Belly Dancing Sister

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As Donna drove in the dark the 70 miles from the restaurant in a small regional city after her last performance to her home in a small town she took the opportunity to think about her life.

Here she was, almost 30, divorced for 6 years already, a small but nice home which she could just afford on her wage at the grocery store, some good friends, her mother close by and her father long gone. She had married as a teenager, to a bum 15 years older. Only two things to thank him for she thought, he had paid for her belly dancing lessons which meant she could earn extra money from time to time dancing at restaurants and for special occasions, and because he had been roughing her up a bit before she tossed him out, she also had some martial arts training.

Donna was proud of her kid brother Tom, now 25, the first in the family to ever finish college. He was getting married in a month and she wanted to get him something special, likely an expensive sound system as he had made it all through college with a cheap portable CD player. But she didn’t have the spare money for that and to pay for the hotel at the wedding which was two states over.

Despite 4 years age difference Donna and Tom had always gotten along well, playing pranks on each other and being there for each other through their parents fighting. She remembered letting him “accidentally” get eye fulls of her tits when he was a young teen and watching him get a hard on while she sprawled on the couch with barely anything on while watching the VCR together. Once when she had “gone home to momma” while married to the bum she had caught a glimpse of Tom spying on her while she practiced her belly dancing so she had put on a very sensuous performance, even slipping off her sequined bra but keeping a thin veil over her breasts.

When she got home, there was a phone message from Cindy, an old friend in the city who ran an entertainment placement service part time and a florist shop the rest of the time. Cindy would call two or three times a month with belly dancing gigs. Mainly restaurants, sometimes for club meetings, or at private homes for dinner parties or cocktails. She’d done a couple of stags but Cindy and she made it very clear ahead of time that, while she would end off the performance with a 5 minute nude dance for the groom-to-be for a great tip, she was not a hooker and there would be no touching.

She called Cindy the next morning who said she had a well paying performance for her but there was a catch. It was a stag and Cindy knew Donna was cautious about stags since the one four months before. After the 5 minute nude dance at the end when she was walking through the room still nude to her changing room, two drunken louts tried to sandwich her between them. The one behind reached around and roughly grabbed her boobs and the one in front clasped his hand over her crotch. He got a finger a millimeter into her cunt before her martial arts training took over and the two guys were soon rolling on the floor moaning and holding their crotches.

“Well I need the money bad” Donna told Cindy, “but make it real clear, no touching, no grabbing, no cheap feels.” So it was set for the next Saturday in a house in one of the best sections of the city. Donna arranged to check out the place several hours before the party started to see the space she would be dancing in and make sure there was a room which she could make her dressing room. Before she left home she slipped on her long, curly black haired wig over her short blonde straight hair and took off her glasses and put in her contacts to look the part of a Middle Eastern belly dancer.

The house was huge with a large finished basement room where the show would be. Even with 15 guys in the room she would have ample space for a show. With Rick, the host for the evening, she checked out the sound system. The guys would mainly be in their mid to late 20s. She and Rick agreed she would do two shows, each about half an hour with 15 minutes between performances for her to change. Then Donna reviewed the rules again. Rick said there would be a very good tip for the nude portion which would be better if it lasted 10 minutes, 5 minutes for the crowd then the last five for the groom. Then Rick asked if she would do more “The groom has had a fantasy about belly dancers for ever, we’ll make it very worth your while to go further. We know your Çapa Escort not a hooker but this guy has been telling us about his hots for belly dancers for the last five years.”

“No” said Donna, not wanting to leave any doubt.

“OK, we don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to but if you get comfortable and feel like doing more the guys have put this together.” Rick said pulling out a thick wad of $20s and waving it back and forth. “The deal is, the more you do the bigger the tip. Rub your breasts on him, stroke his cock, sit on his lap, suck him or have him slip his cock inside you, the more you get. No one else will touch you. This is for him and his fantasy. Think about it please.”

While she ate a small dinner in a restaurant killing time for the several hours before her performance she thought about it. The money was tempting. Rubbing her tits against him would be no big deal to her if he was a decent guy. Alright she thought, if the crowd doesn’t look like a bunch of out of control louts and the groom’s not a repulsive looking old fart she’d tell Rick she’d at least rub him with her tits.

As she walked up the driveway to the back door at the time she had set with Rick, she could hear some music playing and guys laughing. Rick let her in and let her take a peak around a corner to see how the crowd was. They were all casually dressed, drinking beer and eating pizza. No falling down drunks, just a bunch of guys having a good time. Donna thought that it looked good. “Which ones the groom” she asked. Rick looked around and said “He must be in the can, but you won’t miss him. We’ll have him sitting in a chair in front plus while your changing between sets, we’re going to strip him and tie him to the chair.”

Rick then asked if she had thought about what size tip she wanted. She told him that if the groom isn’t a fat old fart she would be taking some of the extra money home with her but not all.
Rick told her the groom was young, in shape, and a great guy so she should try to earn it all.

Donna put on her first costume for the evening and looked at herself in the mirror thinking she looked pretty good. She had a white tira type headband holding up her face veil, a sequined bra with a waterfall of beads over the top of her flat, bare midriff, a beaded belt low on her hips and a several layered white skirt slit up the side in several places. She did a few warm up steps, thrusting her hips and, feeling quite good about the upcoming show, went down the stairs and waited just around a corner.

At her signal, Rick started the music and the room went quiet While still out of sight she clapped her finger cymbals together to announce her arrival. Then she heard a voice shouting “Yes, yes this is the show I wanted!!! wooooo!!!”

Obviously the groom, Donna thought while faintly recognizing the voice. She went around the corner, dancing to the wild beating of drums, thrusting her hips and raising her arms and twirling a long semitransparent wrap through the air. The whole crowd whooped and hollered. She started circling the room to let each guy get a good look at her while she danced and took in the audience. She quickly realized this would be a fun audience that would watch her raptly and appreciate her moves. She had just about completed the circle when she focused on the groom sitting in a chair in front of the other guys. She almost stumbled but her years of experience kept her dancing while she tried to absorb that the groom was Tom, her baby brother!!
She stopped in front of him, glad she was wearing her veil, wig and contacts and swayed her hips to keep his eyes focused there and not to look her in the face. She slowly moved away and tried to keep her back to Tom.

The tempo of the music changed and she started to dance slower while she danced her way around the room again. Her heart was beating much faster than it should be and she was almost panicking. But the slower beat of the music started to calm her and she started to think. She’d give Tom a damn good show. He’d obviously been struck by her belly dancing when he was a young teen. Then she remembered how she teased him with glimpses of her body in those years and how he would watch her practices dancing through cracks in doors. The only thing was she didn’t want Tom to recognize her so she was going to have to keep her veil over Çapa Escort Bayan her face throughout the whole show and hope the wig and Tom focusing on her belly and hips would work.

The audience was great. They watched her every move and she was in complete control of the room of 15 guys. She felt a surge of power and her dancing became even more sensuous, drawing enthusiastic cheers. All too soon she recognized the music as the last minute of her first performance and she danced over to the stairs, disappearing up them just as the music stopped. She could hear them still whistling and cheering as she shut the door to the dressing room. She slipped out of her costume and wiped herself down with a towel. Belly dancing is serious cardiovascular exercise and she had just put on one of her best performances ever.

She started putting on her second outfit. This time a red headband holding up her red face veil, a red sequined bra with a front opening clasp, a wide beaded belt, red panties with side snaps and, semitransparent red harem pants. She was adding several hip scarves when there was a knock on the door and Rick asked to come in.

“Oh, you were hot out there” was Rick’s first statement.
“Thanks Rick, its a great audience which really appreciates my show” Donna said.
“It looks like your really into it” Rick said. “Just remember the more you do the more you get” he said as he took out the wad of twenties. He then put half of them on the dresser and as he was going out the door said “This is the down payment on the tip, I’m sure you’ll get it all”. Donna had been so focused on dancing that it was only then it sunk in that it would be her brother she would be dancing stark naked in front of in a couple of minutes. Not only that but she had already promised to do some extras. “Can’t back out now though the only thing that will get me through is if Tom doesn’t know its me” she thought..

She opened the door and heard a commotion and the sounds of a struggle coming from the basement. She realized the groom had been tackled and was being stripped and tied to the chair. “Oh my gawd I haven’t seen Tom naked since he was 10” she thought.

The music started again and Donna swept into the room twirling and thrusting. The guys cheered as she danced close to Tom who was naked in the chair. Donna could see a bit of a sheepish look on his face as he realized a strange woman was seeing him naked tied to a chair. Donna noticed he wasn’t tied tight at all and could likely stand up in three seconds if he wanted. She stopped in front of him and put on a fast show of hip swings and thrusts. Glancing at his lap she could see she was starting to have an effect on him already. She then swung around to let the other guys see her front and let her brother see her ass swinging.

The audience was great, she kept them gazing at her every move. What a rush it was for her and she started to put on a wild show. Soon she pulled out the hip scarves and twirled them around. She then dragged them slowly over Tom’s lap and the guys cheered as the soft fabric being slowly pulled over his semi-hard cock made it twitch and visibly grow.

While slowly dancing and swaying her hips she undid the beaded belt and let it drop to the floor. Then while standing in one spot she slowly pushed on her harem pants which slid down her legs. She circled around the room letting each guy soak in her long legs and flat midriff while she sensuously danced. Once again when she was in front of Tom she stopped and did her stomach undulations, letting her muscles ripple up and down while she swayed and thrust her hips. Then leaning forward she shook her breasts close to Tom, letting him take a long look down her cleavage.

She went around the room again giving a similar view to the whole group. Donna was getting hotter and hotter. The guys eyes were glued to her and she was in control completely. What a turn on for her. Now she was in front of Tom again and reached up to her bra and slowly undid the front. Though undone, the two cups still clung to her breasts enough to cover her nipples. Tom’s eyes were large, and she knew by the sudden intake of his breath that with the last little flick of her shoulders the bra had fallen open giving Tom a full view of her naked breasts. After letting Tom have the view to himself for a minute she danced Escort Çapa around the room and the guys were going wild.

Now comes the moment, she thought. I have to strip off my panties in front of Tom. This moment of hesitation was quickly swept away by the wave of power she was getting from the crowd. She swayed her hips in front of Tom and undid one snap then the other and tossed her panties at Tom’s chest. He stared at the small trimmed patch and his eyes followed it while she swayed it back and forth. She then turned to the group and slowly went around the room showing herself off and making every pair of pants bulge. She then picked up one of the fallen hip scarves and danced around the room twirling the scarf and covering and uncovering herself with it. Then when the music slowed again she went and danced in front of Tom, giving him an up close personal show. She was so into it that she put one of her feet up on his knee and spread her legs so he could see the folds of her cunt clearly. Donna was hot. The audience was the greatest and she wanted to put on the best show for them and especially Tom. She started closely circling Tom and her erect nipples rubbed his shoulders then the back of his neck. She slowly dragged them across his cheeks and he opened his lips and gently sucked the tip of her nipple. She teased him like this for a while getting closer then further away, keeping him focused totally on her breasts. She let him take as much of her breast in his mouth as possible and suck on it. She started to gasp as she realized he was also tonguing it. She pulled away and turned to the audience again and danced for them to allow herself to cool down a bit. She danced slowly, backing up towards Tom, swaying her ass for him.

Donna then straddled one of his legs, facing away from him and slowly sat on it. She lifted herself just a bit and then drew her moist cunt lips along the top of his thigh. Back and forth she went. She could hear Tom breathing heavy and the audiences eyes were glazing over at such a hot sight. She kept working her way up his thigh when she felt his hard on against the back of her ass. This prompted her to move her ass side to side to feel it better. She slowly stood and then danced around to the back of Tom’s chair and knelt down. The audience couldn’t see much of her but her arms come around onto his lap and then her fingers slowly stroking his hard on. She kept this up for a few minutes then stopped as she sensed he might come soon. She danced around close to the audience and only once gently pushed a hand away.

She was debating what to do, should she end the show now or keep going. She glanced over at Tom and saw his straining hard on and thought “What he hell, mine should be the last cunt he fucks before he marries.” She danced over to him, straddled him, rubbed her nipples on his cheeks then slowly lowered herself. She felt the tip of his hard prick on her cunt lips and shifted so it would slip in then lowered herself an inch. The guys roared as she lowered herself until he was fully in her. She started dancing on his lap with him inside. She glanced down at his eyes. They were glazed over while his whole being focused on the warm moist cunt wrapped around his cock. She tightened and relaxed her cunt muscles and then started moving up and down. Tom loosened his hands from the cords tying him to the chair and grabbed her breasts and squeezed and rubbed them. The tension heightened and the rhythm of Donna’s pumping quickened and quickened. Suddenly Tom grunted loudly and thrust up hard as he shoot a load of cum into his sister Donna’s cunt just as she also came with a loud moan. The crowd clapped whistled and cheered, bringing Donna back from just enjoying the feel of her brother Tom’s hard cock in her. It was still twitching inside her when she stood up, turned around, took a bow and strode towards the stairs and the dressing room.

A minute later Rick knocked on the door and came in while she covered herself with a towel. He handed her the whole wad of cash and said “You earned every cent, Tom is one happy guy”.

Three weeks later Donna was at Tom’s wedding thinking about the stag as his brother and new wife walked down the aisle past her. She was quite good looking and looked like she had the body to satisfy her brother. At the reception Donna whispered into her brother’s ear “I hear from the guys that you’ve got the hots for belly dancers. That must have been quite the show I put on for you when you were 14”. When she ran in to Rick he looked at her blond hair and glasses quizzically and asked “Have we ever met?” She smiled and said “No.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32