Bedroom Research Ch. 02

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In chapter one Brian was caught wearing Mandy’s panties. Mandy enters the room to see Brian wearing one pair of her panties with another pair over his face.

She looked at him so condescendingly, “My my Brian, you are a pretty boy in your lovely white panties. Or should I say in my lovely white panties. I can see from you big cock that you like wearing my underwear and being a pretty girlie.”

He felt terrible but just had to stand there just as she said, “Stay exactly as you are,” click, click, photos were being taken. “OK, ” said Mandy, “I’m going to leave the room now; you have 15 minutes to get yourself sorted then I will be back to have a talk with you.” She turned on her heel and left the room.

I sheepishly removed the panties from my head and returned them to the laundry pile then I removed the spunk soaked panties that I was wearing and dropped them to the floor while I got dressed again. I scooped up the wet panties and went to the bathroom where I swilled the panties under the tap to remove the spunk. I rinsed them out and returned them to Mandy’s room. I then waited for her return; I thought of escape, I thought of running away but they weren’t options.

A little later Mandy returned. She gave me a lecture that went like this; “Boys get silly ideas into their heads when they’re eighteen, they do stupid things but I expect it’s all down to the hormones that are flooding your body at the moment.” She continued, “As long as you do as I tell you to your secret will be safe with me; but, step out of line and the pictures will be sent to all my contacts. Go away now and wait for me to decide what I want to do.”

Six months passed. I was beginning to think that Mandy had let me off the hook but then one Thursday night after I got back from college I found a hand written envelope on the hall stand addressed to me. Till now life had been pretty good and I had been left to my own devises. Mandy was still ensconced in the back bedroom but she came and went as she pleased and didn’t seem to have much impact on family life. I expect she was leading my sister astray but to be honest that was no concern of mine. I still lusted after Mandy’s body but after the scare I had six months back I had not dared to pursue my panty fetish.

Now with the letter in front of me my curiosity was piqued. I sat at the kitchen table and opened the envelope. I went into instant shock as two photos slipped out of the envelope they were pictures of me; it wasn’t a pretty sight; there I was sitting on the floor with a pair of girls panties draped over my head and worse still it was plain to see that I was also wearing panties. There was also a short note.

Brian; I’m sure you remember the occasion, and I am sure you remember that I promised I would tell no one about your small misdemeanours; however I have decided to call in a debt. You can, and I think you should, destroy the two pictures in the envelope, but there are many more copies. So Brian darling, you must do as I say. I know you lust after my body and I have decided that I will Mardin Escort allow you to fuck me but there are conditions. Go to your room; there are further instructions for you there.

I was shocked, I was amazed, I was excited; could it be true that Mandy was about to let me fuck her? I raced up to my bedroom, closed the door behind me and grabbed the note laying on my bed.

Brian darling; your dreams can come true; you can fuck me, I am waiting in my bedroom for you to come and screw me; just one little condition to comply with. You see I have lesbian tendencies and I want to pretend you are a girl with a big dildo for me. In your top drawer you will find a package with some clothes in, I need you to dress up in the clothes and then come to me.

I opened the drawer, clawed open the package and found the same dammed panties I had worn two years before, not even washed! Also there was a suspender belt, nylons, a mini skirt, a padded bra and a halter top. For two seconds I thought perhaps I wasn’t going to dress up but then common sense took over; I was going to fuck Mandy; dam, I would wear anything to do that. My hands shook, my heart pounded. I stripped of my gear and got dressed in the girlie clothes that had been provided.

There was no sense left in my head, my cock was ruling the day. I took a look in the mirror before leaving my bedroom; truth to tell I looked quite nice. I pulled the front up on my miniskirt which showed the excited bulge in my silky white panties. There was no sense left in my head, my cock was ruling the day but what the heck, if this is what Mandy wants this is what Mandy gets. I made my way to the back bedroom and knocked on Mandy’s door.

“Who is it,” asked a voice from inside.

“It’s me, Brian,” I replied.

“Come on in Brian,” was the reply from Mandy. I pushed the door open and entered.

Oh shit! Click, click; I’ve been conned again. Screeches of laughter rang out from Mandy. “Come in. Stand in the corner.” She sorted through her dresser and produced a black wig cut in a bob style. “Put it on Brian,” she commanded. Next she pushed across a pair of her shoes. “Now the shoes Brian.” I had no choice in the matter and did as I was told.

Mandy sat on her bed and looked across at me. “What a pretty sight you are Brian. I think that from now on we will call you Felicity. What do you think about that Felicity?”

I was not at all sure what was required of me or how I should handle the situation but decided on servility as the best course of action for the moment. “Felicity is a nice name; I like it; can I fuck you now?

“Of course you can’t fuck me Felicity. Whatever gave you that idea?”

“But I thought you said we could fuck?”

She nodded. “Yes I did.”

“Did you mean it Mandy?”

“Of course I meant it, Felicity.”

I was confused. Hopeful, but also apprehensive.

Mandy giggled, “The truth is Felicity is that you don’t fuck anyone.”

I gasped. It was slowly dawning on me.

She smiled and stood up in front Mardin Escort Bayan of me. She raised her dress exposing a huge rubber penis.

I shuddered and thought, surely not.

Mandy giggled at my frightened face saying, “Felicity is a pretty girly name Felicity. Felicity can’t fuck anyone.”

I could hardly speak and said, “No Mandy. Please not.”

She had me under her spell now and continued, “Felicity can’t fuck. Felicity’s a girl. Girls get fucked.”

I murmured half in fright but half in excitement, “You can’t do that to me Mandy.”

She moved slowly towards me, “Of course I can Felicity. You know that don’t you.”

I found myself nodding, “Yes Mandy.”

“Before we start Felicity you have to help prepare me.”

“Prepare you Mandy. How?”

Mandy said, “Kneel down in front of me Felicity.”

I found myself on my knees in front of Mandy. She wasted no time and simply slipped her penis into my mouth with the terse instruction, “Suck it Felicity. It will make it nicer for you.”

I had no option. It frightened me bit but it also excited me. This was unknown territory for me.

Then she withdrew and told me, “Take your skirt off Felicity.”

I did as I was told.

I just stood in front of her in my girly underwear.

She was slowly massaging her projection in front of me, “Now your knickers Felicity.”

“My knickers?” I muttered.

She seemed to lose her temper, “Get your fucking knickers off Felicity.”

I felt totally intimidated as I slipped my pretty panties off in front of her.

She seemed much pleasanter now as she told me, “Kneel on the floor Felicity and stick your bum up.”

I obediently followed Mandy’s instructions and was conscious of her kneeling behind me and her rubber penis being rubbed up and down my bottom.

Then it happened. She entered me. I had a slight burning sensation and then it just slid up me.

As she was doing it to me she started to chat to me in a very casual but normal sort of way.

“Do you like being Felicity, Brian?”

It was an embarrassing question. I knew I couldn’t lie to her.

I panted, “Yes Mandy.”

She was sill moving up and down me as she told me, “That’s good Brian, because every time you become Felicity you will be fucked. Sometimes by me or sometimes by your, sister Elizabeth.”

Having said this she now turned her attention to her mobile phone; without pause in the fucking she was giving me she shot of a text to someone. I sort of hoped it wasn’t about me but deep down I knew I was in deep trouble one way or another.

“I’ve just invited someone to join us Felicity. She’ll be here in two minutes and you might be surprised to see who it is. Close your eyes now and wait like a good little girl.” I didn’t feel like a good little girl; I felt like a stupid little girl but what could I do except accept the fucking I was getting and wait. The door soon opened and someone came in.

“Oh my god; oh my goodness; what the fuck? It’s my little brother Escort Mardin Brian.”

“No Beth,” interrupted Mandy, “It’s your pretty little sister Felicity. Beth, meet Felicity, our new plaything.”

My eyes were open now and sure enough it was my sister Beth. She seemed to be totally shocked and so, so amused. I squirmed in embarrassment; I didn’t know where to look. What I did see was that Beth’s hands were gently massaging her pussy through her skirt; it seemed that she was excited to see my humiliation. She turned to Mandy and said, “Dress him up again; let’s see if he is really a little girl.”

Mandy disengaged, looked across at me and said, “Ok Felicity let’s see you fully dressed again.” I quickly complied and waited for their next order. “Now curtsey and show Beth what a nice little girl you are in your pretty white knickers.”

I hooked a finger under the hem on each side of the skirt, slipped my right foot behind my left and dipped down into a curtsey. This elicited hoots of laughter from the two girls who now demanded, “Lift you skirt!”

With fingers still hooked into the hem of my skirt I wiggled a bit and pulled the skirt upwards to reveal the white panties I was wearing (the panties that had started all this trouble for me). There was no question of me having an erection as I was too embarrassed by it all; so my cock was flaccid and I suspect that Beth really did think that she had a little sister. Beth now took the lead, “Panties down sis I want to get a good look at your cock.” I hesitated, “Do it bitch,” she demanded.

I eased the knickers down to my knees and then dropped them to the floor and there I stood in total dejectedness, displaying my cock for all to see. “Ok Felicity,” interjected Mandy, “We’ve seen enough. Get you panties back on and your skirt back in place.” I complied as quickly as I could; glad to be covered once again.

“There’s no way I’m going to wash this dildo off, so Felicity, if you want it clean for next time you’d better come here and suck it clean.” This is not something I wanted to do but clearly I had no choice. My lips closed over the dildo head but there was no way I could get down the shaft to clean I all. Mandy came to my help and pushed my head down so that the dildo hit the back of my throat and kept on moving. I choked and gagged and in an involuntary movement raised my head and released the dildo from my mouth. This amused Beth and Mandy but by now there seemed to be some sort of attraction between the two and they lost interest in me.

“Go away now Felicity; Beth and I have to make plans to see how best we can amuse our selves with you. Go on, shoo.” Timidly I left; I looked down as I passed Beth; I didn’t dare to look her in the eye. As I was leaving Mandy added, “We’ll call you when we need you.”

I scurried back to my bedroom, frightened in case Mum or Pop should come in and see me. I removed the girlie clothes and wig and stuffed them under my mattress. If I was going to be suppressed and blackmailed I hoped it would involve me getting some sex and not just getting fucked, but I had a sneaky suspicion that I might not be that lucky.

As it turned out there were pretty frilly dresses and frilly panties to be worn and tasks to be done; there was sex but not what I had hoped for. All of which will be explained in chapter three.

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