Big Mouth Strikes Again

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“I spoke to my sister last night. She wants us to come up to stay next week,” said Cat as we lay in bed on a lazy Sunday morning. “Our parents are away.”

“Oh?” I said. I was aiming for studied nonchalance and I might have got away with it if Cat hadn’t been stroking my dick. We both felt it twitch.

“Yeah,” she said with a smile. “She asked after you.”

“Oh?” I repeated.

“She’d kind of obsessed with you. Well, your dick anyway.”

“O..oh?” I managed to croak out.

I’d only met Cat’s eighteen year old sister Pippa a couple of months ago but it had been a very memorable occasion.

The weekend had started with me leering at my future sister-in-law’s barely legal family-size funbags. It had ended with me, well, there’s no polite way of putting this, face fucking her and cumming so hard down her throat that she almost choked to death. Amazingly, all with my girlfriend’s blessing.

So yeah, a pretty memorable weekend.

“Do you think you’d like to visit?”

“Maybe,” I answered cannily.

“Maybe?” Cat was stroking faster now.

“Definitely maybe.”

“I think she’s like that. Do you know what she said?”

I shook my head.

“She said she couldn’t stop thinking about fucking you. That she fantasised about it all the time. In fact, she begged me to let you fuck her.”

Help me out, what is the appropriate way of responding to that? I settled for: “Yeah?”

“Yeah.” There was a wicked note in her voice as she echoed me. “So I made a bet with her.”

“A bet?” I repeated stupidly through clenched teeth but even as I was mindlessly parroting Cat’s words an orgasm wracked my body.

“Woah!” said Cat, looking at me with wide eyes. “I don’t think you’ve ever come from a handjob before. Usually my bloody arm gets too tired. I didn’t even tell you about the bet yet!”

“Tell me about the fucking bet!” I roared, pouncing on her. I was kissing her neck and roughly grabbing her boobs and generally acting like an animal. But if my blood was up, the sweaty, spunky mess that was my body wasn’t doing it for Cat.

“Gross!” she said, battering my chest with her tiny fists. “Get off me and go and have a shower. And then change these sheets – it looks like a bomb went off in a fertility clinic under here. Then, if you are a good boy, I’ll tell you about the bet.”

I took one glance back as I went through the bathroom door. Cat had her head under the covers as she examined the scene of the crime.

“Oh, you are totally washing these,” she muttered to herself.

In the shower I once again almost forgot to resent the extortionate rent I was playing for this ‘contemporary student living’. It was twice the price of Cat’s halls and three times the distance from uni but it had a double bed and its own shower.

I let the scalding water sluice over me and revelled in the innocent pleasure of a bloody good shower. Well, it started innocently but as I began to wash myself, my mind couldn’t help drifting back to my girlfriend’s sister. In particular how she’d coughed up my spunk and it had splattered all over her tits.

Despite having emptied by nuts only minutes earlier, I was already starting to plump up.

My erotic reverie was interrupted by a voice. “Room for a small one?”

“Any time,” I said, turning and smiling.

Cat was a bit reserved but she had no hang ups about her body. Understandably.

“You are fucking gorgeous,” I said, causing Cat to blush.

It was true. She was by far the hottest girl I knew; hotter than me, for sure. Smarter too. I mean, I was at university so I wasn’t a retard but I was doing Geography and she was doing Chemistry. Say no more. I voiced my next thought out loud: “What did I do to deserve you?”

She grinned. “You’re right, you don’t really have any redeeming qualities at all. I’m only with you because of your massive cock.” She emphasised this last point with a sharp, bell-ringer’s pull on my semi-flaccid penis.

She was joking, of course, and she knew that I knew that. If anything, she found my size an inconvenience. She’d once mock wailed, “why can’t it be seven inches?” and whilst she’d been joking then too, the complaint had also held a grain of truth.

“I’m good with my hands too, right?” I said, snaking my hands down her sides to rest on the swell where her arse met her hips.

“Prove it.”

I didn’t rise to her bait because at that moment I just wanted to kiss her. So I did. We were totally lost in the moment, our bodies locked together, mouths meeting hungrily, water streaming down our bodies. Cat didn’t even complain that her hair was getting wet. I slicked her thick, blonde tresses back away from her face and gazed into her eyes. I’ll be honest, I almost said the L word…

“Hands?” she reminded me.

“How about mouth?” I asked wolfishly, thinking Cat seemed to be in the right mood.

“Oh-kay,” she said in a sing-song voice, pretending to be put out but sort of not pretending either.

Cat was the only girl I knew who didn’t like oral. Receiving, I Kastamonu Escort mean. If I had my way, I’d have spent every weekend with her firmly sat on my face but Cat much prefered an effective fingerbang. She found my tongue too tickly and never actually came from it.

She was also kind of squeamish. Never mind jizz, she even found sweat – including her own – gross. Many was the time she’d come back from a run – dripping, flushed, nipples like pebbles in her sports bra – and I’d wanted to pounce on her. No dice. She was always straight into the shower first. As for eating her out, if she wasn’t feeling total pristine, forget it.

So I wasn’t surprised when she neatly tucked her fingers inside herself to give herself a quick little wash. By the third time, it seemed things had gone beyond hygiene though.

“Hey, I thought I got to do that,” I protested as I kissed my way down her exquisite body.

“You said no.” Cat’s voice was a breathy pout.

I was going to protest further but by then I’d reached her honey coloured fuzz so I just got stuck in. I basically nuzzled her hand out of the way and dived straight in, only pausing to slurp her fingers clean.

It was fun, obviously, but it was also a somewhat sanitised experience. At least she didn’t taste of shower gel like she often did.

“Ungh,” came a sharp noise from above me.


“Nice,” she agreed. “But that’s enough.”

She even started to get out of the shower, the massive tease. I had other ideas. Keeping her hips anchored with my head, I spun her around so she was against the wall and I had a face full of arse.

“I haven’t cleaned all of you yet.”

I peeled apart her bum cheeks and exposed her winking anus. It looked delectable and I aimed my tongue straight for it but was stopped by a sharp elbow to my temple.

“Get away from that, you fucking pervert.”

It was said without malice but as she looked over her shoulder back down at me, I still stuck out my lip. She laughed.

“You. Out. Bed. Now.”

Then Cat practically sprinted to the bed and hurled herself onto the duvet, face down, arse up. Her knees were spread and her hips canted up, giving me a perfect view of her delicious snatch. Like I said, Cat was squeamish but she sure as hell wasn’t shy about her body.

I took my cue and buried my face in her crotch, my nose banging into her perineum in my haste. But before I’d got even a few licks into devouring her pussy, her strong little hand was reaching back and bashing me round the head.

“Stop messing around and get your dick inside me.”

Messing around?

Okay, fine. Even in my own head, my imaginary voice sounded pouty; just once I’d like it to be a proper ‘all you can eat’ buffet. I relinquished my prize but not without a sloppy dog-like lick that went all the way from her clit to her arsehole.

I grabbed her thigh tightly with one hand and my dick equally tightly with the other then slapped my meat down into her arse crevice with a thunderous slap. Cat was probably about to chastise me for this as well but – as requested – I stuffed my dick into her so all that came out of her mouth was: “Ngh”.

She was soaked but she was tight and I was massive. Have I mentioned that? I’ve got an absolutely enormous penis. Oh, I had mentioned that? Sorry.

Anyway, my firm thrust had buried a couple of inches inside her but now it was my time to lean back and let her do the work.

Cat subscribed to the Boiled Frog school of sex. I know, sexy, right? Basically she had to trick her snug little box into swallowing me a millimetre at a time. With enough patience an anaconda can swallow an antelope. With even more patience, a kitty cat can swallow an anaconda.

So basically I stayed still as Cat rocked gently back and forth, taking a smidgin more of my dick each time. All I had to do was gaze done proudly as my massive meat was slowly but inexorably engulfed by the hungry little cunt lurking beneath that world class arse. There are worse things in life.

Perhaps some people would have found this frustrating – and god knows I did sometimes just want to slam balls deep – but I was a patient man. I’d had good training.

I’d lost my virginity to Bess, a school friend. While the cliche is that losing your virginity is an embarrassing fumble that both parties regret, the sheer logistics of being hung like a horse had made things very different for us. Even finding condoms that actually fitted was a mission; thank god for the internet.

Unlike Cat, Bess had no objection to muff diving and relished my amateur enthusiasm. And we weren’t fools; she’d slathered me with half a bottle of lube. But while we were both so slippery we’d had to put a towel on the bed, the mechanics of coupling were still daunting. In the end, I lay on my back and Bess squatted above me. She was wearing a cute pink slip because she found being completely naked embarrassing. In particular, she thought her hefty double Ds made her look fat. As if. Bess looked at me, bit her lip Kastamonu Escort Bayan and commenced docking.

There then followed what felt like hours of exquisite torture.

Bess’s eyes bulged wide as I entered and stayed wide until they were reduced to slits. By the time she’d descended halfway down, she was completely gone, breath erratic, head lolling, rubbing her clit furiously. I reached up and dropped the spaghetti straps off her shoulders, freeing her magnificent melons.

By the time, she got two thirds of the way down, she came. I’d made her come before but never anything like this. As she shook and squeezed, I knew I was experiencing something glorious – something divine – that I’d never tire of.

Bess collapsed down onto my chest, my huge, hard cock lodged deep inside. “Oh boy. Just give me a minute.”

We lay like that, entwined and enmeshed, her head against my neck, listening to each other breathing.

“Okay. You can give me some more now.”

And that’s when, for the first time, I started to thrust.

Bess’s eyes shot open and I momentarily panicked. “Should I stop?” I asked.

“No,” she gasped. “Just. Quite. Intense. Christ.”

We fucked for hours that night and many nights afterwards until, by mutual agreement, we went our separate ways for university. And that was how I learnt that good things come to he who waits.

So I never rushed Cat and the view was fucking amazing but that didn’t mean I was going to be completely passive.

“So tell me about the bet.”

“What bet?”

I couldn’t help myself, I gave her a light slap on her right buttock. It was very vanilla but would usually have got me a scowl and a telling off.

Cat gasped in surprise. “You’ve been very naughty since that night. You know, I think you liked topping my sister.”


I gave her a slightly harder slap. “I think you liked topping your sister.”


Okay, now we were getting somewhere.


“Definitely maybe. Oh God, Charlie, do it again!”

“This?” I asked, laying a fronthand, backhand combo across her arse.

Cat made a funny little noise in the back of her throat. “That,” she panted in agreement.

“The bet,” I reminded her with a firm whack for emphasis.

“Pippa says she feels sorry for you. The fact you’ve never been properly deepthroated. Her words. Never been balls deep. Her words.”

That was sweet of Pippa. Surprisingly few people are sympathetic about the myriad problems posed by possessing an enormous penis. Odd, that.

“I told her not to waste her tears on your stupidly large dick.” See. “I said it was a physical impossibility. But she bet me it wasn’t.”

Cat seemed to lose her thread and just rocked back and forth making contented noises. Selfish! While she was getting her rocks off, I was on bloody tenterhooks.

“And?” I asked with another slap to kickstart the story.

“I said she’d already given it her best shot. If she couldn’t do it last time, why would it be any different?”

“And what did she say?”

“She said she’d been practicing.”


“She said that if I’m so confident, I should put my money where my mouth is. We should make a bet: if she can swallow all of you then I have to let her fuck you.”

“Do I get a say?” I asked. But a grin was splitting my face. Actually it was more like a grimace as I tried desperately not to empty my nuts.

“Do you need a say? It is my decision.”

“And what is your decision?”

“I don’t know. I need to work out what happens if she loses. Which she will. I mean, she will give it a bloody good go but you can’t defy the laws of physics.”

I chose not to say anything but I thought Pippa managed to defy the laws of physics on a number of fronts. Or at least two big fronts.

“Are you thinking about fucking my teenage sister?”


“Good. Concentrate on spanking me like the naughty little bitch I am.”

“Who are you and what have you done with my girlfriend?”

“Less talking, more spanking.”

This was amazing and I decided I was going to push it right to the limit. I sucked my index finger and gazed down at my unsuspecting girlfriend, my target clearly visible between her flexing cheeks. Grabbing her left buttock firmly, I slid my finger into her anus up to the first knuckle.

“Take it out!”

Usually Cat was very much the boss and I would have jumped to her command. But I was feeling cocky now and put the ball back in her court.

“If you want it out, just slide forward off my dick.”


“Then I guess this is a Mexican standoff,” I said with a little pump of my hips.

“Oh god, it feels enormous back there. I feel totally stuffed. Oh god,” she muttered again, her head dropping down.

I started to saw my finger in and out to the off stroke of my dick and that was when Cat totally fucking lost it. Her head dropped down into the duvet and her hand came flying backwards to assault her clit. It was like Escort Kastamonu pulling the lever on an ejector seat: her orgasm went shooting out of her body.

As the long muscles in her thighs went into spasm and she face-planted onto the bed with a gutteral squark, I finally pulled my finger out of her bum and just admired the view. Or at least as much as I could whilst her pussy did its best to give my dick a friction burn.

Eventually Cat raised her head up, tossed her hair back and groaned.

“Okay, your go. But slowly.”

Sure, slowly. Simple, right? Cat was completely obviously to the fact she was basically inflecting the sex equivalent of Chinese water torture on me.

I slid forward – slowly – each millimetre of ground gained producing agonising ecstacy. A deep sigh escaped me.

“Wait, that’s it!”

Cat suddenly leaned forward on her knees and I hurriedly shuffled forward to avoid my dick falling out of her. What the fuck?

“Er, wasn’t it my go?” I asked pathetically as she grabbed her phone off the bedside table.

“So go for it,” Cat said as she dialled someone. The boss was back.

I resumed low gear penetration. Christ, I deserved to be reincarnated as the Dalai bloody Lama for this.

“Hey, Pippa.”

Ah, right. Who else?

“Yo. Hey, I sound weird. Am I on speaker phone?”

“Yeah, I’m kind of in the middle of something.”

That sounded like my cue so I gave Cat an extra half inch. She yelped and shot me a glare.

“Oh yeah?” There was a fruity laugh. “Is Charlie there? Charlie, are you there?”

Cat shook her head at me.

“No,” I said. Cat’s scowl deepened so I slipped her another half inch and she gave up fighting a battle on three fronts.

“So you are just calling me so I can listen to you have sex? Weird flex but okay.”

“Shut up, Pippa.” Cat was in the zone now; speaking smoothly as I slid in and out of her steaming slit. “I’m calling because the bet is on. I’ve worked out the other side of the equation.”

“Yeah?” There was a strange mix of excitement and fear in Pippa’s voice.

“If you win, you can fuck Charlie. If you lose, Charlie still fucks you… but up the arse.”

I almost shot my load then and there but managed to pull out and absolutely drench Cat’s bum crack instead.

“You’re on,” came Pippa’s tinny voice from the phone as I collapsed bonelessly onto the bed.


Come the fateful day though, and Cat gave every sign of getting cold feet. She was a bit odd from the moment we woke up and was very stand-offish on the train. I wondered if the sisters had been texting and stirring the sibling rivalry back up. Now, with her can of gin and tonic, novel and headphones, she was totally self-sufficient and I appeared to all the world to be some sort of friendzone loser who couldn’t take a hint.

“Do you want to do the crossword?” I asked, looking up from my paper.

Cat looked at me blankly so I made the ‘pull your headphones out’ gesture like some sort of public transport sex pest.


“Do you want to do the crossword?” I repeated, trying to offer an olive branch.

“I’ve got this,” she said, raising her book slightly and putting her earpiece back in.

Okay then. The rest of the journey passed in mutual silence.

As we left the station, the window of a VW Golf came down and a voice called out, “Your chariot awaits!” The voice was accompanied by blaring music that made me feel like an old man at 20.

Cat pointedly stepped in front of me and opened the passenger door so I got in the back.

As soon as we were in, Pippa was off like a rocket. She was obviously a proper girl racer and I suddenly realised I knew nothing about her. Apart from the fact she was gagging for my cock.

It was a slightly scary journey. I didn’t have a driving licence and was always a bit of an anxious passenger but surely you weren’t meant to take corners that fast? And did the engine really need to be revved that much?

“Stop showing off,” said Cat, her first words in half an hour.

Pippa scoffed. Actually scoffed.

“You live in London with art, culture, shopping and what must be one of the biggest cocks in the country on tap. I live at home. Gotta get my thrills where I can.”

There was silence after that, only occasionally broken by one of the sisters pointing out a local landmark. At one point we drove past the big stone gates of an imposing looking estate. The sign said Stonemere Secondary.

“My old school,” said Cat.

“My current school,” said Pippa.

Yep, I reminded myself, I’d come up here to fuck a school girl.

“Sucked a lot of cocks there,” continued Pippa in a wistful tone.

A not exactly innocent school girl.

Cat rolled her eyes.

“None of them hold a candle to you though, Charlie,” Pippa added, craning her head round to me.

“Er, could you keep your eyes on the road,” I pleaded.

“And could you metaphorically keep my boyfriend’s dick out of your mouth,” added Cat. “I am being pretty fucking generous here and you don’t need to make such a big deal out of it.

“Don’t make a big deal out of it?” Pippa said incredulously. “Look, I’m appropriately grateful but it is definitely a big, fat deal. I’m fucking soaked just thinking about it. I told you that cock would haunt me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32