Birds of a feather, chapter 3

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A little note to: Yeah, it’s me again. I really appreciate your effort to correct my mistakes. I do the best I can to tell the story and
like most of the other stories on here, there are mistakes, (and should be an, there should be their, missing words and other). These stories, like many others submitted here are not submitted to get an “A” or even a “D” in an English class but to do the best we can to tell a story, mistakes and all.. If you only read, half the story I assume you were more interested in find fault with my spelling than you are with the story. I will continue to try to do better and I’ll keep in mind the things you pointed out. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll get one close enough you will read the entire story. Thanks for the help

Birds of a feather, Chapter three (Meeting new friends)

I made sure we had a couple bottles of wine chilling and a couple of six packs of beer cold and ready. Kathy and I dressed as we normally would just in case we did get to any of the games.

We had about thirty minutes before they were due to arrive. I ask Kathy to tell me how she felt about the meeting, what she expected to happen and how far she thought she would go.

She thought for a few seconds then said. “Frank, this is something I have fantasized about for years, even before I knew about Cindy, Shawn, Beth and Paul. Yesterday and today, I have fantasized about watching you fucking and sucking with the four of them. Lots of other thoughts have run through my mind and it really turns me on, I hope you understand.”

“Do you expect me to suck Shawn and Paul’s cock, do you want to eat Cindy and Beth’s pussy and is that what you’re expecting to happen?” She looked deep in my eyes and said, “I don’t expect it and don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to do. I think I would be willing to do anything and everything you want us to do together including having sex with others, but only if we are together.”

All this had crossed my mind so many times in the past but I never expected it to happen. Now I was about to be presented with the opportunity to indulge my fantasies with a beautiful woman that love me and had the same fantasies as me.

I took Kathy in my arms, holding her close and I told her, “Honey, we’ll take this a step at a time and take it together. We’ll be in agreement on everything we do or we just don’t do it.” She kissed me lightly on the lips and said, “Oh Baby I love you so much and I’m so excited about all of this.”

The doorbell rang and we walked arm and arm to the door. When I open the door Cindy stepped in, give me a big hug, making sure she pushing her 38 D’s into my chest, then a light kiss on the lips. As she moved over to repeat the same with Kathy, Shawn, Beth and Paul followed, sharing the hugs and kisses as they entered.

As the other couple stepped to the doorway, Kathy and I turned to meet the new friends. As the four of us looked at each other, we started laughing. I extended my hand and said, “Hello Dan and Katie, good to see you again.” He and I shook hands and he moved over to hug and kiss Kathy. At the same time, Katie and I embraced and kissed. As we broke the kiss, she flicked her tongue across my lips.

The other four were looking on with their mouths open in surprise. Cindy said, “What the fuck! You guys already know each other?” Katie quickly explained our meeting, then patted Kathy on the ass and asks, “Did everything fit alright?” Kathy laughed, “A perfect fit for both of us.”

I invited everyone in to the den where we had put a couple of blankets on the floor and several throw pillows around. Everyone decided on wine to drink so I opened one bottle of white and one red. Kathy carried a tray of the glasses and I followed with the wine.

Once everyone had their wine, we all settled down in a circle on the blankets. Cindy was the first to speak, “Frank, let me tell you and Kathy, the six of us talked before we come over here. We never mention your names. That’s why none of us knew you two had already met Dan and Katie. They do know that we work together. What ever happens here will have nothing to do with our working relationship. I want to tell you, anything we say or do will stay right here.”

Everyone was quite for a few seconds, and then Kathy reached in her pocked and took out the letter from Jerry. She handed it to Cindy, asking her to read it aloud. When Cindy was through she said, “He’s a sorry bustard if every there was one.” Katie asks about my wife. I filled them in on what I knew. She asks if I knew where she was. I told her I thought she was in the city of Brookhaven, where her Mother lives.

Dan and Katie both laughed, “You’ve got to be shitting me, that’s where Katie and I live. Katie asks her maiden name. When I told her she told me she knew her, that she saw her once or twice a week but there’s always a man with her.

Kathy stood up and left the room. She returns in a few minutes with a picture of her husband, Jerry. One look and Katie told her, “That’s the man.” Dan asks, “If you two were not married to someone else what would you do?” I told him, “The same thing we’re gonna do anyway. We think Kathy may be pregnant and if she’s not she will be. We will do whatever we have to do to live together and raise our child.”

Dan said, Okay, give me the letter, it may take a few days but I should be able to take care of this for you.” “How can you do that?” I ask. “Just between us, I think I know the attorney Jerry is referring. He does a lot of shit like this but he only charges $400.00 for the whole thing. You should be hearing from Peggy soon. I’ll write down the things you need to say and what you need to ask her.” “How do you plan to do all this?” I ask.

“I’m an attorney myself. We have a Law Firm in Brookhaven. I have two other partners, Katie’s a paralegal and works for the Firm but we will handle this on our own. You shouldn’t worry about this any more. Now it’s time we have some fun”

We refilled our glasses and everybody seemed a little more relaxed. Katie asks Kathy if she still had the butt plug in. Blushing a little, Kathy then told her, yes she did. “Would you mind if I see it” Kathy turned a brighter red as Cindy and Beth encouraged her to show Katie her lovely ass. She looked at me as though she was asking my permission. I told her, “Go for it Honey if it would please you. Kathy asks Katie if she could hold off a little while and Katie agreed.

Kathy asks Cindy if we were going to play strip poker. Cindy told her she was hoping we could play strip spin the bottle. She quickly explained the rules; we all drew a card from a deck to see who would spin first. I got the high card then I gave the empty wine bottle a good spin. When it stopped, it was pointing toward Cindy.

Cindy laughed, “Look ass, we come to see you two get naked; this is not a good start.” We all laughed as Cindy surprised Kathy and me by pulling her top off first. She had on a see through bra and those lovely 38’s were setting right there for all to see. Katie asks, “Do I need to get you two a towel before you drown yourselves drooling.” I glanced over at Kathy and she was staring at Cindy’s tits and literally licking her lips.

Kathy looked at me and smiled. I ask, “Would you like to have those nipples in your mouth sucking on them?” Kathy was still smiling, turning a little and nodded her head. Cindy, being the tease she is, Sex hikayeleri massaged both tits and pinched her nipples.

I looked to see Kathy‘s nipples pushing hard against her blouse and knew this game was going to be too slow. “Okay everybody, I can see the spin the bottle thing is way to slow. I think we are both ready to move on but this is a big step for of us. We need to go slow and need some direction because I really don’t know what the hell to do now.”

Everyone, including, Kathy, applauded and let out a cheer. Cindy told us, “Lets talk a little first, and then we can move on from there. Frank, Kathy, most of what I’m going to say is for your benefit, the others already know. She told us there were no barriers between the six of them gender wise but it would be up to us as to what we wanted to do. She explain what scat play was and was the only thing out for bounds for them.

She also told us I would be the only one cumming in Kathy’s pussy and the same goes for Katie and Dan. Both ladies were off the pill and if they got pregnant, they would want to know for sure who the father was. .

She and Beth were safe so we could cum all we wanted to with them. She knew we had the butt plugs in. She asks if we would like to remove them in case we decided to indulge in a little anal play. Before I could speak Kathy answered, Hell Yes” Everyone got a big laugh out of her excitement.

Just talking about all this had turned me on and I knew it did the same for Kathy. Beth suggested we start with a little necking, help each other undress and see where it goes from there. She moved over to me, put her arms around my neck and kissed me, pushing her tongue deep into my mouth.
We continued kissing but she moved her arms from around my neck and started unbuttoning my shirt. I started doing the same with her blouse. When I got down by her tits, I took one in each hand and massaging them, rolling her hard nipples . She was about a 34 B or C but I could feel her long, hard nipples pushing against her bra.

In just a couple of seconds, I had her blouse and bra off. She removed my shirt, and then started undoing my pants. I took a quick glance over to see Kathy and Dan locked in a passionate kiss. Her top and bra was on the floor and Dan had his hands full of her big tits.

I caught a glimpse of Cindy and Paul in a 69 and Katie had Shawn’s cock deep in her mouth. Beth stood and took me by the arm. As soon as I stood up, she had my pants and shorts around my ankles. I stepped out of them, and then got busy removing her shorts and thong. I had always wondered if Beth was a true red head. There before my eyes was a beautiful, closely trimmed, bright red patch of pubic hair. I could see her moist lips swollen with passion and I just couldn’t resist. I placed my hands on the cheeks of her ass and pulled her toward my mouth. I covered as much of her pussy as I could then licked my tongue for the bottom edge of her pussy, up across to her hard as a rock clit.

Beth pulled my face hard against her clit. I licked and sucked on it as I pushed two fingers deep into her hot pussy. When I hit her G-spot, she jumped and pushed even harder. She was moaning and thrusting hard against my mouth. Then she pushed in hard and I could feel her quivering as she flooded my mouth with her woman juice. I licked, sucked and swallowed until she pulled away and dropped to her knees in front of me.

I lean back and looked at Beth. She was smiling back at me as she was catching her breath. Katie moved over to me, took my face in my hands and started licking Beth’s wetness off my face. Then she brought her lips to mine and I sucked her tongue into my mouth. I could taste Beth on her tongue but there was another taste. Then I remembered, she was sucking Shawn’s cock just a few minutes ago. I realized it was his cum I tasted and I started to pull back.

Then I thought, what the fuck, sucking this mixture of juices off her tongue was really turning me on. Katie broke the kiss and took Beth and me by the hand moved over near Kathy and Dan. I saw Kathy‘s butt plug laying on the floor and she was setting astride Dan’s face. She was facing his feet and humping hard. I thought he was really eating her pussy good and it was making me hot as hell to watch. I moved around to get a better look. That’s when I noticed she had a couple of her fingers jammed in her pussy and Dan had his mouth covering her ass, tonguing her asshole.

She looked at me with passion glazing in her eyes. “I love it and I love you. I smiled back at her and said, “Yes, I know Darling, it‘s so good to see you having fun “Cindy, Paul and Shawn moved over to where we were. Cindy straddled Dan‘s waist, facing Kathy. They started kissing and playing with each other’s tits. Paul laid down on the floor with his head up next to Dan’s hip. Shawn moved up until he was straddled Paul’s head. Paul wrapped his hand around Shawn’s cock, pulled it to his mouth, and started sucking. Shawn lowered his head down behind Cindy until he could reach Dan’s hard cock.

I watched him take the cock deep into his mouth and started bobbing his head up and down. Seeing all this made me question myself, “Am I gonna do this tonight, if I do will I let them cum in my mouth?”

Katie pulled me around into a 69 position with her. Her pussy was dripping with her love juice. As she took my cock deep into her mouth, I licked her pussy clean.

I moved back up to sucking on her clit and pushed two fingers deep into her wet pussy. She raised her ass up and started pushing my head down. Due to my inexperience, I didn’t know what she wanted. Then she pulled on one of her ass cheeks, better exposing her puckered little rosebud. Okay, now I realized what she wanting.

I lowered my head down and licked across her little rosebud. She pushed out, her sphincter opened up a little, and I pushed my tongue up into her asshole. It felt so different form her pussy. She started pushing in and out, literally ass fucking my tongue.

Beth moved behind me and I felt her pulling on my butt plug. She pulled it about half way out then pushed it back again, fucking my ass with the toy. Finally, she pulled the plug all the way out and even though it was a small plug I felt like my asshole was open a foot wide.

I could feel Beth spreading the cheeks then felt her wet tongue pushing its way in past my sphincter. She started tongue fucking my shitter and massaging my ball at the same time. I was fighting hard not to cum because I knew that would be the beginning of the end to all the wonderful things ahead.

I could hear the various sounds of sexual pleasure, including my own, from around the room… Then I heard a sound that I had become familiar with, it was the sound Kathy makes when she reached a good orgasm. I couldn’t believe how excited I was to know she was enjoying that much sexual pleasure.

That was also enough to send me over the edge, I felt my balls tighten up in Beth’s hands. My cum started to flow as I pushed my cock deep into Katie’s throat. It seemed like a river that wouldn’t stop running. Beth drained every drop of cum from me, and then let my cock slip from her mouth. We lay on the floor next to each other catching our breath.. I thought, “Oh shit, I don’t know if I have another good hard left in me.”

Dan moved over, kneeling next to my head. He didn’t make any further move toward me. I hadn’t realized the effect all the sexual activity was having on me until I was lying there looking at Dan’s cock… Sikiş hikayeleri I reached out and pulled his cock to my mouth. I started moving up and down his shaft faster and licking the head of his cock with more intensity. I realized I was so turned on that I was drooling all over Dan’s cock…

Dan was pushing his hips up as my mouth went down on his shaft. I could feel the head of his cock touching the back of my mouth and slightly down into my throat. I was surprised I was not gagging. Instead, I wanted more.

More is just what I got as Dan shot the first line of cum down my throat. It was hot, thick and had a little bitter, salty taste to it. The thickness of it caused me to gag a little but I managed to swallow the next one and all that come after it, I kept sucking until I could feel his cock start to soften a little. I let it slip from my mouth and laid there in my side relaxing. .

I saw Kathy lying on the blanked looking at me with a big smile on her face. I moved over next to her and kissed her, pushing my tongue into her mouth.

She broke the kiss, looked at me and give me a sly grin “I taste cum on your tongue, have you been a nasty little cock sucker?” I could feel my face turning a bright red as the others laughed at her comment. I smiled, ’Guilty my Love and it was so good.”

Kathy pulled me back to her and covered my lips with a passionate kiss. When our lips parted, Katie was kneeling on the other side of Kathy. She took her thumb and pulled down on Kathy’s chin, encouraging her to open her mouth. Kathy opened and Katie leaned over to within a foot of her lips. Katie open her mouth slightly, stuck her cum coated tongue out allowing a large glob of my cum to slip from her tongue into Kathy’s mouth.

Kathy swallowed but didn’t close her mouth as a string of cum run off the tip of Katie’s tongue to Kathy’s mouth. All eyes were on these two and it was easy to see their actions were a turn-on for everyone.

I leaned in and took Katie’s tongue in my mouth; it wasn’t really a kiss as she continued to hold her mouth open as I sucked the remaining cum off her tongue. I heard Cindy say, “Damn, that was fucking hot, my pussy is leaking like a sieve from just watching you perverts.

Cindy rolled on her side near the middle of the blankets; Beth moved over, parted Cindy’s legs and buried he face in Cindy’s pussy. Katie moved around and did the same to Beth. There was an opening between Cindy’s mouth and Katie’s pussy. Kathy looked at me and I nodded.

Kathy filled the space, spreading her legs giving Cindy access to her hot, wet pussy. She parted Katie’s legs, making sure I could see what she was doing; she parted Katie’s pussy lips showing me the inside of her pussy. Kathy kept looking at me as she licked her tongue from the bottom to the top of Katie’s pussy causing her to moan in Beth’s pussy.

We men set on the outside of the daisy chain watching the ladies giving sexual joy to each other. From time to time, I would look around the room at the other men. While they were mostly watching the women, each of them would glance around to see what the others were doing. I could also see small damp spots around on the blanket.
I could smell the sex in the air. It consists of a combination of cum, hot pussies and sweaty bodies. The smell along with watching the women had my cock rock hard again. I started slowly started stroking it as my mind turned to the happenings of the past couple of days.

When I left work on Friday, I was tense, horny and lonely as hell. I had not had sex with a woman in a year and never had sex with a man. Now here I was on Saturday night and none of the above was true anymore. On top of all of that, I was in love with a woman that loved me back and she was as fucking kinky as I ever though of being.

Cindy’s loud moans brought me back to the present. I could hear the wet sounds of their combined oral sex as they started reaching their peak. It looked like they all cum at the same time, then they all collapsed on their backs trying to catch their breaths.

Shawn stood up as he said, “Okay men, time for the merry-go-round. Dan and Paul also stood up, so I followed suit, also standing. Dan asks if he could go first and start with Cindy. Shawn didn’t answer; he just walked over by Cindy and waited

Shawn lifted Cindy‘s left leg, pulling it back toward her stomach. Paul walked over and lifted her right leg. This position gives easy access to her pussy and ass. Dan moved down behind Cindy, kneeled down and licked his tongue across Cindy‘s asshole causing a loud sigh from her.

I was kneeling beside Dan on his right side, taking in everything going on. I heard movement on his other side and looked to see Kathy‘s head pop up, wide eyed and smiling. Dan glanced over at her and told her, “Pay close attention Honey, young turn’s coming later.

Kathy applauded with excitement then looked at me with a questing look on her face. I smiled and licked my lips as a sign of approval. I noticed Dan was bathing Cindy’s ass and pussy with his saliva. Then he lean back and pushed his ring and little finger into her pussy. He fucked in and out a few times then pulled his fingers out.

He aligned his index and middle finger with her pussy and his very wet ring and little finger with her asshole. I heard Cindy take a deep breath as Dan pushed his fingers into her pussy and asshole at the same time. I could tell this was something they had all done before but it was very new and exciting to Kathy and me.

He started moving his fingers in and out of her pussy and shit hole . He leaned down and started licking and sucking on her rock hard clit.

Cindy had a hand on Shawn and Paul’s arms, moving herself in sync with Dan’s hand and mouth. I glanced up to see Katie holding Cindy’s head in her lap, rubbing her cheeks and running her fingers through her hair. Cindy’s entire body was wet with sweat and the expression on her face was almost as if she was in pain but I knew in was a look of pure pleasure.

Dan continued to increase the movement of his hand and mouth. Cindy was in an almost continues orgasm until she finally collapsed in total exhaustion and satisfaction. When Dan set up his face was so wet with Cindy’s pussy juice and his saliva it was running down and dripping off his chin.

He held up his hand and it was also dripping wet. Kathy grabbed his wrist and pulled his fingers to her mouth. She took one finger at a time in her mouth, sucking it clean. Then she licked his palm and the back of his hand until it was clean. Next, she moved to his face, first licking his chin then up each cheek and across his lips.

Dan was slowly stroking his hard cock while enjoying the attention he was getting from Kathy. Without even think what I was doing, I leaned down and licked the head of Dan’s cock. He moved his hand and I took his cock as deep as I could in my mouth.

As I was bobbing up and down on Dan’s cock, I felt a hot breath on my cheek. I rolled my eyes up to see Kathy’s smiling face. I pulled Dan’s cock out of my mouth and pointed it toward Kathy. Without breaking eye contact, she opens her mouth wide and took Dan’s cock all the way down her throat.

This brought a loud moan from Dan. Kathy pulled his cock out of her mouth and put her lips around one side of his shaft. She reaches up and pulled me down to his cock. I placed my lips on the other side of his shaft. She and I was using our lips and tongue moving up and down his shaft. From time to time one of us would Erotik hikaye lick around the heat of Dan’s cock.

I heard Dan laugh as he pushed our heads away, “You two cock suckers have got to stop, you’re about to make me cum again and I’m not ready for the yet. Kathy kissed me lightly on the lips and said, “I love you cocks sucker.” I kissed her back and said, “I love you too, you nasty pervert.

Paul spoke up, “Alright everyone lets move on. Frank and Kathy, this is your first time on the merry-go-round. If all agree, Shawn will be with Beth next, Frank will be with Katie and I’ll be with Kathy last. We can all pitch in and help as each of us take our turns.”

No one spoke at first; Beth just moved to the middle of the blankets and laid down on her back. Kathy asks if she could hold one of her legs. Beth raised her leg and Kathy put it on her shoulder as I moved to the other side and lifted her other leg.

As Shawn knelt down by Beth’s ass Kathy used her fingers to open Beth’s pussy lips. Shawn licked across Beth’s asshole and on up through her pussy. Then he moved back down and proceeded to do to Beth the same things Dan had done to Cindy.

Katie moved up behind me and started lightly scratching up and down my back. She reached around with her other hand and started stroking my very rigid cock. Dan moved to one side of Beth, Paul moved to the other, and both started massaging her tits while sucking her nipples.

As soon as she cough her breath Cindy move around, lifting Beth’s head and holding it in her lap so she could have a better look at all that was going on. I could tell Beth wasn’t gonna last long. Shawn was slamming his fingers in and out of her pussy and ass like a jackhammer. Beth was meeting Shawn’s thrust and latterly screaming, “MORE, MORE, MORE, YYYEEEESSS!!AAAAAHHHHH, OH FUCK YES!!” Then she went limp and started begging everyone, “STOP, STOP, if you don‘t I‘m gonna die“ she laughed.

Like Dan, when Shawn set up his face was covered with his saliva and Beth‘s pussy juice. Katie move over and started licking one side of his face. I heard Kathy‘s, “Oh Shit“, as Dan moved around and started licking the other side of his face. Shawn turned to Katie and kissed her hard on the lips. I could see their tongues darting in and out of each others mouth. Kathy sucked in a deep breath as we watched Shawn turn to Dan and they kissed passionately.

I turned and looked at Kathy. She smiled and blushed a little, “Sorry Baby but that is fucking hot to me.” I laughed and said, “I’ll have to say it’s something different for me too.” When I looked back at Kathy, she was still looking at me smiling. “You want me to do it don’t you.” Kathy continued to smile, “I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to do but it is hot to watch.

Cindy and Katie helped Beth set up then Katie set down on the blankets. Kathy moved over by her right leg and Shawn by her left leg. Before Katie laid back she leaned over and whispered something in Kathy‘s ear. Both women looked at me and smiled. Then Kathy whispered something back to Katie.

Katie laid her head in Dan’s lap, Kathy and Shawn raised her legs to their shoulders making her ass and pussy very accessible. I ask Kathy what they were whispering about. She leaned over and whispered, “Katie wanted to know if I thought you would be up to a little golden showers. I told her only if you could share a mouth full with me.”

I looked at Kathy and I knew from the sparkle in her eyes and the smile on her face that, along with everything else, I was going to get a mouth full of piss. As I knelt by Katie’s ass I glanced up at her, our eyes met and Katie smiling, said, “Don’t forget to save some for Kathy.”

I lean down, using my fingers to open her pussy lips and my thumbs to pull her ass cheeks further apart. She was so turned on her juice was leaking out of her pussy and down across her puckered little rosebud. It did look HOT! I could smell her hot pussy and the smell was intoxication.

I pushed my tongue flat between her ass cheeks and licked up to her asshole. I pushed the tip of my tongue against her sphincter for a second, then moved my flat tongue up through her pussy to her cit. It was erect and stuck out like a miniature penis. I sucked it in my mouth as I pushed my index and little finger into her sopping wet pussy.

Her juice was pouring out of her pussy. I pulled the two fingers out of her pussy, aligned then with her asshole and my ring and middle fingers with her pussy and pushed in. She was so dripping wet there was very little resistance. I heard her say, “Hard baby, REAL HARD!!

I started licking and sucking hard on her clit. At the same time, I was slamming my fingers into her pussy and ass as hard and fast as I could. Katie was pulling and pushing with her legs causing her pussy and ass to meet my every thrust.

Katie was moaning so loud it was more like a scream. She pulled up and held herself there as she reached her first orgasm. I could feel her fluid as it gushed down against my fingers. Then I felt her pushing down and a stream of hot piss hit the back of my mouth.

I swallowed and was pleasantly surprised at the taste. I continued with my licking, sucking and finger fucking. She was making a growling noise almost like a wild animal as she put both her hands behind my head and pulled my mouth tight to her pussy.

There was another short squirt of piss, and then she unloaded. She was pissing faster than I could swallow but I did manage to catch most of it. When I thought she was about to finishing pissing, I held it in my mouth. When my mouth was full, I continued with my fingers but pulled my mouth away and rose up to Kathy’s waiting mouth.

Kathy’s eyes were shining with the naughty look of lush as she through her free arm around my neck and pulled my mouth to her open, waiting mouth. I spit the piss into her mouth then she stuck her tongue in my mouth, moving it all around to retrieve every drop.

Katie continued fucking my fingers as I return to licking and sucking her clit. She pulled her ass as high as she could get it and let a loud grown. There was one final shot of piss that I held in my mouth.

Katie collapsed as Kathy and Shawn let her legs slide down to the floor. When I looked up at Katie, her face was flushed and her eyelids were fluttering as though she was trying hard not to lose consciousness. Dan was rubbing her cheek as he told me, “Great job Frank, she really puts everything she has into it.

As I set up Shawn took my shoulder and pulled me around to face him. When our eyes met, I knew what he wanted… Before I had time to think about it Kathy was behind me pushing me toward Shawn.

As our lips met, he opened his mouth and I spit the piss I was holding into his mouth. Kathy started licking the side of my face, and then she pushed her tongue into the side of my mouth then did the same with Shawn. Cindy‘s voice interrupted the mood, “Okay you three, break it up.

How about we take a little break before we get started on Kathy? Frank, I think Shawn is gonna want you to cum in her pussy before her eats her, he really loves cream pin.”

We all laugh at Cindy’s comment as we all stretched out, resting our heads on various parts of each other’s bodies. I lay my head on Cindy’s thigh and Kathy cuddled beside me and put her head on my shoulder. I turned and looked at her. She was looking at me with questioning look…

I ask “Why the look Baby, What’s on your mind?” “Frank, do you think I’m a pushy ditch” I laughed, “a bitch, NO. Pushy, YES, but you push me into places I want to go but don’t want to go along. Thank you for being there for me.” I lean down, kissed her then we both laid back and relaxed

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