Being Neighborly Pt. 03

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Hard Cock

Todger65 provided the editing and has my gratitude.

Being Neighborly Part 3

Jeff makes a choice while neighbors become so much more.


Fortunately, I didn’t fall asleep after our last round, or Tammy would have been late getting home to Tess. I can’t imagine the mad scramble that would have ensued if Tammy’s parents walked into our house looking for her. I had been on the verge of dozing off, but I started watching Liz and Tammy sleeping and the way they nested together while they did so. I felt such a huge rush of emotion that I sat in bed and watched them for the longest time.

I loved my wife more than life itself, and now I found myself feeling something much deeper than friendship for Tammy. I wasn’t sure how to reconcile that. The purpose of pulling the trigger was to have some fun without becoming emotionally involved with someone outside of our marriage. Normally, if that were to happen, the relationship would be ended. There was no way we were ending our relationship with Tammy. Tess and I were at a loss for what to do.

Tammy needed to live again, and that meant to me that she would eventually meet the right guy, and they would be happy ever after. I knew if the guy showed up today, Liz and I both would be devastated. We had just discovered the wonders of sex with Tammy, and that had grown into something so much more for both of us. I’m not sure either of us was ready to give Tammy up.

By the same token, Tammy was more than eleven years younger than me and nine years younger than Liz. She didn’t need to enter into a dead-end relationship with us. She needed the thrill of new love, the loving heat of a new lover, and someone she could happily spend her life with. I didn’t think we could be that for her.

What if we were? What if she fell for one of us or both of us? Would we want to commit to loving her? What would that even look like? What if she only fell in love with Liz? Would I be relegated to the sidelines, only to be brought in for relief? What if it was me Tammy fell in love with? How could I possibly ensure that I treated them both fairly? Is it possible for one man to be everything that two women needed? The thought of meeting that challenge was pretty exciting, but this was turning into something way beyond recreational sex. I knew one thing with certainty, we had to be extremely careful with Tammy’s heart, as well as our own.

I woke them both with little kisses, and between Liz and me, we got Tammy on her way home. She stopped in the kitchen and put an arm around each of our necks, and pulled us in for a hug, “I wish I could stay in bed with you both. I’m so happy when I’m with you, and sleeping alone in my bed isn’t what I want. I wish we could be together all the time.”

Liz kissed her lips, “I do too, Tammy. I do too. That’s the elephant in the room, isn’t it? I can see the signs. We’re all three falling in love, and I don’t know if that’s what’s best for you.”

Tammy got a bit of fire in her eyes, “While I always appreciate your help and guidance, I’m perfectly capable of deciding whom I fall in love with thank you. That’s one decision you can’t make for me or protect me from.

“The truth is that I’m falling deeply in love with both of you, and that makes me very happy. I don’t know how to make that work, even if you were to feel the same as I do, but I want to try. I guess it’s up to you guys. I hope you’re willing to take a chance on me, but I’ll still love you and want to be with you even if you don’t feel the same. I don’t ever want to lose our friendship.”

Liz and I took turns giving her a loving kiss and watched through the kitchen window as she walked home. When she made her way inside, I pulled Liz into my arms, “What are we going to do, Babe?”

She looked up at me and smiled lovingly, “We’re going to see where this goes. We both know we want her as more than a friend. We’re both falling in love with her. So, why don’t we let it happen and see where it goes? She’s a fully grown, intelligent woman and is fully capable of making her own decisions. She just took one hell of a chance by telling us how she feels. She trusts us that much, and the least we can do is trust her in return.”

I gave her a squeeze, “As much as I want a perfect life for Tammy, with the perfect husband, whom she loves isn’t my choice to make. I suppose the age thing isn’t that big of a deal…

“Honestly, I’m worried that I won’t treat one, or both, of you the way you deserve. I’m afraid I won’t be enough to make you both happy. How do I give everything I am to you, then give it to Tammy as well? I don’t know how to do this. I’m scared, honey. I’m scared I’ll lose you to Tammy. I’m scared I won’t treat you the way you deserve, and I’ll lose you. I’m afraid falling in love with Tammy will take something away from us.”

Her gentle gaze silenced me, “Dan, do you feel less for me because you have feelings for her?”

“Of course not! That’s ridiculous.”

She gaziantep eskort bayan smiled, “Well, I feel the same way. We’re not losing us because we have feelings for Tammy. I don’t believe that will happen at all. Can you think of one thing in our relationship with Tammy that was anything less than wonderful? Love isn’t finite. It grows as long as we embrace and nurture it.”

“Think about it for a moment. If you weren’t so concerned about me, you would be so over the top happy right now. That amazing woman is falling in love with you, just as she is with me, and while I have the same demons trying to bring me down as you do, I can’t help but think we’re starting something wonderful. We need to do what we have always done, communicate. We share our concerns and overcome them together.”

She paused, “There’s no rush Dan. We don’t have to decide how our future is going to be. All we need to decide is if we want this enough to give it a chance.”

I’d been so caught up in all of the potential ramifications of our developing relationship with Tammy that I couldn’t see the forest for the trees. Liz was absolutely right. The details will be dealt with as needed. What it came down to was, whether I believed enough in the love I had for Liz to give this a chance. All while knowing and accepting that the best outcome would be to fall deeply in love and spend the rest of our lives together. At that moment, I knew the only answer I could possibly give was, “I would love to give it a chance with you. Always with you.”

Liz grinned, “Well, can we start with all of us as often as possible?”

I kissed her sweet lips, “Always will eventually come with the passage of time. As often as possible sounds like an excellent way to start.”


Jeff came by the house Monday afternoon. He must have driven over directly from work. I was in the shop, and the video feed was on the big screen. I watched as Liz answered the door. She let him in, and they settled on the couch in the living room.

Jeff took Liz’s hand and gently caressed it, “I don’t get why you won’t let me call you. I love seeing you, but there are times that I can’t drive over when I really need to hear your voice.”

Liz had decided from the beginning that she wouldn’t get caught up in long phone calls with Jeff. He would use them as a way to drive a wedge between her and me. She wasn’t about to give him that kind of leverage.

Liz gave him a serious look, “I have my reasons. How about we start with the fact that you invited Dan and me to a party. A party that you conspired to drug my husband to get him out of the picture. A party that led to you inviting two friends to fuck me without my consent. I can see you swelling up, all self-righteous. You’re about to tell me that I enjoyed it. I did enjoy it, but that doesn’t mean you have my permission to take away my choices. It certainly doesn’t mean you can manipulate my husband and me. Everything about what you did was wrong in so many ways.”

She looked him straight in the eye, “How many times have you drugged an unsuspecting husband so you could rape his wife? How many times have you risked killing a man from a bad reaction to whatever the fuck it is you give them? All so you could get some pussy. You destroy marriages without a care in the world, and you expect me to do what? Reward you? Play along? Do you think I’m suddenly your cock slut and will throw away the life I’ve built with the man I love with all my heart just because you say so?”

“I have two words for you. Fuck You! I should throw your ass out of here and get on with my life. The only reason you’re still sitting here is that there may still be hope for you. You’re at a crossroads, Jeff. One direction is the path you’re currently on. It’s only a matter of time before your plans blow up in your face. Ruined marriages won’t be the only result of your horrid manipulations. It will fall apart, and when it does, there will be a lot of fucked over husbands that want you to suffer. You’ll be a hunted man before this is over, and one of the hunters just might get lucky.”

She paused, “The other path is the one where you choose to change. It’s a difficult path to follow because it requires you to be remorseful for what you’ve done and committed to making amends. If you want to be with me, that is the path you will follow. You’ve destroyed my trust in you. I can’t believe a word you say and I can’t help but think that everything you say is designed to manipulate me further. You need to convince me that you want to change and be the man Tessy can admire. Imagine that Tess is a grown woman and happily married to the man of her dreams. What would you do if someone did to Tessy what you did to me?”

I could see the barely contained rage on his face and I was heading toward the shop door to rush to the house when he answered, “I’d fucking kill him!”

Liz sat back and stared at him, waiting eskort bayan gaziantep for the other shoe to drop. He was breathing hard in his rage when suddenly his face lost all expression, “That’s not a fair comparison. Every woman I’ve been with wanted it.”

Liz shook her head, “Did she? Or was she excited to be harmlessly flirting with a handsome man, thrilled at a little attention from a man other than her husband? You’re never satisfied with that though, are you? You manipulate her, drug her husband, take away her choices, and her marriage. You leave destruction behind you and move on to the next without a shred of remorse. Such a fine example for your daughter.”

I watched closely for Jeff’s reaction. If he let his rage take him I was heading to the house at a run. I could see him fighting his emotions. He finally collapsed back onto the couch, “I’m just having fun. The women enjoy themselves and they know I’m not in it for love.”

Liz shook her head, “Yeh, you keep telling yourself that, but it’s not true, and you know it. You may be having fun in your own sick way, and I’m sure that sometimes the woman enjoys the experience. At least until she finds out her husband wasn’t in on it after all. How do you think she feels when she discovers that her husband didn’t interfere, not because he wanted her to fuck another man, but because he was incapable of interfering. When you’ve gotten your rocks off, she’s left with a husband waking from a drugged stupor to find some asshole has just destroyed his marriage.”

“What you are doing is not only immoral and evil, but it’s also illegal. All it takes is one couple to go to the police and you’re looking at some serious time in prison. Your whole world will collapse around you and it will be years before you see your daughter again, if at all.”

“So, I’m not going to have long conversations with you over the phone. I’m never going back to your apartment or to one of your so-called parties. You need to convince me that you’re a changed man, or we’re done. It’s as simple as that.”

Jeff looked at her for the longest time, “OK, Liz. No more parties, no more drugs. I’ll show you that I can change. I don’t want to lose you.”

Liz shook her head, “Words are cheap. Show me.”

He slid over next to her on the couch and gently pulled her into his arms before kissing her deeply. Their lips parted and he looked deep into her eyes, “Let me show you how much I care for you. Please, Liz. I need you.”

Liz raised an eyebrow, “Do you? I’m not so sure of that.”

He set out to convince her. He kissed her again and they sat on the couch making out for several minutes. I settled onto the office chair and watched as Jeff seduced my wife. There was no doubt in my mind that Liz had a plan and Jeff was following it whether he knew it or not.

It wasn’t very long before Liz stood and took his hand. They walked into the bedroom and returned to each other’s arms. This Jeff was different than any Jeff I’d seen so far. He was tender and loving as he kissed, touched, and stripped Liz. When they got onto the bed he was generous with his foreplay. It looked very romantic and I didn’t like it one little bit.

I didn’t have a problem with Liz having fun with another partner. That’s what pulling the trigger is about, at least in theory. What I was seeing was the exact thing we both agreed to avoid when we made our pact. They didn’t look like two people recreationally fucking. They looked like they were in love and making love. It was all I could do not to run to the house and break it up.

I fought those feelings as much as I could. If I jumped into the situation it would show Liz that I didn’t trust her. That after all the years and all the love we shared, I didn’t believe in her. I couldn’t do that. I watched and hoped that I wasn’t seeing the beginning to the end of my marriage.

I think I knew in my heart that Jeff wasn’t going to change. There was no way in this world I would share Liz’s love with him. I wanted him out of our lives as soon as possible. I had to hope that Liz would feel the same way. I didn’t want to contemplate a future where Liz fell in love with him.

I watched as they made love. There was no smile on my face at Liz’s joy. My cock was as far from hard as it could get and I had to force myself to watch when the only thing I wanted to do was turn the damn television off and pretend it wasn’t happening. Shame on me.

Shame on me for letting my faith in Liz be shaken by a guy whose proudest accomplishment was fucking married women. I shook my head, embarrassed beyond words. This was one of those moments that would come back to me for years. I would be in the shower, the memory would hit me, and the shame would wash over me. How could I have so easily let my belief in my wife waiver?

I got a grip on my anxiety. I still didn’t like what I saw, but my faith in Liz was renewed. In my heart, I wanted gaziantep bayan eskort the chapter of our lives with Jeff in it to end. I loved that Liz wanted to save him, but we were rapidly approaching the point where it was time to let it go. He would either make the right choices or he wouldn’t.

I watched as they completed their coupling and lay in each other’s arms in the afterglow. Jeff was very sweet and loving. I could tell he was basking in her soft caress and wasn’t in any hurry to leave. Liz broke things up by telling him she needed to get dinner started. Jeff dressed, kissed her deeply, and left. She watched out the kitchen window until I assume his car pulled away, then turned and looked up at the camera, “Dan, I need you. Please come home.”

I don’t remember leaving the shop. One moment I was watching Liz in the kitchen, and the next, I was in the kitchen, and she was in my arms. She looked up at me with worry in her eyes, “Dan, I need to tell you something, and you need to believe it. Today Jeff showed me the kind of man he could be, and I responded to that. He made me feel wonderful, and I think he was sincere in his affection… But Dan, that doesn’t mean I’m in love with him or want to be in love with him. He hasn’t turned me away from you and he never will.”

I held her tightly, “I’m so sorry Liz. I feel like I’m letting you down, and you think that I don’t believe in you. I do believe in you, but I’m very worried about Jeff. Today I’m sure his feelings were genuine, but I’m concerned about how he will react when he has time to think about it. He’s been the predator for a long time, and he may think he has to take control back from you. This has become too dangerous, too risky. I’m so very proud of you for trying to save him, but I think the cost may become more than we can bear. Please, Liz.”

Her eyes teared up, “Oh babe, I’m so sorry I’ve put you through all this. I’ve become obsessed with fixing him. In the days after the party, I got angrier and angrier at the way he manipulated us both and how much worse things would have been if you hadn’t been protecting me. I feel guilty as hell for enjoying the experience when there was so much wrong with the way it happened.”

I kissed her forehead, “You can stop that right now. You had an amazing experience that you enjoyed. There is nothing wrong with that. You weren’t the one manipulating things, and you did nothing wrong. I want you to remember that experience as a wonderful event in your life, but I do need to know what you’re thinking. What do you want?”

She stood in thought for a moment, “I guess it’s really up to Jeff. If he decides to change, I would like to encourage him. I think the physical relationship between Jeff and me is rapidly ending. If he doesn’t change, he’s gone. If he does change, I’m afraid he will want a deeper relationship than sex. I don’t want that with him, and there hasn’t been a moment that I have… Please give me a little more time. If I shut him out now, I’m afraid he will never change.”

I took a deep breath. I wanted Jeff gone now, but Liz was right. He would use her rejection as an excuse to continue his behavior. It seemed a waste to put so much effort into getting this far, just to give up. I was resolved, though. This thing with Jeff would be ending soon. If Liz couldn’t end it, I would. I could only hope that if I ended it that she would forgive me for letting my concern for her take precedence over my faith in her, “Ok, Liz. Ok.”

Tuesday came and went, then on Wednesday afternoon, Jeff returned. He didn’t wait for Liz to let him in. He came in the kitchen door, and by the time I saw the movement on the screen, he had her pinned to the wall and was kissing her lustily. Liz got into it and was kissing him back just as hard. They made their staggering way to the bedroom, their mouths barely separating and banging into the walls as they tried to strip, walk, and kiss at the same time.

Jeff tossed her on the bed and quickly got naked. Liz wasn’t far behind him. She was taking her bra off when he grabbed the waistband of her panties and yanked them off her. He immediately plunged his mouth between her legs and ate her pussy to a fast and intense orgasm. He didn’t waste a moment before moving up and sliding his cock deep into her.

I left the shop and hurried to the house. I didn’t trust the situation, and I wanted to be close if things went south. I snuck into my own house and moved quietly down the hall to our bedroom. They were too busy to notice me as I watched from the doorway.

It didn’t take long before he was fucking her hard and fast. Liz likes to be taken sometimes. The feeling of being overpowered by her lover makes her cum hard. She was having a great time, then Jeff started talking.

“You love my cock don’t you Liz? Tell me you love it, baby. You know I’m the best lover you’ve ever had. It’s ok to say it. Tell me, Liz. Tell me how much better it is with me than with your husband. Your pussy is mine now. You’re mine now.”

Liz brought put her feet against Jeff’s chest and shoved hard. Jeff fell back onto the bed. I didn’t see the look on Liz’s face, but she left no doubt about what she was thinking, “Are you fucking insane! Do you think for one fucking second you’ve made me your cock slave or some shit? We Are Fucking! That’s all we are doing and all we will ever do!”

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