Bird Man

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They drew the single ticket from the rubbish bin of hope. It was held up for every one to see as the Earth Day holiday, all expenses paid. Some one would be going to Borneo to see the orang-outangs. Everyone listened, the hall was quiet. Then they read the number.

“F27”, the man kept saying as he held the microphone and waited. There was a rustle of paper as people checked and murmurs of disappointment.

Max stood, a beer in his hand as he watched. Eventually he pulled his ticket from his back pocket. He’d never won anything and bought the tickets to support the club that had given him so much.

There was a hubbub in the club as people searched for the ticket. Max didn’t look at his ticket immediately. His gaze went around the room looking for the commotion of the winner and he drank a little more beer. It was Ellen who saw it and stood momentarily as she reread it.

“F27”, she said quietly. No one was moving. Max’s head was back as beer slid down his throat.

“F27”, she said again, louder for his benefit. Max looked at his ticket. She watched as he looked up and then reread it. He held it a moment as he thought and quietly put it back in his pocket. She wondered whether he had misread it and looked at him again. He gave an involuntary nod as he looked back at her. Then he pulled it from his pocket and gave it to her.

“Yours,” he whispered. She took it and raced to the centre of the room, whooping and jumping as she held out the ticket.

Max watched with a smile on his face, he’d known Ellen for many years and was pleased to se her so happy.

After receiving the details of her prize, the excitement and congratulations, Ellen remembered Max. She tried to find him but he’d gone. He was a quiet, very private man who came for a short time most Friday nights to enjoy the atmosphere. It was rare for him to speak to anyone.


Next day, Ellen, with a box of chocolates and a slab of beer, was at his front door. She knocked until her knuckles were sore. A radio was on inside and the door was open. She went round the side of the house and admired the sunflowers growing in the garden. At a gate she shouted.

“Hello!” A little dog, with the fur on its back raised, rushed to her, barked and threatened. After a time she recognized the voice that directed the dog to “come here.” She waited longer, her arms ached as she balanced the chocolates with the slab of beer. She looked around.

The whole back yard was full of cages and little else. She could see them built in lines, and had never seen so many. She changed the beer slab’s weight from one arm to the other as she heard a gate being shut.

Soon there was the noise of birds flying as Max emerged from among them and the little dog ran to him as though to seek direction and provide him with protection. He seemed embarrassed by her presence. As he opened the gate, the little dog tried to rush at her. He quickly picked it up, gave a pat and told it to behave. He was shy about receiving his gifts though he appeared to be immensely pleased.

Ellen had often looked at Max while at the club. She had noticed him to be quiet and usually on his own. He was never there for long and she wondered about him. She knew his wife had died a long time ago, that he had no children and there was something that was tragic.

She had been waiting for a chain of circumstance to be able to approach him and begin a conversation. He was interesting, if only because he seemed to have control over what he drank and he never gambled.

She was tired of being the butterfly, flitting round the room, being sociable but never finding some one substantial. She was tired of the one night stands with men she couldn’t stand, who notched her on their metaphorical bed posts and sometimes satisfied her need. She wanted a man with sufficient substance that they could be explored. not just a set of testicles and a penis that ejaculated once, much too early and always inside her.

She dearly wanted a man who would find her interesting, who wouldn’t just stick it in and leave soon after, having achieving his satisfaction. She wanted a man who would explore her and love what he found, who would find at least one orgasm for her and enjoy playing in her play ground.

She wanted to know why he’d given his ticket to her. Not knowing had bothered her. When she asked he looked at her without knowing what to say and after some time he said,

“Come.” Slowly he took her round the cages. At every cage he stopped and identified the breed of bird, the scientific name and the common name. She watched him, fascinated by his knowledge.

“The orange bellied parrot. Nearly extinct,” he said at one cage. “I’m trying to breed them here so that they can be released and added to the numbers in the wild. It would be good if they had a broader diet, so I take the first egg they lay and use another species as a surrogate. The birds always make up for the lost egg and it has little effect on them. There are fewer than fifty in the wild Kastamonu Escort now and I have more than that here. Soon, I hope to begin training them to live in the wild.”

At the Gouldian finches he said that in the wild they were thought to be extinct until last year when a family of them was found in Western Australia. The little birds were beautiful and they made “Peep, peep,” noises as they flew around the cage. I’m hoping to release some soon,” he told her. Then he told her of a respiratory mite that had killed what was previously thought to be the entire wild population.

He told her of how the scientists knew they would be extinct and there was nothing they could do. Ellen was surprised. With the bird’s gaudy plumage of prime colors, a red head, black throat, blue neck, purple chest, green wings, yellow abdomen and blue tail it was probably the most colorful bird she had ever seen.

With hesitant speech Max explained how bird keepers had found a powder that cured them. The scientists were surprised when they saw the birds placed in paper bags with some powder and shaken to get the powder into their lungs. The mite was quickly eradicated from the aviaries. The species was at least still alive in aviaries and doing well. It now needed to be trained to forage and then released into the wild. He thought it offered the family in the wild a chance as it would add to their genetic diversity.

She realized that at many cages she had seen wires with little colored things threaded on them. She asked what they were for and he told her that every bird hatched at his place gets a ring which has a number that can be looked up and the genetics discovered. She wanted to see them put on the birds. Max invited her to come the next day and she could watch as he’d already done it today. He also suggested she wear old clothes if she wanted to participate.


Next day, Ellen was early. She was wearing clothes she thought would he would approve of with a few small differences. The little dog had given her a vigorously threatening welcome until Max picked her up and reassured her. He then asked whether Ellen’s clothes were old. They looked at her short, black skirt and the bulky tee shirt she had chosen to wear. There were no others she regarded as appropriate she told him.

The morning was cool and he suggested it would be warmer later and better for ringing the birds. Together they cleaned out cages as the birds flew around them. Ellen was surprised how tame they were as Max soothed them with a gentle whisper. The little dog stood outside with its nose against the wire and watched. They cleaned five cages and checked the water and food.

As Max worked, Ellen watched and tried to be useful as they talked. Max told her of how he couldn’t go on holiday because he had responsibilities to his birds. No one else could do everything they needed. Ellen understood. Here it was Earth Day every day. She wanted to know what would happen if he was ill. He admitted he didn’t know. Ellen asked how long it would take to learn and he wasn’t sure. When she asked if she could come again tomorrow he was enthusiastic.

At first Ellen was uncertain as to what she should do but soon she found small tasks that were useful. She picked up the water bowls and emptied them. As she stooped the neck of her tee shirt hung low and after a time she realized Max was distracted. She didn’t own an old bra and hadn’t worn one.

She found Max’s surreptitious attentions flattering and encouraged them. While she stood the cleavage she was showing was small but when she stooped she realized the shirt hung low enough that Max must have seen the entirety of her breasts. She was old enough that she was no longer used to such male attention but young enough to feel she was entitled to it.

As Max seemed to be pleased with the evidence of her femininity she had no hesitation in “accidentally” showing it. She stooped to muck out the cages and diverted her attentions to the birds that flew around her, apparently unaware of her exhibition. As Max worked he frequently looked down her tee shirt. She would have liked to stretch the fabric to make the neck wider but as she was getting plenty of attention she decided she wouldn’t risk destroying her apparent innocence. She was sure he was getting more than he would have dreamed of and enough to keep him very interested.

It was lovely not to have to hide her breasts. Occasionally she knew her nipples were on show and she moved to make them swing so it wouldn’t be too easy for Max. Hopefully, a little bit of teasing would draw Max out of his shell.

While waiting for Max to finish his cleaning, she picked up feathers from the floor of the cage. It gave her the opportunity to show her breasts and she could see the burgeoning shape in the crutch of his pants. His penis, under his clothes, stretched up his belly and, she thought, had a slight lateral curvature. When the five cages were cleaned he stood and held his back as he stretched.

“Time Kastamonu Escort Bayan for drinks. I’ll get them.” He went inside the house and she looked around. She knew that in terms of extinction there were rarer creatures here than the orang-outangs of Borneo and she had a feeling it was a lot more interesting too. He soon emerged with a rug, two cans of lemonade and a packet of biscuits. The little dog walked beside him and as he threw the rug it jumped around in anticipation. Quickly it ran to the middle of the rug, poised to play, with her bum in the air and legs stretched out in front. He fell to his knees and slapped the rug with his hands. The dog raced around him, it ran circles as Max pretended to try to catch it.

“Go Jez,” he kept saying as the little dog feinted and ran, trying to get close enough to touch him without being caught. After so much exertion the little dog stopped, hung its head and coughed. Max picked her up and stroked her back as she panted, a little hero who had done her job of entertaining.

Together, Ellen and Max fell to their knees on the rug and sat. Ellen knew Max was watching and she leaned forward a little more than necessary to reward him. She was full of questions about the birds while she tempted him with a view of her cleavage. Perhaps not as much as he’d seen while they were cleaning the cages but more than enough to be interesting.

“No budgies?” she asked. He laughed and told her that there is plenty of genetic material for them but in fact, he had shown her some and apparently she hadn’t realized.

“The ones I have are green and a lot smaller than the ones we normally see, I have the species, as they are in the wild.” She was surprised. He explained he kept them to be surrogates for other species and to retain the genetic material of budgies as they are in the wild.

Max had put the little dog on the rug so it could snuggle into his back but when Ellen moved it was quickly on its feet and between them. Jez quietly glared at Ellen and sat so that she obstructed Ellen’s view of Max. When Ellen moved the dog moved too and again obstructed her view. She was quickly aware of how possessive the little dog was.

Max tickled the dog’s ears and the dog panted with the pleasure of having Max’s attention. Ellen knew she had a problem and scooted down the blanket to remove herself from the dog’s attention. She found herself with a good view of Max’s pants. She lay on her side with her head supported on her arm and thought of how the dog was winning. His pants looked old, well used and clean for the day. She looked for the shape of his penis but was unable to find it.

“I think you’re visiting the dentist too often,” she said.

“Why?” he asked.

“Well, you’ve got a lot of teeth missing.” He looked down at her and saw she was looking at the fly of his pants.

“Do you always use wire to repair your clothes?” she asked. He laughed, awkwardly. She could see the successive attempts to repair the zip, a tooth missing and the teeth wired together above it.

“You could have twisted the wire on a little better,” she suggested. The wire poked out and obstructed the fabric around the zip from being flat.

“It’s ok,” he replied, embarrassed by her interest.

“I could repair them properly for you,” she offered.

“Its ok,” he repeated, “They’re not my best pants.” She reached forward and with her fingers untwisted one of the wires.

“The wire is dangerous, you could injure yourself badly,” she said, as she twirled it in her fingers. He watched her concentration. She untwisted another and pulled it free. The fly was beginning to gape. The last wire was easy and when she pulled it free the fly opened.

She saw a little of the flesh inside and lay there looking. Apparently he wore no undies. She was going to say something but didn’t know what to say. Neither of them spoke. The little dog lay beside him and began to pant. With his fingers he tickled its neck as Ellen put her fingers into the fly of his pants and pulled his penis out. She carefully checked for scratches and wounds inflicted by the wire. It was surreal, as though she had taken a small creature from its lair. Presumably photo-phobic and in shock it lay in her hands and accepted her pats. As she looked he watched and said nothing.

There were no wounds but she continued to look. As she hoped, it began to grow. She held his penis at its base and watched as it stiffened to curve in a gentle arc. She thought it funny the dog could be jealous of her looking at Max’s face but had no reason to be upset that she was fondling his penis. From a wizened little thing in the dank, dark confines of his pants it stretched to be larger than expected. She traced a vein with her finger, compressed it and watched it rapidly refill.

The little dog snuggled in to his chest, rolled over and with her legs in the air Max tickled her belly. Ellen wondered what would happen if she did more. She slicked the skin of his penis up and down a few times. Escort Kastamonu It was very tempting. The head of his penis was like velvet as she touched it. She decided to slowly masturbate him and see what response she would get. Neither of them said anything. Ellen wondered how she had so easily arrived at this situation. She wanted to get his pants off but there was a nefarious thrill to what she was doing.

The button was too tempting, she undid that and pushed the top of his pants apart. A small push at the bottom of the zip and she pulled his balls out. Hairy, they were lovely to hold in her hand. She chased them around in their sack and gently squeezed them like she was testing ripe fruit..

His penis throbbed and twitched with his pulse. Dusky pink, almost purple, it looked imposing. She wrapped her hand around it and slid the skin up and down. He adjusted position, her access improved. She was impatient and started to pump. There was a groan and his hips came forward for a moment.

She gripped him more firmly and with two more pumps his hips came off the ground as semen shot from his penis and splashed her cleavage. Her hand pumped faster and her mouth went over his penis taking its head inside as more shots followed. She swallowed fast and still there was an over flow. His hips thrust at her as he grunted and moaned.

When there was no more she cradled his penis and testicles in her hands and watched as the erection was lost to a tame flaccidity. She tucked it back in his pants and pulled the halves of his pants together again, as though they hadn’t been disturbed. The little dog lay beside him, its eyes closed in sleep as its body twitched in a dream. She wondered what would happen.


He lay for some time, still and silent. She thought about going home when he stood. She was going to get up too when he pushed her back gently with his hand and went to the house. Two minutes later he emerged with three pillows and sat on the rug. The little dog skittered around, watched him and tried to anticipate what he’d do next.

He reached to Ellen’s skirt, lifted it and with his thumbs hooked in her panties slowly pulled them down. She lifted to help and they were quickly off. He gathered the pillows and pulled them under her to thrust her naked pussy up, it was a lot more accessible. She watched him, his gentle touch, as he pulled her knees up and spread them. She watched him as the little dog came to her, licked her fingers, and lay beside her.

He looked carefully at her pussy. She could feel his eyes and felt a little self conscious that she was so hairy, she hadn’t given it a trim. It was so wet and she felt the wetness accumulate to drip between her legs. He ran his fingers through her hair and watched as it sprang back into place. He gathered the hair, stretched the curls out and watched, when he let it go, as it fell back into the springs of her curls. From his pocket he took a comb and carefully swept it through her bush and watched it organize into tidiness.

He slowly ran a finger up her slit and felt the plumped tissue move around it. Gently, with both hands, he pulled her apart and looked at her bright pink. His eyes pierced her, sharp like needles. She spread her legs further in encouragement. His fingers went down her slit and touched electricity to where they went. She gasped in anticipation.

She felt him pull her labia out and lay it to the sides with gentle tugs to make them symmetrical. It was beautiful as he ran his fingers round to smooth out the wrinkles and give them a sculpted perfection. She was fascinated as he brought her lips together again and made them fit together.

His touch was so soft and encouraging, she wanted him to continue. He touched her little pee hole and felt the pink tissue around it. His fingers wandered. He put them in his mouth to keep them moist. She knew she was flooded and it was unnecessary but was touched by his thoughtfulness. The little dog fell asleep and twitched with its dreams.

She felt his fingers touch her hood, they pulled it back and he looked so carefully. She thrust forward and hoped he’d touch her clit, but his hand went over her mound and ruffled her pubic hair. It was unexpected and she giggled with relief, but was worried he’d finished. No one had examined her like this before. He hadn’t even looked at her tits. She watched him, fascinated by his interest and patience.

A finger circled her clit, round it went without touching and she thrust her pussy up in an effort to make him touch. He pushed her hood and labia and watched how her clit became immersed in the tissue. God, she was almost cumming and he hadn’t even touched her clit yet. He stretched her hood and labia and watched her clit protrude.

“Oh God,” she murmured. His hands left her for a moment and pushed her hair away. She expected him to touch her clit. She wanted him to, hoped he would.

She was shocked, she gasped as a finger suddenly entered her, So deep and there was a squelch as he hit bottom. She wriggled with the shock and thrill, thrust her cunt at him to have her clit attended and to push his fingers further in. He moved his finger inside, felt the structures, dragged it over her ridges, nestled it in her softness. Slowly he touched her, felt her and she spread her knees further.

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