Birthday Presents Pt. 02

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I had completely forgotten!! I had gained such an amazing momentum that I totally lost track of everything outside of the routine. Up until this point I was having a regular shitty day that my wife was just trying to make better.

After what happened on Halloween I was completely surprised to not be in jail, yet here I was being given both of my girls.

Jessica still had her hair dyed that amazing black with strands of red from her costume a few weeks ago. Her roots were starting to show, but she wore it in a loosely braided war tail that went down to her shoulder blades. She wore an amazingly tight pair of cut off black denim shorts that moved with her and showed her small ass cheeks. A blood red braided paracord was tied around each of her firm breasts, looped around her shoulders and back like a body harness, and tied into a collar with a bow around her neck. My dripping cock jumped a little at the sight of my fuck-me-hot daughter staring at it. She gasped like it took her breath from her as her eyes widened and her jaw slacked.

I wasn’t even quite hardening again yet, but Lynn almost made me cum again right then and there. Her beautiful, thick blonde hair was french braided into unbelievably tight pigtails that were draped down her chest. Her rectangle glasses rested half way down her nose as she gazed at my cock over the top of them. Around her neck was a half heart necklace that said “bf alw 4 ev” on it that hung into her cleavage and a black leather collar with Daddy’s Girl sewn in blood red cursive in the front. Isparta Escort She wore a black tank top that just hugged her small body and a tight pair of black denim shorts that looked like they were painted on. She seemed to respond primarily to how my body reacted to her.

“Happy birthday, Daddy,” they said together.

Jessica began by placing her head on my right knee. She looked up at her mother with hesitation. I don’t know what Jordan did, but I assume it was a reassurance because Jessica suddenly surrendered to her usual role. She lifted her small ass up and pushed herself into my lap to massage my cock with her cheek. Her body snaked from her rotating head to her hips until she turned around and tucked herself against the chair. She tipped her head back and her desperate, green eyes met my soul. My cock rested down her neck and dripped on her collar bone. Suddenly I saw Lynn.

She looked me in the eyes with a hungry smile as she crawled like a cat from my desk to Jessica’s neck. Her hands found every loop and knot in Jessica’s body harness as she desperately kneaded and tenderized her firm meal. Jessica moaned at her touch and squirmed under my cock as it began to lift off of her skin. Lynn saw this and leaned in to kiss her. They did the sexiest tongue dance I’ve ever seen in my life as my cock grew between their necks.

Lynn kissed and nibbled her way down Jessica’s neck and my cock, licked my cum from Jessica’s chest, opened her mouth and quickly locked her lips around the base of Isparta Escort Bayan my cock.

My hands immediately locked themselves to her tightly braided head. I held her down as she gagged and Jessica bit into her shoulder. Lynn’s throat tightened around my meat as she moaned briefly before actually needing to pull off.

She coughed and sputtered as she came up and connected my cock to Jessica’s chest with a mouthful of saliva. I knew Jessica was approaching her last straw because she took that moment to lift herself up onto my lap. She pulled my cock down, fed it to Lynn when she caught her breath again, and rested her head against my chest. As Lynn helped herself to lubricating my shaft for my little girl Jessica tipped her head back to kiss my neck and it occurred to me that the odd smell I’ve been noticing was Jessica. This entire thing was orchestrated by my girls.

“Daddy,” Jessica moaned and broke my flashback to my not so G Rated cuddling this morning. Lynn helped her out of her shorts, tucked my meat into my little girls moist folds and placed Jessica’s hand against it. “Daddy open your presents. Open me up right here in your chair.”

She rotated her hips to pierce herself with the tip of my cock and Lynn grabbed her body harness to help guide her down. Jessica arched her back and slowly descended onto me with a long, shaken moan. After straightening her back flat against my chest we both looked down her body to see that I was only half way in. Her head flew back into my shoulder Escort Isparta with a longing moan.

“Uhnm, Daddy,” she whimpered into my ear as she threw her arms up around my neck. “I want all of it, Daddy.”

She fit right into my hands. Lynn took Jessica’s desperate plea as her signal to lower her head down to where my little girl ended and my cock began. We both jumped at the sensation of her tongue exploring us. I looked down Jessica’s body again and locked eyes with Lynn as she used her mouth to paint the bottom half of my cock with Jessica’s juices. She cupped my balls in one hand and massaged us with her tongue from my balls to her clit. She swirled her tongue around the puffy, swollen edges of the small cavity I was stretching and Jessica began to lose it. I held her hips up and began a steady thrust. I felt Lynn’s tongue pressed against my length as my thrusts got deeper and deeper until finally I bottomed out.

“Uhn FUCK, Daddy,” Jessica cried out as she grabbed Lynn’s hair to hold her steady. I fell back into my chair and held her close as her writhing hips rode out an orgasm I had to refrain from joining.

“Mmm,” Jessica moaned as her climax subsided. “Thank you, Daddy.”

Jordan helped her dismount and I knew what was next. I felt her eyes burning into me well before Jessica soaked my cock. Lynn just watched me fill my little girl until her eyes rolled back after having my world rocked by my wife… she was ready to pounce. I have no idea how she managed to keep such a grip on her self control. I looked down between my legs and, just as I thought, there sat Daddy’s Girl. Just waiting for her green flag.

“I’m soo hungry, Daddy. Don’t make me climb you and take it,” she desperately begged; her mouth soaked with Jessica’s juices. “Push my head against your desk and feed me. Please Daddy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32