Betraying My Sister

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I’d had a rotten three months, my job was going nowhere and the lease on my flat had come to an end causing me to spend after work hours trailing round dingy flats with greedy landlord. To top it all there was no man in my life and I hadn’t had sex in months and no matter how much I played with myself it just wasn’t the same. So, when the call came from my sister Ruth inviting me to stay with her and her husband for a few days, I jumped at the chance and headed north on the train.

Ruth is a year or so older than me and her husband Andy about the same. I quite envied her with her nice home, husband and life seemingly sorted. Andy was good looking, early thirties and quite muscle-y without being bulky. I’d always thought of him as more of a big brother but now I found myself looking at him differently, taking sly peeks at his rear as he walked about and trying to size up the bulge in his tight jeans. However he gave no signs that he was interested in me so I thought no more about it.

The first night we stayed in drinking a couple of bottles of wine and laughing about old times, until Ruth announced that as she had work in the morning, she was going up to bed.

We all supped up and they went to their room pointing me to the guest room. As I settled down to sleep I heard a stifled giggle coming from their room across the hall followed by a couple of gasps. Pretty soon I heard the telltale creaks of a couple having sex. I tried to ignore it but it was no use – my pussy had already started to tingle so I slipped my hand down and began to stroke my clitoris , slowly at first but faster, keeping time with the creaks from their room until I came, biting my lip and pressing my thighs together. I relaxed, feeling the waves of pleasure subside and fell into a deep sleep.

I awoke in the early hours of the morning to hear Ruth quietly going downstairs and setting off for work, her car starting up and then disappearing into the distance leaving the house in complete silence. I lay there for a minute or two thinking about last night. The tingle in my pussy was still there but I Kastamonu Escort needed more than just my fingers – I needed a cock, and a good hard one at that! Then an idea came into my head – Andy was just across the hall – alone.

I couldn’t, could I? I got up and walked naked to my door , then I changed my mind and went back to the bed. I stood for what seemed like ages gathering up my courage then decided it was now or never and crept out of my room and across the hall.

I peeked round the door of their room and could make out Andy’s sleeping form in the half light. Approaching the bed quietly I slipped under the duvet and moulded myself to his back pressing my soft breasts to his warm skin.

“I thought you’d gone to work” he mumbled still half asleep.

I said nothing but began to kiss the back of his neck and then down his spine, reaching round to run my fingers through the hair on his chest and then searching lower until I found his hardening penis. I had to stifle a gasp as my fingers traced its length and felt it’s thickness. I had no idea Andy was so well equipped – no wonder Sis had a smile on her face in the mornings! My pussy was now churning, the wetness starting to coat my outer lips. It was all I could do to stop myself from leaping on his cock there and then, but I knew I had to be patient – he still did not know it was me.

I slipped my head under the duvet and moved down his body until my lips touched the head of his cock. I began to lick, slowly at first with one hand cupping his balls but then becoming bolder as it twitched and throbbed it’s way to full hardness.

Stretching my lips I took the head into my mouth and began to suck, swirling my tongue about the underside causing Andy to groan and his balls to jump in their sac. I was still totally in control, moving up and down on the shaft, letting the head butt against the back of my throat and gently squeezing his balls. I pride myself on knowing just when a man is about to shoot his load but as I felt the characteristic signs, the duvet was pulled off my and Kastamonu Escort Bayan I found myself looking up into the Andy’s face.

It was a picture of shock and ecstasy, our eyes locked together for what seemed like an eternity , his cock still in my mouth having lost none of it’s hardness, until I gave a wink and began to pump furiously with my hand. It was all too much for him and he pumped spurt after spurt of creamy cum into my mouth. It was delicious and I lapped it up swallowing as much as I could until only a thin trickle escaped from the corner . I moved up his body and lay on top of him letting my full breasts rest on his still heaving chest and sandwiching his softening cock between our tummies.

“Good Morning brother -in law” I said as I planted a spunky kiss on his lips.

“Oh my God , Joanne what do you think your playing at? Do you know how much trouble we could get into?

“Bit late now” I replied ” Anyway now I’ve had a taste I want more – that cock of yours is pretty special, it makes sense to share it around.”

By now I could feel his cock hardening again and I sat back beginning to stroke it, marveling at it’s size . If anything it was even larger this time, a beautiful purple head crowning a thick veined shaft. He was so hard I had to pull it back vertical from his belly and then, taking infinite care, I parted my outer lips and offered his prick to my pussy.

My lips furled around the head and then he was in , surging into my dripping pussy in one smooth motion. It had been so long I came immediately, crying out, feeling my pussy walls contracting rhythmically, grinding my clitoris into his pubic bone. God, he felt so big, filling me completely, the shaft throbbing whilst the head pressed right against the entrance to my womb. I began a steady up and down movement on his prick, lifting off until only the head remained inside me, gripped tight by the internal muscles, then driving myself down, feeling it surge up my pussy walls until only his balls remained outside.

I leant forward offering my breasts Escort Kastamonu to his dry lips, shuddering as he took turns to suck on my nipples which by this time had become hard thimbles surrounded by a dark circle of arousal. It was all too much I cried out clamping hard on his cock as I spasmed uncontrollably and he gave a groan, arched his back off the bed as he began to pump wildly into me. The spurts seemed to go on and on , each one triggering a further judder from me until I collapsed forward, feeling the cum run out of me and onto his balls.

I thought that was it – I had seduced my sister’s husband, using his cock for my own release.

But as I lay there I realised that his cock which was still in me had lost little of it’s hardness – indeed I could feel it twitching it’s way back to full stiffness. I looked in wonder to Andy’s eyes and I sensed that I was no longer in control.

“Get on your hands and knees ” he hissed and I could do nothing but obey silently.

I knelt there with my pouting cunt in the air whilst I felt him get behind me. Nudging my legs apart he moved in between them, teasing me by running his hot wet cock back and forth across my anus before guiding it lower until it paused at the entrance to my pussy. I pushed back a bit trying to capture it but he withdrew, then came forward again letting the smooth head enter before pausing again.

I moaned, the only word I could utter was ” Please” and that did it. He drove forward burying his cock to the hilt and making his swinging balls hit my clit. I was off again , moaning and wailing as he set up a furious pace. It was almost as if he was trying to drive his guilt out of him and into me.

We fucked for what seemed like an eternity before he reached round to finger my clit triggering another orgasm in me and causing him to pump another load of spunk into my by now well opened up pussy. We fell forward onto the bed with him on top of me before we adjusted into the spoons position, his now rapidly softening cock flopping out of me dragging a trail of sticky cum. As I lay there with Andy’s warm breath on the back of my neck, I reflected on what I had done, betraying my sister and seducing her husband. I tried to feel guilty but I couldn’t and when I gently reached round to touch his soft cock and listen to his breathing as he settled into sleep I knew it would not be the last time.

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