck and said, “Here it comes, don’t stop.” Dad started thrusting hard right into my clit and his fingers down in got more active and I went over the top. I howled low and long about like women do when having a baby. I thrust my upper leg over his hips and pushed into him, opening up my buns and legs at the same time. Dad had all of me. I jerked and pushed hard and kept that up. Dad knew how it went and helped it go that way.

I finally got settled down. It only took a few minutes for all that to happen. We actually sipped some wine and watched the last part of the movie, the best part too. I asked dad if he would like me to give him an orgasm and reminded him we didn’t have to have intercourse unless he would like to that there were other ways. He said not yet but thanked me, smiling the whole time. We were good with everything so far. Just a little ways to go to blissville.

I couldn’t tell if dad got out of the front of his boxers or not and sometimes during all that I got into him with my lips and tongue. I remember pushing around his tongue with mine. I also thrust my tongue in and out between his lips, probably making a suggestion. I don’t remember what else I did but I probably left him some really good female reactions to a good solid orgasm. I would apologize as soon as I could get back to normal. Maybe in a couple of days.


I was more than a little concerned about the next day but not to worry. Everything was great and we interacted normally and went out to eat lunch and had hot dogs at the park for supper. We didn’t shy away from each other’s eyes and chatted at each other like we always did. Thinking back I think both of us got some really good bed sex play and I got the impression he was hoping for it and looking forward to it. Sometimes it’s hard to read dad but not this time. He came across for both of us. I was proud of him.

I gave myself four orgasms over the next two days and dad probably did the same for himself although it was probably just two. Wish I could have watched. I’m still horny. The third day I said to dad, “I’m still a little randy and I’m thinking about being an exhibitionist if you don’t mind. If I do, look or don’t look, your choice. If you look try to let me see you looking at least once. Thank you.” Nice big smile. No comment.

Before evening dad caught up to me in the laundry room. It was a newer washer, not as much fun. He said, “Sally. Do what you want to when you need to. We all go through the same thing. You need some sexual satisfaction. It’s more prevalent when we’re younger but it’s strong even at my age. We’re playing off each other. Being a bit of an exhibitionist releases some of the tension. Have a good time.”

I can’t believe I was going to do this in front of dad and he said it was ok. I could do this in my bed in private. I hope I didn’t make a mistake, he sure seemed to understand. My whole hip area has been jumpy all day and my temperature was up some. I wasn’t hot sweating, just dry skin or something. I was mingling my plans to help dad with my female needs. I didn’t want things to get out of sync but he seemed welcoming about it. I just wanted to do something.

Evening came and I got to feeling more normal. Less nervous body and less heat. I got more giddy and relaxed. My exhibitionist thing was getting to be a fun thing. Much less serious and much more fun. I started looking forward to it and scheming with myself so dad would enjoy it. A few visuals and some personal stuff. Not too much. Things I do. Maybe I could get him so excited he would come out of his boxers. Wow.

I took a shower early and I was squeaky clean. I put on another gown, a little shorter, three or four inches below my crotch bottom. I was on the sofa, stretched out with my feet towards dad’s chair. He could see right up my body. It was where he looked when I wore pants. Dad came in the den. He was in his boxers with a loose t-shirt. He didn’t use a footstool, it was a lounge chair.

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