Becoming His Princess

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As the sun displayed a colorful brilliance, shedding yellow for red then purple, a full moon began to rise in the darkening sky. Its white radiance spilled onto the earth, where mystery lie cast in shadows, beckoning to be revealed.

She lay back against the rose porcelain tub, succumbing to the warm water as she submerged her body completely. The fragrance of vanilla, musk and sandalwood came from incense and candles, blending an intoxicating scent to fill the bathing suite. Much more than just for cleansing, this room was specially created to also soothe and relax the mind.

He had her bath prepared for her, insisting that a special potion be added to the water. Poured from a tall beautifully detailed glass bottle, an indescribable inviting fragrance fell into the bath like streams of liquid silk, turning the water a stunning sea blue color topped by a smooth white foam. Stepping into it, she was surrounded as if covered by a velvety blanket.

Music came through hidden speakers in the redwood walls. Mystical sounds of a handmade flute, the very breath of the musician filling the air with spirit and soul. Candles flickered about, and the skylight built above provided an inspiring view of the sparkling night stars.

She closed her eyes, escaping into his flowing abyss.

He stood in the doorway, watching for just a moment, relishing her timeless beauty. Her hair lay sprawled along her bare shoulders, strands of mahogany, copper and gold shimmering in candlelight. Enticing pink nipples peaked from under the bubbles to tempt his visual thirst, but otherwise, she was beneath the whiteness.

He walked gently across the padded carpet – she heard his footsteps, unable to resist an anticipatory smile. She heard him open the shampoo, and smelled his cologne just before he touched her hair. His fingers entwined the strands, pulling her toward him, and this touch of ownership, display of control, thrilled her senses like strikes of lightning – sudden and intense.

The music continued to play, the haunting melodies escort bayan ataköy like a soundtrack as he twisted her hair in his hand, and then pulled her under the water… slow, methodical.

She held her breath, feeling his fingers massage her scalp until every strand was drenched… then lift her back out, proceeding with washing her hair. Lather, rinse, condition, rinse… wring the water out… hold it like that for a moment. There. She felt it again, the strike of lightning. She shuddered, and he smiled.

She lay back in the tub, relaxed and silent. Becoming his princess.

He reached for the razor – the sharpest, finest blade was only acceptable. He reached into the water, touching her neck… she gasped and reached for his arm, then touched his fingertips… her eyes still closed. He watched, the woman before him in another dimension, there and yet faraway – as she took each finger, singly, one at a time, into her mouth… and sucked, tenderly, affectionately, hungrily, but most of all – knowingly.

He held his breath now – for just a moment, her power exceeded his. He trailed fingers from her lips until he wrapped them around her throat, grasping tighter until her pulse beat under his palm. Whispered in her ear, though they were entirely alone, “You are mine, my princess. Remember that. Mine.”

She felt such desire inside that she wanted to scream for him to fuck her then. Now. But she could not speak – her voice was far beyond where he had taken her.

He took each of her legs one at a time, shaving from ankle to knee, caressing the wet flesh afterward in approval.

Finally, he guided her to a kneeling position – her womanly figure, dripping with water, glistening seductively in the candlelight. She opened her eyes, blue as the night sky with large black pupils, and looked into him, not at him. Merged with him. Became his.

He took her heavy breasts into his hands, squeezing the flesh possessively until his thumbs and forefingers met at her nipples… she inhaled suddenly, and escort bayan fatih when she flinched ever so slightly, it gave him an immediate erection.

It also gave her an erection. He just didn’t know it. The ache in her clit sent currents all the way to her nipples, and when he pinched them, she yearned for him to fuck her. Unable to control it, a moan escaped her lips.

“Did you say something, my sweet wench?” he whispered huskily, holding a full, pale breast in one hand, while pulling her hair back with the other, his mouth almost touching her lips as she knelt in front of him. She shook her head, and he took the razor into his capable hands once again.

She felt the cold steel blade on her tender flesh – he stroked the razor back and forth, careful not to touch the inner delicacies – those would be devoured later. He removed every hair from between her thighs until the inviting entrance to her pussy was smooth, pink and vulnerable.

He reached for a white cotton towel, wrapped it around her long dark red hair, and then held out a terry robe for her to step into. She opened her eyes and wordlessly slipped on his offering.

He led her to the bedroom, motioned her to the floor in front of a single chair where he sat down, and reached for a brush. “Come here, princess,” he commanded.

She knelt in front of him once again. Her hair fell in wet strands across shoulders and bare back under her robe, and she leaned forward to kiss his stomach, nipping at fine hairs held between her lips. He put his hands around her head, holding her to him. Her tongue lapped gently at his flesh, trailing downward.

He stroked the brush through her hair, detangling and drying it. As he brushed, the strands fell haphazardly either side of her face until the ends touched his thighs… he closed his eyes, indulging his senses.

She slipped fingers nimbly inside his lounge pants, encircling his throbbing cock and releasing it from the prison of material. As she placed her lips around the swollen head escort bayan şişli and lapped his pre-cum, he knew she had taken the lead. In that instant, her power was strongest.

She caressed his balls, sucking his cock deep into her throat – a gentle, thoughtful swallowing of his long thickness. Each time her tongue tasted him was familiar and strange simultaneously, a delectable appetizer she enjoyed, and he savored.

He brushed her hair until it was dry, and then pulled it – so long it reached well past her shoulders when straight – with a single clip above her head. He liked to see her face – and later he would remove the clasp and let the strands fall free – like she was.

He liked that about her. She was both innocent and guilty at once. A luxurious combination of vixen and prey – hunter and victim – that incited his wildest fantasies, and dared him to take her there.

In absolute trust, she followed him. Ultimately, he was leader – the path was his to explore.

She opened her eyes, but it wasn’t the bathing room she saw. It was there – that place he had created with unspoken whispers. And when he took the robe from her shoulders, lifting her to her feet, she recognized the moment as one she had felt before.

His hands caressed her as if tracing a silhouette. “I want to fuck you,” he whispered.

It made her pussy throb. His voice, telling her what she already knew – still, every single time, that one whisper resulted in the same uncontrollable reaction. Inside those lush lips, her blood raced in anticipation of his touch.

“Come fuck me,” she responded, almost unable to speak. “I want you to fuck me.”

He touched the tender lips that protected her sweet womanhood, and wetness greeted his fingertips. Pulling them apart, he probed inside slowly… and she thrust immediately upward. He pulled away – just a reminder that he would fill her – when he was ready. She was hot and plush, ripe and fresh… becoming his.

He would enjoy the warmth of her mouth, the taste of her breasts, the touch of her hidden treasures, and the pleasure of feeling the spasm of orgasm overcome her entire being. At that moment, he would finally fuck her. Thrust his hardness into her with all his strength, until he was completely drained, and she was perfectly filled… Forever, never-ending.

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