Ben, Scott, and Me

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It had been three months since the first time Ben and I fucked each other. Since then we had rented an apartment together and Ben had fucked me every other night since. Ben hadn’t much for getting it up the ass. I didn’t care; so long as he fucked me we were happy.

It was early on a Friday afternoon, and the super was fixing some wiring in one of the outlets in the apartment. His name is Scott. He was a young guy maybe 24 or 25, about 5’10”, solid body with a tight little ass that you could just eat up. I watched him work for about an hour with the biggest hard on I had had in a long time. I just couldn’t help myself. I reached down and began to rub my stiff cock. Eventually I got so caught up with myself and forgot about Scott.

“Enjoying the view I take it,” he said.

I was suddenly aware of what I had been doing and that he noticed.

“Its ok, I think your kind of cute if I do say so myself. And besides you wouldn’t be the first to do that in my presence.”

Just then Ben walked in and got his first look at Scott. He eyed him up and down quickly and I could see Ben get hard just looking at him.

“I’ll get back to work now. It shouldn’t take more than an Cebeci Escort hour to finish”

“You know how we were talking about having a three some the other night,” I whispered to Ben.

“Yeah, what about it,” he whispered back.

“I think we just found our third”

“You think he’ll do it”

“Sure he will. I just have to ask him.”

“I would love to be your third,” Scott said from across the room. “You know you guys are kind of loud when you whisper.”

We made arrangements for him it to happen that night. Scott finished up his work and left soon after. He would be back later that night and Ben and I couldn’t wait. We were so horny that we both stripped and started to 69 each other on the couch. We sucked each other for a few minutes when the doorbell rang.

Ben threw on a robe and answered the door. Scott walked in and immediately took off his shirt. Ben threw off his robe and went back to my slightly softened dick. My eyes were concentrated on Scott as he pulled off his pants and boxers. A six-inch dick flopped out. Six inches and he was still soft. I moved onto the floor and lay down on my back. Ben Kolej Escort was still sucking my dick as Scott positioned him self over my face with his cock at my mouth. I immediately began licking at his head and rubbing his shaft to get him nice and hard. I kept licking and teasing his cock head as it hardened to about ten inches. I took it into my mouth and ran my tongue along the bottom of the mushroom. He tasted so good in my hungry mouth. The feeling of having some one sucking me while I was sucking another man was so incredible, I blew my load into Ben’s mouth after only a few minutes.

Ben got up and left the room. I began sucking on Scott harder and faster. I couldn’t wait to taste his sweet cum. He moaned with pleasure and I went even faster. I felt him spasm as he filled me with his juice.

Ben came back into the room with a tube of lubricant. He squeezed some onto my ass hole and some into his hand. He began to work his fingers into me to loosen me up. When I was good and lubed, he went to work on self. Satisfied that he was lubed enough, he pushed himself into me. As this wasn’t my first time with him, his dick went Yenimahalle Escort in fairly easily. He began his long, hard strokes. We quickly fell into a rhythm, me pushing back as he pushed in. I was in heaven. Scott came up to my face raring to go again. With out any pause I began to suck him off with out breaking my rhythm with Ben.

Eventually I could feel Ben twitch inside me followed by a warm oozing inside. He pulled out spent. Scott literally had to yank me off of him. He went to the table and lubed up his own dick. I was really apprehensive about having Scott fuck me with his ten incher. The only person who had ever fucked me was Ben and he was only seven and a half and much thinner than Scott. I was too worked up to say no though.

Scott pushed his lubed up prick up to my hole and after a few seconds got the head in. I almost screamed in agony, he was so big. He slowly pushed in and as I relaxed I really felt the pleasure. I came within seconds. He kept going. He fucked me well. I tried to keep my voice down but he was so good I couldn’t help but scream.

He blew his load inside me. He completely filled me up. His cum leaked out around his shaft. He pulled out as he softened up.

He left after that. Every so often something will break and the super will come to fix it. When he is done I repay him in my own special way. He is the only person that I am allowed to have sex with according to Ben. I let Ben have sex with him too. And once in a while the three of us get together for a little fun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32