Best Day of my Life

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The early morning sun began to shine brightly through our bedroom window- waking me up. I wasn’t much of a morning person until the first morning you and I woke up in each other’s arms. After that, I grew to love mornings. Our mornings were special. It was the one time of the day where we actually got to hold each other close and not be in a big hurry. All the cuddling and whispering as we each wake up. Except this morning, I woke up too late. Your scent still lingered in the air though… mango mandarin lotion. I reached over for you, but you were gone. A frown took over my face, until I saw a note that you had left on your pillow for me. I reached for the note and cuddled up with your pillow… hoping to get a stronger scent of you. The note was folded into the shape of a heart with your lip prints in the center… with the slight scent of your perfume CK-One remaining on it. I softly touched my lips to yours then opened the note and read it:

“My Meliss,

Oh, how I wish I were in bed with you still… caressing that sweet, sexy body of yours… kissing your soft lips… and feeling your knowing fingertips all over me.”

I sighed softly, wishing those very things, too. My body was slowly beginning to react to your words as if you were there. I squeezed the pillow tighter underneath my arms.

“I stayed up all night last night just watching you sleep… not believing that we are actually here… together. You mean the world to me, little one. I don’t know what I would do without you. Thank you for being so understanding with my weird hours since I started this new job. While you were sleeping, I was beeped and had to go to the hospital. I wanted to wake you, but you looked so peaceful that I just let you lay there.”

Tears welled up in my eyes reading your tender and heartfelt words. You always had a way with your letters that made me fall in love with you even more.

“I love you with all of my heart, baby. I’ll make it up to you when I get home. I promise.

Love you,

Your doll baby

P.S. Happy anniversary! ”

I curled up in a ball on the bed (still naked because we both agreed to never wear any clothes while in bed) and breathed in deeply your scent from your pillow. Tears slowly trickled down my cheek. I missed you. It had been one hard, yet glorious month since we moved in together (finally) in a small, but quaint house just outside the city. From the moment we saw the house, we were both in love with it. From the hard wood floors, to the hot tub in the back yard, to the cozy fireplace in the living room… it was perfect. If only we could be there to enjoy it together. Your hours at the hospital were ever changing. I had just finished cleaning a monster house (that we “christened” for the owners, too, when you brought me dinner one late night.), so we were beginning to see less and less of each other with our busy hours. And this was the first morning that we were to spend apart since the big move.

I had grown accustomed to feeling your arms wrapped around me, and feeling your lips on the back of my neck every morning to wake me up. (You always seemed to wake up before I did, no matter how early I tried to make myself get up. I never figured that out.) I closed my eyes and could see you lying next to me with that picturesque smile of yours. I could feel your hand caressing my cheek… your fingers running through my soft hair… your soft lips touching mine… our tongues dancing together in a song that only the two of us knew the words to. A soft moan escaped my lips.

I hugged the pillow tight and wiped away my tears… kissing your lips once more. I longed for your touch. Turning towards the clock, it read 8:30. It was still way too early for me, but I decided to get up anyway. I had a plan to get you all to myself for the next couple days.

I walked into the bathroom to find yet another note from you. “I love you” was written in lipstick on the mirror. A smile crossed my lips. I turned on the water for the shower and jumped in. I lathered my body up with soap… wishing it were your hands all over my body, instead of my own. I resisted the urge to release my pent up energy and rinsed off. That was the one thing about the small house that I absolutely loved! The shower was HUGE, and it came with a massage showerhead, too! We never missed a chance to bathe each other in it neither. Your naked body was an instant turn-on for me. I couldn’t keep my hands off you. Ahhh… another thing I missed about you lately… your body against mine. I let out a heavy sigh.

I dried off and threw on some clothes and drove down to my favorite florist. Between you and I, we kept that little shop pretty busy. The lady behind the counter recognized me immediately and her face lit up. “Hey Melissa. How are ya this morning?” Her adorable southern twang oozing from her red lips. I gave my best smile and told her that I was fine. “So…” she went on. “What’s it gonna be today, hon?”

“Let’s see… I wanna send a dozen red roses Anadolu Yakası Escort to her at the hospital as soon as you can, ‘cause I’m not sure how much longer she’ll be there. And, I’ll take a half dozen white roses home with me, please.”

“Ooh. Are we celebratin’ somethin’?” she asked with a huge smile.

“Well, not really, but we have been here for a month now. I just wanted to let her know that I was thinking ‘bout her.”

“Honey, I would be the luckiest woman on Earth if I could find half of what you two lovebirds have. One of these days, you’re gonna hafta come in at the same time, so I can see what a pair you two make.”

I blushed a crimson red at her sweet words and thanked her. She assured me that the red roses would be the best of the bunch and would be in my lover’s arms in less than an hour. I went back home with my white roses and a sweet smile upon my face. Once home, I put the roses in a vase until I was ready for the next phase of my plan.

The guest bedroom served as a work out room and an office for the both of us. We both tried to keep in shape for the other. I pulled my hair back into a tight ponytail and shucked my shirt, leaving me in a pair of shorts and a sports bra. I started with some squats. Gotta keep that ass nice and tight for you. And ended with some stomach crunches.

During my work out, I glanced at my watch. It was nearly an hour since I had left the florist. I grinned hoping that you were smelling the beautiful roses right then. Sure enough, you were. You had just left a patient who was going home today when Bailey, a nurse, stopped you in the hall telling you that you had a package at the nurse’s station. She winked at you, following closely behind. In the month that you had worked there, all the nurses were accustomed to me sending you small gifts, but never anything of this magnitude before, so they were all giddy with excitement for you. We were scared to let them know about us at first, but we were pleasantly relieved that they found us to be such a cute couple and no one thought evil of us. I had come to eat lunch with you on several occasions, and Bailey noticed how lovey-dovey we were being. She told you privately, after I had left, that she was honored to be able to see a couple that was so much in love. The rest of the nurses later agreed, so we never hid our love after that.

When you saw the roses, your heart fluttered in your chest. You were awe struck by their beauty and you knew immediately whom they were from. All the nurses began telling you to open the card. You took a deep sniff of a rose and opened the card. Only three short, but powerful words appeared: “I miss you.” A tear rolled down your cheek. Bailey stood next to you, hugging your shoulder. “Awww, sweetie. Don’t you cry. You get her on the phone right now and tell her you’ll be home soon. She needs you more than we do,” and handed you the phone. You sat down and dialed the number.

I was in the middle of a sit-up when the phone rang. I jumped up, nearly tripping on a dumb bell, and got the phone. “Hello?” I answered breathless.

“I love you, baby,” you managed to get out in a soft voice with a sniff. Just from those three soft words, I could tell you had been crying, so my floodgates were opening up all over again.

“Aww, baby doll, I love you, too. Please don’t cry. You know… what that does to me!” I could hear some of the nurse’s voices in the background, so I knew you weren’t alone, which comforted me. I would hate the thought that you were alone crying. The nurses cared about you enough to be there for you when I couldn’t.

“I’m so sorry that I had to leave this morning, but I should be home very soon.” You made sure I noticed the emphasis on “very.”

“It’s ok, sweets. You just get home in one piece, ok? There’s more for you when you get here.” On to phase two I thought with a smile.

“Oh, there is?” Your voice perked up. “What else have you got planned?” I could hear the nurses “ooh’ing” and “aww’ing” at your excited words.

“It’s a surprise. You better get back to work, so you can come home faster! I love you.”

“I love you more than you will ever know, Meliss. I’ll be home as soon as I can, love.” And we hung up.

I was extremely proud of you for getting as far as you had at the hospital in such a short time. The kids all loved you and didn’t want you to leave their side. The staff immediately grew to love you, too, once they believed you were there for the kids, not to just get the big bucks. Only problem was they were seeing you more than I was. And that was about to change! I had work to be done! I hopped in the shower again. I was giddy with excitement. My baby was coming home soon. I lathered up my entire body. It felt like an eternity had passed since I was next to you, when in reality, it was just a couple hours ago. My mind was going into over-drive about what was going to take place when we seen each other. I had to snap myself out of Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan my daydream, and rinse off. I picked out a white thong that was covered in hearts and a matching bra. I pulled on my favorite pair of tan Wranglers, (which happened to be your favorite, too) and a dark tan T-shirt with black lettering. Then I laced up my boots. I couldn’t decide what to do with my hair, so I just brushed it to the side. My perm still had lots of curl to it and asked to be showed off, but I knew you also liked seeing me in my Black Stetson. A touch of make-up and I was done with my outfit.

I didn’t know how much time I had before you were home, so I was scampering about, trying to finish my plan. I scattered the roses throughout the house and attached little notes to each one. I held the last one in my hand on our bed. The house soon began to take on the aroma of the roses. I turned on the CD player and popped in a CD that I had made special for you with all of our songs.

Two hours after we got off the phone, you were walking in the front door. “Meliss?” You call out… no answer. It’s then that you see the first rose on the stand by the door where we leave our keys. “What on earth?” You ask softly to yourself. You open the note:

“Welcome home, honey. There’s five more of me. The next one of us will give you quite a ‘work out.’ (Go to the work out room, please.)”

A huge smile appears on your face. You drop your keys, take off your shoes, and head off to the room with the rose in your hand. You find the rose sitting on the bench with another note:

“You are my reason for ‘living.’ (Please go to the living room, baby.)” And you do, with two roses now in your hands. Your heart is beating faster and faster in anticipation of seeing me again.

“I could ‘eat’ you up right now! (Please go to the kitchen.)” And so on, until you get to the fifth rose. The last note says, “I’m waiting for you. ‘Cum’ find me.” An even bigger smile over-takes your face. You race to the bedroom door and find that it’s closed. You slowly open it, not knowing what to expect. You hear the CD playing softly, and then you spot me on the bed… curled up on my side asleep on the silk sheets with the last rose lying next to me. I had done tuckered myself all out with my excitement.

You lay the roses down on our dresser, then gingerly crawl onto the bed behind me. You want desperately to wake me up, but you know you had better do it softly. Your body takes on the form of mine in the spooning fashion. You grab the rose that was lying on the bed next to me and softly drag it across my face. As I start to stir, you place a tender kiss on the back of my neck and whisper, “Good morning, sunshine.”

“Mmmm… Is that really you, baby, or is this some dream I’m in?” I softly purr, not wanting to wake up if it is a dream. The rose falls from your fingertips as you wrap your arm around my waist, pulling me closer, then kiss my neck again. “Nice answer,” I whisper as I turn over onto my back.

“Hi, baby. Thank you for the roses.” You say as you lean down to kiss the tip of my nose. As you rise up, my hands go to your cheeks, caressing them. I lean up and softly touch my lips to yours. My tongue snakes out between my lips, pleading to be let into your hot mouth. You willingly oblige, as our kiss grows more passionate. My body is trembling with excitement. I wrap my arms around you, one at the waist and the other under your arm that’s resting on the bed. I hear a faint moan from you when I suck on your tongue as you pull it out of my mouth. You break the kiss reluctantly to catch your breath.

“You’re welcome,” I say softly with a wicked grin. My body is once again alive with excitement at the feel of your skin. You scoot down on the bed a little bit so you can rest your head on my chest. I begin to softly massage your back through your blouse. “That feels so good, Meliss. I could lay here forever,” you purr as you give me a soft squeeze. I kiss the top of your head. You were slowly relaxing under my touch when I felt you suddenly tense up. You had spotted the packed suitcase on the floor at the side of the bed.

“Baby?” You quietly ask.

“Yes, my love?”

“Are we going somewhere?”

“As a matter of fact, we are. That is, as soon as we find the energy to tear ourselves apart.” I giggle then I start tickling your side, making you squirm and laugh above me. “And don’t even ask, cause it’s a surprise,” I go on.

As the giggling subsides, you fully lay your body on top of me with one leg lying in between mine. As if by cue, Dido’s song “Best Day of my Life” begins to play. My hands once again begin to stroke your back. I gaze up into your beautiful eyes to find a look of pure love. A shudder runs through my body. It wasn’t the first time I had seen that much passion in your eyes, but it still excited me to no end. You were mine, finally. The line in Dido’s song was so very true: “If my house fell down around me, Escort Anadolu Yakası I wouldn’t have a clue, because you’re near me.”

“Kath?” I softly ask.

“Yeah?” Your eyes still glazed over with love.

“You remember that promise we made when we first got together to not fall too hard?” I pause as you nod yes. “I think I broke it.” You lean down to place the softest kiss I’ve ever felt upon my lips. My heart melts. I slightly open my mouth, wanting the kiss to become deeper. You take the invitation and slide your tongue between my lips, causing me to moan into your mouth. I loved kissing you. I was left unbelieving that I was your first kissing partner from the very beginning. You were never in a rush and added in just the right amount of wetness to drive me crazy with lust. Our first kiss left me wet for weeks on end just thinking about it. Every kiss before that was nothing but a waste of breath. You were everything I ever wanted in a kisser, and we always took full advantage of a spare moment to “practice” our techniques. Only this kiss was a bit different. It was full of love, rather than pure lust. It was as if we were telling each other via our tongues how much we cared for each other. I felt a tear drop onto my cheek, and I knew it wasn’t from me. I opened my eyes and slowly ended our wonderful kiss. “Baby, what’s wrong?” I inquire as I wipe your tear-stained cheeks with my thumb.

“Nothing’s wrong. That’s just it. Everything is perfect! I’m with the woman that I love… A woman who spoils me… A woman that I absolutely adore.”

“A woman that’s gonna steal you away from the world for a couple days, too,” I add with a wink.

“That’s only if I decide to let you up, little one.” You remark back smiling as you softly flick the end of my nose with your index finger. You did have a point there. You were a smidgen taller and stronger than I was, but I wasn’t about to let that stand in my way. In one swift move, I rolled us over so that I was now on top of you. Your eyes grew wide in surprise.

“A-ha! Didn’t know I could do that, did you?” I laugh! You tried to roll us back over, but I had you pinned down. I grabbed your arms and pulled them up over your head. You tried to squirm your way out of my hold, but it wasn’t any use. I kissed you hard on the lips. My tongue immediately re-entering your mouth, dancing playfully with your tongue. The kiss took you by surprise. You froze for an instant, then began kissing me back with such fire I had never known from you. Your hips began to rise up on their own accord, meeting mine. Our lips locked together and I took full advantage of it. I began sucking your breath away. I knew that drove you wild. I pulled my lips away from yours, panting and smiling that devilish smile.

“Damn, baby! I love it when you do that.” You say trying to catch your breath.

“Well, I plan on doing it a lot more as soon as we reach our home away from home.” I pause for a moment, then continue, “I’d love to stay like this, but we’ve gotta git, so we can beat the weekend traffic. So, get your sweet ass up and put those roses in a vase.” I release your arms and playfully slap at your leg as I get off the bed.

“Yes, ma’am!” You giggle, mocking my southern drawl.

I picked up the suitcase (not that we needed it anyway, but just in case) before you even started getting off the bed. I loaded the suitcase into the back of the truck, then walked back into the house. You were still lying on the bed, nearly falling asleep. I crawled up beside you on the bed and kissed your forehead. “Baby, we can stay here if you want to. We don’t have to go anywhere,” I whisper.

“No! I want to go with you. I’m just tired. Stayed up too late watching you,” you cooed back.

“Well, c’mon. You can sleep on the way there, ok?”

I grabbed a couple of Dr Peppers for the ride there and we were out the door. We stopped at the nearby grocery store for the essentials… whip cream, chocolate syrup, cherries, and whatever else caught our eye. The lady at the checkout counter gave us a knowing smile and blushed, but didn’t ask any questions. Then once again, we were in our truck and on our way. You had your head leaned up against the passenger window with your eyes closed. I knew you were tired, but that was no way to sleep comfortably.

“Honey, why don’t you lie down?” I patted my leg for you to use as a pillow. You smiled and took the invitation. You laid your head down softly, draping your arm over my thigh, gently rubbing it with your thumb. You looked so innocent and at peace, but most of all, beautiful. I turned the radio down, then ran my fingers through your hair and traced a line over your cheek and forehead to relax you. Within minutes, your thumb had ceased to move and you were sleeping. I could have sworn I heard you purr a time or two. I was caught between wanting to get to the cabin in a hurry, and not wanting to wake you. So for once, I actually drove the speed limit.

A short time later, we pulled into the driveway of a gorgeous two-story log cabin that was surrounded by Oak trees and had access to the lake in back. I stopped the truck near the front door and softly tried waking you up. “Baby, we’re here. Wake up,” I whisper as I tenderly shake your shoulder. You slowly awake from your sleep and sit up, rubbing your eyes and yawning.

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