Being His Kitten Ch. 01

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Author’s note: This is the beginning chapter of a story assignment I’ve had for months. I hope to write more of it and delve deeper into this story. As always, feedback is welcome!


For about a month or so, Claire had been whining and begging her Master for something different to spice up their sex lives a bit more. The whips, riding crops, floggers, chains, ropes, paddles, and sometimes candles were more than she could have asked for – and certainly different than how she had envisioned her life a mere year and a half ago – but she wanted something different. Little did she know what Lucas had planned…

It’s a sunny day. Claire is sitting on the deck outside, lounging in a chair and enjoying her morning coffee as she looks out to the ocean, admiring the view with wonder yet she’s seen it more than a hundred times by now. She stretches lazily and almost dozes off when her reverie is interrupted by the sliding door opening. Immediately Claire knows that it’s Lucas, and she scrambles up out of her chair and kneels next to it, spreading her knees slightly, placing her palms flat on her thighs, and looking straight ahead, keeping her back straight.

“There’s my good little girl. Good morning.” His voice is soft, almost coming in a purr as he runs his fingers through her hair. Claire leans into his hand and blushes prettily in response, keeping her eyes forward. Lucas speaks again “Don’t I get a greeting?” in the same soft, crooning voice, and keeping her hands on her thighs, Claire leans up to nuzzle his crotch as she greets him the way he had taught her to.

“Good morning Master, I hope you slept well and had good dreams.” As she finishes speaking, she places a kiss on his boxers right next to the growing bulge in the center.

“Mmmmm, thank you little one, although you haven’t helped my erection go down any…” His dark eyes shine with pride and mischief as he looks down at her “not that I would ever complain about that.” he quickly adds after seeing the fleeting crestfallen look on her face. He continues after stroking her hair in silence for a moment “I have a surprise for you. I don’t have to ask whether or not you trust me, because I know you do. I’ve had an idea for awhile, and it started becoming more real in my mind as you kept asking me for ‘something different’ than our normality. Now come, follow me to our bedroom and I’ll show you what I mean.” As he speaks, Claire remains rooted to her spot, listening quietly as she keeps her eyes ahead. She only moves when he tells her to follow, and she does so on her hands and knees.

After a few paces, he stops. “You may walk, little one, in fact I insist on it.” He continues walking without turning back to look at her and she rises to her feet, silently grateful that he has allowed her to walk. She resolves to thank him later as she silently follows him through the house, feeling practically giddy with excitement.

When they reach their bedroom, Claire stops dead in her tracks and her mouth drops open in a most unladylike way. Next to their king-size bed, there is a large, fluffy-looking pet bed with a table next to it. On the table sits a pet collar, a headband with cat ears on it, a pair of mittens that look like paws – although Claire can’t be sure – something in a small package that comes with adhesive, a butt plug tail, and two bowls with her name written in cursive across one side of each. She dares to altyazılı porno look at Lucas, because she knows that unless he gives her a certain signal, their bedroom is a safe zone.

“Master, what is this?” She thinks she knows, but she wants to hear him say it. She feels the wetness from between her legs sticking to her shorts, making them cling to her pale skin, even before he starts speaking.

“You said you wanted something different. For the next month, you will be my Pet; more specifically, my little Kitten. I have written out a set of rules for you to follow.” He hands her a sheet of paper which reads:


1. Kitten is not allowed to talk at all unless direct permission is given.

2. Kitten must remain on all fours at all times unless permitted to do otherwise.

3. Kitten must eat and drink from her bowls for meals and snacks on the floor, unless they are placed somewhere else.

4. Kitten must remain naked, or wearing clothes specifically designated for her.

4a. If Kitten gets cold, she may ask for a blanket the way a Kitten would.

5. Kitten must wear her ears, whiskers, mittens, collar, and tail AT ALL TIMES. No exceptions.

5a. If whiskers come off or become uncomfortable, Kitten may come to her Master and he may adjust or reattach it/them for her.

6. Kitten is not allowed to take showers or baths. She will be bathed by hand at times determined by her Master.

7. Kitten must sleep in her pet bed; sleeping in Master’s bed must be earned.

7a. (See Rule 4a.)

8. If Kitten gets horny, she is allowed to show Master, and if he sees fit, he will do something about it. If he decides to do nothing, Kitten must suffer.

8a. Kitten is NOT allowed to touch herself sexually.

9. Kitten is not allowed to use her hands.

10. Kitten must be as convincing a Kitten as she can be for her Master; if she does a good enough job, she will be rewarded accordingly.

As Claire finishes reading, she looks up at Lucas and sees that he is waiting patiently for her to be done.

“If you have any questions, now is the time to ask them, because you won’t have much of a chance to soon.” he says softly, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth although he tries to look serious.

“How will you know when or if I want anything? Will I have to eat cat food? What about going to the bathroom? Will I be allowed to leave the house at all? What about my job? Is this a permanent thing? What surfaces will I be allowed to sit on? How will my friends and family react, and how will I talk to them?” Claire asks each question without waiting for an answer, and when she’s finished she looks at Lucas expectantly. After a moment he answers.

“You are to interact with Kitten noises, motions with your paws, nudges of your nose, and any other cute little thing you can think of. No, you will not have to eat cat food. The bathroom will be one of the few human privileges you will have. I called your place of employment, and since I have… connections in this city, they are giving you a month-long paid vacation. I haven’t decided whether or not it will be permanent yet after this month is up. I haven’t given much thought to what you will be able to sit on; for now, mostly the floor and your pet bed, and you may sit or lay on the couch only if I am with you. You are NOT to tell anyone zenci porno about this, and you may talk to anyone you wish during an hour I designate twice each day. Other than that, the rules apply. Do I need to write any of this down?”

Claire immediately nods, and Lucas takes the sheet of paper with her rules on it before walking over to his computer and typing quickly and quietly. He adds a few new rules and revises some of the existing ones, and then he prints out a new copy and hands it to her. The sheet feels warm in her hands as she scans it to see the changes, also seeing an added rule that she is allowed to continue wearing her glasses, and then she looks up at him and smiles.

“So… when do we start?”

“I was hoping you would ask that.” Lucas smirks as he walks over to her and kisses her, a knee-buckling, hot kiss that pulls a moan from deep in her throat and makes her curl her fingers in his hair. Suddenly he pulls away, breathing just as heavily as she is. She dazedly looks after him as he saunters over to the table and begins preparing things.

“Strip naked,” he says without stopping to look up at her, “and get down on your knees.”

Claire obeys silently and waits patiently to see how Lucas will begin transforming her into his Kitten. She doesn’t have to wait long; he walks over to her and pats the top of her head before running a brush through her hair and carefully nestling the cat-ear headband behind her ears. He then threads her dark hair under and over it, braiding it snugly so that it stays in place. When he’s finished, he steps back and asks her if it feels okay, and she reaches a hand up to feel it and see if it pulls in an uncomfortable way at all. She nods and Lucas visibly relaxes before continuing.

He prepares the adhesive for the whiskers and crouches down in front of her to attach five to each cheek, then he pulls out the brown makeup pencil included in the kit and adds a few accents – a freckle here and there, an inverted triangle on the tip of her nose, and slightly exaggerated points on the outside and inside corners of her eyes to give them more of a cat shape. He sits back to admire his handiwork and smiles, laying a hand along her neck under her ear before standing and walking over to the table again, carrying the whiskers kit with him. Next, he attaches the mittens, collar, and tail to their respective places on Claire’s body, each precisely, each comfortable enough to be livable in yet at the same time Claire knows they’re there. Claire moans more loudly than she had expected when he inserts the butt plug end of the tail into her ass. When he’s finished, he stands back and smiles down at her.

“You may speak for now, until I tell you that you can’t. And you make an adorable little Kitten. Would you like to see?”

“Thank you Master, and yes I would.” She blushes as she crawls over to the full-length mirror on the far wall, moaning softly as the butt plug tail moves inside of her. She sits back on her heels and places her ‘paws’ on her thighs, smiling at her reflection. She catches Lucas’s reflection in the mirror “I DO look really cute, I think I could get used to this…” she murmurs before giggling softly.

“Mmmm, God I could fuck you just like that. I think you’d like that too much, though. And besides, Kitten hasn’t earned it yet.” Claire opens her mouth to protest, then Lucas interjects aldatma porno “Ah ah ah, Kittens can’t speak.” He smirks as he crouches down in front of her to stroke her hair, and she smiles and leans into his hand.

“Now, would Kitten like some breakfast?”

“Meow!” Claire nods enthusiastically, the bell on her collar tinkling softly.

“Alright then. Come, follow me.” Lucas chuckles as he picks her bowls up from the table and heads to the kitchen with Claire close on his heels, crawling awkwardly since she isn’t used to her paws or tail yet. She sits on a mat that Lucas has designated for her while he prepares a quick meal of oatmeal and fruit with freshly squeezed orange juice, although for Claire, he mixes half orange juice and half apple juice in her bowl, because he knows that’s her favorite.

He sets both bowls down beside his seat and sets his bowl and glass on the table, indicating that Claire should sit next to him, which she does quickly and quietly. He strokes her hair before she leans down to eat, awkwardly using her tongue and silently wishing she had use of her hands. He chuckles as she spills a small amount of her breakfast, but she soon gets the hang of it. Claire growls softly in frustration, but at the same time she can’t remember the last time she was this turned on.

“Mmm, is my pet getting turned on?” Lucas’s voice comes out in almost a growl. Claire looks up at him and licks her lips slowly, hoping the look in her eyes conveys that she is. Lucas turns in his chair to face her and leans down slowly until his face is inches from hers before speaking again. “Then beg for me to fuck you, my slut, without using your words or touching yourself.”

“Mrrowl…” Claire purrs and crawls in between Lucas’s legs, nuzzling his crotch and lightly licking where she could feel his growing erection under his boxers. He groans softly and lays a hand on her head, and Claire squirms, squeezing her legs together and looking up at him longingly. She mewls very softly as she places a ‘paw’ over his covered erection and rubs it gently. “Mew?” She squirms and bites her lip, rubbing his covered cock with more vigor as she feels it harden more.

“I’m not convinced yet, do you really want it?” When Claire nods vigorously and does her best to meow like a cat in heat, Lucas smirks and leans down so that his face is inches from hers. “How badly? Are you willing to do anything?”

“Mrrowl, mrawr?” Claire nods and turns around on her hands and knees, bringing herself down until her elbows are on the ground and she rests her forehead on her ‘paws’. Lucas runs just his fingertips up and down her slit, and Claire whimpers and pushes back against his hand before he pulls it away and licks his fingers, groaning low in his throat as he tastes her.

“Mmm, you are an insatiable little Kitten slut. I can’t resist you. Come, I’m going to fuck you now.” Claire perks up and almost falls over herself as she follows behind Lucas as quickly as she can.

He throws her down onto the bed and wordlessly drops his boxers before climbing onto the bed and ramming his hard cock into her dripping wet pussy. This time, unlike many of the previous times they’ve made love, there is no foreplay, no teasing, no intimacy, just the primal act of Lucas fucking Claire until they’re both exhausted. He collapses next to her when they have both found their release, and he kisses her softly.

“Do you have anything to say for yourself?”

“Hmm, I think I’m going to like this.” Claire kisses him back, then she climbs on top of him and straddles his waist, looking into his eyes and mewling very softly. He thrusts up into her, and the two are lost in each other again.

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