Belle of the Birthday

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It had been a long, sleepless night. She couldn’t relax thinking about what the day would hold. The stars were finally aligning that would allow them to have a few hours to be together and do all the things they wanted to do. Every time she tried to relax all she could think about was the way his lips felt when he kissed her and the way his tongue felt when he licked her pussy and the way his cock head felt when he first entered her. She was getting wet just lying in bed trying to sleep and it was driving her crazy. It was his birthday and she was determined to make it a memorable one for him. If they both didn’t end up exhausted, sticky, and happy it would be a big disappointment.

She dressed to facilitate the rest of the day. Outwardly it was demure, as she worked in an office that was mostly men and she never liked the unwanted attention. Her neckline was fairly high, but she knew he would want to fondle her in the car and his cold hands would be heaven on her nipples, so she picked a dress with a stretchy neckline and wore a low-cut bra underneath. She shivered as she imagined his touch. She made sure her panties were easily removable as she would gladly allow him access with minimal effort. She didn’t have to dress flashy to impress him. He knew what was underneath and that would be more than enough to get him going.

The morning at work was endless and the hours dragged interminably until he would pick her up. Her biggest problem was trying not so soak her chair as her pussy was already in overdrive thinking about the licking and pounding it was going to give and receive. She jumped when her phone rang, silently hoping it wasn’t him having to cancel. It was better than she had hoped as he was calling to say he was heading over to pick her up. She worked in the same complex as he did, but in another building. His cabin was not far away, but gave them a secure place to meet when they could. She wrapped up whatever documents she had open, logged off, and headed for the front door. She felt her heart pounding when she saw his car rounding into the driveway and stop in front of her.

She took a deep breath and got in, trying to fight the urge to mount him in the front seat. She could see he already had an erection and she was anxious to keep his jets at full throttle. That wouldn’t be difficult. “Well Happy Birthday, birthday boy. You decided what you want for your birthday? Or should I ask who you want for your birthday? I’ve got it. Have you decided how you want me for your birthday?”

“Oh, hell yes,” he laughed as he looked her up and down. They had to behave for about ten minutes as they wound their way through and eventually out of the industrial complex. Keeping an eye out for other cars as they hit the highway, they ventured to hold hands and keep thing at a low level lest somebody they knew see them. She never quite knew why she was so attracted to him, but she found him irresistible. He was athletically built, but more like a runner than a football player. He was a bit older than her, but both were in great shape and both were complimented for looking much younger than their years. She had always attracted a lot of attention. Jet black hair, a bubble but, and an awesome set of C-cup tits, capped with brown, pencil-eraser nipples. She loved to have them rubbed, fondled, and licked and that happened to coincide nicely with what he liked to do with them. Both had high sex drives, and neither had seen any drop in their desires. If anything, they understood the fleeting nature of their lives and that they needed to take advantage of what opportunities they had. Outside circumstances prevented them from marrying, but that didn’t prevent them from fucking like newlyweds when they got together.

Traffic dwindled from sparse to nothing. They had about a 20 minute drive to the cabin and neither wanted to waste any time. She saw him check the rear-view mirror and knew the fun was about to start. He reached over clumsily with his right hand and dove down the front of her dress. He quickly found her right nipple and it was already hard. His blood pressure was generally low and his hands often cold. While she loved to have her nipples played with, the coldness of his hands magnified the feeling and set her on edge, further soaking her pussy. He gently squeezed it and plucked it with his finger. He cupped her breast and returned to the nipple with his thumb. She closed her eyes and simply let him do whatever he wanted to do. He repeated with her left breast. She ached for release and wished he could use his tongue.

“First birthday wish. I wish your panties were off.” His tone was commanding, but she knew this was all part of the game. He treated her the way she wanted to be treated, in a way that let her know exactly what he wanted without making it a demand. They both knew she could reject any request at any time, but she never did so. Most times she was actually the aggressor, issuing her own commands, but today was all about spoiling him for his birthday. Of course she wanted her pussy played with as much if not more than he wanted to play with it.

“Baby, it’s your birthday. You get whatever mecidiyeköy escortları you want. I am yours to command.” She pretty much was anyway, but wanted to give him something extra today. She wiggled out of her soaked panties and opened her legs as much as the car would allow. Keeping his eyes on the road he gently traced the outside of her smooth, shaved pussy lips, then began slowly rubbing up and down her slit. She moaned as her juices flowed and her clit grew, demanding attention. His finger slid deeper down her pussy and returned to rub her clit. She reached over and grabbed his cock through his pants, frustrated that she couldn’t do to him what he was doing to her. The steady rubbing was beginning to negate her ability to focus on his cock. He purposely did not penetrate her, making her mildly frustrated but even more sensitive. She gave herself over to concentrating on the jolts her pussy was giving her and felt herself starting to climb. “Nnnnn. Don’t stop. No, no stopping. Right there. Ungggh. Yesssssssssss. There. Unggh.” Her first climax always hit her hard. Her entire consciousness was focused on her pussy and she felt herself go over the edge. “Oooohhhhhhhhh.” She clenched down on his hand, trapping it between her thighs, but was beyond caring. She unclenched her legs and he laughed gently in amusement at her overwhelming sex drive. She had the enviable ability to cum multiple times. He had never worn her out, although not from lack of trying. He loved making her orgasm, mostly because he loved giving her pleasure, but also because what little restraint she had disappeared when she was going full throttle. “The cabin better be close,” she warned, “or we’ll both die in an accident because I’m going to jump on your cock whether you’re driving or not.”

“Yeah, that would kind of ruin my birthday but luckily for both of us we’re almost there.”

They pulled into the driveway and bolted out of the car and up the stairs. She knew that, unlike in porn movies, a little freshening up before a romp in the bed made the sex exponentially better. Anything that made eating her pussy or sucking his cock better was well worth the effort. They usually took a quick shower together and as he let her in and closed the door behind him she started their routine. She was ready to go, but asked, “Ready for a quick sho—.”

“No,” he cut her off. “I’m want a quick fuck, then we’ll get to the rest of this birthday party.”

“Oh, hell yes,” she thought, but outwardly said, “Yes, Master, whatever you want.” He spun her around to face the island in the kitchen. She yanked her skirt up and stuck her bare ass toward him. He didn’t bother to take his pants off, and just let them fall and gather around his ankles. It wasn’t the most graceful scene, but neither could care less. Although she needed no encouragement, his level of excitement was adding to hers. She loved foreplay, but they could play kissy-face later. Right now she wanted nothing so much as his cock buried deep in her. He scooted up behind her and she reached down between her legs and guided him into her.

He went balls deep on the first thrust and her vision went blurry. He started immediately hammering away on her like a rabbit. She felt his thick, seven inch cock swell even more. She also felt her nipples struggling to be free of her bra, but he made no move to free them. He didn’t even reach around to grab her tits as he usually did when he mounted her from behind. She realized just how pent-up he was and this was about his cock and her pussy and nothing else mattered at this moment. He was a gentle, considerate, and passionate lover, but sometimes it just comes down to fucking. As he maintained his frantic pace she felt her next climax start to build. She started pushing back to meet his thrusts and began to lose contact with anything but her cunt. “Keep pumping me,” she purred. “Oh pump, pump, pump..unhhh, pump, please pump meeee. Ohhh. OH!!” As the wave hit her she bucked back roughly to help drive him as deep as possible. She paused to keep from falling while the orgasm hit. He maintained his pace then gradually slowed down to let her recover, but he kept fucking her. As her breathing returned to normal. She turned around and said, “Your turn. I want your cock, I want to make you happy, I want to make you lose control and cum all over me.” She reached back and pulled his head forward and locked lips with him again as she shoved her tongue in his mouth as she held him close. She was quite familiar with what sent him over the edge and was never afraid to use it. And one thing he loved was to hear his conservative, upright, proper lover talk like a gutter whore.

“You know how wet you make my pussy?” she panted out as he continued his slow, steady pounding. “It’s dripping down my leg. It’s dripping because your big cock is making me wet, making me orgasm. I feel your cock in and out and in and out and it drives me crazy. It makes my tight pussy wet and my nipples hard. It makes me want to suck your cock and let it slide down my throat. It makes my nipples want to be licked. It makes me want to feel your tongue lick my clit etiler escort and in my pussy. It makes me want to fuck you in every position imaginable and then some. It makes me…,” she felt his fucking get harder, faster, more frantic.

He plowed deep into her one final time and paused, panting. After a full minute he said, “You’re killing me. You know, as much as I hate to stop I have bigger plans. Let’s get cleaned up and move on to the main course.”

“Well you provided the appetizer, so I will supply the entrée for your birthday meal. I’m the gift that can’t be wrapped or returned and I’m a whole lot more fun to play with than your other toys.”

His cock jumped at that idea. “I like the sound of that and I think I know where I want this to go.”

“You think you know? Sweetie, you’re really good at thinking and fucking, and right now I don’t need any thinking done so let’s get ready.”

He smacked her on the ass as he followed her into the bathroom and he reached out and unbuttoned, then unzipped her skirt. It fell to her ankles and she stepped out of it. He then reached around and groped her breasts, squeezing her nipples through her bra. He then started on her buttons and removed her shirt. Once again he reached around with both hands, eased them inside her bra and tweaked her nipples. Once again she felt her pussy drenching itself. She pushed her ass back against his cock.

“He going to be ready for lunch? I hope the appetizer didn’t spoil his appetite.”

“Mmmmm. The appetizer is supposed to get you ready for the entrée and that’s exactly what it did.” He unclasped her bra and removed it, then returned to caress her large, firm, soft breasts. He cupped and rubbed her nipples between his cold fingers. They responded quickly as did she, rubbing her ass up and down his cock. She reached behind her and felt his erection starting to stir.

“Thanks for the help. I can take it from here. Go get cleaned up and meet me in the bedroom.” He went to the other bathroom, washed himself off and got dressed again, brushed his teeth and made his way to the bedroom to wait for her.

A few minutes later she entered, hair down and body wrapped in a towel, looking every bit a stunning goddess and embodiment of sex. “I didn’t realize we were supposed to get dressed. How would you like to unwrap your gift, Master?” She gave him that smile that let him know she was his to command.

He stood up and met her eyes. “You don’t need that towel.”

“I don’t need this towel,” she repeated and unwrapped and dropped the towel. His eyes never broke contact.

“I don’t need these clothes and I want you to help me.”

“You don’t need those clothes and I want to help you, Master,” she repeated robotically.

She stepped to him and unbuttoned his shirt, yanking it down over his arms. He kicked off his shoes and removed his socks, then stood up again. She knelt down and kissed his nipples then unbuttoned his pants, removing them and his underwear in one swipe down. She pumped his cock with her hand and fondled his balls with the other while he stepped out of his pants.

“Oh, I think he’ll be ready for dinner very soon. Let’s start with your first gift.” She stood up and locked her mouth on his. She ground her crotch into him as she drove her tongue into his mouth and began massaging his tongue with hers. He grabbed her ass and kneaded her ass cheeks, then slid his hands up to cup her breasts and tweak her nipples. She moaned and pressed her tongue and pussy even harder into him. She disengaged, a little out of breath, looked at him submissively and asked, “What is it the Master would like for his birthday? Would the Master like his nice, hard cock sucked.”

“The Master gives the orders here. Suck the Master’s nice, hard cock.”

She smiled, gave him one last kiss and dropped to her knees. She took his cock in her warm, wet mouth and began stroking him with it. She grabbed his ass and pulled him deeper into his mouth. He groaned and looked down at her to find her staring back up at him. The sight of such a gorgeous woman so willingly submitting to him was overwhelming. Seeing his eyes on her she took his cock out and slobbered over it with long, deliberate licks, never breaking eye contact, before again impaling herself on it until she felt it in her throat. He felt the rumblings of an eruption and decided to move on to his next gift.

He pulled himself out of her mouth and she looked up, pouting. “Master says it’s time to fuck some more.”

“Fuck time is Genie’s favorite time, Master. How would you like to fuck me? I will fuck you any way you like.” Again, her language and compliance caused his knees to weaken.

He slowly eased her backward and gently pushed her back on the bed. Her ass was on the edge of the bed as she flattened out on the mattress, and he followed her down. She instinctively drew her knees back, opening her pussy to him. He did not penetrate, but slid his cock up and down her slick lips while he leaned over and started a tongue dance with her. She felt herself getting wet and ached to feel his cock again. Instead he drew şişli escort up slightly and began sucking and licking her right breast while he cupped her left breast and nipple. He started at the base, licking and kissing the entire circumference. He repeated closer to the nipple, then took the nipple into his mouth and sucked. He gently and carefully bit her nipple, just to cause sensation, but stopping short of pain. Then he licked roughly on the tip and her body lit up. Returning to her beautiful mouth, he opened it with his tongue while he grabbed her hands and stretched them over head.

Now he moved up and penetrated her with the head of his penis. She groaned audibly and the knobby end played havoc with the nerve endings in her pussy. Slowly increasing the depths of the plunges his dick was taking, he continued jousting his tongue with hers while the tempo of his fucking increased. Soon he was at full tilt, screwing her with abandon and she once again felt herself taxiing on the runway. He released her hands and she grabbed her knees to open herself up more to him. The extra penetration was all that was needed for takeoff. “That’s it, baby, keep pumping. Right there, right, ungg, there. Right in my pussy. Right…there.” She grabbed him around the back of his neck and pulled his mouth closer to hers and she jerked as her pussy exploded in juices and pleasure. He continued screwing her, albeit at a more relaxed pace, trying to extend her orgasm. She had released his neck and he kissed her and bent his head down to lick her breasts while still maintaining a slow pace with his cock. He stopped but stayed inside her and kissed her some more. As her breathing returned to normal. He looked in her eyes and asked, “Better now?”

“I will never understand what you do to me,” she replied and he was probably thankful that he didn’t understand either.

He cleared his throat and coughed a couple of times and said, “Sorry for interrupting, but I need some water.” He withdrew slowly and stood at the edge of the bed, uncapping and beginning to drink from a bottle on the nightstand. He offered the bottle to her and she drank deeply. She gave the bottle back to him and laid back on the bed while he returned it to the nightstand.

He walked to the other side of the bed. “Master says hands over your head.” She obeyed but looked at him quizzically. He pulled her across the bed by her arms until her head hung off the side as she got the idea.

“Genie knows what to do,” she said as she pulled his cock down into her mouth and began to suck and work her way up and down. She then she opened her legs to give him a full view of her wet, tight pussy. She tasted her own juice, but didn’t really care, as she knew how much he loved the wantonness of it. She grabbed his ass with both hands and invited him to gently fuck her mouth and he took the hint without getting so carried away he choked her. Still the position allowed her to take him deeper down her throat. He bent over and rubbed her pussy as she let his cock escape with a plop and began licking his nearly smooth scrotum while stroking his cock with her. He returned the favor by burying his tongue in her pussy and she shivered with the new sensation. She pushed her hips up to meet his mouth and gently took his right testicle in her mouth, gave it a tongue bath and provided the same service to his left. She then moved to the base of his sack and gave it her wet, loving attention. She felt his legs shiver and his knees slightly buckle and went back to sucking his cock. This position let his cock slide well down her throat while giving him complete access to her wet pussy and both took full advantage of the situation to assault each other with pleasure. He could have done this for days, but the blood rush to her upside down head began to get to her and she disengaged with her mouth, but did not relinquish her grip on his cock. She turned back over, lying on her stomach facing him on the bed. She leaned over and again took his hard cock into her mouth. He didn’t shave the area, but his manscaping was very close cropped.

“Well, I didn’t say Master Says, but I will allow it.” She bobbed her head up and down for a minute, then came off and started licking his shaft while staring up at him and decided to up the ante. “Do you like watching me suck your cock, Master?” she asked between licks. “Mmm. Do you like watching me lick your cock? Do you like when I suck your balls? Because I love sucking your cock…it gets me very turned on, Master. The more I suck the more I want to suck. When you play with my tits I think about sucking your cock. I think about you licking my pussy and fucking me, but I do fantasize about your cock in your mouth.” The dirtiness of the words flowing out of her sweet mouth along with her total obedience and admission about how much she loved sucking him along with her desire to let him know that she would do anything to please him flowed from his ears to his brain and straight to his cock. She was his very dirty girl and she knew it and he knew it and nobody else had any clue. The slow licking was intoxicating and erotic beyond words but he felt an overwhelming urge for a faster pace. He pushed his cock into her mouth and she eagerly took the hint. She began bobbing quickly, making a warm wet vagina out of her mouth. The faster pace elicited obscene noises from her mouth and throat and it added to his desire.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32