Beyond Hell and Back Ch. 04

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Huge Cock

SS45: “Beyond Hell And Back IV: Eternal Damnation”


Not much to say; if you read the first three “BHaB”s, you know the score. Wasn’t sure I could push the LesBDSM envelope any further, I guess we’ll find out. I categorized this under Lesbian Sex, though it has both BDSM and non-BDSM. And this turned out to be another holiday tribute, even though I’ve actually already paid homage to this specific holiday, in an earlier story.


October 30th, 3:08 p.m.

Rachel Keri Greentree was happier than a clam.

Everything in her life right now seemed just…perfect: her job, her marriage, her relationships, her incredible as ever sex life, the whole lot of it. She had no complaints. Her superiors at Rax 4th Avenue, the department store in the mall where she worked, had granted her the day off, so she’d slept in till eleven, masturbated magnificently with the birthday present her wife had given her last year, garnered herself not one but a whopping two Earth-rocking orgasms, bathed, dressed, had a bite to eat and taken a bike ride along the trail that started at the church and went on mile after mile until letting off its visitors at the water park.

When she returned from her cycling trip, their cat Hobbie met her at the door and announced that it was time to give him treats and play. She did so, first sprinkling some kitty morsels in the top level of his tree-castle, then tossing a mouse toy down the hall for him to continually chase, retrieve and return, frolickingly working off the treats.

Hobbie eventually decided he was sleepy and would retire to his regal sanctum sanctorum for a gloriously indefinite nap. This left Rachel pondering what to do now, so she flipped on the radio, stripped down to her birthday suit and danced into the kitchen to strap on the apron and start whipping up something tasty.

The purposes of getting naked first were twofold. Number one, the apron was durable but silky soft, and felt very nice against her bare skin. And the other intention, of course, when her honey bear Holly returned home, was to entice her with the hospital gown-like getup, showing off her pleasing round bare ass, with only the apron string around her waist, keeping her front flirtatiously shrouded. Unlike her department store work apron—which she wore on the job, and thus would not be a very grand idea to wear in the nude—this apron was green and read MAKE LOVE TO THE COOK, SHE’S IRISH—even though Rachel was Jewish, and Holly was Anglo-Saxon, German and a few other things; neither of them was in fact Irish, but when they found the apron, it was too adorable to resist. They could indulge in a little fantasy and pretend to be Irish if it got them some action.

Actually, Rachel was prepared to do just about anything it took to get Holly to give her a little action. Sexual compulsives aside, Rachel’s libidinous drive was positively unrivaled. For her, it was an orgasm a day that kept the proverbially scary doctor away. Sex was understandably at its finest with her sweetheart, but far from unsatisfying otherwise. Whether it be her tireless vibrator, their pulsating shower head, any part of Holly, or her own hand, the source was less important than the actual pleasure itself—which was not, however, to say that Rachel’s passion was to be found with anyone else. She was beyond a hundred percent devoted to Holly Lil Greentree, and vice versa. They had been married one year and a couple of months now, and a hint of anything resembling infidelity had yet to even cross their minds. Why should it, there was no reason.

On the other hand, Rachel did tend to wear Holly out with her incessant hunger for lovemaking, and even she knew when to say when. Both the Greentree wives felt it was important to find lots of different things to do together, both in and out of the bedroom. Rachel’s list of personal hobbies and activities rather paled in comparison to Holly’s, so they came up with more things for Rachel to try, both alone and together. One that she’d begun to really enjoy this year was cooking.

Rachel worked in the mall, where most of her meals came from the food court. Most at home were either in the form of defrostable TV dinners or were fixed by Holly, and Rache started thinking it would be nice to even out the preparatory kitchen time. Especially since Holly had a longer commute to work. On top of which, though Rachel wasn’t yet aware of this, one factor had started really wearing on Holly’s nerves at the middle school where she taught.

Very much enjoying being domestic in this area—the apron and oven mitts made her feel sweet and cute, like Holly’s “Honey, I’m home!” house-frau—Rachel had grown fascinated in honing her culinary skills, and reading recipes in general. When she felt brave enough to try a few, she found with Pendik Escort delight that this was something she was surprisingly good at. It wasn’t often she came across things at which she both derived enjoyment and excelled with finesse. For Holly, it felt like a weight had been lifted off her shoulders, now that she could come home, plop on the sofa, put her feet up and wait for a tasty din-din to be served.

Today, a little after three, as Holly was about to return home, it was early to start on dinner, but Rachel was excited to try her hand at a new dish, and if she happened to screw it up some way or another, there would be time to make alternative supper arrangements. She was tossing them together a pan-seared cast-iron salmon, with the radio on extra loud to be heard above the skillet. She put on her best Jen Foster voice and crooned along with the music.

“I didn’t just kiss her…we went all the way and I liked it!…What’s the point in trying to hide it?…You never know till you’ve tried it!…” she belted, dancing on her toes and scatting around the lyrics. “I didn’t just kiss her…she put it on my tongue and I licked it!…I think she wishes she could forget it…But she sure seemed to love every minute!…”

What Rachel didn’t know was that her wife was just about to walk in the door. Hobbie, on the other hand, heard her approach and enter her key, perking up his ears. He leapt from the kitty castle and ran to greet her.

Unfortunately, Holly wasn’t exactly in the mood to be cheerfully greeted this afternoon. Rachel shut off the stove and turned down the tunes just as she came in.

Holly angrily slung her purse from around her shoulder and slammed it into the corner of the sofa.

“Daughter of a BITCH!” she yelled.

Rachel’s feet went cold hearing this fiery exclamation in lieu of the semi-consistent “Honey, I’m home!”

“Sorry!” came her voice from the kitchen. “What’d I do??”

“Oh,” Holly looked up. “Not you, sweetie. Remember I told you that new girl, Simona Herrington, just started in the administrative office a few weeks ago?”


“Her. The little troll’s making everyone’s life friggin’ miserable,” Holly snarled.

“Really? Oh, gosh, I’m sorry, hon.”

Holly paced around the living room to let off steam, tagged behind by Hobbie like the attention-seeking kitty cat he was. “Rache, everybody hates her. She’s only, like, 23, and she’s already just…such a rat! It’s like she spends her regular hours just thinking of awful things to do to people! Like they’re essentially paying her to be a dick!”

“Wow…is she really that bad?”

“Worse. Last week she put a live cockroach in Darlene’s briefcase! Monday she was making a latte for Peg and she spit in it! Yest—oh, and YESTerday—you know Emily Wing, the history teacher? She’s Chinese? Well, apparently Simona accidentally made an unsightly dent in Emily’s car, right? So once she comes in, I swear to God, she goes, ‘Oh, sorry I put a chink in your car, but then again, there was already one in there to begin with, right?! Har-har-har!'” Holly mockingly mimicked her. “And that’s the most pathetic part: she actually thinks this shit’s funny!”

“Oh, my God, she sounds horrible!…What’d she do to you?”

“Oh, today? Well, just TODAY, for instance, I ended up in a five-minute argument with the principal ’cause I was supposed to have gotten some messages in my inbox—only, I did, but guess who threw ’em in the trash?!”

“You’re kidding!” said Rachel, getting angry on Holly’s behalf. “What is she, four fucking years old?? What a bitch!”

“Yeah, and the worst part is she just gets away with it ’cause she’s the principal’s niece!”

“Oh, Lord,” sighed Rache. “My ‘total bullshit’ alarm just went off. Well, I wish I knew what to tell you, sweetheart. Seems to be a law in the workplace that every woman has another woman in her office whose presence basically makes her life a living hell.”

“Yeah, except you.”

Rachel walked herself right into that one. Everyone in her store was very nice. She thought she’d just…kinda…shut up now.

“…I walked myself right into that one. Everyone in my store is very nice. I think I’ll just…kinda…shut up now.”

Holly now felt guilty for turning her anger on her beloved wife. She was still quite piffled off from work, and now that she was home, only her sweet bride was directly in her line of fire. She dropped into the kitchen to hug her from behind.

“Aw, baby, Holly sorry,” she amended in her small child’s voice, slipping her arms around Rachel’s middle, dabbing soft kisses over her neck and shoulders.

“Mmmm, smells divine,” commented Holly. “So does the food, by the way.” She danced her fingertips down Rachel’s back.

“Honey…” Rachel Pendik Escort Bayan giggled giddily, “That tickles! Come on, I’m cooking here!”

A hand stroked down Rachel’s naked bottom and glided between her legs, accompanied by the sultry voice.

“That makes two of us.”

Rachel’s paws instinctively fixed on the countertop for support as she involuntarily laid her head back, gasped and moaned.

“Oh, God…”

“I’m sorry I took out my anger on you, angel,” Holly purred in Rachel’s ear. “Why don’t you come with me, and, eh…

“Let me make it up to you?” she proposed, lowering her voice.

“Oh, Holly…” Rachel groaned as Holly roguishly strummed a single index finger just barely tangibly beneath her unsuspectingly naked pussy. It tingled so torturously, and so good. “Oh my fucking God…”

Holly smirked and again whispered coquettishly and girlishly in her ear.

“Hey, I’m just doing what the apron says.”

“Oh, God, but the foo—…OH FUCKING GOD…”

Rachel went weak in the knees. Her head lolled back until her gold-highlit hair fell over Holly’s shoulder. Her legs shook unsteadily. Holly poured it on, showering her lovely trembling feminine body with heated, breathy kisses about the collar and shoulder blades. Rachel wasn’t going to be able to withstand this very much longer at all.

“Bu—…but, Holly…wh—…what about dinner?”

Holly paused long enough to murmur a quick fix as time-old as the invention of electricity itself.

“Throw it in the fridge.”

“But-but it’ll b—”

Her argument was cut off by Holly’s reaching into the inside of her apron and fondling her while simultaneously reaching her right leg around Rachel’s, pulling her legs further apart and seizing access to the insides of her labia. Rachel cried in ecstasy.

“OHHHH!” she wailed. “FUCK!”

Suddenly, Holly’s suggestion regarding supper went directly past good into downright necessary.

“Okay,” Rachel automatically obeyed, allowing herself to be gently, but literally, dragged, by the pussy, into the bedroom.


October 30th, 5:21 p.m.

A simple manipulation of Hobbie’s interests by sprinkling some small pieces of rotisserie chicken—which he could eat safely—into His Royal Catness’ food bowl, along with his regular eats, granted the Greentrees some quality intimacy time without any cat-astrophic interruptions. Even if he gobbled down all the chicken, next on his schedule would likely be another long nap.

The apron made it about halfway down the hall from the kitchen before crumpling to the floor and being trampled upon by four eager bare feet stamping their way to the bedroom. Slam! went the door, and it was a go.

Leaping in with so much ferocity they almost turned the bed into a trampoline, Holly and Rachel wasted nary a moment locking limb and lip, caressing endlessly, turning hotter and hotter, wetter and wetter, fiercer and fiercer…

Holly was still half-dressed, in bra and panties with her unbuttoned work shirt hanging off her arms and shoulders, but that was okay by Rachel. Seeing as Holly wanted as much foreplay as she could get a firm grasp on, and Rachel didn’t really need hardly any, things began semi-regularly with a naked Rachel and a less naked Holly and proceeded from there. And Rachel had to more or less force herself to wait until Holly was really revved up and ready to get nasty.

There was no way to anticipate how long this might take—Rachel was given no clues by the tone of Holly’s mood on a given day or anything—and though it drove Rachel crazy, she loved it because she loved her wife. Holly, relishing being in control in this area, would sometimes reach the point at which foreplay had to cease, but yet hold it back even longer, for the sole purpose of tormenting poor Rachel and making her burn for it, until Holly too could simply wait no longer.

Delighting in the sadistic knowledge that Rachel couldn’t read her mind, Holly loved to toy with her about how long she would have to wait each time they made love before proceeding to have explosively hot sex. It all depended on how kinkily evil she was feeling. Today, her troublemaking office administrator—the school principal’s niece, Simona Herrington—had put her in a bad mood, and it would appear the unfortunate Rachel would be paying the price for it—albeit in this fun form.

Admittedly, were Holly to be honest with herself, this was sort of her ulterior motive upon coming in and putting the moves on her sweetie. Self-serving and devious as it was, she knew Rachel practically worshiped at her altar, and would do anything for her, up to and including (but not limited to) enduring all the release-prolonging foreplay Holly could throw at her. It was one of Escort Pendik the perks of being downright adorably irresistible.

Sometimes the girls used a form of bondage to kink things up, but on an occasion such as this they wanted feisty spontaneity, of which they’d be robbed by the extra time and trouble gone to with restraints. Rachel’s sex drive was comparable to the engine of a high-performance sports car which could go from zero to sixty in just about two seconds flat. That really was all it took, and she was ready. Holly’s engine purred like a kitten and couldn’t take too much at once, or she’d be knocked out of the mood. Holly’s tachometer had to be accelerated gradually, carefully, gingerly, sloooooooowly, until she finally ignited hot enough to catch up to Rachel, to her wife’s relieved euphoria.

Which was not to say that Rachel did not enjoy foreplay with Holly; for her, it was okay enough to serve its purposes, it just didn’t utterly blow her mind the way the dirty deed itself did. And after a year being married, she was well accustomed to what her wife liked. She manually covered as much territory as possible while planting a heart-shaped pattern of slow, sizzling kisses around Holly’s face: starting at the chin, ascending up either jawline, curving the ascent at the temple, arching at the forehead, down just a bit between the eyebrows, and back up again to symmetrically do the other side. This was a little tricky to focus on while also maintaining the hand-eye coordination to fondle the rest of Holly’s body, but if she could do these things, she could make Holly very pleased. And the more pleased Holly was, the much more PLEASED Rachel would be.

Eyes shut in helpless devotion as Rachel did her thing, Holly moaned sublimely. “Oh baby…” she whispered as her fingers rode lovingly through Rachel’s beautiful golden hair. As her arms made their ways back around Rachel, who went on with the lovely foreplay, Holly soon rewarded her by squeezing her extra tight, pressing up and massaging Rachel’s waiting breasts with her own. After indefinitely giving Holly what she so craved, this offering of reciprocation already felt so beautiful, a wave of happiness crested over Rachel and enchanted her through and through. Feeling more fueled, she in turn increased aggression on Holly, and Holly’s sensations began to go wild as she cried, pleaded and begged for more.

Holly slipped under the surface of the ocean along with Rachel and felt the powerful undertow pulling her like a water-ski. The next chapter of their magical romp through the sensual world was underway. Fingers bumping, hearts thumping, breasts jumping, legs pumping, thighs humping, all was ratcheted up a notch and Holly’s inner tachometer resumed its starting position at the onset of rev number two. Her pussy dampened and secreted at the feeling of Rachel’s already drenched cunt leaking passionate moisture onto her thighs. Rachel’s starving pussy ached, twitched and swelled for love. She forced herself to keep her own hands—as well as Holly’s hands—off of it, but she didn’t know how much longer she could hold out.

“Oh God!…Holly!…” Rachel sobbed, heaving gasping breaths, dying to get on with it. “P—…PLEASE!”

Holly opened her eyes to take in her wife’s entreating, begging face. Oh, she looked just so desperate. Holly was planning to make her wait, but…ah, what the hell. She supposed she could take mercy on her, this time.

Holly gave her a nod and a smoky smirk.

“All right, Rachel.”

Rachel opened her eyes wide and hopeful to meet Holly’s.

“We’re gonna take care of you now—on one condition,” Holly stipulated. Rachel watched her lips curl into a full sexy smile.

“And that is…you’d better give me one hell of a show.”

Rachel’s face lit up and shone as if alit by a beam. Her heart pounded a mile a minute as another wave drowned her in passion. “YES MA’AM!” she promised bountifully.

Holly grinned wickedly and whipped off her shirt, subsequently unhooking her bra.

“Teeth,” she ordered, indicating the clasp between the cups. Rachel bit and took hold of it in her mouth and yanked it off.

“Good girl. Now…” Holly next shimmied her panties down her legs and pointed to them. “…Feet.”

Clasp still in mouth, Rachel whipped her head back and opened her teeth to let the bra fly, held Holly with her arms and spread her toes to take hold of her panties. With the use of both feet she managed to remove them and kick them too off the bed.

“‘At’s my baby,” praised Holly. “Now what’ll it be? Oral, manual, pedal, strap-on, scissor, anal, or other?”

“OOOOoooh,” Rachel considered the options before her mind settled. “Oh, I know! I want you up here with me so I can kiss you and hold your hands, so…” She thought of a whimsical example of sexy wordplay, and tried it out. “…Dil-do me!”

Hearing how this sounded out loud, Rachel abruptly pursed her lips tight together and turned a bit red. Holly smiled.

“That sounded better in your head, didn’t it?”

“Um, way better, yes,” nodded a slightly embarrassed Rachel.

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