Best Friends

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“Boo!” I smiled; walking up to my best friend of five years at his register. Eric was working; as I had suspected; and I was in town visiting my family.

“Ashley!” He cried out; running over to hug me. My 10 year old sister was on my back (When we had gotten out of the car she had demanded a piggyback ride) but he managed to wrap his arms around my waist.

I smiled. “What’s up?” I said; wrapping my arms around his neck. He smelled like Axe; something I had forgotten in the past year since I had seen him last. I kissed his cheek; which isn’t something I normally would have done; but I had missed him so much.

“Nothing; working. Which is so boring I could shoot someone.” I glared at him and nodded to my sister. He just smiled at her. “Hey Emily.”

“Hey Eric!” She cried. She loved Eric; he was her favorite person I ever brought over to our house. Of course; I hadn’t really brought anyone besides my two best friends; one guy I dated for a few months before he broke my heart; and Eric. Out of the corner of my eye I could see her pouting a bit. “How come you never come visit me anymore?”

I had to hand it to her. She took after her sister like a pro. I chuckled; and Eric smiled. “I’m sorry Em. I’ve been super busy with school.”

“Oh.” she said. “Ashley; can I go look at the candy?” I laughed and let her down; watching her run to the candy aisle.

Eric hugged me again; tighter this time. “Why didn’t you tell me you were in town?” I shrugged.

“Wanted to surprise you. Nearly killed me when I talked to you these past couple weeks. I just wanted to be like ‘Clear your schedule for some much needed Eric & Ashley time!'” We both laughed as he moved back to his register. Out of the corner of my eye I could see my sister still in the candy aisle.

“So when are we hanging out?” He asked; keeping an eye out for a manager.

“Whenever you want.” I smiled. He grinned back.

“I’m off at eight. Give me an hour to get out of this ridiculous outfit and I’ll come pick you up.”

I smiled and started moving to the aisles to take my sister home. “See ya then!” I giggled.

As I stood in my full length mirror; checking my outfit for the fifteenth billion time; I bit my lip. Eric and I had been best friends since I started my sophomore year here in Illinois; moving in with my father after living with my codependent drug addict mother for several years. We ended up working at the same grocery store towards the end of my sophomore year. He was a grade ahead of me. We hit it off pretty well; talking a lot. At the time (actually; still) he hated most everyone there. His senior year, my junior year, we started hanging out outside of work. We went to different schools so we went to the football games we were versed against; hung out at each others houses; watched movies together. We talked about everything and everything; he truly was one of my best friends.

When I went away to college (5 hours away from the one he went to) we lost touch for a bit. When we came back for Christmas break we started talking again. By the time we went back to school; I was developing a crush on him. Of course; at the time I was dating a girl. So I couldn’t do anything about it. We started visiting each other at school every couple weekends; and one weekend at a party we ended up making out. We were both pretty drunk; and never spoke about it again. A couple weeks later I decided to repress my feelings and focus on my schoolwork and my girlfriend. Of course we still talked; but not as often.

At the end of my freshman year I moved out east with my mom again; leaving me and Eric not seeing each other since April of my freshman year. We had talked almost daily since I had been gone; and when I made up with my dad and decided to come spend a couple weeks with him that summer; I couldn’t wait to see Eric. istanbul escort The possibility and resurfaced my feelings; and I was having a hard time repressing them.

Looking at myself now; I smiled. My dark brown hair was straightened; my haircut that afternoon had left my hair soft and looked amazing; my bangs angled perfectly to slightly cover my right eye. I smiled as my bright green eyes looked at my reflection; the black mascara and eyeliner I had put on making them darker. My lips were a shiny pink due to my favorite lip gloss. I was wearing a tight green polo; unbuttoned. The hem of it was raised a bit to show off my tight tan tummy; my black lace cami’s edge visible and falling just short of the top of my black mini skirt. I knew for a fact that Eric had a thing for legs; so I had made sure mine looked amazing. I had debated wearing stockings; but it wasn’t a date and it was summer so that might have looked weird. So my legs were bare; tan and extending out of my short skirt. I wore simple 2 inch black heels; just a little strip with tiny bows by the toes holding them to my freshly pedicured foot. My toenails were red; as always; and I had gone for a French manicure this time. Grinning at my reflection; I knew I looked as perfect as I could. I was thankful I thought ahead of time and bought a purple pushup bra and boy short set; they both felt and looked amazing on me underneath. It was about 8:52 p.m.

My phone started ringing and I went to my desk to see who it was. When I saw Eric’s name and a goofy pic of us laying on the track at my old college I smiled; flipping open the phone. “Sup playa?” I asked.

He chuckled. “I’m here.” He said; honking for emphasis. I looked out my window and waved.

“I’m on my way out.” I said; grabbing my small black Coach purse. I kissed my sister and brother; waving to my step mom (my father was working) and said I was out with Sarah; a lie but necessary for what I was planning.

We went to the park by his house; the summer night cool and dark. We laughed and talked; swinging for awhile before running around on the playscape. He chased me up the stairs; and I laughed and ditched my heels; running up to the top of the tower; which I barely fit in. I stuck my tongue out and let him catch me. He laughed as he ran into the tower; grabbing my waist as we laughed and caught our breath. As we stood there; crouched down a bit in the tower; I could feel an electricity between us. He grinned at me and I panicked.

I quickly ducked out of the tower and slid down the slide; giggling as I waited for him to come down. He did a moment later; hopping off the edge of the slide.

“Super cool,” I grinned; mocking him. He punched my arm and I pouted.

“Oh, you know it.” He smiled back. My heart was fluttering; I wasn’t sure why my stomach was turning but I felt really nervous. I brushed my bangs out of my face and twirled my hair with a finger. “Don’t your feet hurt?” He asked; looking down at the woodchips. It was actually extremely painful but I didn’t want to complain; my shoes were too far away.

“Like a bitch. But my shoes are all the way over there.” I said; pointing to them on the opposite side of the playscape. Eric chuckled and moved closer to me; placing one hand on my back; bending slightly and lifting me off the ground. I squealed as I felt my feet leave the ground. I wrapped my arms around his neck; my eyes looking at the ground in fear. I did not want him to drop me.

He laughed as he walked over to wear my shoes were; carrying me with ease. I bit my lip; nervous; concentrating on the ground. When we managed to get to my shoes; he sat down; placing me on his lap while I slid my shoes on.

“Thanks,” I said; smiling at him. He smiled back; brushing a piece of hair out of my face. His deep brown eyes smiled with him; I loved escort fındıkzade them. I think a part of the reason I was a sucker for dark eyes was because of him. A thunderclap rolled overhead and we both looked up at the sky; my face suddenly anxious.

He placed his hand on the small of my back. “We should head back to my house fast. Don’t want your hair to get wet,” he teased and I giggled. I hopped off his lap and we walked down the hill; heading to his house. About a block away from his house thunder clapped again; and I shivered despite the heat. He took my hand and we moved quicker. We were a few houses away when the rain began. It didn’t sprinkle either; it poured. We were soaking wet by the time we got to his driveway. I just laughed and stood there.

Thunder clapped overhead again and I just spun in his driveway. He turned around to see me; his light brown hair dark with the rain. “Ashley! What are you doing?” He called out; loud for how late it was.

I ran over to him and grabbed his hand; spinning him with me; laughing. “My hairs already wet! Might as well make it fun!” He stood there and watched me dance around in the rain; smiling. It took me a couple minutes to realize this and when I did I laughed and walked over to him; my clothes completely soaking and my hair a stringy mess.” What are you smiling at?” I asked, my voice loud as lightening flashed. His red polo and khakis were soaked through too.

He continued to grin as I moved closer. A shiver went through my body as I stared at him. I stopped about a foot away and he moved closer; one arm wrapping around my waist as the other gently grabbed my head; pulling it closer to his. When our lips touched I was shocked; though I don’t know why; I had seen it all happening in slow motion. Thunder cackled and lightening sprouted again; but all that I could focus on was the fact that Eric and I were kissing. My arms quickly wound around his neck; pulling him closer to me as I leaned my body into him. We were soaking wet; I was almost sure that my makeup was running; but I had never felt so sexy-been so turned on.

Our kiss started slowly; but the longer it went on the more passionate and frenzied it became. Our tongues danced in each others mouths; his hands moving to grab my waist; my hands moving to grab his hair; holding each other as tightly as possible.

His hands move down to my ass; grabbing it and lifting me up. I jumped and wrapped my legs around his waist and we managed to kiss our entire way into his house. His parents were gone on a vacation so we had the whole place to ourselves. We went in through the front door and managed to make it to the living room before he dropped me on the couch; our mouths rarely apart. His hands started caressing my sides; my body shivered in both cold and passion.

He backed off slowly; drawing kisses on my cheek and down to my ear; nibbling it softly. “You might be warmer with those clothes off,” he whispered. I shivered again. Eric and I had said things like this jokingly to each other before; but now; now it was different. We weren’t kidding.

He continued to kiss my neck; his hands gently sliding up the side of my shirt. He lifted both my polo and my tank off in one fast motion; lifting them over my head with barely leaving my neck. I moaned quietly as his kisses moved lower. His mouth trailed my collarbone; moving down to my breasts. He smiled up at me as his tongue traced the outline of my purple bra and I shivered again. It was a front clasp and as I felt his tongue dart inside the edges barely he unhooked it; letting it fall off. My tits exposed for the first time to him; one hand paid attention to my right nipple; teasing it gently; pulling at it. I rolled my eyes back instinctively as my back arched a bit. He chucked as his mouth kissed my left tit. His tongue escort bayan rus snaked around my nipple and I moaned; he sucked it into his mouth and my hands went to hold his head tighter to me.

After a few minutes of switching between my tits he moved his head up higher; kissing back up my neck. I grabbed his head and kissed his mouth passionately once more; my hands in a frenzy to get us both undressed. I grabbed the hem of his shirt and lifted it above his head; not looking anywhere but him as I threw it off into the corner of the room. Our eyes met as we kissed again; both of us smiling. I still had on my soaking wet skirt and boy shorts; but my skin was red and feverish; tingling from his touch. One of his hands was on my back; the other stroking the hair out of my face as we kissed. My hands however; were unfastening his pants; sliding them down. I rolled him over so he was underneath me; kissing his neck momentarily before moving down to his boxers. I slipped my fingers into the sides and slid them down too; throwing them and his khakis towards his shirt. I bit my lip as I saw his 7 and a half inch cock exposed for the first time; already hard and dripping pre cum. I licked the tip of it; staring up at him.

“Oh god Ash,” he moaned quietly; watching me. As I slipped the head into my mouth and my tongue gently probed it; his hands moved down to rest on my head. I giggled around his dick before I started moving my head up and down on it. My hand moving in rhythm with my mouth; I vacuumed my mouth and relaxed my throat; managing to suck the whole thing into me. My hands played with his balls as I sucked his cock; my tongue gently playing as much as it could as I heard him moan quietly; his hands holding my head down.

Finally I let him fall out of my mouth; kissing the head one final time before kissing back up his body. I laid on top of him and we kissed passionately again; his hands moving to remove my skirt and boy shorts; shedding them quickly. He rolled me over so he was on top again; kissing my shoulder before reaching into his pants to grab a condom out of his wallet. I giggled a little at how cheesy that was and rolled it on him quickly. positioning his cock at my cunt. He kissed me deeply as I lifted my hips and he slowly entered me.

We both groaned against each other; his hands resting on my hips; holding onto me; while mine wrapped around his neck. Both our eyes were open as we watched one another; his hips starting to move up and down; thrusting in and out of me. My legs wrapped around his waist; spreading open a bit more in the process.

“Fuck Ash;” He groaned; pumping harder. I smiled as I lifted my hips up to his; fucking him back just as fast as he was going. He started to pant and I kissed him again; leaving us both breathless. We moved quickly; passion overflowing through both of us.

It didn’t take long for me to feel my first orgasm rolling through me. “Eric;” I cried out; biting my lip. He felt my pussy clamp around him and he smiled; kissing my ear again.

“Cum for me,” he whispered; and I turned my head to kiss him. “Cum for me baby,” he said again; thrusting harder.

I surrendered myself; feeling my cunt tighten as I moaned loudly; my eyes rolling back as my hips and back arched into him; tightening my legs and arms around him. My skin shivered a bit as I came. He kissed me and I nibbled on his lip; causing him to moan. As my first orgasm subsided; he held me closer to him; fucking me faster and harder.

“I’m going to cum Ash,” He moaned and I nodded, unable to speak. I kissed him gently; edging him on. He kissed my cheek before cumming; both of us still moving our hips. I had another orgasm; my cunt tightening around him once more. Milking him for his cum. We shook; moaned; groaned. We panted and kissed through our orgasms.

We slowed down; coming to a stop. He lay on top of me; careful not to smoosh me and I giggled. He gave me an inquisitive look. “What?” he asked.

“Just glad I told my parents I was out with Sarah,” I said; kissing him quickly. He chuckled with me, kissing my neck.

“Good thing.”

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