Best Spring Ever Ch. 06

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Dennis got home at about eight. His mother was reading in the living room. She smiled as he entered.

“Did you have fun?” she asked.

“Yeah, we did. Is Debi home?”

“In her room, I think.”

Dennis walked to Debi’s room and knocked.

“Come in.”

“Hi. How was your day?” he asked.

She grinned. “Great! Mom and I went shopping.”

“What did you buy?”

“Nothing, but we tried on a lot of stuff.”

“That doesn’t strike me as a good time, let alone great.”

“You just don’t understand the concept of shopping.”

“Apparently not.”

“And how was your date?”

“We had a lot of fun.”

“Lina told me about Marissa, Trudy and Mandy today.”

“Yeah, it’ll be interesting to see how it turns out,” he replied.

“My brother has a rep now as a ladies man.”

“Just what I always wanted.” He sat down on her bed. “Debi, do people really think I’m gay?”

“I’ve heard a few of the bitches make comments but I don’t think most people do. The girls do kinda see you as…I don’t know. Nice, but unapproachable, I guess. You work pretty hard to be invisible.”


“Like Clark Kent. He does the same thing. At school you blend in. After school you’re Superman.”

Dennis laughed. “You’re so full of shit.”

“Think about it. You live two distinctly different lives.” In her best announcers voice she continued, “By day he’s mild mannered senior at Central High but by night he’s Superfucker with a cock the size of an Anaconda!” Debi was laughing hard.

“You need to get a hobby or something.”

“I have a hobby. I’m a snake charmer. Oh, I found my prom dress. I can pick it up Tuesday. You still aren’t going?”

“Nope, that’s not my thing.”

“When I was talking to Lina today she wanted me to ask you to keep your phone handy on Prom night in case we need you.”

“Why would you need me?”

“No clue but can you do that?”

“Yeah, that’s no problem. I was planning on being home all evening.”

“Thanks, I’ll let her know tomorrow.”

“I need to hit the books for a while. Finals start this week. See you tomorrow, snake charmer.”

“Goodnight, Superfucker.”

Dennis went to his room for the night.


Lina had spent much of her day hitting the books for finals week and had gone to bed early. Her parents were watching TV but paying little attention to the program.

“Richard, have you given any thought to what we talked about with the girls?”

“I have. I think you’re right. We are family and as long as you and I agree not to neglect each other I’m good with it.”

“I was hoping you’d see it that way. It just makes sense.”

She went back to watching TV. Several minutes later Richard spoke.

“Have you thought about the Dennis thing?”

“I’ve given it a little thought,” she replied.


“If we do this there are logistical issues. First, where? Our house and his house wouldn’t be private. This is a small town so a hotel or motel would be out of the question.”

“What about the cabin?”

“On weekends the lake is packed.”

“But you’d be at the cabin not on the lake. Mondays through Wednesday no one’s at the lake. It would be private.”

“Are you thinking overnight?”

“My original thought was a motel. Check in at three and out at eleven. So yes, overnight. Another possibility is an out of town hotel.”

“It would have to be a nice one. I won’t stay in a bedbug infested flop house,” she replied. “Either place I think a weekday sounds best. Maybe you and the girls could do something. The cabin would be perfect for that.”

“Yes, it would. We could reserve a nice suite for you and Dennis in Indianapolis. How about those FantaSuites?”

“That’s way over the top, Richard. I’m thinking downtown hotel suite maybe.”

“I think that would be an excellent choice. You’d even have room service.”

“Next question is when? Lina’s going to be overloaded for the next two weeks and I expect Dennis will be too. So it would have to be after graduation.”

“Then let’s look at the first week after graduation,” Richard said.

“That Monday is Memorial Day so on Monday and Tuesday Indy will still be nuts. Wednesday or Thursday would probably work and we can spend Memorial Day weekend with the girls at the cabin.”

“I like that plan. We’ll obviously need to coordinate with his schedule. Would you like me to talk to him?”

Hilda’s mind was shouting yes but she didn’t want to appear too anxious. “Let me think on it another day or so.”


After walking into the school on Monday, Dennis got quite a surprise. Everywhere he went he was met with smiles and greetings from the girls. Even the guys seemed to confirm his existence. Several times on his way to his first class he picked up on glances toward his crotch. Lina sat next to him in his first period. She seemed to have also reached celebrity status.

“This is kinda cool, huh?” she asked.

“We’ll see how it goes,” he replied.

As he walked through the cafeteria he was offered seats at multiple tables, even the bayan esmer escort bursa one the cheerleaders always used. He sat with Debi and Lina as he usually did. Even that table filled with girls. Lina got two prom invitations during that lunch period alone. Dennis overheard several comments from girls at the table who mentioned either wishing to upgrade their prom dates or not having one yet. He left the cafeteria about twenty minutes early and went to the library. His afternoon went the same way. He and Debi laughed about it on the way home.

Lina went over to Debi’s to study together after dinner, leaving her parents at home alone.

“Richard, are you absolutely sure you’re okay with this Dennis thing?”

“Hilda, I am. He’ll love it and so will you. I think we owe it to him.”

“Go ahead see if he’s interested then.”

“You won’t regret this, baby.”

“Richard, that phrase is right up there with ‘Hold my beer’.”

So far things had worked out perfectly planning the visit with Dennis. Hilda had been married long enough to know that the best way to get a man to do something is to let him think it was all his idea. She really did want to do this and it really was to give Dennis a special gift as a way of thanking him. But she also knew that it was because she wanted it.

Richard called Dennis that evening and made arrangements to meet with him at six tomorrow evening.

What had started out as a study evening wound up more of an anatomy class. When Julia came home just before nine Lina and Debi were eating each other on the living room floor.

“Studying hard for finals, I see,” she joked.

“Clit 401, Mom,” Debi assured her.

“Is your brother home?”

“In his room.”

“Thanks. Sorry for the interruption.”

“No problem,” Debi replied.

Julia went to his room and knocked.

“Come on in, Mom.”

She stepped in his room. “What are you reading?”

“Journal of Sexual Research, it just came today.”

“Anything interesting in it?”

“Good paper on the C-Spot. They’ve got hard evidence now and have a couple of theories how it works.”

“I’d like to read that, don’t forget to put it back in my office. Ready for finals?”

“All set. Heard anything else from Dad?”

Julia laughed. “Two of the women that were at the party I went to on Saturday have gonorrhea. Fortunately there was only one shared contact between them. Guess who?”

“Dad?” he replied. “So he was either exposed or the source?”

“Based on contact tracing he was the source,” she said.

“Be careful at those parties, Mom.”

“I am, but I’m seriously thinking of retiring from that and finding just one to play with.”

“I’ve got one you can play with.”

“Are you taking it with you to college in the fall?”

“I had kinda planned on that.”

“Debi sent me a text today about your new found fame at school. How do you feel about that?”

“Weird, I liked being the invisible man.”

“Just don’t let it change you, sweetheart.”

“Mom, if I tell you something will you keep it between us?”

“Of course, if you want it that way.”

“I can’t get Hilda out of my head.”

“That’s understandable. She’s an amazing woman. She’s also a married woman. Keep yourself occupied and in time it’ll fade. Is she your first big crush?”


“Then she’ll never go away but she’ll fade into a wonderful memory that you can carry with you forever.”

He smiled and nodded. “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.”

His mother kissed him goodnight and went to bed.

Tuesday at school was less strange for Dennis. People were still speaking to him and girls sometimes looked at his crotch but he didn’t feel like he was being pursued.

Lina, on the other hand, had her hands full. With her apparent first hand knowledge about Dennis she had moved to the boy’s most wanted list. She got even more prom invitations.

School let out and as Dennis was walking down the hall Mrs. Roberts called to him from her classroom. Mrs. Roberts taught history. Dennis wasn’t in any of her classes this year. He followed her inside. Mrs. Roberts was a MILF. All the boys fantasized about her. She always wore skirts just a little shorter than the other female teachers and always seemed to have just a little more cleavage. Her red hair and big brown eyes would have made her stand out in a crowd even without her shapely body.

“Close the door, please,” she told him as she sat on her desk crossing her legs. Dennis closed the door then walked to her. “Have a seat.” She pointed to the chair directly in front of her. “Dennis, I’d like to talk to you as a friend rather than a teacher if I may.”

“Sure, Mrs. Roberts.”

“Rumors were going around the school for a long time that you were gay.”

He smiled. “Yeah, so I heard.”

“There are new rumors now that you’re dating a college girl and that you’ve also been seeing her sister.”

“I’ve heard that too.”

“Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing inappropriate, shall we say, about being gay but I’m pleased to bursa ucuz eskort hear you aren’t.”

“Thanks, Mrs. Roberts.”

“We’re alone now, you can call me Kristen if you like.” Dennis smiled and nodded. “Have you heard the other rumor?” she asked.

He knew exactly what she was referring to but decided to let her tell him. “There’s another one?”

“These sisters told some of the girls… How should I put this? That you are large.”

He chuckled. “Kristen, I’m just five ten and one seventy five. There are lots of guys at school that are bigger than I am.”

“I don’t mean that way,” she said hesitantly.

“I’m not following you, Kristen.”

“They said you are very large in the male department.”

“Now I understand. You mean down below?”

“Yes, down below.” Dennis smiled but didn’t say anything. “I’m curious, is there any truth to the rumor?”

“You mean the one about my…” he began.

“Yes, that rumor.”

“Well, yes. There’s some truth to it.”

“So, you’re large?”

“Yes, Kristen. The rumor is true.”

“You’re eighteen aren’t you?”


“And you’ll be graduating in two weeks?”


“Will you be around this summer?”

“Until the first of September.”

“My husband will be away much of the summer. He travels for work. Well, sometimes it would be nice to have someone to visit with. Here’s my personal number if you happen to have some free time.”

She handed him a small slip of paper. He looked at it and smiled.

“Thanks, Kristen.”

“I think it might be enjoyable for both of us.”

“Thanks again. My sister’s waiting on me to drive her home. I’d better go.”

He left the room smiling and put the paper in his pocket. He was still grinning when he got to his pickup.

“Why the grin?” Debi asked.

“I just got hit on by Mrs. Roberts.”

“Just your luck. Hottest MILF at the school and she’s married.”

“No shit! Damn, if she wasn’t married I’d be all over her.”

“Did she give you her number?” He took the note out of his pocket and showed her. “If you aren’t going to call her give it to me. I’ll do her. I don’t have your marriage hang-up.”

Dennis handed his sister the note. “Take pictures,” he said, as they pulled out of the parking lot.

“For you, I’ll get video. Studying this evening?”

“I’m meeting Mr. Muller at six.”

“What’s up with that?”

“No clue. He said he’d like to talk to me.”

“Well, can’t be anything too bad. You’ve fucked his wife and both daughters. Can’t be anything too serious.”

“He didn’t sound upset or anything. Who knows.”

“Maybe Hilda’s pregnant.”

“Tubes tied, that isn’t it.”

“Let me know. You know how nosy I am.”

“No shit,” he replied.


Dennis arrived at the coffee shop just before six and ordered a blended coffee then sat out front at one of the tables. Rick walked up behind him.

“Hi Dennis. Been waiting long?”

Dennis stood and shook his hand. “Just long enough to get a coffee. Want something?”

“No, it keeps me awake if I drink it this late. Sit please.” Both sat at the table. “I wanted to thank you for what all you’ve done for Hilda and I.”

“Rick, no thanks are needed. I enjoyed doing it.”

“I was thinking that night about fantasies and started wondering what mine would be if I were your age and had your talents. If I was in your shoes I think privacy would be an issue. You’re doing for everyone else, but what about you? In the same situation I’d definitely want some private time. Am I on track here?”

“Yeah, it would be nice to not be on display.”

“And I’d want that private time with somebody really special.”

“Well yeah, sex for the sake of having sex is fun but with someone really special? That’s the stuff of fantasies.”

“Son, it is special that way. Love making between a man and a special woman is so much better than any other kind of sex. Don’t get me wrong, everything we’ve experienced with you has been great but it was sex. Not making love. Follow me?”

“Yeah, I do.”

“I came up with what my fantasy would be if I were you.”

Dennis smiled. “It isn’t the cheerleading squad.”

Rick chuckled. “No I’ll bet not. If I were in your shoes I’d fantasize about having alone time with Hilda.”

“Rick, if you think I’m after your wife, you’re wrong. I went into this knowing she’s your wife and respecting that.”

“Whoa, slow down. I’m not getting on your case or accusing you of anything. I trust you and really do believe you respect my marriage.”

“Sorry, I’m kinda sensitive on that topic.”

“I know, and I respect you for that. Dennis, be honest with me. Was I on the right track thinking you’d fantasize about making love to Hilda, just the two of you?”



“Rick, that’s my number one fantasy. And it’ll stay a fantasy. I won’t break your rules or do anything to interfere with your marriage.”

“What if for this one thing, for one time, Hilda and I made an exception to the rules?”

“You bursa anal yapan escort mean me and your wife alone?”


“Why would you do that?”

“After all you’ve done for us we’d like to do something for you and show our appreciation.”

“Rick, Hilda loves you. I don’t think she’d ever do that.”

“It was my idea and I talked to her about it last Sunday. She thought about it and last evening she told me she wanted to do it if you did.”

“You’re really okay with it?”

“I’m all for it. Hilda knows that and agrees. What we actually discussed was Wednesday or Thursday after your graduation you and Hilda spend the night together in a hotel in downtown Indy.”

“The night?”

“The whole night. Just the two of you.”

“I love the idea but there are two things I need to do before I can give you an answer. First is talk to my Mom. She works with couples and knows about risks and possible ramifications to a marriage if something like this happens. Second, if Mom feels okay with it, is I need to sit down with Hilda and talk to her. I need to know for myself she’s comfortable with it.”

“I think those are both wise steps. We’re looking at just over two weeks from now so you’ve got some time.”

“Any way it goes, thank you for the offer,” Dennis said.

“If you have questions you’ve got my number. Talk to your Mom. After you talk to Hilda you can give her your answer. We both want you to say yes.”

“Do Gretchen and Lina know about this?”

“Not yet, but if you agree we’ll tell them. If you turn us down there’ll be nothing to tell.”

“I’ll probably talk to Mom tonight and get back with you.”

“That sounds good. We’re footing the bill too. That isn’t negotiable.”

Dennis smiled, “Okay.”

They shook hands and Rick left. Dennis sat there contemplating what he had just heard. Rick had seemed sincere. He hoped his Mom wouldn’t pick the idea apart. He also needed to know that Hilda wasn’t coerced and wanted to do this. There were still a lot of unanswered questions. He threw his still half full cup in the trash and drove home.

“What did he want?” Debi asked.

“He thanked me for what we did.”

“Really? He wasn’t pissed or anything?”

“Not at all. It was a good visit. Is Mom home?”

“In her office I think.”

“I’m gonna go check in.”

He walked to his mother’s office in the back of the house and knocked even though the door was open. She looked up and smiled.

“Hey, handsome. Where have you been?”

He closed the door behind him. “I met with Rick Muller.”

“You look troubled. Wanna talk?”

“Yeah, privately if you’ve got time.”

“Lots of time and it’s just between us.”

“He called yesterday and asked me to meet him today to talk. Mom, he offered to pay for Hilda and I to go to a hotel in Indy for the night. Just the two of us.”

“What did you say?”

“I kind of felt him out on the offer to make sure he was sincere. I think he really is. I thanked him but told him I wanted to talk to you about it since that’s your area of expertise. And then, depending on our talk, I would need to talk to Hilda.”

“Why Hilda?”

“I need to see for myself that she wants to do this and wasn’t coerced.”

“Why does he want to do it?”

“He said they wanted to do something special to thank me.”

“A man letting his wife spend the night with a lover is one hell of a thank you. How do you feel about it?” she asked.

“Mom, you know how I feel about Hilda. I’d love the opportunity on one hand then on the other hand it might make it harder for me.”

“Let’s say you didn’t hear from any of them for a month or so and suddenly Richard asked you for another fantasy for Hilda. What would you do?”

“I’d want to help but I’d have to see how I felt at the time.”

“Sometimes putting one more log on a fire helps it burn out more completely.”

“Yeah but what you asked seems like it keeps adding to the fire.”

“That’s my point. Maybe if you do this it will allow you to say goodbye and get closure.”

“Go out with a bang rather than a whimper?”

“Uh huh.”

“Would doing something like this stress a relationship?”

“In some cases it would destroy it. I don’t think so in their case. They really love each other. That’s obvious to anyone who sees them.”

“So what’s your opinion?” he asked her.

“My opinion is do what’s right for you.”

“You’re a big help, Mom.”

“I’m not here to tell you what’s right for you. I’m here to help you make your own decisions. The ones that are right for you. The ones that you can live with. I do think that you and Hilda talking about it beforehand is a must. What does your heart tell you she’s saying? Does her body language say the same things her words do?”

“Do you see any contraindications to doing it?”

“Not if you read Richard correctly and Hilda really is doing this of her own volition. If you have doubts don’t do it.”

“Thanks, Mom.”

“That’ll be seventy five dollars,” she replied.

“Can you bill my insurance?”

“I’ll make you a deal. Get me a glass of wine and we’ll call it even.”

“Consider it done.”

Dennis returned with her wine in just a few minutes, kissed her and went to his room. After thinking about it for a while he sent Rick a text.

‘I spoke with my Mom. Please give Hilda my number so we can set up a meeting to talk. Just the two of us please.’

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